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Animal Magnetism is book 3 in the Lazare Family series written by Patricia Rosemoor. Having not read the first two, I still think it was a great book to pick up and now I want to read the whole series from the beginning. I really like books about shifters and other creatures. The kindred in this series are shifters who have the choice to live a human life span or surrender their lives to be immortal.

The main focus in this book is on Nik. I didn't have previous knowledge from the other books but the author does a great job of portraying him as a balance between bad/good making you want him to be good. I love reading the book from his perspective to really feel his thoughts and emotions throughout. Especially when he meets the Detective and is drawn to her despite his desire to be. Together they investigate a murder and are trying to uncover the truth regardless of who is involved. 

Even though I didn't read the books in order, this book makes me want to go back and read them all. I find myself wanting to know the other characters in the books and their stories. I always enjoy the animalistic magnetism that characters have that draw them to one another. It makes the book very intense, exciting and you feel as though you are the one experiencing it yourself.

This book is highly recommended.
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Animal Magnetism by Patricia Rosemoor is Book 3 in the Kindred Souls series of shifter books. These folks live in a world of magic. These two people were meant for each other. It took them some time and some travails to arrive at the same conclusion. Meanwhile, their interactions were lively, both struggling to not let the other one in, which is not easy considering both could read minds. Nik's brother was half human, his sister was marrying a human. They were integrating. Was this they way of the future? An entertaining book. Good characters, and entertaining plot, some ideas to consider.
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Well, Nik finally has his story and it's a page turner!  I think this is my favorite of the three Lazare siblings' stories.  A lot of emotion, action and slow burn romance.  I was a little disappointed in the abrupt ending but I'm hoping there will be another storyline pulling everything together.  If you like shifter stories with a solid plot, you should check out the whole Kindred Souls series!
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This is a shifter story, unlike the ones I'm used to reading. But I really enjoyed reading this book, I look forward to reading more books from this author. 

Detective Isabeau DeClereq moved from Milwaukee to Chicago to find out who's responsible for her parents murder and getting justice for them. Isabeau was the one who found them, they both had their throats ripped out. One thing that was near their bodies was a personal invitation from Kindred Nik Lazare, the general manager, of "The Ark" casino-- Chicago's supernatural underground. 

Isabeau is Half-Kindred, Half-Powers but she was raised to be human. She wants to prove him guilty the human way, to honor her parents.  

When Isabeau stumbles upon another Kindred kill on her morning run at the zoo, she ends up at The Ark with questions. That's when Nik's dad pairs them up to work together. Nik doesn't want to be around her at all. He's attracted to her and that will only lead to a bad idea. Nik tries to use his Kindred influence on her, shocking Isabeau. Apparently he couldn't tell that she wasn't human. That works to her advantage in gathering information because she can hear their thoughts. 

But someone doesn't want her asking questions/getting any answers and has tried to kill her twice, thinking that she's human. Not knowing who it is, is the problem. After confronting Nik, she believes him and deep inside, knows he's not a suspect anymore. She needs to tell him before he finds out the real reason she moved to Chicago. They both can't fight the sizzling chemistry between them anymore. When they finally give up fighting chemistry and fate, both souls finally meet their matches and their mates.

But Nik finds out everything the next morning when he leaves when she wants to tell him everything, thinking that she was going to say something bad about the night before; and there's no coming back from this betrayal, or is there?

A must read!!
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This author has the ability to draw you to her novels in the paranormal genre if you read them by the content. I have always believed in kindred souls so this series alone drew me to it with every one that is released in it. Detective Isabeau wants justice for her parent's murder. Then there is Nik whom she believes is guilty but only by a piece of paper. Soon they will have to work together than the dynamics will change. Romance and a murder case is the formula to keep you turning the pages.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
This was a decent paranormal romance with a fiery heroine and a powerful hero. Great world building and spicy romance. Worth the read.
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Somewhere along the lines I missed book 2 in this series, but I was able to easily dive in to this book and catch right up!

This book follows Isabeau, a half Powers half Kindred woman who happens to also be a detective recently transferred into town.  The transfer was arranged by Isabeau, who is also on the hunt for the person/Kindred/Powers who murdered her parents.  Since they lived as humans and raised their kids to do the same, Isabeau is determined to bring the murderer to justice the "normal" way.  Nik is the son of a prominent mob-like boss.  While his family appears to accept a lot of gray areas in their business dealings, Nik is a rare gem in the business operation.  

