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I heard about this book from the book called cyber spy the series. I loved this luxury classic book cover. When I read inside, I loved the protagonist elizabeth and her life style. This book take me back to the passed times. I must say I loved this book. Thanks to netgallery for giving me the free digital copy for review. Thanks Author Jane Austen.
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What a gorgeous version of one of my favorite classics!  With beautiful floral watercolors on each page, this would make the perfect gift for anyone - whether they are new to Jane Austen or already own a copy of the book.  This would look lovely on anyone's coffee table or bookshelf.
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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the greatest English books of all time. While there are several editions of the book, it is always fun to find new editions to see what people do differently. 

I thought the flower illustrations were so beautiful. I always picture Elizabeth out in nature, and so I think the flowers were a beautiful touch. 

I would buy this edition to add to my huge collection of Jane Austen novels. I am interested to see what the final product looks like. 

I received an eARC from Andrew McMeel Publishing through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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This is a beautiful gift for Jane Austen's fans. The cover looks stunning. The appeal of this book is the life-like illustrations of the flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees. I was misled by the title which said illustrations. I thought this would be an illustrated novel (graphic novel) with characters illustrated. It will be wise to clarify that the illustrations are nature and non-character specific.
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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Few opening sentences capture the spirit of the novel quite like the beginning lines of Pride and Prejudice. Within this single sentence is contained Austen’s subtle, wry jab at the societal expectations of her era, as particularly portrayed through Mrs. Bennet; the exceptionally witty banter throughout the book; and a hint at the multiple romances that are to come.

Pride and Prejudice is the epitome of what I find makes a great romance novel—a cute, charming, swoon-worthy love story with just enough serious notes and tension to it to make it engaging, realistic, and relatable, no matter how many years go by since publication.

Austen excels as crafting individualized characters that are easy to quickly become attached to, stay true to their characterization throughout, and each have their own unique voice to set them apart from one another. Each character is multifaceted rather than shallow—such as Elizabeth’s level-headedness compared to her sisters being paired with her headstrong, spunky wit and tendency to be prideful—making for a realistic and memorable cast of characters.

The dialogue in this novel is exceptional as well; just as the characters’ personalities are unique, so are their voices, and it’s such a joy to read the witty banter that plays throughout the novel.

And the plot and writing style—so swoon-worthy and easy to fall into. You’ll find yourself swept up in regency-era high society country living as if you were there yourself, and feel like you too could find your own Mr. Darcy (or Mr. Bingley). But what truly makes this book so great is the depth to the storytelling; it’s not just balls and parlor rooms, but drama, misunderstandings, assumptions and breakdowns in communication that really keep the plotting tight and engaging.

This edition features gorgeous illustrations by Marjolein Bastin that bring a fresh, bright touch to the book—and I can only imagine it looks even more beautiful in person. Though they don’t have a direct relation to the plot, the floral designs feel like something any respectable high-society regency-era lady might produce. I can just imagine Georgiana Darcy painting these after a piano lesson (or Caroline Bingley doing so while silently judging Elizabeth’s lack of decorum).
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Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for kindly providing me with a digital copy of this book for review.
My first encounter with Jane Austen was when I saw the BBC mini series of Pride and Prejudice in 1996 when I was 16 years old (the one with Colin Firth and that pond) . I loved that series so much (and still do) that it prompted me to delve into the original books written by Austen and a life long love and friendship with Austen’s writing was born. I class her as my favourite author and I re-read at least one of her novels every year. And of course I own many different editions of her novels and really don’t need any more in my life. I think I will however be seeking out this Marjolein Bastin illustrated edition and purchasing it, as I have fallen in love with her illustrations also.
For many years I listed Pride and Prejudice as my favourite novel, and it still remains one of my most beloved books, it’s certainly the book I have re-read the most. But as I’ve aged I think I’ve learned to appreciate Persuasion more, and I think that is probably now my favourite book. So if you’re planning on an illustrated edition of that Marjolein, then I couldn’t snatch it out of your hands quick enough!
As I have said in other reviews of Jane Eyre and Emma, which have also been illustrated by Marjolein, these illustrations are not depictions of scenes from the novels, they are more accent illustrations that really help to add an element of nature and seasons to the story. I was thinking hard of what the illustrations remind me of and I think it might be something like The Diary Of An Edwardian Lady. They are just beautiful and elegant drawings that really help to create a soft, graceful and almost whimsical aesthetic. I find it such a visually engaging experience as I read these stories which I know and love so well. Please do keep them coming Andrews McMeel Publishing and Marjolein Bastin.
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This has always been one of my favorite books! I've read everything Jane Austen has written. Her writing style is so accessible and her stories always feature strong women. I mean as an avid reader, how could you not like a book with this quote? "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! -- When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library." Overall I appreciate the character development in this book and the care that Austen takes creating her world.
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This edition is beyond beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands on the hardback version of it. 
I already own a copy of Pride and Prejudice and I loved the book, it's the book that got me back int reading classics, prior to that they were intimidating, but since it is one of my favorite classics I think getting an edition as beautiful as this one would be fitting.
Not only are the cover and backfilled with delightful drawings, but each chapter also starts with an illustrated starting letter and you can find small treats in the form of illustrations spread through the pages. The illustrations arent of scenes or characters, they are birds, butterflies, and different plants and flowers.
I think this would be a great present for someone who plans on reading this classic or has already read it and loved it, I certainly would love to receive this edition as a gift.
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Pros: Pride and Prejudice is a favorite if not THE favorite book of my friends. Jane Austen is at her most brilliant.

