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Really lovely comforting recipes in this book. I love a good cook book and this one is a lovely one. Full of really yummy and tasty recipes
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I was just slightly underwhelmed, to be honest. There were lots of recipes that seemed needlessly complicated to me (I'm never making my own vegetarian sausages or other meat substitutes, because Linda McCartney is just too good) or that didn't really introduce anything new (e.g. bubble and squeak - isn't that always vegan?). Nothing really caught my eye or inspired me, and I didn't feel like I particularly wanted to try any of the recipes.
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Sometimes you flip through a cookbook to inspire, but sometimes you want to pick up a cookbook to perfectly execute something familiar. Great British Vegan accomplishes the latter. You won't be surprised at any of the recipes you find inside but that isn't the goal. Great British Vegan is a solid addition of staples for any vegan's cookbook collection that covers all your meals, desserts, and baked goods. Additionally, I think this is a great starter cookbook for an omnivore who is curious about vegan cooking and baking in order to make the switch to foods already familiar to them. I will absolutely be buying a copy for myself and already thinking about how I could gift it to!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an e-ARC of this book.
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This was a nice cookbook, having almost all the British classics and comfort foods in a vegan form, which is awesome. The pictures were nice too. 

Unfortunately it doesn't really stand out with anything other than presenting the classics in a vegan form, but I appreciate the use of simple ingredients.
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This is a vegan cookbook filled with recipes that convert typical British dishes into recipes that vegan's can enjoy with a similar flavour. Recipes vary from Fish & Chips to English Breakfast all with easy to follow recipes most of which don't use any hard to find ingredients which means they are more accessible on a budget. The design of the book is beautiful and I think anyone craving some typical British cuisine with a vegan focus would appreciate this cookbook.
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Great vegan cookbook. Not the usual boring recipes that are found in some other vegan cookbooks. Good, clear instructions, I’ve used this cookbook a few times now.
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I like reading vegan cookbooks. I am flexitarian, but I like to experiment with vegan baking. This book is great. I like the cover too. The title represents what's inside. It covers pretty much most British dishes. To be honest, I am not so much into British dishes..  But this book is good for you who are into British kitchen style.
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We have been trying to eat vegan or vegetarian a few times a week lately, and I was excited to try some recipes from a cuisine that I enjoy but don't commonly see vegan recipes for. We tried four recipes from this book and I'm excited to share the results!

Beer-Battered (To)fish & Chips

OMG this was so fun. The recipe has you add a nori "skin" to the tofu before frying, which we thought was so creative and did add just enough "seafood" flavor to give it an actual fried fish vibe. We cheated and made frozen fries because we were short on time, but the minted peas were delicious fresh addition. I would absolutely make this again!

"Cheesy" Pea Soup

We messed up on this, and I can't fault the recipe for my lapse in judgement! I'm allergic to cashews, and I hypothesized this would still work with a sunflower seed substitution. Alas, it did not! It turned out pretty though and I think this recipe has tasty potential.

Eton Mess

Here's a thing I will say, aquafaba is bean water. In my opinion no matter what you do, things made with it still taste... like bean water, so I was deeply skeptical. Fortunately strawberry puree covers a multitude of sins, and this turned out very tasty. The crunchy meringues, while a little unusual on their own, were a nice contrast to the creamy coconut whipped cream and the tart strawberries. 

Haggis with Neeps, & Tatties

We made this recipe for a Zoom Burns Night with friends and it was fun to try, if a bit labor intensive to time four separate element to be ready at once. The vegan haggis had great flavor and texture, and went nicely with the recommended gravy! 

The space on my cookbook shelf is limited, but this one might just have a permanent home there. There are dozens more recipes in this book I'd like to try. My one critique is that there was a fair amount of flipping around to recipe elements on other pages or sections of the book, which is especially annoying in digital format. I also had a little bit of difficulty sourcing ingredients, such as the King Edward potatoes for the (To)fish & Chips, but overall I was able to find what I needed or a easy substitution. The recipes are extremely thoughtful and clever, and I think vegans and non-vegans that enjoy British cuisine will enjoy this book! I give it 4/5 stars.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* Not sure id eat everything in this book but i cant deny it all looks good and i want to buy this!
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I loved the unique concept of this cookbook - as a British expat who eats 90% vegan, it was such an exciting discovery to find recipes of my favourite comfort meals in vegan form. Some of the meals I would adapt slightly as they didn't quite work for me, but I'm excited to try the others I haven't gotten around to (especially the bacon). 

The recipe book was well laid-out and easy to follow, with most items available from local supermarkets. I appreciated how the author included different measurements (grams, ounces, cups, etc.) as I often have to Google the equivalent depending on what measurements I'm using. It was very accessible with excellent complimentary images that reflected the recipes. 

