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WOW this book covers pretty much anything and everything you might want to consider when it comes to creating and working in a home office. It really is packed with advice and tips. A lot of the stuff mentioned wouldn't have crossed my mind but it was definitely worth thinking about. The images to show examples where a nice touch. 

As this was an arc copy there were a few formatting issues that made for hard reading in places but I'm sure they will have been resolved in the final version.
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This gave me great ideas to redo our home office and I can't wait to get started. This book had a ton of tips and tricks to get started and make your space feel like home.
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This is the first "post COVID" home decor book I've read. And it's really quite interesting to see what is included. There is a nice little section on how to set up a Zoom background, and content on how to set up an office to accommodate children being around. In the Before Times, typically you'd see books advising you use a room divider screen to section off your hideous desk and hide it from your real house, now we see it advised as a way to hide your hideous house from others in video. The photos of offices included in the book are pretty ambitious, but the text is pretty down-to-earth. A thoroughly up-to-date book on home offices.
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A very timely book!

Lots of pictures of different set ups and useful tips including setting up a desk for good posture, plant ideas and lighting.

I enjoyed the layout of the book as it made it easy to read.

Thank you for the advanced reader copy.
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While definitely relevant for the times we live in, it's as equally bland. It would be just as useful as a shorter blog post on the subject.
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As someone who's worked from home for decades, I had high expectations for this book. I knew, however, I'd need to temper that with the realities of a book like this: it'll be geared towards newbie home office workers, and perhaps focused entirely on design. 

I wasn't far off, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

The photography in the book is stunning, inspiring, and profuse. It's *almost* coffee-table book worthy. At first I thought, "I really don't want reminders of all the setups I could have created, but didn't"... but as I worked my way through the book, I found little tidbits that I could incorporate, right now, that I hadn't previously considered. 

Like the soundproofing section, which gave me new ideas to look into. Or the DIY floating closet desk, complete with instructions on what low-cost materials to grab. Even the different sections of the book with specific suggestions and issues to address helped me.. and even with the rooms I don't have in my house (like an attic), I found tidbits I could use. 

The last section of the book didn't feel right to me, but probably because I've had to deal with all of it before. Things like video protocols, working at home with kids, and app solutions were nice, but I felt unnecessary. Mind you, it ties in with the book's title, but some recommendations were dated (already), or just plain odd. Like, does anyone really need recommendations of places to buy paint?

All the tax information was US-specific, and while nice to mention, it felt like an afterthought. 

All-in-all an excellent book that's great new home office ideas. to brainstorm or rethink your current situation. I'd recommend this more as a library read, however, than a book I'd personally keep as a reference point.
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I was able to read this book for free one exchange for an honest review. I gave this book 2 out of 5 as it is basically a picture book and I feel one could do the same for free on Pinterest or Tumblr.
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This book offers exactly what it says. It's perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a home office, doesn’t know how or where, but wants to.
It analyzes the best corners in the house and whether it will suit the reader. It notes all that one might need to consider and uses simple infographics and eye-catching pictures for visual aid. I decided to read it because I thought it would be more about decor, but it wasn’t. It was true to its title. The book delves deep into each point and doesn’t skim over it. I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs “Home Office Solutions”.
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This would be very helpful for anyone looking to set up a serious home office. Unfortunately for myself I am looking for more of a casual work station at home and it was a little more costly of solutions (and major changes) than I need. Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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On first glance of the cover, I thought that I would get some useful ideas that would help to design a home office.  The content was very basic and the photos seemed very dated.  I would probably get better ideas in Pinterest or just Googling home offices.  I was disappointed and wouldn't purchase this book for my library.  This would have been better with more recent photos, affordable office ideas and information about repurposing old furnishings.
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Home and work life have never been more intertwined as they were in 2020 and even now into 2021. Though some are planning to head back into the office, many companies and their employees are realizing they are just as productive (and sometimes more so) working from home. But being successful in working from home is so much more than just you and your laptop. If you're one of the lucky ones that gets to continue working from home for the long haul, you may want to rethink the set up of your work space.

...enter 'Home Office Solutions' by Chris Peterson.

While it may be a quick read, it is still filled to the brim with excellent advice for choosing a location, setting it up (visually/physically/mentally/healthily), and creating a better way to work - including resources for, not only furniture and decor, but also better technological pieces like software, webcams, etc.

Peterson also wants to help you learn to find that balance between 'home' & 'work' and learning to turn off your business mindset and still be able to relax within your new multi-purpose space that was formally only your home. His three key considerations cover: efficiency, comfort, & separation.

