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A fast paced plot about a friendship between two old friends.... from the viewpoint of each friend.

Great twist!
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The whispers by Heidi Parks. 
Anna Robinson hasn’t been seen since she went on a night out with her four closest friends.She has a loving husband and a son she adores. Surely she wouldn’t abandon them and her perfect life.But what has happened to her?
I really enjoyed this book. Great story and characters.  4*.
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Firstly, I would like to thank Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book.

This is an interesting book involving the complex close relationship between four mums when the sudden reappearance of a childhood friend of one of them disrupts this relationship. It is further complicated when one of them disappears.

There are lots of twists and turns and it well worth reading.
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This was a really great read that grabbed me from the beginning. Although I didnt particularly like any of the characters I found them believable and interesting.
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A gripping domestic thriller Anna  hasn’t been seen since she went on a night out with her four closest friends. 
But what has happened to her? At the school gates, it’s not long before the rumours start. Anna’s oldest friend Grace is beside herself with worry – desperately searching for answers and certain that someone is hiding the truth. With each day that passes, Anna’s life is under increasing threat. And as the pressure mounts, it won’t be long before something cracks…

Hidden secrets that threaten to come to the surface, unspoken rivalries, childhood and adult misunderstandings, all set against a cosy domestic background of school runs and friendships. Entertaining, a fab holiday read
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This was a complicated and fascinating story. about how peoples feelings can be misinterpreted and lead to tragedy. Some really good characters and a realistic storyline. Another .great book from Heidi Perks
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Interesting book but not as good as I expected.  It's a bit slow in some areas and the friendship between the women is not always believable and is repetitive. 3* rating.
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A great read. Politics at the school gate. An old school friend returned but why the chilly reception. Anna goes missing baffling everyone. She was so happy wasn't she. New resident Grace is desperate to find her old friend. A story of secrets, behind closed doors and friendships. a really good storyline with great twists.
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I found the story line gripping and characters so well brought to life on the pages. The author shows a real insight into. complex relationships. Great thriller and cliff hanger ending. One of her best books.
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Loved this book.  Lots of twists and cleverly written as always from this author.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Quite formulaic it was barring a twist midway down the book.

4 mums with children around the same age were best friends, until Grace came back home from Australia. During an evening out, one of the mums, Anna, disappeared. Grace was heartbroken that her childhood friend was missing, and nobody seemed to bother. Someone was hiding something.

The story had half-developed characters, and some truths were well hidden. The author twisted the plotline well, but the writing was pretty repetitive. Both Grace and Anna went round and round in circles.

Due credit to the author got having tried to infiltrate the story with suspenseful crumbs. But ultimately, they had all been picked up in earlier books by other authors. So they too appeared jaded.

could have been better
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Grace Goodwin and Anna Robinson have been friends since they were children. Best friends - almost sisters. They were inseparable u til the age of 17, when Grace’s family moved away from Clearwater to Australia, and although they asked Anna to go with them, she stayed in Clearwater. However, it’s now almost 20 years on and Grace has moved home, hoping to pick up where they left off and resume their friendship, but Anna is cold to Grace and seems to have moved on with new friends who don’t want to allow Grace to join their cosy clique. When Anna goes missing after a night out, it feels like Grace is the only one that’s worried about her, but will secrets from their past reveal why Anna has gone missing and just why their friendship has kept them bound together? 

This is an interesting story, and I really enjoyed the structure of it. It’s good with flashbacks so the timeline jumps around a bit from before and after Anna’s disappearance, as well as back to the friendship of Grace and Anna when they were children and how that may have influenced them as they grew up. It was an enjoyable read with interesting characters but I think there may have been almost too many story threads, so it felt like everything almost wasn’t fully explored. If the side plots around the rest of Anna’s friends Nancy, Caitlin and Rachel had been left out, then I think it would have left more room for a really deep dive into Grace and Anna’s characters. The husbands all felt a bit thinly characterised as well, they almost didn’t need to be included in the book at all. A good read with an interesting premise, I would definitely read more by this author but would want more of a focus on the main story thread rather than fleshing out side characters that don’t really impact on the story much. 