Cons: NONE!

Although Pride and Prejudice is not new to me, this edition is! The illustrations are lovely. What Austen fan wouldn't want this new collection of classics?!
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i have loved every form of pride and prejudice that i have read, and this one was no exception! the added maps and illustrations gave the story a completely new vibe and it was one that i was very, very interested in. the cover is gorgeous, and yet is still no match for what waits inside!
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I'm a big fan of Jane Austin! Pride and Prejudice is definitely one of my favorite book by her. Elizabeth Bennet is a character that inspires me with her fierceness. Mr. Darcy is a man that you both love and hate. 

I was excited to get this illustrated version of this classic. Maryolein Baskin did a beautiful job! I enjoyed the colorful and elegant flowers, butterflies, and birds throughout the book. Each chapter had a designated flower for it. 

I'm definitely going to buy a physical copy to add to my Jane Austen collection!
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Pride and Prejudice is probably the most loved Regency romance from Jane Austen.  This edition with full color flower and bee illustrations is absolutely beautiful. It evokes the experience of walking through gardens while gossiping about the suitability of potential love matches.
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A beautiful new edition of a well-loved classic. 

Thanks NetGalley for giving me an ARC to review
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This edition of Pride and Prejudice is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure for any individual obsessed with gorgeous editions of books *cough... me... cough...* this will be a must. 

My only disappointment is that there were no illustrations of character/images directly related to the story, the flower motifs flowed throughout. 

If you're not a collector/book cover aficionado this is still the perfect edition to pick up and try Austen for the first time. Her stories are as beautiful as ever and what better escapism in these times than a Georgian ballroom?
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I love Jane Austen's work and I had to take a peak at these upcoming new special illustrated editions of her novels. Marjolein Bastin's illustrations are mostly nature-themed and generally speaking they fit the theme and vibe of the books. I can't wait to get my hands on the actual paper format!

I was provided an advanced digital copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley for review purposes, all opinions are my own.
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This book is so beautiful!! Pride and Prejudice is an absolutely beautiful story and the artwork here goes with it so well. It's so subtly pretty and feminine. A perfect pairing.
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That artwork is delicate and vibrantly lovely and it really adds to the timeless wit and romance of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. 

I very much enjoyed the illustrations and think this would make a lovely gift in hardback form. 

My thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing, Marjolein Bastin (for her beautiful art) and Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I don't think I have to say a lot about the plot of *the* Jane Austen Classic so I'll talk about what makes this particular version special.

It is stunning. The illustrations on the cover give you a taste of what to expect inside, with the floral- and animal-themed watercolour drawings on about half of all text pages. Some are smaller-sized put in the corners, looking as if you have a garden flower pressed between the pages, while some illustrations take up half a page. An argument could be made that they are quite detached from the story itself but I really didn't mind that.

I would totally recommend this illustrated version of Pride and Prejudice to people, who love the book already and want to indulge with these illustrations and the added extras!
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I really enjoyed rereading Pride & Prejudice. It was much easier for me to read than usual with classics since I was already familiar with the story. Especially now with the pandemic, it was nice to escape to Longbourn and go to balls with the Misses Bennet.

As for this edition with illustrations by Marjolein Bastin. The illustrations of nature, flowers and birds are beautiful. However, they do not particularly add anything to the story. So if you are just looking for a beautiful edition of Pride & Prejudice, you might want to look at these editions.
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This book, story, and the author needs no introduction. This is such a beautiful book and mother all the romance books. This edition is gorgeous and I am buying one for my bookshelf. The illustrations of flowers and butterflies are breathtaking. One must have it.
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