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Oh my heart. This book was so lovely. It's a perfect example of why I enjoy contemporary romances so much, particularly the friends to lovers trope. 

Annie and Brendon have known each other since they were kids but haven't seen each other in eight years. They're getting to know each other as adults, yet they have the foundation of having known each other in the past. It makes their whirlwind romance easy to understand. Their chemistry is immediate and hot, which makes for fun reading! 

While this is a romance and the relationship is front and center, Annie's desire to do what's best for herself remains a priority and I really liked that. All of the characters in this series are realistic and I'm having a great time getting to know them all. I can't wait for the next in the series!
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The inclusivity, the characters, the perfect combo of cheesiness and romance. I’m not a huge romance reader but this hooked me from the start. I really related to the characters and I love the idea of a dating app based on your sign. Essentially a warm hug in book form.
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The characters had great chemistry in this story, and I did find myself rooting for the relationship. However, I do feel like the internal conflict was very similar to the first book in the series with one character being jaded not believing in love and having to be woo-ed by the love interest.
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Well hello, I definitely didn’t forget to write this review… thanks NetGalley for providing me an ARC even if the review is late 😅
Hang the Moon was such a great follow-up from the original book in terms of characters and their journeys. Seeing Annie more in-depth was nice since she is such a funny and relatable character to have as a protagonist. Plus who doesn’t love some good Bisexual representation??? The relationship between her and Brendon was so sweet to watch grow and seeing Annie make tough choices for her own happiness is something refreshing and such a great thing to see in an adult romance book. It took me quite a while to finish this book. Sometimes the pacing didn’t always work for me, but when I got through the middle section it was a worthwhile end. I can’t wait to see what Alexandria does with Count your Lucky stars!
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I just finished reading this last night and it was so good. 

I seriously loved everything about this book, the setting (Seattle), the story, the characters. It was all so good. 

Put this on your TBR if you have not already read it and be sure to read the first book in the series, written in the stars.
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I really liked this second book in the Written in the Stars series! It was so fun to revisit characters from Written in the Stars and the Seattle setting is so vibrant.  When Darcy's best friend Annie, comes to visit her in Seattle, before moving abroad, she reunites with Darcy's brother Brendon. Brandon, who created the dating app from book 1, realizes that Annie has given up on love. Since Annie is his childhood crush, and he believes in love so much to create a dating app, he decides to set up a series of straight up rom-com dates to change her mind about love and that work isn't everything.
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Ahhh I really liked this. I had some small issues with Written in the Stars (a lot of them came from the fact that it was obvious the story was going to be a series, and it felt like things were purposely left open to have more content left later + lack of an epilogue to fully round off El and Darcy's story), but I didn't have any of the same issues here!

I really liked the characters in this one, especially Brendon. He's just such a soft, wholesome guy, and while I don't always love guy POVs in romances, his was just full of love for Annie that I didn't even mind it. I also really liked how genuine and thoughtful he was, and honestly he just made the whole book for me. I feel less strongly about Annie, I liked her but she didn't stand out for me as much as El and Darcy did in comparison. But it didn't matter because they were super cute together!

I also liked the role the side characters played in the story, and that they provided some time and space outside the main couple to really think things through and see the relationship in another light (since otherwise it could've easily come off as insta-love or moving waaay too fast, which it already kinda was). I also liked that the book was dominated by El and Darcy's background stuff, it was just a nice constant presence to remind readers that the world isn't just about Annie and Brendon. It also makes me really excited for the next book, to see how Annie and Brendon blend into the background of the next story! I feel like this is the perfect way to have a continuous cast in romance, and I loved it.

I also liked that the main hindrance to the romance was less frustrating than most, with Annie admitting things to herself faster yet being hung up on still semi-realistic and fair things. It didn't feel false like some 'third-act breakups' sometimes do, though I did get frustrated with how long this dragged on or how repetitive the build up was. I also would've liked a bit more happy moments without the doom of the future hanging over everything, but it fit in with Annie's thoughts in a way. The main reason I rated this one less star, however, was due to a small bit about the ending. It was just a thing that irked me a little, and really doesn't matter in the bigger picture, but I hated that (view spoiler)

Anyways, this book did solidify that I like and enjoy Bellefleur's romances, and now I can't wait for the next one!
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As someone who absolutely fell for Written in the Stars, I was ecstatic to read this follow up with Brendon.

