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I love the Angelbound series, and Offspring has been one of my favorite spinoffs. I loved getting to read Mack's story and getting to know him better. It was a fun read.
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I never thought I'd love anyone quite as much as I do Lincoln, but Mack is edging right up there! His relationship with Kaps, this vibrant fantasy world and hilarious dialogue are just icing on the cake. Angelbound is one of my very favorite series' and Offspring continues to entertain!
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So the partner book to Kaps continued the story of Kaps and Mack in their endeavour to rid the world of Nazi vampires. It also saw the development of the rhana bond between them. With Kaps locked away in the land of the dragons to keep her out of mischief she and Mack have to get creative in not only being together but also working together to achieve their goals. With the help of some magical objects, dragons and even a wizard they discover the truth of Macks history, save the lost city of El dorado and the last of the mythical wyverns. Along the way they also discover a little about having Faith in those that you love. Another great read from this author I love this world
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Whilst I really like this series, I just wish that the books were longer.
As the series has developed the books have become shorter, and whilst I realise that they were originally (perhaps) and certainly now, aimed at a much younger audience, and the concept is that they don’t like to read long stories, I would take issue with that. After all, Harry Potter books are long. And 12 year olds and younger read them. So why assume the stories need to be short – and thus missing a great deal of possible character and storyline development.
And this is where I think this book lacks something. The characters have been established, and the drawings are stunning so you can imagine the characters in their full glory – though I do think the costume on our heroine lacks a bit – of material – to protect her skin. Despite the dragon scales, it would  be nice for more leather on her legs surely?
But the end of the story seems a bit like -with one leap they were free’. As though Christine couldn’t think of what to say. Perhaps the series has run out of steam?  I shall read to the end of the series, just because, but I am not giving 5, nor even 4 for this series now, it is done to 3 and if I hadn’t been a loyal reader …
Sorry Christine. But maybe I can give you a star for the artwork?
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Epic, totally epic!

It was so good to read Kaps and Mack again. And their story comes to a wonderful finale. Definitely 2 of my favorite Angelbound Offspring characters. And the adventure is not yet over; I am very much looking forward to what Christina Bauer has planned next!
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This is such an interesting book! This is a dual point-of-view story between Mack and Kaps, and I liked having both of their perspectives throughout the story! 

I thought this had an exciting plot with characters that you get attached to! I would recommend this for readers that enjoy a series and vampires!

I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.
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It took me a while to get into this series again. I am unsure if It's the time of year, my own headspace or the book itself. It felt like I was just moving from moment to moment very quickly and the big bad guy was easily defeated. I guess I just wanted a little more than the book offered.
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So happy to get more of kaps story! These 2 have to decide if being together is worth the price they would have to pay and they're on a major time crunch. I highly recommend reading the previous book to get the first part of this story. There's so many secrets that come unraveling that it's best to have the whole story.
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~ I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own ~ 

I've enjoyed tremendously the entire series up until this point. Unfortunately I couldn't focus on this one at all. 

3 stars!
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What's not to love...a stoic romance, heart pounding action, and a tearful reveal about who your mother is. This is classic Bauer.
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Mack may be human, but he also runs a league of vampire hunters.  It has been a regular part of his life until recently.  A magical city is about to reopen and Roman wants to use what is inside El Dorado to make an army of vampires.  These vampires do more than just kill people; they look like the last person they killed.  Roman wants to take over the world and fill it with vampires and he knows that Mack is looking for him; so he goes after Kaps, the woman Mack loves.  Mack tries to protect Kaps by breaking up with her, but since Kaps is a dragon shifter, she isn’t one to stay on the sidelines.

Mack is the sixth book in the Angelbound Offspring series.  Each new book takes readers deeper into a character in the Angelbound world.  One may think that there isn’t anything new to explore, but then a new book comes out and we are surprised.  There is action and romance and these characters continue to fight for the greater good and protect humans and non-humans alike.  Mack is a great continuation of the series and we have at least one more book destined to be written.
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MACK is the sixth book in the Angelbound Offspring series and I would absolutely recommend you read it as part of a series. If you can't do that, then you NEED to read Kaps as this book is a continuation of hers.

The points of view change from Mack to Kaps and back again so you get a fully rounded story from both perspectives. They both want to be together but go full-on martyr when they both decide it's better for the other one if they're not. Gah! I wanted to bang their heads together!!

There are some interesting developments in this story, not the least being how Mack changes (I won't say more). There are cameos from others in the series, with Huntress and Gage playing a bigger role in helping Mack and Kaps see each other. I honestly can't wait for Huntress' book!

This was a great addition to the series and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Kaps is locked in a tower with no way out. The place has wards or magic spells all around it to keep Kaps locked up and safe. It is also to keep anyone from getting in and getting to Kaps. Kaps misses her boyfriend Mack and her. Mack and Kaps are working very hard to find a way around the magic wards. A way for her to get out of this realm and go back to Earth. 

