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I have friend's who love Griffiths Ruth books. I thoroughly enjoyed the earlier ones. But, good grief. Ruth is now head of the department but puts up with having  her place!ent tell her what to do? She throws over a really good guy and is still simmering over Nelson? My patience has run's
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Ruth Galloway, fifty-one, is a forensic archaeologist and the head of her department at the University of North Norfolk. She lives with her ten-year-old daughter, Kate, in a remote cottage near the Saltmarsh, a place that is reputed to contain unique spiritual and psychic energy. Sometimes Ruth wonders if it is appropriate to raise a child in this setting, but she, Kate, and their cat, Flint, feel at home here. Meanwhile, Ruth's former lover, DCI Harry Nelson—who is Kate's father and a married man with three other children—wants to keep working in the Serious Crimes Unit, even though his superintendent, Jo Archer, has been pressuring him to retire.

In Elly Griffiths' latest mystery, "The Night Hawks," Ruth once again becomes embroiled in a many-faceted case and, in addition, is looking forward to excavating what appears to be a Bronze Age burial site. Nelson and his colleagues are investigating multiple crimes: the corpse of a young man is found washed up on the beach; a husband and his wife, Douglas and Linda Noakes, are found dead of gunshot wounds; and a member of the night hawks dies after his head is bashed in. The night hawks are individuals who scour the shorefront with metal detectors, searching for treasure.

Unfortunately, the plot is, for the most part, dull, confusing, and poorly constructed. Few of the characters stand out, since the majority of them are so underdeveloped. Aside from the intelligent, independent, and self-contained Ruth Galloway, one who does make an impression is David Brown, a lecturer that Ruth recently hired. The obnoxious David intrudes on Ruth's privacy, brags about his expertise, and frequently behaves as if he, not Ruth, is the boss. Aside from Nelson, the detectives include the ever-efficient DI Judy Johnson, the brusque and ambitious DS Tanya Fuller, and DC Tony Zhang. Judy's partner, Cathbad, a druid who tends to make arcane statements about force fields and such, serves as little more than window dressing here. When readers eventually learn the identity of the perpetrator, the more persnickety ones may roll their eyes in exasperation. Few of the victims are intriguing enough to concern us, and the melodramatic conclusion is cobbled together in a slipshod manner. This is a disappointing entry in what was once an outstanding series.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.

Another thrilling adventure by Elly Griffiths. I am a huge fan of her Ruth Galloway series so I was always going to like this book. Like her others, the reader is drawn into a historical mystery which has consequences in the present day. This time a Bronze Age burial has been discovered on a Norfolk beach, near to wear a modern body was also found. What ensues is a thrilling ride through the seedy underworld of medical experimentation gone wrong. Ruth, of course, joins forces with Nelson and Cathbad to figure out what exactly is going on with the titular Night Hawks.

This adventure was comfortingly similar to the pattern of other Galloway novels. One new character offers the potential for plenty of intriguing drama in the future. But I definitely miss Frank; he was so dashing and a nice departure from the usual romantic overpairing in the series. As always, I enjoyed the addition of local Norfolk lore into the story. I am already looking forward to seeing what Ruth gets up to next!
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Ruth Galloway a forensic archaelogist of repute does not like amateur detectives. Very little patience with them. She is however good at not showing exactly how she feels and when a body is discovered in a nearby trench, it is a Bronze Age one and right up her street. She did not think that it will lead to a murder and another body to be discovered and dealt with. She did not think very much of the Metal Detectorists who also haunted the sites hoping to discover buried treasure in large measure. She had her reservations about all of them. 

When the body count starts piling up, and when there are too many coincidences the mystery deepens. Added to the tension is the fact that DI Nelson is also the father of Ruth's daughter and there is so much unwritten past and present and future in their dealings. The fact that he is now married to someone else, with a very young baby son does not detract from the chemistry that exists between the two.

Story No. 13 in the series, this is not getting stale or boring.
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Another engaging book in the Ruth Galloway series.  As always I learned something new about British history and was entertained by the ongoing saga of her life.
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For those already thoroughly under the spell of Ruth Galloway’s story, this will not disappoint. As always there’s a recent murder, old bones, and a local legend entwined to keep the story moving. For fans of the series, the biggest surprise is the cliffhanger at the end that will leave us eagerly awaiting the next book.
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This was my first time reading a Ruth Galloway mystery. I discovered that, although it’s possible to read this without reading the previous books, there must be a lot of history and character building that was already developed in the earlier books. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel a deep connected to the characters. I also found the story dragged quite a bit at the beginning. However, that might be due to my not having spent time over several books building history with the main characters. Near the end, though, the pace picked up and the real action began. 
If you enjoy mysteries that aren’t too cozy or too gruesome, and if you have the time to read the earlier volumes in this series, you may enjoy this instalment. If you’re looking for a true stand alone that will grab your interest and not let go, this might not be the book for you. 
Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a great continuation of the Ruth Galloway story with an intricately woven  path through murders that shake the community.
We anticipate each encounter between Ruth and Nelson as the intensity of the mystery builds.
The author has turned her attention to the crafting of a web of deception and intrigue with a hint of horror.
An unlikely partnership develops that further deepens our attachment to these people searching for truth and love.
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I adore the Ruth Galloway series and was delighted to get the opportunity to review the newest book in the series The Night Hawks. I absolutely loved this book, the plot was fantastic and kept me hanging on to the last few chapters. I can’t wait to read more from the series in the years to come
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"Night Hawks" by Elly Griffiths 

In the 13th Ruth Galloway mystery series, the old gang comes back together again. In a story that has murder, funerals and even a wedding, DCI Nelson manages to get Ruth, now back at University of North Norfolk and head of her own department, knee deep in trouble as he involves her with a group of metal detectorists called the Night Hawks.  

