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Home Office Solutions is a tutorial and style guide to "finding" and best utilizing space to makeover for work tasks. Released 3rd Nov 2020 by Fox Chapel on their Creative Homeowner imprint, it's 128 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats.
The pandemic and world economic situation have forced people to redefine the way we work. For many of us, that includes some form of working from home. The necessity of finding/creating a home based work space has never been more necessary or desirable. This book offers logical and usable ideas for carving out and creating a space for work at home based on the individual reader's needs.

The book has a logical and accessible layout. The introduction includes a discussion of the benefits of good planning, and how to achieve a productive, efficient, and ergonomic work space. There are numerous attractive photos in the inspiration gallery as well as scattered throughout the book. 

The first section covers the basics: finding a space to use, options and considerations before starting and some general background. The second chapter includes good ideas for floor plans, desk layouts, technology checklist as well as furniture needs, color/design, and some ways to make the space your own. The last (shorter) section of the book includes some tips for more efficient ways to work from home, meetings, interruptions (kids), a very short general discussion of potential tax advantages to explore, security, and programs. 

The book also includes an abbreviated resource/links list and an index. 

Five stars. Well written and useful. There's a lot of inspiration contained here. Numerous clear, attractive photos throughout. This would make a timely addition to the home library, public library, or resource groups.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Home Office is the main challenge for the working trends this year, but few of us are doing it right. Working from home does not mean that the proper conditions of a home office are fulfilled. Setting your computer on the table were you eat does not mean creating a work desk.
This book offers a great guidance through the process of setting up a workspace in your house. It includes details about the design, the furniture, the new re-setting of the house and the technicalities of a new area of work within your living areal. Although I am doing home office way before Covid19, I realized after reading this book that I was doing almost everything wrong. Chris Peterson addresses all the small details in a very elaborated and professional way which helps the reader to set up a space that replicates and even improves the everyday office space. Much appreciated the section dedicated to parents working from home and how to include the little ones - or at least to try to - in the home office.
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This book is timely considering more people are working from home due to COVID. It is a quick read but useful. The content addresses things like lighting, placement, an overview of chairs, technology, and so much more. I think the advice coupled with the photos gives some good inspiration. This is a good reference book for people wanting to have a nice home office.
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This is a pretty basic overview of setting up a permanent home office. It assumes a great deal of privilege in terms of space, design, furnishings, equipment and lifestyle - I didn't see any ideas for a studio apartment or a shared living situation, for example. (Also, the suggestions for remote working with kids were completely laughable.) The photos were beautiful, and I did get a few ideas for rearranging the home office I set up hurriedly last March on a tabletop in the guest bedroom. I hoped to see something that seemed more relevant to the slapdash, non-permanent situation many of us have been in for the last nine months, but this wasn't it.
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The year 2020 had a lot of us working from home. This book has a lot of really helpful ideas on how to set up a home office, how to have better video conferences, or even on how to work work efficiently with kids around. 

The pictures included in the book show so many different work spaces, from the cupboard under the stairs to attic spaces, basements or even outbuildings (not outhouses, though). 

There are a lot of tips on how to arrange a workspace, furniture, storage, lighting, technology, and more. 

A good guide on setting up your home office workspace. 

ARC provided by NetGalley. Pub Date: 03 Nov 2020
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I found this book to be helpful for the mom like me, who worked from home pre-pandemic who now has to share computer and working space with distance learning/homeschooling kids. It helped me to figure out how to make some space for my own stuff in my bedroom without compromising on space, and has some good ideas for all types of home office space.
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Very interesting read. Especially very relevant as many people are working from home at the moment.

I will definitely be taking away a few pointer and ideas. This book is broken up into different sections, with each section broken up into further subsections. Because of this, it was a very good way to see what was relevant to your individual needs. If you were only going to read the sections suited to you, this is perfect. In saying that, if you were going to read the full book, it can be very repetitive. 

The pictures were stunning and it was a great way to visualize the office space. 

Overall this is a nice book, with some very useful tips.