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I was given a copy of The Whispers by Heidi Parks in exchange for an honest review. When Grace moves back to the UK after living in Australia she meets Anna who she knew before she moved to Australia. When Anna disappears Grace is feels shes the only one concerned about Anna's disappearance. Lots of twists by Heidi as usual in her novels. A great read.
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A familiar tale of two friends with a dark secret from the past.

Grace Goodwin returns to her coastal childhood home of Clearwater after living in Australia for 19 years and is immediately reconnected with her best friend Anna, but Anna has moved on and now has her own circle of friends, who do not take kindly to Graces arrival.

After a girl’s night out just before Christmas, Anna fails to return home to her husband and young son, leaving Grace to frantically track down her best friend.

This is a story of a toxic friendship, told from both Anna and Graces characters.

A book of two halves with some great misdirection.

Thank you to NetGalley for this book in return of an honest, unbiased review.
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What a gripping thriller. 

This was a very disturbing but good read. 

Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish and could not get enough of. 

This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller!!
Absolutely loved the characters, the plot, the tension -  impossible to put it down.
Certainly recommended!
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The Whispers by Heidi Perks is an intriguing read. It's one of those books featuring a narrator who may - or may not - be reliable. On one hand they appear entirely normal and only worried about a missing friend, but on the other their behaviour seems excessive. Bordering on obsessive and increasingly worrying.

But then it seems that others are keeping secrets so we're not entirely sure who to trust.

The Whispers is the third book I've read by Perks and I've enjoyed them all. They're all twisty and here Perks paces the unfolding of past secrets well so we're kept guessing for some time.

Even though Grace's behaviour is obviously increasingly odd and obsessive, we're in her mind so we know (or believe) she's not necessarily a bad or evil person. We do know however there's something wrong. But she's equally suspicious of Anna's other friends and there's also something a bit 'off' about their behaviour. Of course the question for readers is, How much of our perception of the others is tainted by Grace's?

Happily Perks doesn't take a well-worn path here when it comes to Anna's fate - or perhaps I just read too many books that involve dastardly things happening to unsuspecting women? Instead readers (and Grace and Anna) are forced to revisit the past; in which we learn more about the girls' friendship and about their relationships with their parents.

I also appreciated that - even though it's hinted at one point - Perks also doesn't go down another obvious and easy route. It's tempting to paint characters in black and white but she includes a lot of murky grey here.

Although childhood friendships and the ties that bind people together when their lives are intertwined in their formative years (such as the case with siblings) are front and centre, there's also some contemplation here about past decisions and mistakes, about families and relationships.

3.5 stars
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The Whispers by Heidi Perks is the first book I have read from Heidi and I loved it. This book was very cleverly written with lots of twists and turns throughout I was hooked within the first few pages. 
The two main characters Anna and Grace were best friends since they were very small until Grace's parents decided to relocate to Australia and sadly their friendship ends. Years went by and now thirty-something woman with families of their own Grace has moved back to Clearwater near Weymouth Dorset. She wants to continue their relationship they had when they were younger. Anna, has new friends and family now and isn't particularly keen on renewing their friendship and keeps Grace at arms length, However, Grace is so determined to get this old friendship back on tracks! but then Anna goes missing after a night out, Grace, will need to keep her wits about her to find her friend, before it's too late!

I highly recommend this book.......I loved it!

Big Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Random House UK, Cornerstone for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this thriller that slowly built to a twist I didn’t initially see coming. A fascinating exploration of the nature of female friendships through our lives and how our childhoods can shape our personality and ultimately our  life.
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Growing up Anna & Grace were best friends. Anna spent most of her time at Grace's house & was treated as one of the family. When Grace's family moved to Australia they lost touch. The years passed & Grace returns to Clearwater with her daughter. However, things have changed. Anna has a close group of friends &  Grace feels left out. When Anna doesn't return home after a night out Grace is determined to find out what has happened.

I find it hard to review this book without giving the plot away. However, I'll just say that I loved the way the perspectives changed. I couldn't put it down till I knew all the answers. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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Anna is missing and the only person that seems to be looking for her is her best friend Grace. Her husband and friends don’t seem to be too concerned and don’t want to call the police. So what’s happened to Anna? Things are not all they seem in this great read about two women’s friendship. 
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next release by Heidi Perks.
Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK for letting me review this book.
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