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Tess's family loves love. It's  time for tess start school and be away from her family for the first time. She starts to worry that distance diminishes love. This is a very cute story and perfect for those with first day of school jitters. I also loved the use of strings.
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so sweet! A great intro to love, how it feels, and all of the different kinds. Great illustrations as well.
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This has a very good message that is sweetly delivered.

Tess is blessed to have a warm and lovely family consisting of mother, father, daughter, and son. The time comes for Tess to go to school and she is concerned about leaving her family. Her mother explains that love is a string, connecting people even when they are far away. Tess’s teacher encourages her and reinforces the message. Tess sees other children with strings and one has a string that connects even an absent parent. But how will Tess react at the end of the day when the other children leave and her parents haven’t yet arrived?

This is a lovely picture book and an easy read for young children. The message is beautiful and perfect to share with children who will be experiencing time away from their parents whether for school or perhaps for deployment or medical reasons. The illustrations are clear and charming. I highly recommend this, and I would like to see Ms. Averiss’ previous books too.

Source: 2020 NetGalley.
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"Everyone loves everyone in Tess’s house, but when Tess has to leave for school for the very first time, she is worried that her family’s love might not stretch that far. "

In this story, a young girl is experiencing that dreaded separation anxiety felt by so many kids around the world as they go off to school for the first time. For many, it is also their first time away from a prominent caretaker in their family. This book explores the fears, anxieties, frustrations, tenderness, depth, and trust in the love between Tess and her mother. 

It was emotional, almost too much so for my 4 1/2 year old who is scared of leaving home next year for school (which is why I thought this book would be lovely for her). It required more explaining than I expected because it's quite metaphorical laced with direct fears which I don't think always mixes well for young readers. It did provide us with a change to talk and reassure and explain a little more, which I appreciated have the framework to do. 

The book is gentle, sweet, and illustrated gorgeously. I loved seeing diversity amongst the characters and students of the story.
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A touching and beautifully illustrated children’s book about connection: when we’re with the people we love, when we’re temporarily absent from them, and after their death.

The connection metaphor is shown by a string that links person to person, even to animal companions. The story helps young readers better cope with separation anxiety in a gentle yet impactful way. 

5 of 5 Stars

Pub Date 19 Jan 2021
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Such a sweet book!  Perfect for someone starting school, living in a new home away from a parent or simply starting a new chapter without their loved one next to them.  Love follows wherever you are.  Beautiful message!
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This story is a sweet emotional story about Love.

Love is something that we always carry with ourselves.

This concept is explained in first day of school setting. 

We are tied to each other with love string which stretches and this idea gives comfort to Tess who is away from her parents at school.

Her mum is late to pick her up and hence she gets worried.

But finally her mom does come to get her and explains that love will always tie them together
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LOVE is a sweet story of a little girl who goes to school for the first time and feels alone. She pulls on the string that ties her to her mother and hopes she’s on the other side waiting for her. She develops strings (friendships) with her teacher and friends at school throughout the day. 
A great book/gift for a child closing in on their first day of school.
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Love is a sweet book about feelings. Tess knows her mom loves her, but she's very nervous to go to school where she won't have her family and their love as close as she's used to. She eventually learns that love is always with you, and that being apart is okay. An excellent concept books for little ones.
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This was really cute and heartwarming. This story is meant for children with separation issues understand that parents (and others) love them no matter how for or close they are. Lovely message and beautiful illustrations.
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This is a lovely story of the strength and boundless quality of love. 
This story reminds me of the invisible stirring. 
It follows a young girl going to school for the first time, her Mum explains how she has a string of Love which will stretch all the way to school. Mum is late at home time and the little girl unties her string of Love.
As well as the text being perfect for the age range, the exquisite illustrations add a subtle depth and lots of opportunities to talk around the text about ways to reconnect and build love. 
A lovely book, especially for children starting school, or returning to school one COVID restrictions allow.
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This is such a beautiful little book – and maybe the only picture book that's made me cry! The artwork is so appealing, with pretty colours and a good mix of character designs, and the message is so lovely and important for children to read. I'll be getting this for the small children in my life.
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LOVE by Corinne Averiss is a wonderful story all about love, friendship and connection.