Brendon, the hopeless romantic of all hopeless romantics, has been unsuccessfully looking for his OTP for awhile. His sister's best friend, Annie, unexpectedly shows up town and Brendon is immediately reminded of the crush he had on her when he was younger. Annie has just accepted a job in London, but part of her feels torn. Meeting Brendon again, all grown up, throws that feeling even more into focus. She's not looking for love. But Brendon make her feel things. Brendon decide it's time to use some romance tropes in his favor to woo Annie and try to change her mind.

You know how sometimes you read a book and you just have an urge to throw emojis at it as a reaction? Is that just me? Because this book would have very much gotten a string of heart eye emojis if I could of gotten away with it.

I think this dynamic was kind of fascinating. It was kind of a friends to lovers dynamic but also a little brother of my best friend, which you see, but there isn't a quick trope out there for it. I also liked that Annie had a quick kind of movie-like oh, shit, he grew up moment at the beginning. It threw the dynamic off. You assume because Annie is older she'll always have the upper hand. It helped them seem more like equals.

I have to say if nothing else the one thing I could dig above all else was using romance movie tropes to court/woo Annie. I mean, please allow me, a huge movie nerd and ginormous Nora Ephron fan, to lose my shit in glee. And the When Harry Met Sally gift at 3/4 mark. Dead. I just... It was such a phenomenal gift. I would have even dug it.

I have to admit, I do really enjoy the astrological lists at the beginning of chapters. That is one thing I kind of missed about this book vs the first book. The intermixing of astrology throughout book and peeking only once and a while in this one, was kind of sad. Though since this is Brendon's book and he's not as deeply delved into that world, I do get it.

I think the only thing that really got me is I sort of worried without getting into Annie's head, that she didn't 100% think through this relationship. I kind of felt like she settled a bit because she was scared about the move? I suppose we're never given time parameters on how long she knew Brendon before, when they were younger. So it just feels really, really rushed. She doesn't seem like that kind of person, even though Brendon is. 

Overall, I absolutely adored this book. I kind of hope we get one more for our last unattached character. :) Thank you!
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Hang the Moon is a big, gooey, romantic Valentine of a novel.  Just as good as its predecessor Written in the Stars, it gives us sweet characters, a romantic and well-sketched setting, and split focus between romance and friendship.  It worked on me hard, until I finally gave in to its charms.

Coffee addicted cynic Annie Kyriakos’ life has been in a holding pattern for way too long.  But now, she’s has opportunity to take a promotion and move from Philadelphia to London to become the new managing director of Brockman and Brady. She hasn’t seen her best friend Darcy in years, and in what might be the only chance she’ll have to catch up with her for a while, she flies off to Seattle to break the news of her move to Darcy in-person, only to discover her best friend is in Canada on vacation. (As told in Written in the Stars).  When Annie calls Darcy from the airport – where she’s stuck - Darcy immediately formulates a plan involving her brother.

Brendon Lowell, co creator of the OTP (yes, really – this time short for One True Person) dating app, is a romantic at heart, even though he keeps bumping his forehead against the closed door to love.  He’s always carried a little torch for his sister’s childhood best friend, but seeing her now has completely changed his perspective on what the future might hold.  He promises Darcy that he’ll show Annie around Seattle, but he’s not prepared for the girl he’s always liked to turn out to be a stone-cold fox as a grown woman.  Annie, too, is shocked that dorky little Brendon has grown up into a gorgeous (but still dorky) man.

They begin to explore Seattle together, but Brendon soon learns that Annie’s not interested in anything romantic – both because of her career plans and the fact that she’s given up on dating.  He tries to change her mind in multiple ways.  Armed with everything he’s learned from years of watching romcoms, he sets about wooing Annie into staying.  He has just one week to do it. Let the games begin.

