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I was captivated from the beginning to the end by this beautifully written book. A thirty-something woman, not married and accidentally involved in five marriages at once, is our protagonist. Through helping others with their lives, she begins to lose her own. So for the sake of getting even and making some money, she creates a blog, and as predictably happens, things go downhill quickly. Despite the author's wonderful voice, she managed to mix the funny bits and the serious ones without getting too over the top. My favorite aspect of the writing was the style. In comparison to what I had expected, it was very realistic! My favorite part of this was the body positivity. I really liked the mother and daughter relationship, and how the relationship seemed so different between family members. Among the siblings, each thinks that the other is being favored, while the other thinks the first is being favored, all at the same time. I found it so realistic that everyone had such a distorted opinion! The romance was wonderful in this novel! I was so surprised at how different it was from what I had anticipated! Looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. The book is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good romance novel that is full of laugh-out-loud moments, enjoys wedding drama, accurate mother-daughter relationships, and romance that sneaks up on you as the story goes along.
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Can you imagine being in five weddings in one summer?! In this hilarious novel, that’s exactly what happens to Lily Weiss. With three of her best friends and two of her siblings planning their weddings, Lily creates an anonymous blog as a way to vent about all the things she’s dealing with. 


There were a lot of people to keep track of - brides, bridesmaids, parents of all parties, and groomsmen! But by the middle of the book I had it all figured out. 

I laughed, I cried, laughed more and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this one! 

I loved the character growth, the friendships, how the author wrote about the misunderstandings and also the forgiveness. 

I can’t wait to read more books from this author!
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We have Lily, a single woman in her thirties, who ends up a bridesmaid in five different weddings that are all happening over a six-week period. It's a lot for her to handle and she can't really say no. She suddenly feels left out and all the wedding dramas are not really helping her and her bank account. So she starts an anonymous blog she called Bridesmania where she rants and vents about her bridemaid experiences.

Lily is a very complex character. I liked that she's witty, sarcastic, and funny. But there were also a lot of things that I hated about her. Like how she treats her little sister who is also one of the brides, and her future sister-in-law. I also didn't like the way she trashes her friends, family, and other people on her blog. Sure they are horrible and exasperating but she's not really any better than them. I could relate to her when she can't say no to her friends because I'm also like that. But I wouldn't let them dye my hair blonde because my dark hair will not stand out in their wedding pictures. Also, how naive is she to believe that no one will ever find out about her blog? Online for everyone to access and read? The characters that I genuinely liked were Lily's grandmother, her father, and the love interest. The majority of the characters are just mean.

I thought the writing is very engaging. This book is really heavy on body shaming which got quite difficult to read at times. There were also some scenes that made me furious. I really liked the chemistry between Lily and the love interest. I enjoyed their slow-burn romance and their moments together so it's a shame that we didn't really get a lot of it. I was okay with the predictability of the story and the redemption arc, but there were some issues that felt unresolved for me.

This wasn't a light read in my opinion but it's a quick and entertaining read nonetheless.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the publisher and author for providing a free digital review copy via NetGalley. This did not affect my overall opinion of the book.
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I did not expect to fall in love with this book as much as I did! This book was very fun, relatable and sweet. I couldn’t put it down! 

I absolutely fell in love with the characters, they were so easy to connect with. Lily made so many mistakes, but it never made me dislike her. Alex was definitely favourite - what a hero! The only thing I would change about this book is the amount of diet culture talk - I wouldn’t mind if this was toned down a bit. I also didn’t like that whenever we found out about Alex’s past trauma, it was swept under the rug very quickly and never brought up again. I found it a bit predictable at times, but I didn’t mind at all - it felt very comforting.

This book was overall very funny, light hearted and an amazing summer read. I stayed up all night to finish it! I absolutely recommended this.
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This book is just the perfect summer read! Lily was such a great protagonist and she was so easy to relate to. The writing in this novel was also incredible, such a nice style and I didn't want to put the book down. The plot lines all wrapped together despite having so much going on and it all worked out nicely. This book has a special place in my heart.
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Oh, God!  Picking this one up has been one of my best decisions this week. 

The reality of Adulthood hits Lily like a train when she is invited to 5 weddings at once. Her younger siblings have life figured out, her friends are getting a house and moving on with life. Basically, everyone is doing grown-up, adult things except Lily, who drinks martinis until she gets blackout drunk at parties. In between all this drama, she starts a blog "Bridesmania" 

But what would happen if everyone found out about her blog? 