Thank you for providing me with an e-book of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book so much!!!! I love organization books for your home and specifically and office is a great tool because in an office we sometimes have a lot of nick nacks, and this book was just fantastic!
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This is a very informative book with pictures on every page to illustrate the concept. Not only does it provide suggestions on how to lay out office space in various settings, it also provide many helpful guide that includes colour choice, software recommendation, sound and light consideration, ergonomics of the body when sitting for long hours at the desk, space utilisation, etc. This is a helpful book especially in this season when we are all making work from home arrangement.
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Very interesting book. It did give me a few ideas for my home office and I can't wait to start decorating my office next year.
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This is a fantastic book on home office ideas, decor, and organization. As a full-time writer, I love seeing the spaces of other writers and everyday home offices. With each home move I've made, I've had to carve a little space for myself to use as a bill-paying place or manuscript revisions. This book has a solution for every need, from little space to a large room. My favorite is the closet office because it can be tailored to the aesthetic of the user, but closed to be kept out of sight from guests or the occasional messy day. I highly recommend it for people who love Design and need to see examples of the concepts described. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book and gather some great ideas in exchange for an honest review.
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Very extensive book with lots and lots of handy pictures. During this pandemic many people are working from home. This book will give many tips and information. And did I mention the great pictures?!
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Quite useful, and very beautiful illustrations. Perfect timing for a book like this, will tons of people forced to work from home and reorganize their home offices that just aren't helping them perform well on a daily basis.
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With the way the world has changed thanks to the emergence of the Covid19 pandemic, the way people work and live has also changed. 

This book could not be more timely. Working from home has become a reality for so many people worldwide that the "old way" of doing things is just that ... OLD. 

With the necessity of working from home, a great need has emerged. 
People need a home office that fits into their existing space and meets both their work and home needs.  

Gone are the days of office workers braving traffic and inclement weather. However, emerging is the need for a guide exactly like this book. 

Chris Peterson is a veteran of home renovation and of creating, not only functional, but also visually appealing workspaces. 

HOME OFFICE SOLUTIONS: HOW TO SET UP AN EFFICIENT WORKSPACE ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOUSE is a must own book for everyone, whether they need a home office to work from every day, or just a space for general household use. 

The photographs included will have you drooling. The biggest dilemma readers will face is how to choose which of the stunning home office spaces they want. 

Whether you have an entire room to dedicate solely to office use, or only have a tiny area under your stairs, there are solutions for you in this book. 

I rate this fabulous and visually stunning home office solutions book as a solid 5 OUT OF 5 STARS. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

This is the second book by this author I have had the pleasure of reviewing. To read my other review and to see more amazing projects by Chris Peterson, visit my blog by clicking HERE. 

*** Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book. ***
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With my husband working from home for the past several months this book was very useful. Im hoping to apply some of what I read to make his home office feel a little more cozy.
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As someone who has been panicking over an upcoming move, this book was actually supremely helpful. With photo inspiration and lots of well-thought-out advice on how to use space effectively, this book eased my mind a tiny bit and gave me some ideas.
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This book is great for anyone working from home. Spaces of all sizes are discussed with possible solutions. There is even a chapter that discusses videoconferencing from home with children, which I know that a lot of people will benefit from this chapter.  
Other topics discussed are desk layouts for your space, the design of the office, and importantly natural lighting. I know that if I don’t have natural lighting, I cannot work. 
I was skeptical when I began reading this book that the author would only describe available home office spaces that do not apply to me, so I am happy that the author talks about Murphy desks. Before reading this book, I did not know about Murphy desks as an option for a home office and I ask pleasantly surprised. 
Though there is a lot of good information in this book, one of my favorite parts is the pictures of home offices to use as an inspiration. 
This book is a must for anyone designing a home office or for those that already have a home office and are looking to make adjustments to better suit their needs.
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I've been working from home for 4 years now and I wish Peterson had written this book then. Even so, this had given me several ideas I'll be implementing. The author has included every possible detail in setting up your home office, from house to choose which room as your office to what type cord organizer would best suit your needs. This includes several ideas I've always wanted to look into such as utilizing outdoor space. NetGalley and Chris Peterson were kind enough to give me a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review so a big thank you to them. I will definitely be buying a physical copy though because I will be taking notes, dog-earing, and highlighting all throughout. This is also beautifully laid out so visually, it's very inspiring.
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Idea-filled little book about ways to set up your home office.  The photos gave examples of lovely home offi+Ed, and the text was filled with useful information on everything from choosing a space to soundproofing.  I do wish there had been more information about setting up attractive bookshelves.  As a teacher and part-time genealogist, I need a great deal of space for books and journals and would like to see that addressed in future editions in more detail.
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Working from home at first was fun and I was very productive. However, after a few months passed I noticed that productivity tank. For those that work for a living, this is something that can be down-right dangerous. This book was helpful in not only ensuring I've picked the right room, but do I have the right set-up? Do I have the right equipment? Do I have bad habits that a leading to this lack of productivity. If you find yourself working from home these days for the foreseeable future, this guide is a must-read!
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