Hang the Moon is honey-sweet – the fluff quotient is high, but it digs deep into the marrow of friendship, career expectations versus career desires, and what it means to adjust the expectations you have for both romance and your life outside of it.  It’s warm and lovely and very well-balanced.

The roles of the classic wide-eyed innocent optimist and cynical anti-romantic are gender flipped here, and you’ll love to see it.  I defy readers to come away from this one not loving Brendon, who is tender and warm and loving and terrific.  I also defy them not to relate to Annie, who has not yet figured out what she really wants, only knowing that she doesn’t want what she’s had for quite a long time.  I love how naturally her bisexuality is referenced during the novel – her queerness is simply a part of who she is.

Their romance is totally delightful, mostly because Brendon’s belief in romance clichés is challenged, and his ideas both warm Annie’s heart and prove that such mythmaking is a false notion when it isn’t backed up with real thought.  Love helps Brendon and Annie figure out who they are, which is tough enough when you’re on your own.

Annie’s friendships with Darcy and her girlfriend, Elle, are examined here – the strains of the physical distance between them, and the fact that Annie has to make a little room for Elle now that she and Darcy are together.

Bellefleur continues to have an excellent window into what life in Seattle is like, and the monuments, places, and culture within the book all ring true.  Hang the Moon is a warm embrace of a book that works no matter what coast you live on.  Don’t miss it.

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Hang the Moon was an adorable rom-com with great LGBTQ representation. I loved that in this case the male lead Brendon was the rom-com aficionado with Annie, our bi female lead, as the romantic skeptic. The friendship between Annie and Darcy was real and heartwarming and added so much to the story. The female friendships in this book were all excellent actually. I enjoyed this book immensely and can’t wait for the next one in the series.
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I absolutely love this author's work. The characters are so well-written with believable dialogue and stakes that actually feel important. The steamy scenes are also very well-written and some of the best in the romance genre, in my opinion. I loved the bisexual representation in this book too!
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Be still my heart! Hang the Moon was everything I could have asked for and more in a follow-up to Written in the Stars!!! Usually, the second book in a series is nowhere near as good as the first, however Hang the Moon delivered all the swoon-worthy moments and heart-eye emojies I was hoping for. 

I fell in love with Brendon's character in Written in the Stars. After all, who doesn't love a cinnamon-roll nerd who is obsessed with rom-coms and all things love?!? His character only got better in Hang the Moon. Readers should be prepared to fall head-over-heels for this man. 

Annie's character was a great addition to the cast and she fell in seamlessly with the clique of Darcy, Elle, Brendon, and Margot. Seriously, these five all have amazing chemistry and make you want to be a part of their friend group. 

Honestly, I loved this book and I will not stop recommending Alexandria Bellefleur's work to anyone who asks for fun and heartwarming rom-coms.
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Hang The Moon 🌙

My obsession with Alexandria Bellefleur’s books continues! After LOVING Written In The Stars I was SO excited to get my hands on her latest release and it did not disappoint one bit!
Thank you to @avonbooks for a finished copy #partner

If you are a fan of Tessa Bailey and Alyssa Kay Adam’s, than Alexandria’s books are right up your alley with a perfect #ownvoices queer twist!
The steam is packingggg 🔥🔥🔥
The banter is *chefs kiss* 😘👌🏼 
The continuation of the same characters sprinkled throughout is 😍😍
And the relatability to each characters struggles and triumphs is so heart warming 💕
Insert a friends to lovers slash hot best friends brother aspect and I was HOOKED 🥵

I wasn’t able to put this one down, between staying in the car to listen to the audio longer and using every excuse to clean so I could pop an earbud in to listen, my gas tank is empty and my house has never been cleaner!

Thank you again to @avonbooks for the copy! 
If you haven’t gotten your hands on this one yet, go get it now! 

#avonbooks #hangthemoon #romancereads #notjustaprettybook #reviewsneedlovetoo
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I loved this book! It's not often that I really enjoy a book I would consider low angst, but this one hit the spot at the time I read it (which was several weeks before submitting this review, oops). It's got a fantastic cast of characters that doesn't feel too large or overwhelming that the main couple get lost. Definitely recommend!
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Gosh, this is so cute!! And that ending is absolutely swoon-worthy.