I love the character of Lily. I like how snarky she is, and doesn't take everything seriously. At the same time, she loves her friends, is determined and passionate, and has a great sense of humor. 

The book was engaging. I finished the whole thing in a day, despite having a family event and exams going on. 

I adore Alex. He is such a sweet and caring guy. 

Overall, the book is awesome. Would highly recommend picking this up. 

Thank You Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the e-ARC of this book.
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Y’all, this book straight up made me smile!!!

It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon vicariously living through Lily’s life. On the surface, this is a story about one woman overcommitting to being in 5 weddings at once. It’s told through a blog about all the ridiculous trappings, expectations and costs that come along with being a bridesmaid now that we live in the Pinterest/Instagram era of life events. But it is about so much more.

It’s about family dynamics and expectations as you grow into adulthood. It’s about friendships - how to show up honestly in them. And about how even good friends may not know the things each other is struggling with at any given time. It’s about miscommunications in dating and breaking passive aggressive tendencies and other unhealthy habits. All of this is wrapped up into a delightful rom com with a friends to lovers trope and snarky wit about family and the “bridezilla” industry.

I especially loved the role that coffee played in Lily and Alex’s friendship and flirting given my personal love of coffee and that all my first dates with my husband were over coffee.

I was rooting for Lily all along as she is just so charming and flawed in such relatable ways.

Highly recommend this one for fans of Abby Jimenez and Emma St Clair.
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3.5 stars

Thanks to Lake Union Publishing for the arc!

One sentence review: A snarky fictional commentary of one woman's experience as a bridesmaid in five different weddings that would be perfect for people who like books about weddings or who love shows like Real Housewives.⁣
Lily Weiss finds herself as a bridesmaid at five weddings. And some of these brides, and what they ask of her, will just make you shake your head. Lily's way of coping? Well by writing an anonymous blog about her friends and family of course. What could possibly go wrong?⁣
My thoughts:⁣
- I really liked how this book explores the complicated dynamics of friends and family and how weddings can really bring out the worst in people.⁣
- This book is all about the characters. The author really brings these characters to life. I didn't necessarily like them all but that felt real to me.⁣
- Some of the antics going on in this story are pretty funny, while others are just cringe worthy. And I think it is a line that this book balances pretty well.⁣
- I didn't necessarily always find this book an easy read. However when I got to the end I really felt like the book did a great job of making everything come full circle. Life, especially friends and family, can be messy, and this book has fun illustrating this mess. ⁣
- If you are looking for a sunshine and rainbows story about weddings - this is not it. This book is snarky and passive aggressive and illustrates a lot of behaviors that aren't particularly admirable. However it really does a great job of capturing the weird emotions and expectations that occur around weddings that can bring out the worst in people. ⁣
I recommend this book to people who like wedding stories with an edge. There is an element of romance to this but at its heart I'd consider this more a work of contemporary fiction or women's lit.
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This was so much "27 Dresses" with a wonderful, cute spin. I love weddings, so I love For the Love of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino. While this was uncorrected, it seemed fine enough to read. It was in pretty decent shape to be uncorrected. The "I'm sure she's a very sharp spoon" line is such a funny one, and there are many more that are just like that in the prose. It was relatable, and I loved it!
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I really enjoyed this! It was fun and I liked the little romance aspect. I do feel like the end was a bit of a let down, I wasn’t a big fan of how they all hanged up on her and didn’t really apologize for their own bridezilla behavior, but other than that, I loved it. It felt reasonably realistic, too.
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I love 27 dresses and this was like a spin on it so that excited me. But, I found this book to be average but still funny and exciting at times. The thing that let it down was there weren’t many characters in the book I actually liked. I know the brides all had to be bridezillas but this meant I spent most of the book angry at them and really disliked a propropTion of the cast, unable to find sympathy when Lily our MC did. I liked lily and Alex’s sections and I really liked the twist at the end so that is why it is a 3 star from me
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#Bridesmania is the perfect word Lily uses as her blog title, that she uses to write about the chaos of being in 5 weddings! 

What fun I had reading #FortheLoveofFriends! Lily is a lovable character! I mean, what are the chances anyone would get asked to be in so many weddings at once? I would go berserk! Lily handles it all as she tries to manage being the forever bridesmaid! Her friends & family were quite ridiculous & rude along the way! 
I’m not quite sure how she managed the craziness, but she did!! 
Confino’s #debutnovel is not to be missed! I’m so ready for her next one!
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“Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’m guessing.”
“She’s not even a knife. She might be a spoon.”
“I’m sure she’s a very sharp spoon.”

