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Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More

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This sewing book is easy to follow. I love the pictures that help explain all of the steps. I clicked it to see the mask options, and there were several helpful ones. Highly recommend for anyone in the medical field.
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This is a fantastic sewing book with handy and versatile patterns that are well drafted and accompanied by clear instructions. I made the half hour ear saver headband with a shaped face mask and they were both an absolute breeze to put together. There are nifty sewing techniques throughout and I picked up great tips along the way. I’m looking forward to making the Memory Care Mat for my Grandma as my next project from this book and highly recommend any sewist to get their hands on a copy of it. You just never know when you may need these useful patterns 😊
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Given the times we are living in, this book is very topical, it is also very creative with very easy to follow instruction and great ideas.
Hear in Australia we have just enjoy a period without lock down and finally no masks ( as long s we observe the distancing rule.)  There has been a lot of sadness and some death but hopefully with the help of all, we are getting there.
I love this book because it is bright, it lets us be useful in these time and covers many aspects of needs for the infirmed. The face marks are great as are the scarves.
a really lovely book with lots of instructions, photos and useful items to make.
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A good introduction to sewing with a compassionate goal. The patterns in this book include adult bibs, fidget mats, face masks, and other handmade items that would make great gifts for the health care professional in your life--or donations to the local hospital or memory care unit. Projects start basic, with step-by-step instructions to familiarize beginners with the fundamentals of sewing. Lots of pictures and diagrams to help visual learners. A timely collection that will be useful for medium and large libraries.
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Intentional crafting has been my solace during the past 14 months. Herbert's has put together a wonderful book featuring 15 easy-to-follow sewing projects. Having learned to sew at a young age and desiring to dive back in, this book was perfect. 

Readers do not need to know how to sew, as this book will guide you. 

Highly recommended for newbies.
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Timely book with good instructions. Well written   Lots of ideas  used it to make masks for friends and family
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As a maker of masks, and an intermediate seamstress, I am always on the lookout for different patterns, new techniques to try, and to generally see how others do things.  Given the current global situation, the ability to sew masks and scrub caps, among other things, is a particularly skillset to have, and while blogs and net resources are great entry points, it is frustrating to read the author's entire life story before getting to the pattern, have a page full of ads, or find your print gauge is out of whack.

That's where this book comes in.  It's beautifully laid out with a whole lot of tips, techniques and notions detailed in the front, but the pages of projects aren't far away at all, and the pattern pieces are all collated at the back with easy-to-reference gauges for photocopying.

The patterns themselves are easy to follow, with clear directions and illustrations to help the reader put it all together.  

The designs in the book range from the ubiquitous masks that we all need right now, to more specialised  patterns designed for an aged care setting. As a parent of young children, I can see some of these could easily be adjusted for a younger audience (the fidget mat is similar to the kids' quiet books; the wheelchair caddy could be used on a pram etc), so readers should not be discouraged by them if they're not at the caring-for-the-aged stages of their lives.

I will definitely add some of these patterns to my sewing repertoire!

**I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**
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This is a great book to add to my collection. I’m not a great sewist but the collection in this book was very easy to make. I can’t wait to do more project and buy a hard copy to share with my mother.
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There is something in this book for everyone— whether across the age spectrum or within various stages of life. The instructions are well-illustrated and the projects are pretty and practical.  The items presented in this book are not only great for personal use but they also make wonderful gifts.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by the publisher and Net Galley but the thoughts expressed are my own.
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Great book, especially in the current climate. Numerous projects including face masks, scrub caps, slings, fidget blanket and Walker caddy are included with very clear, step by step instructions as to how to make them. A detailed introduction to sewing equipment is given, with clear instructions on basic techniques such as how to sew on buttons with and without shanks before describing how to make the projects. At the back there are patterns for all the projects. I so wish I had had this book when my friend was ill with dementia. If I could have made the fidget blanket using fabrics familiar  to  her I think she would have loved it!  All in all a very useful book whether to make items for local hospitals, poorly friends, or for own use.
I did think the front cover looked a bit dated, but that is personal taste.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me access to a digital copy of this book.
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I received a free eARC from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This is a fantastic resource for sewers of any level. It has a variety of projects from a variety of face masks, to scrub caps, to a wheelchair/walker caddy.
It starts off with an overview of the materials and tools you need to complete the projects. It also provides instructions on basic techniques, such as how to hand sew a button, and chain stitching. 
As a beginner, I found the instruction to be easy to follow. So while the actual patterns weren't included in the eARC, nor the step-by-step images, I still had a good idea of the process. I was pleased that the author provided both imperial and metric measurements. 
I also want to say how lovely the images throughout the book are. 