I really enjoyed Written in the Stars, and was excited for Hang the Moon, especially getting to see more of Darcy’s best friend, Annie. I love how adorkable Brendon is compared to Annie’s thinking ahead all the time. The way they balance one another was really sweet and well done. Despite the fact this is a limited timeline romance (majority of the book takes place over a period of two weeks), the development of feelings and the progression of the romance was still super sweet and didn’t feel like they were rushing into something. I will always have qualms with third-act-breakups, but I enjoyed the grand gesture of Annie’s return to Seattle.

If you’re looking for something full of tooth-rotting fluff, a lot of swoon factor, and great friendships, this book will probably be right up your alley! Definitely recommend for something to brighten your day~
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Oh My Goodness!!!!!! This book is absolutely adorable! Annie is on a plan, and decides she wants to move to London, for her career. Before she moves she decides to fly to Seattle to spend some quality time with her best friend Darcy. When Annie arrives she finds Darcy's empty apartment, because she's on vacation with her new girlfriend Elle. So when Darcy realizes Annie is in Seattle she calls her brother Brendon to help Annie, and when he arrives, he's not the dorky little brother she remembers, he's all grown up and extremely attractive. Brendon's job is all about love. He developed a dating app that he believes can really help people fall in love, and when he tells Annie about it, Annie can't believe that Brendon believes in love, she is completely against the idea. So Brendon being the loving Brendon we love decides to show Annie that true love exists by taking her out on romantic outings around Seattle in hopes that she not only believes in love, but maybe he can convince her to stay too. 

I cannot express enough how much I loved this book, the characters, and the story. This is a cute book for all the romance lovers. If you want a book with major swoon worthy moments, a cinnamon roll hero, and just a book filled with a lot of love, then you NEED this book!
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I was so excited to receive an early copy from from @avonbooks @harpercollins because I LOVED Written in the Stars. 

Hang the Moon is an absolutely delightful follow up, focused on the budding relationship between Darcy’s best friend, Annie, and younger brother, Brendon—both secondary characters in Written in the Stars. It’s got less steam than the first book, but just as much heart and optimism.
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Hang the Moon is the absolutely adorable sequel to Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur, and also one of my most anticipated reads this spring! I loved Written in the Stars when I read it last year, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this sequel… Especially since it’s Annie and Brendon’s story!

So, if you’ve never read my review for Written in the Stars, let me tell you … It was one of my most favorite reads of 2020. It was a sapphic, fake dating, Pride and Prejudice retelling, and I loved every minute of it. Elle and Darcy were fantastic, and I loved their story.

Hang the Moon is all about Annie and Brendon. Annie is Darcy’s best friend, and Brendon is Darcy’s brother. We meet them in the first book, where we discover that Brendon had a huge crush on Anne when they were younger. They reconnect in Hang the Moon, and let me tell you, the sparks… they FLY!

Annie and Brendon were SO ADORABLE! They are definitely now on my list of favorite couples. The chemistry between the two is fantastic, and I loved their interactions with each other. (Did I mention that they were adorable? Because they are!) They have the absolute best storyline with Brenden trying to prove to Annie that love still exists by wooing her, using some of my most favorite rom-coms ever as inspiration. This book had it all and I was so here for it!

Oh and I also love that Darcy and Elle were in this book as well! It was so fun to catch up with them to see what they’d been up to since the last book ended!

Overall; If you can’t tell from above, I really loved Hang the Moon! This was a fantastic sequel that made me laugh and smile SO much, and it was just an all-around enjoyable read. And I’m SOOOO excited to discover that there is going to be a third book, Count Your Lucky Stars, which will be Margot’s story, and is set to release in February 2022!
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Was so happy to see Brendan get his own book! This was a great love story with enough humor and emotion to keep the reader on their toes.
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Full disclosure, I didn’t read book 1, but I don’t think you have too. You get a pretty good summary of the relationship from that story so I definitely think Hang the Moon can be read as a standalone. This was a cute story. There wasn’t anything that blew my mind, but I enjoyed it. A quick rom-com kind of book that is perfect for a summer day!
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