I highly recommend this visually stunning book filled with photos and even 3D renderings of every office layout iteration imaginable.

Thank you to Netgalley & Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Home Office Solutions is a very timely book for the world we are currently living in.  Where more and more people are choosing to work from home.  The author provides a variety of locations to consider when trying to create your office.  He addresses all things from storage, lighting, layout. furniture and much more.  and as a bonus advises on better working methods for the reader to consider.  It is full of enticing and inspiring colour photographs and this in itself is enough to provide the reader with lots of ideas.  A great resource for anyone considering a proper home office space.
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Chris Peterson's book on home office solutions is chock-full of creative, practical ideas, and helpful information. On a scale of 1 - 5 stars, I would give it 10 stars if I could - that's how impressed I am by the comprehensiveness of this book!

With more of us working from home now, this information is very timely. Not only does Peterson show a surprisingly large variety of potential office locations within your home, he also addresses items to consider when deciding if a possible location will meet your specific needs. He then goes into setting up your office: discussing layout, storage, lighting, technology checklists, furniture, colors and patterns, and personalizing your space.

As if that weren't enough to convince you to read this book, he also shares better ways to work from home: work from home tips, how to have better video meetings, working from home with kids, tax advantages, useful applications and programs, security, and resources.

I hope you'll take advantage of all the information Chris Peterson offers on this subject. Well done!!

This book has been very helpful to me and I thank NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for allowing me to read an e-copy of it. All opinions in this review are my own, and are freely given.
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Excellent guide covers pretty much every aspect you'd need to consider for setting up a home office, whether that be a tiny corner of your living room or a completely separate building from your main house.  Fantastic illustrations and photography throughout, also.
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Filled with helpful advice, information and ideas this timely book is a terrific resource. From where to start  to finishing touches not to mention lots of helpful photos, Home Office Solutions is perfect for those of us transitioning to a work from home situation.
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--Before you splurge on your home office, read this book--

I received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley and here are my thoughts:

"Home Office Solutions" delivers on the promise of its title. It gives practical advice on how to best use the space you have to set up your ideal work space. 

From the bullet points of important things to consider, to helpful photos and illustrations of how different solutions are possible for all kinds of room layouts and considerations...this book delivers.

It will likely give you many new ideas you hadn't thought of and save you money and give you a better working space than you could have thought of on your own.

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Home Office Solutions is packed with photos of creative yet achievable work-from-home spaces. From small nooks to extra rooms, from dining tables to outdoor sheds, there are tips that almost anyone needing a home office space would find useful.. This timely book also includes suggestions for smarter working in small spaces.
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I would like to thank NetGalley, Fox Chapel Publishing and Chris Peterson for an e arc of this book. 
If you are thinking of having a home office or you have one but it is not working well for you, then this is a book for you. The author takes you through every aspect of setting up a home office, gives you things to consider and do, all of which help you get the hoem office space that will work for you and make working in your home office so much nice and hopefully productive. 
A well thought out book, great illustrations and photos for inspiration.
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I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
What an excellent book on a topic most have been concerned with in today's culture and out of necessity due to the pandemic.
Home offices are now  a part of our work day, whether it's stay at home for kids out of schooling or shared work space for shelter in place or work at home days in business. This book is filled with ideas, decor inspiration, set up and finding a place to tuck a small office center into an existing space. From lighting and security to layout and design this book will help anyone find a place in their home for a work space.
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This book was surprisingly insightful. I was worried it was going to be an aspirational Martha Stewart-esque tome where we are shown gorgeous stock photos that have no resemblance in any way shape or form to the 1960s ranch or 1980s tract home we sit in as we leaf through the pages. Many people with means have large lovely homes with large lovely spaces that lend themselves well to home offices. They also often have interior designers and other resources at their disposal. For the rest of us, there is this book.

Peterson does provide a large range of photos for inspiration, but the text is filled with small insights that, if adhered to, will truly help you find the space in your home where you can create a workspace that is efficient, functional, works with your existing space and needs of your home, and is pleasant to be in. The text prompts consideration of a variety of things, like considering where the glare from the sun hits, where your eyes are drawn to, whether features are in place to maximize utility and comfort, whether the space needs to fill additional purposes as well - Peterson thinks of virtually every important question. He even gives nuts-and-bolts practical tips like how to install a desk in a bedroom closet (instructions and cut-list included), or how to soundproof space in your attic or garage.

I am already looking at my home, and my work-from-home space, with new eyes. This book is well done and timely. Pleasantly surprised! Thank you Chris Peterson, netGalley, and FoxChapel publishing for the ARC!
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