I thought this was a cute read! Of course some events were obviously going to happen, but I still enjoyed this. There were some definite funny parts and I got some good chuckles out it, like the quote above. 

Honestly, my biggest complaint was how awful everyone was to Lily! I could NOT believe some of the things that were said to her and I don't feel like anyone ever apologized to her! She definitely got the worst deal at the end. 

All in all, it was a cute read and I enjoyed the romance. I also enjoyed the inside look into weddings!!
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A fun, snarky and relatable read!⁣
Have you ever been a bridesmaid? My core group of friends and I all got married around the same time. We essentially took turns being in each other’s weddings. This book brought me back to that time in my life and let’s just say that I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile with a book. There were moments where I was transported back in time, remembering crazy things that happened bc let’s be real, weddings are stressful as hell. ⁣
Lily is a bridesmaid in 5 weddings over a six week period. Bring on the dress shopping, spanx, bachelorette parties and of course the hilarious bridezilla moments. She takes to blogging as an outlet for all the wedding shenanigans. Her blog was supposed to be anonymous and no one was supposed to know or get hurt. Unfortunately, as with most secrets, the blog does not remain hidden. I, on the other hand, am glad we were privy to her blog posts because they were hilarious! ⁣
This book has so much wedding drama, snark, heart and romance. I adored Alex - he was just such a kind hearted, good guy. Their romance was sweet and I wish we had even more of it. For the Love of Friends proved to be a fun, summer read! I’m already looking forward to book 2 which will center around Lily’s very amusing grandma.
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First things first, I love how the almost-impossible premise of For the Love of Friends (being a bridesmaids for five different brides in the same year!) is made just plausible. Does Lily get in over her head? Absolutely. Does she know this? Kinda. Is it fun to watch? One-hundred percent!

There is so much truth in how weddings (and other milestones) can bring out the worst in the people close to you- all those friends you’ve outgrown and family who let excitement or jealously get the better of them. And Lily gets to witness this- and become part of this- four-fold. Enter: Bridesmania, the Blog. 

Borne out of the financial costs of attending/being a bridesmaid in five weddings, Bridesmania is an attempt to recoup some of the gallons of money she's spending on these weddings. The blog allows Lily to release all the things she can't say to the brides, their overbearing families, or their awful friends. It also allows her to poke fun at her situation since she can't really unload on her friends amidst their wedding-hazed brains. Would a therapist perhaps be a more appropriate confidante? Maybe. But no one pays you to go to therapy!

However, as much as I loved the themes of this book (and the compassionate truth buried within) I was a little disappointed with the relatively slow pace. It took a while for the wedding-tension to build and for the romance to get cooking, so there wasn't much to root for in the beginning. Once it started, though, the banter was on fire and the chemistry was THERE. Also they had a pretty sweet courtship. It just took a little while to get there.

Additionally, the way potential assault was handled rubbed me the wrong way since it wasn't really treated as such, though Lily did question the consent at one point. While it made sense for Lily to be hard on herself (for other reasons) it was a little hard to get past so casually. 

TW: SA, body-shaming. A major plot point revolves around what Lily assumes to be a blackout-drunk hookup, though Lily is largely unaffected. Multiple body-shaming comments are made by the wedding parties, though Lily pushes back.
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This book was a spin of 27 Dresses. Lily, a single 32 year old, spring has just gone crazy. Her friends and younger siblings got engaged and now she is in 5 weddings. She finds herself struggling to keep up with all the dates and the bridezillas. To let go of her frustration she starts a blog. 

I adored 27 dresses and I really wanted to love this book, but i wasn’t able to, it was boring to me.
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What a fun witty read.  Lily is 32 and living a happy (mostly!) satisfying life.  She thinks she has good friends, is healthy and a good, if not hypercritical mother.  Her single status is the bane of her mothers existence and there is not a moment of her life that her mother doesn’t take the opportunity to yet again remind Lily of her feelings, her disappointment and disapproval in her life.  And to top that off she is in 5, yes count the, 5 weddings over one summer.  Her good friends, maybe not as good as she thought. Verbal jabs and barbs are constant and she realizes they are not who she thought they were.  And so she starts a blog.  It’s a perfect way to express all of her feelings.  Until it isn’t and hits the fan.  That’s it. Not spoiling anything for anyone, but f you need a wonderfully written laugh out loud book this is the one for you.  The author has created a cast of characters and situations that are so real it was at times cringe worthy in the best way! I look forward to more from this author.
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This book was the perfect summer read I didn't know I needed. It not only made me laugh out loud (so many times that I had to read certain passages out loud to my husband) but it also tugged on my heartstrings and was un-put-downable. Seriously, I carried it around in my purse and would read a page or two (or 10!) in my car between errands or at doctor appointments, and when I couldn't read it, I was thinking about it and not wanting it to end.