When two bodies are discovered on the beach where the Night Hawks are searching for ancient treasures, Ruth is called in to determine the age of the older remains while DCI Nelson and his crew try and determine what caused the death of the recently deceased.    

Members of the Night Hawks, keep turning up at ensuing crime scenes as DCI Nelson and his team hunt for motives and suspects.  An old farmstead, scene of one of the crimes, becomes a pivotal setting for the conclusion of the mystery.    

Elly Griffiths never fails to keep you involved in her Ruth Galloway's series. You become intimately involved with not only solving a crime that has lots of twists and turns but also in the Ruth-Harry- Michelle triangle.    Elly Griffiths always leaves you waiting for her next Ruth Galloway adventure  at the close of her story
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I enjoyed this book. This is the second book I’ve read by this author and each gets better and better! Thanks to publisher and NetGalley.
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Special thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this ARC.

Ruth is now head of UNN's archeology department. Her hands are full with this new position, as well as Kate's social and extracurricular activities. But she still has time to called to assist the police when a body is found on the salt marsh, and a murder suicide note states there is a body buried in the home's garden. 

A group of amateur archeologists, or metal detectorists as the book refers to them, called Night Hawks keeps showing up at the scenes of the crimes, and each member seems to have something to hide. 

All of the favorite characters make an appearance. And we see a much-needed decision almost made.
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Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of The Night Hawks.  I love this series and I love Dr. Ruth Galloway with her wry sense of humor and all the other characters in this book.  Cathbad is probably my favorite. His musings on life make me smile every time.  A great mystery with many twists and turns.
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The Night Hawks is an expertly crafted forensic mystery that will keep you digging and processing until the end.  Ruth and David and Nelson and Judy are great "detectives" uncovering clues at every murder and keep you turning page after page of this exciting novel.
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I love Elly Griffiths' Ruth Galloway series. This is the 13th book, and even though they can be read out of order, the main characters do develop quite a bit over the time, so it is most enjoyable if the books are read in order.
Ruth is back in Norfolk, in her cottage by the sea, head of the University's archeology department and working with DCI Nelson whenever he needs her forensic expertise.
An amateur archeologist group, called the Night Hawks find a treasure of old coins and two bodies. One from the bronze age another just a few hours old. Within days a young police officer responding at the scene is dead, and an apparent murder-suicide occurs at a remote farmhouse - again with members of the Night Hawks  involved. 
The crime plot is well spun, but just as enjoyable are the well known characters around Ruth and Nelson; family, friends and colleagues. 

Thank you NetGally for this ARC.
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This series never fails to entertain with a jaw-dropping ending, the welcome punch of subtle humour, and the tangled lives of Nelson and Ruth Galloway (will-they-or-won’t-they). As always, histories past and present mirror each other. They bring together the folklore and legends of Norfolk as well as the personal travails and relationships of the protagonists.
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I love the Ruth Galloway series, but I didn't love this book.  I thought it was disjointed and all-over-the-place.  There were a lot of continuity lapses.  Some years seem to have passed since the last book.  Ruth and Kate have now returned to Norfolk and Kate is now a preteen, which is disconcerting.  There's a lot of explanation in the book, which is annoying.

But I particularly disliked the ending.  First of all, it was particularly jarring to have both Michelle and Ruth at the farm.  That was just ham-handed.  If Tony doesn't know about Ruth, how would anyone else?  Also, why would the killer just confess out of the blue at the farm?  He has a perfectly good reason to be there and there's no evidence against him.  I admit it was a shock to find out he was the killer, but the suspense would have been greater if they'd slowly realized something was off or that the evidence didn't match the person in custody.

That said... I do always appreciate the characters of Ruth and Nelson and their relationship, as well as Judy and Cathbad and the other supporting characters.  And I do want to know whether Nelson follows his mother's advice.
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A long time has passed since the last time I read a Ruth Galloway book.  When I saw this listed, I thought "0hhhh..." I enjoyed the book more than I expected ( though I would have liked a little bit more down in the dirt archeology). I believe that anyone familiar with the character and setting would enjoy this installment in the series. In my opinion, someone who hasn't read any of the books could follow the story without any problem but familiarity with the characters would add to the experience. I'm glad I read this and I'm grateful to Netgalley and the publisher ( not to mention the author!) for making this electronic copy available.
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I always look forward to a Ruth Galloway mystery and this one was so good. The author keeps you guessing and now I'm waiting for #14!!!  Such great imperfect characters and plots to die for (sorry about that pun).
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I'm always excited when a new Ruth Galloway novel comes out and this was no exception. I've yet to read a Ruth Galloway novel that wasn't absolutely wonderful. I was very pleased to see Ruth back at the University of North Norfolk (I really didn't like her living in Cambridge away from it all!) and doubly excited to see her team up with Nelson again. Griffiths is a master of misdirection and false leads and will leave you guessing until the very end. And can we talk about that ending?! Wow - when is #14 one coming out? I need to know what happens!
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