Isabeau ends up meeting Nik through yet another murder investigation, but it serves the same purpose - getting her closer to her lead suspect in her parents' murder.  Of course, things are never as straightforward as they seem.  Nik ends up acting as a better man than she expects, even when she can hear his thoughts because she's hiding her Kindred nature.  He is also smitten by her, and her family's history leads him to write-off any weirdness she displays.  These two didn't exactly have a flowers and chocolate romance, or even more than a single sizzling encounter, but the story still manages to give a solid HEA.
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Animal Magnetism is the third book in the series written by Patricia Rosemoor surrounding the Lazare family. Rosemoor writes a novel about Kindred and Powers. The Kindred are shifters who face a decision in their lives to either be human and live a human life span, or give up their soul and become immortal. 

This story in specific follows Nik. Nik is portrayed in the previous books in a dark light, but with shimmers of hope shown throughout. Seeing this book from his perspective at points I find myself developing a soft spot for him. He meets Detective Isabeau and finds himself drawn to Ethan's new partner. They are forced together to investigate a recent murder, which excites each of them but for very different reasons. 

I like how the book is written(from the perspective of both Nik and Isabeau) and there isn't much time wasted getting into the plot which I also enjoy. There's also a certain level of brutality this book brings us, which I feel reflects truthfully to how the world is. Some books try to show everything in rose colored glasses, but this series doesn't ignore the darker corners of life. That being said, it also has some steamy romance and follows a detective that is committed to her cause.

I don't believe it's required to read the other books in order for things to make sense(in other words you won't be totally lost), but the previous books will give additional context to the story and other characters involved. 

The book lost a star for me because at times I found the characters actions slightly unbelievable. I couldn't picture anyone I know or known doing what the character is doing, and that personally pulls me out of the story. Maybe a deeper description of the Kindred culture would've helped to alleviate this disconnect.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend this book/series!
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Animal Magnetism by Patricia Rosemoor is Book 3 in the Kindred Souls series of shifter books. These folks live in a world of magic. I normally don't read shifter books, but I really like Patricia Rosemoor so I thought I'd give it a try. I found it to be entertaining with a decent plot and fairly well-developed characters. It was different and interesting to participate in this world with was many variations in beliefs and behaviors as in the human world. Isabeau is following a clue she found beside the bodies of hr dead parents. She is half Kindred and half Power but was raised as human by parents who believed that to live their best lives, they must integrate into society. This is so different that Nik, the person whom she is stalking based on finding his business card near her parents. He is the manager of the Ark which is owned by his father who believes in taking over power in the word by exploiting humans and their weaknesses. Nik is strong and determined to live his life as he sees fit. Sometimes he dreams dream that foretell the future. Sometimes they are hard to interpret. A vet at the zoo has died. He throat was torn out. It appears to be a Kindred murderer. Nik appears just after the crime, just before Isabeau, a police detective. Nik's concern is the jaguar that saw her killed. He is beyond upset: she had rescued and nurtured him and now she was dead. Nike couldn't communicate with a live animal; Isabeau didn't k now how. 

These two people were meant for each other. It took them some time and some travails to arrive at the same conclusion. Meanwhile, their interactions were lively, both struggling to not let the other one in, which is not easy considering both could read minds. Nik's brother was half human, his sister was marrying a human. They were integrating. Was this they way of the future? An entertaining book. Good characters, and entertaining plot, some ideas to consider.

I was invited to read a free ARC of Animal Magnetism by Netgalley. All opinions contained herein are solely my own. #netgalley #animalmagnetism
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Animal Magnetism is the third book in Patricia Rosemoor’s Kindred Souls and this story revolves around Nik Lazare and Isabeau DeClercq. Captivating characters, an entertaining and intriguing storyline, and plenty of mystery and suspense to keep the reader engaged. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and always look forward to what Ms Rosemoor has to offer. Animal Magnetism is definitely a story that can be read in one sitting due to its well-written and fascinating narrative.
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I have enjoyed all the book in this series but I think this one is my favorite!

Isabeau is convinced that Nik is responsible for her parents' deaths and then another murder sidetracks her.  When it is determined that this murder was committed by a Kindred, Nik is ordered to help her so that his father can keep an eye on the investigation.

I loved that we see Ethan and Nuala in this one and a bit of Luc and Skye were worked into the storyline.

