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As a fan of Story Genius, I was eager to read Cron's next book. I found this one to be less engaging, but that may be simply because it is intended for a different audience. Whereas Story Genius focuses on writing, Story or Die feels like a quick summary of the Story Genius concept for laypersons.
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Subtitle: How to Use Brain Science to Engage, Persuade, and Change Minds in Business and in Life

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Cron’s other books were directed to writers, but this one is targeted for marketers, politicians or others who need to persuade an audience to take action. I nearly gave up on it a couple of chapters in. I was frustrated that the author was moving too slowly – they kept talking about the persuasive power of Story instead of facts and figures, then used a couple of chapters that seemed to be packed with facts and figures instead of explaining how to use Story. I was already sold on her argument and was ready to move on to the good stuff. Instead of giving up on the book, I set it aside for a month and read some other books.

When I came back to the book, the author did move on. Her use of case studies gave solid examples of how the concept of Story was used in real life situations. Before I came back to it, I thought it might take me a week to finish the book – it only took me a couple of days.

I gave Story or Die four stars on Goodreads. More and more individuals are using stories instead of the standard advertising pitch to gain acceptance for their ideas and products – this is an excellent resource for anyone who may need to do that.
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An inclusive look on to the most basic feeding unit of human mind - story.
Book describes various elements of a good story in detail.
It describes what makes a story great and memorable.
It is very organised and thorough work; with all elements of a decent story in its perview. Although entrainment factor is low, still utility and pragmatic value is immense. I liked its cover a lot. At the end of chapters we find most salient takeaways.
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Lisa Cron is a must-read for writers. A recommended first purchase for nonfiction collections where writing craft books are popular.
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This book was the kick in the ass my brain needed. I absolutely cannot wait to have a hard copy of this sitting within arms reach when I’m staring at a blank screen demanding my brain turn on. 

A must read if you feel stuck or lost or like you’ll never create or write or even feel like you could do those things again.
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I did not receive a readable ARC of this book. The "Send to Kindle" option didn't appear, so I attempted to download it. This is what I got:
<fulfillmentToken fulfillmentType="buy" auth="user" xmlns="">
      <dc:title xmlns:dc="">Story or Die</dc:title>
      <dc:creator xmlns:dc="">Lisa Cron</dc:creator>
      <dc:publisher xmlns:dc="">Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed Press</dc:publisher>
      <dc:identifier xmlns:dc="">urn:ean:9781984857682</dc:identifier>
      <dc:format xmlns:dc="">application/pdf</dc:format>

And I can't seem to call up the screen with notes for the publisher.

Anyone else have this problem?
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