In the meantime though a vampire, Rowan is on his way to take over Earth and turn as many as he can into vampires. Rowan needs to turn people into an army that he can use to take over. I so loved the new twist on the vampires. It was just so awesome and brilliant. 

Together Kaps and Mack make a great fighting, killing machine. Mack with Kaps help against his better judgment and without much to say in the matter go after Rowan to stop him from taking over the world. I love all the banter between Mack and Kaps. Mack wants to keep Kaps safe himself and is willing to sacrifice everything to make that happen even his love for Kaps. But our little Kaps is one tough cookie and doesn’t need anyone coddling her. 

Oh and I really loved the chemistry between Huntress and Gage. I can’t wait to read more about these two in their own book Huntress. I loved that one scene between Huntress and Cage with the dagger. 

I love the Angelbound world and can never seem to get enough of it. I love all the characters from each and every book. The world that has been created for this series is just so awesome and amazing. It will suck you in and pull you down into its depths never letting you see daylight until the last page is turned. The action and the twists just keep pouring out from between its pages with never a dull moment in between. 

Do I recommend Mack? Well, of course, I do! As well as the whole series. You know you could and probably can read each of the books as a stand-alone but I wouldn’t suggest it as they are all so amazing besides you wouldn’t want to miss a thing that this series of books has to offer. So my suggestion is to get to clicking your copy or copies today to begin another epic adventure!
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I love the Angelbound world! I really enjoyed this newest book! Incredibly well written, great dialog, action, storyline, and enthralling characters! I highly recommend checking this series out!
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I love dragons and this book had all different kinds. I definitely enjoyed having more of Mack and kaps. I can’t wait to read huntress. I have enjoyed all of ms Bauer’s books they are very well written and the world building is excellent. I recommend this book it is part of a series and it does help to read those first.
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It was with great pleasure & anticipation I sat down to enjoy the latest offering from Christina Bauer.  This book did not disappoint, from the start we are caught up in a whirlwind of action.  
Seriously, if you haven't read any of the books in this series, you don't know what you are missing!!
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I enjoyed Mack in the Kaps book, and I'm glad to see he got his own. I was also happy to see how things worked for Kaps and Mack. I likes the humor and the action. I really enjoy this series of books and look forward to the next one. There are a number of books in this world, so if you enjoy this book like I did, you have a lot more to read. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest reveiw.
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Every time I read an Angelbound Offspring novel by Christina Bauer, it feels like returning home.

I truly enjoyed Mack and Kaps’s story, especially the strengthening of their mate bond and the unspoken connection that has developed. Mack is action-packed and filled with adventure, history, revenge and tons of sass. 

I loved the insights into Mack’s history and the development of the Angelbound world. His sense of duty and honor made us all fall for him that much more (book boyfriend squeal). Can we talk about Kaps though? I mean did she give me Myla vibes- yes, am I loving it- doubles yes !!!!

Christina Bauer excels at- giving our sarcastic yet lovable MC a happy ending, setting us up for more reading with sneaky tidbits of secondary characters, and the bad guys always getting their butts whooped! 

Angelbound Offspring harnessed the best part of the Angelbound series and compressed it into highly entertaining, fast-paced stories with jaw-dropping revelations about headstrong MC’s facing off their arch-nemesis while finding love.

Thank you to Christina and NetGalley for providing me with an arc. All views and opinions expressed are my own.
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I hadn’t read the rest of the series but I will after this story. Mack was an easy read with lots of action and sarcasm. I loved it. This story revolves around Mack and his love Kaps. Everyone is determined to keep them separated but their bond is stronger than they realize. I loved the characters and even though I didn’t read the previous books there was enough backstory written to where I didn’t feel like I was completely missing out. I also loved how they threw in illustrations to give you an idea of what the different characters/creatures looked like. Overall it was a really good read.
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I love this series  they are such fun and easy to read books.

This book is a follow on for Kaps. It is a Kaps & Mack novel with some build up to the next book Huntress. 

I read this book in a few hours, these books so easy to get into. Mack is now the leader after the events of Kaps and Kaps is locked in her tower and not allowed to travel to earth. This makes it difficult for them both, they are bonded and being kept apart. 

Mack and Kaps are trying to find a way to see each other, while also wondering if this relationship is dammed to fail. Roman is still at large and he is trying created bigger, badder vampires.  

It turns out Mack is not as human as he appears, he is a lost breed of shifter. He still has family and people of his kind trapped in another plane. Time is ticking and so is his chance to reach his people and defeat Roman before he creates his army. 

Roman isn't a fool and he must stop Mack and Kaps from getting in the way. 

What a good fun read.
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