The guilty party was not who I thought but was kind of in the right direction but had no clue on the motives.  It was fun that there was a bit of mystery along with intrigue and lots of romance!

Love the HEA!
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Dangerous Love Publishing for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is number 3 in a series.  It reads well as a stand alone, but may be a bit overwhelming.  I still don't quite get what Kindreds and powers are.  Overall a quick run read.  This is Detective Isabeau and Nik's story.   3.5 stars
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This is another great addition to the Lazares family and is the story of Nik he is the general manager of the casino that the family runs and after seeing his brothers find their mates he is beginning to think that is what he wants as well  The casino called the Arc is the place where humans can gable their souls to get their greatest desires and many choose to dot it. When a murder is committed it brings Detective Isabeau DeClercq to the Arc looking for answers she has recently transferred to Chicago hoping to solve her own parents murder and she is sure that Nik has something to do with it. When Nik's grandfather orders him to work with Isabeau to solve the latest murder sparks ignite between them. Can they learn to trust one another what secrets are they both keeping and  can they find the murderer You will have to read to see
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When a detective, with secrets of her own, investigates the death of a veterinarian that may involve paranormal suspects much is at risk. I liked the main characters a lot but would have liked a little more time to get to know them. They both seem to have more to themselves that is initially seen. It was good to visit characters from previous books and it seems that there is room for additional books.
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Animal Magnetism nicely rounds up the story of the Lazares family. It's an easy and enjoyable read.

Nik is the manager of his father's business. He has this mysterious aura about him. He appears to be broody and abrupt. After seeing his two siblings settling down, he starts pondering on his own life. 

Isabeau has moved to Chicago PD to avenge the murder of her parents. She has it all figured out from the evidence left behind, but now she realises that she has to start all over as things are not as they seem. 

Initially, Nik and Isabeau are enemies. Nik doesn't want her to sniff around his business. Isabeau wants nothing better than proof of her parents' murder and bring the murderer to justice. They find that they have to work together, and slowly their feelings change. Nothing is ever straightforward, and they have hurdles to jump before misunderstandings can be cleared and trust restored. 

There are a few twists and turns. Anyone could be the culprit. The suspense keeps the story going until the matter is resolved. The reasons for Nik's behaviour come to light and he is not that bad. Isabeau doesn't hesitate to admit that she is wrong and all is well that ends well. An enjoyable read.
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Animal Magnetism, the third book in the series tells the story of Nik Lazare and Isabeau DeClercq. Finding Nik's card at the scene of her parents' murder, Isabeau has uprooted her life from Milwaukee to Chicago, to confront him and bring him to justice. But when another dead body turns up, Isabeau and Nik join hands in finding out who the real killer is. 

Though I am a great fan of paranormal and fantasy stories and it is my go-to genre for light reading, I did not get much of a feel for this one. This could be because I haven't read the other books in the series and so the Kindred world seemed a bit confusing to understand what with all the shape-shifting, the soul barter and the immortality tropes. Apart from that, the plot was pretty straightforward and the H/h have a HEA. 

I have mixed feelings about this book but since it was light reading that I was looking for, guess I can't really complain.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me a digital copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
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This is an awesome read.  The world building is so good and the characters are well developed.  A remarkable read with suspense, romance and magic.
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Animal magnetism by Patricia Rosemoor. 
This is book 3 of kindred souls series. 
Even though I haven't read books 1 and 2 I really enjoyed this book.  I liked Niks character.  Isabeau grew on me. I will definitely be reading the first 2 books in this series.  Brilliant.  5*.
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The end of the series or a new beginning?  The final Lazare heir to find love. Nik is trying to cement his place within the family and figure out who has killed a zoo vet. Isabeau, a cop is a thorn in his side. 

Themes of family, revenge, love and self awareness permeate through the book. You will fall in love with some of the characters and hate others. I hope this is not the end. If it is, it is a good one.
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Although "Animal Magnetism" is the third book of the Kindred Souls series, it's the first I read. You don't need to know the preceding novels in order to enjoy this one. Patricia Rosemoor created a thrilling lovestory in the setting of a supernatural society that exists unknown to most of the humans. By solving a murder, the new member of the homicide department makes contact with the lokal leader of the shifters and his attractive son. Although she has a secret and he is unwilling to interact with a human, the distance between both of them closes during the investigation.
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