I'm looking forward to buying a copy, and giving some of these a go.
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I like "Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More by Angie Herbertson very much.  I am a beginner seamstress, yet I can make all of the patterns in this book.  Of course, these are very practical and necessary sewing projects.  In addition to making items for personal use, one can also donate to charity.  I found the patterns easy to follow.  I highly recommend the book to anyone who wishes to sew for charity or their family.

Thank you to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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Awesome easy to follow instructions with great visuals and great patterns very useful for diy mask for covid
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We could all use this right about now! I started crocheting my own masks only to realize after reading this, that sewing them would not only be more efficient but better. 
A great how=to for anyone wanting to do a good project.
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A little over a year ago, who would have thought a book with this title would be popular?  But,  in today's times, this would be a nice addition to one's sewing library.  There are lots of projects in it besides 2 types of facemask and scrub caps, including some basic things like lap quilts or pillowcases .  I especially like the wheelchair/walker caddy.   The instructions are clear and include lots of photos and diagrams.  There are also a few patterns at the back that you can photocopy and use for some of the projects.  A nice resource, but could use a more colorful & attention-getting cover.
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What a Fantastic and much Needed resource in this day and time! The instructions are very clear and concise. I wasn't confused at all and love the lil tips and ideas on how to adapt or customize. The masks are great but I think my favorite projects are the lap quilt and the ponytail scrub cap! The cap is so inventive and I want one just for myself and I'm not a nurse or in the industry - its that cute! I recommend for anyone from beginner to advanced sewers looking to create items to help out in your home, family, and community.
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A very good book even for beginners like me.
You don't need that much equipment and are done in a reasonable amount of time.
That was very important for me.

I made some nice things for my sister who works at a doctors office.

Thanks for letting me read this book
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The tutorials and techniques are suited to beginning sewers There are step by step tutorials for 14 projects including scrub hats, fitget mats (for autistic and dementia patients), slings, wheelchair organizer caddies, and more. The projects themselves are attractive and useful. They’re all beginner accessible. This would make a superlative selection for volunteer and charity sewing. Patterns in PDF form can be printed out and used many times. Perfect for anyone wanting to make mask in this New Year… Lisa
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Overall, the patterns in this book are well-written and the variety is nice. It's a good collection that ranges from items for health care workers to people with temporary or permanent health needs. Face masks, scrub caps, slings, a really cute lap quilt with hand-warmer pocket, and other projects that are relevant now and others that are timeless.

However, there is one pattern for a scarf-style face mask that uses cotton lycra. That's not an acceptable material for face masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. There's nothing in the description saying what this mask is good for or not good for. There is optional interfacing that can be used and there is a disclaimer that having the interfacing close to your face can be dangerous. Implying that a cotton lycra gaiter mask is suitable to be used now is dangerous. I cannot recommend this book with that pattern in there. It's a shame because the other patterns are so good but that's outweighed by this dangerous oversight.
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Book has very clear instructions for making some unique face coverings, surgical hats, etc.  Although health care providers can't use the hats by themselves they are great for using under another disposable cap. Great way to use up small amounts of fabric that you might have around.
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