On the outside, this book is about the hilarity and shenanigans being in five weddings within a couple months can encompass, but at its heart, it's about relationships: the good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful, the surprising. It's about the bonds between family members and friends, and how those bonds can strain, strengthen, change, or even disintegrate. It's also about your relationship with yourself - taking a good, hard look in the mirror and accepting who you truly are, flaws and all.

While this book made me laugh a lot, it was not all sunshine and lollipops. Some of the women and their antics really upset me, and the way they treated each other was sometimes so downright mean that I couldn't believe it.

For the most part, I really liked main character Lily a lot. Here intentions were often good, she really did try to help the brides whenever possible, and she was overall caring and a good friend. I appreciated her snark and the way she used her blog to vent feelings and frustrations, and though it ended up hurting people's feelings, I did think there was truth at the heart of it.

Goodman Confino did a fantastic job of not only creating a very human and relatable main character, but also rich and well-developed secondary characters.  I adored Alex (those coffee notes were so sweet, I loved how he was a supportive sounding board for Lily, and he was the epitome of a good guy), I appreciated both Becca and Madison, and Grandma provided the best comic relief!

I loved watching Lily navigate her relationships with her mom and siblings, as well as being honest about the pressure she often felt from her mom. And the evolution of her relationship with Alex warmed my heart.

I could go on about this book all day, but really, just know that you don't want to miss it! It came out Aug. 1, so don't wait another minute - go grab your copy ASAP! And Sara, I'm absolutely here for Grandma's book; if you need an early reader, don't hesitate to ask!
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If you have ever been a bridesmaid in multiple weddings at one time For the Love of Friends will resonate with you...and probably stress you out!  I was having flashbacks to when all my sisters were engaged at the same time, that's for sure.  Honestly, it had me grateful that my friends and siblings are more level-headed than some of the brides in this book.   

Overall it was a quick,  fun read, even if you know from the start what a disaster being in 5 weddings and Lily's subsequent choice to divulge details about the weddings on a blog is going to be. 3.5-4 stars for me.  Thank you NetGalley for the ARC!
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What’s a girl to do when she ends up a bridesmaid in five weddings taking place over the same six weeks? Start an anonymous blog to vent about the bridezillas and their families—even when it’s your own family since two of the weddings are your siblings. What could possibly go wrong?

For the Love of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino was a very fun read about single Lily who’s trying her best to be a good bridesmaid to all her friends and family, but can’t really take the botox suggestions, commentary on her larger chest, and exorbitant costs associated with the events. Holy crap these weddings got expensive. The wedding demands bordered for me on completely unbelievable, but that’s because it’s just not a world I understand (my husband and I got married in a kids jumps and jiggles room and I barely had a combined shower/bachelorette party at a friend’s house). I imagine these sorts of antics are all too common. 

I really liked main character Lily, even though it was clear the blog was almost definitely going to blow up in her face. She was a great, funny character and her struggles felt all too real. I wish she would have said no a little more often, but I completely understand why she didn’t. I also loved Alex, a groomsman in Lily’s best friend’s wedding, who becomes a swoony friend and confidant. Their text messages were great and made me long for the days of getting to know someone new. 

This book would be perfect for people looking for fun, light romcoms, anyone addicted to Say Yes to the Dress, or anyone who’s experienced a few bridezillas of their own. 

Thank you so much to @letstalkbookspromo, @amazonpublishing and @saraconfino for the gifted copy and the amazing bookish items!

What’s the worst thing you asked someone in your wedding party to do or the worst request you got as part of a wedding party? I’ve been a bridesmaid in three weddings. One included the phrase “Have you ever heard of an artist name Meat (hard stop) Loaf?” (because the requester had only recently been introduced to the Dashboard Lights crooner by her betrothed) right before a request to have me sing “you took the words right out of my mouth, it must have been when you were kissing me.”
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