I can easily see this book being a resource to help kids transition into school or new situations (camps, daycares or staying away from their parents for a night, for an example). This book explains that everyone who cares for each other has a string attached to them. When you leave your parents to go to school, they are still at the end of your string even if they are far away. It's a really sweet message that can help explain that someone still loves you and cares for you when you aren't right with them.

This book is marvellous and I highly recommend it. Young readers will be able to appreciate and learn from this book. As a bonus, the illustrations are colourful, soft and engaging.

Four out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, words & pictures, and Quarto Publishing Group for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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Love is a wonderfully illustrated picture book that uses the first day of school as a premise to gently broach a few complex concepts that can be difficult to explain to children. Immediately as Tess leaves for school we deal with separation anxiety, and then, through Tess's interactions with the teacher and other children, also death, grief, and the differing loves seen in varying types of relationships. I feel that dealing with difficult concepts can be made easier when they're seen in a bit of abstract but everyday manner, and this book does that well. It introduces them to young children with beautiful illustrations and simple words to show children how these things are a normal part of everyone's lives, and opens the way to more easily talking about them in more detail later when needed.

The charming illustrations show a warm world suffused with love, beauty, and creativity. At home, the family dog plays knights with Tess's younger sibling, complete with cardboard shield/sword and a dragon costume for the dog. Whimsical ceramic candle houses decorate every surface of the apartment, made by the father's own hands. We get to see his workspace, sketches of his ideas, and pieces in progress. And at school, a classmate immediately befriends Tess, asking her to work on a paper dragon sculpture together on a table full of more of the children's projects. All of these images help to further build up the nurturing atmosphere that will make this book a joy to read at any age.
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"Love connects us no matter how far apart we are."
That is what this well illustrated story tells us with the use of *strings* that connect us to those we love and who love us whether family, friends old and new, teachers and more. So scary things like going to school (or a new school) are simply places where the strings go with us, even if they have to be knotted when broken. I loved it!
I requested and received a free temporary ebook from Quarto Publishing Group – words & pictures via NetGalley. Thank you!
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(more a 3.5 star) A great book for any young children dealing with separation anxiety or just a little worried about starting school or daycare. The illustrations are lovely and the story gently describes how love connects us even when you can't quite see how.
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I loved the book, Love, by Corrinne Averiss. It is a story of the love between a young girl and her family. For the first time, the love has to really stretch as the young girl starts school for the first time by herself. She is worried that she will lose her love from her family by being away from them.

Her worries grow lesser as she sees the love and connections develop at school. She sees strings of love form between her teacher, her new friends, and all the love they have in their own lives.
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Free ARC from Netgalley.

Love is about a child that's always had parents by her side. Never being away from them. But when she starts school she has to be on her own for the first time. But how will she know that her parents still loves her, when they're not there? This book explains about the connection of love between a child and parents (and other relations) in a very easy to understand and graphic way. And how that love never dissappears even when you can't see each other. 

A very cute story, told with beautiful illustrations.
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This is a very sweet little picture book with lovely illustrations. When the world finally begins to return to normal, we will have more kiddos going away to school for the first time - or the first time in a long time - than we have for a very long time, and books like this could be an excellent choice to help mitigate some of the inevitable separation anxiety.
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Beautifully illustrated where the words and pictures dovetail wonderfully to enhance and lift this story to a level of enchanted bliss.
It is hard to relate emotions into concepts young people can fully understand. The key word here is Love, the title of the book and this abstract word is shared across the context of family life. The sense of belonging and shared experiences.
In this way Love is used to explore and comfort allowing less tangible words for emotions to be introduced. These are separation and anxiety. 
So a beautiful book, clearly a firm favourite of children who love the illustrations, the word pictures wrapping up this family in love.
I am always loathed to give adult concepts to formulate and influence a child’s own imagination so I would ask as part of my reading what they think of these ideas. The bond of love is here imagined as a connecting string or an enveloping scarf.
Preparing and going to school is more of a trauma for parents than kids in my own experience, but ideas such as separation and the anxiety of not being picked up with everyone else at the end of a school day could be traumatic at any age. 
Some of us carried it into dating (no mobile phones then kids), waiting outside the cinema for that girl to turn up.
This is a book that deserves a place on a child’s bookcase and it will prompt wider chats to bottom out some difficult emotions. The very act of reading to a child indicates an existing love and bond with them.
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