The only downside for me was the desserts - I have such a sweet tooth and I'm always looking for vegan alternatives. However, I felt like many of the desserts were focused too much on taste rather than the ingredients going into them. There weren't enough natural sweeteners for me, which is something I tend to avoid (both vegan and non-vegan) if recipes don't take into account the sugar intake. That's just my opinion, but it did put me off wanting to make a lot of the desserts. 

I'd still definitely buy this book for my friends that enjoy cooking and want to dabble in vegan recipes.
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Great British Vegan by Aimee Ryan is an absolutely charming addition to vegan cookbooks collections. The title is obviously a play on the famous British show of the same name, and if you’ve watched GBBO, you’ll be familiar with many of the dishes, especially the baked desserts, mentioned throughout this book. The food photography is stunningly lovely and appetizing, the illustrations are charming, and almost every single recipe has a beautiful color photo accompaniment. No, the recipes aren’t particularly healthful. They’re certainly not whole food plant based, and are often heavy on flours and fats and sugars and vegan substitutes. But for a cosy treat, they sound perfect!

The book is very helpful, from offering a list of seasonal produce at the beginning of the book, to mentioning gluten free substitutes for some recipes to offering suggestions for plant-based products (Those are from mostly British companies, for what that’s worth.) . There’s plenty of recipes for building block ingredients that can be used in recipes throughout the book, from “bacon bits” and “crispy bacon strips” to easy custard and cashew cream and cheese sauces. Measurements are provided in both grams and ounces/pounds/etc.

I’m a bit more limited in which recipes I can use, because the author uses oats heavily, and I can’t eat even gluten free oats. I also prefer not to eat the amount of refined fat many of these recipes call for. But even so, even for me, there were many recipes that sounded both safe and delightful, from Leftovers Bubble and Squeak, to Cider and Bean Stew with Herby Dumplings, Cheesy Pea Soup, Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts and Bacon Bits, Beefy Mushroom Stew with Cauliflower Mash, Golden Roasted Parsnips and Carrots, three kinds of gravy, Artichoke Fishcakes with Dill Mayo, and Beer Battered Tofish and Chips with mushy peas (I’d have to do some tweaking on that last one for it to fit my restrictions, but the idea of laying sheets of seaweed across chunks of tofu to create both the skin feel and ocean flavor of fish really seems like it could be amazing.). There’s also mouthwatering dessert recipes that would be difficult to tweak to my standards, but gosh it might be worth trying, from Lemon Drizzle Loaf and Earl Grey Tea Loaf, to Christmas Cake and Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding and Jaffa Cakes and Eton Mess.

Overall, a delightful cookbook, full of gorgeous food photography, mouthwatering, if not super healthy, recipes, and familiar favorite British dishes perfect for cosy treats. As long as you can eat gluten free oats, many of the recipes can be made gluten free. Perfect for vegan or vegan-curious cooks, especially if they’re also Anglophiles and/or big fans of the Great British Bake Off. An enjoyable browsing experience regardless. Thank you to #NetGalley and Quarto for letting me read a temporary digital #advancedcopy of #GreatBritishVegan in exchange for my honest review.
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If you love classic British food and a vegan (or want to eat vegan) then this is the cookbook for you. You can have your English Breakfast, Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, or Yorkshire pudding without any animal products. Just about every quintessential recipe is in here including those that an American would get at a British style pub. I am excited to try the Tofu and Chips as well as the Yorkshire Pudding. About half of the book is desserts with everything from Sticky Toffee Pudding to Victoria Sponge and Bread Pudding. 
While I had hoped for more pictures there always seemed to be a picture of the dished I really needed since I was not sure what they were. Also some ingredients are called different things in England so there is a handy list at the front of the book along with a vegan substitutes chart. I can't wait to try these. Now only if there was a vegan British pub near me so I didn't have to cook.
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This is such a great cookbook.
The selection of British classics is excellent and the twists to make these recipes vegan are ever so clever !
You can feel the author has tried and tested many variations to finally select the version offered in this book.
I am neither vegetarian or vegan but like many other people, I tend to cut down on my meat intake and I love discovering recipes that can help me towards a healthier, more balanced diet.
The problem is to find doable tasty recipes and they are plenty here. 
What I have tried from this book so far were mostly  alternatives to take to work or/and  for a quick lunch ( love the Coronation chickpea salad and the "porkie "pies) and then lovely ideas for supper (I have a dislike for tofu but the Tofu korma tasted great, as did the Portobello steak and kidney pie).
My favorite winter dessert from the book is the Chocolate orange  Christmas pudding which can be made traditionally or baked for 3 mns in the microwave as a more ordinary pudding. So clever and so delicious !
One last thing I would like to highlight is the fact that the ingredients do not include weird ready made minces, sausages or condiments, everything is usually available from standard supermarkets, so no special inverstment or search there.
So, as far as I am concerned, this book is definitely a winner and a keeper. 
Congratulations on your first book Aimée Ryan, I will definitely be looking up your next one :-)
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As it implies in the title, these recipes are traditionally British with vegan substitutes where necessary. There are twelve chapters of recipes following the introduction. There is a short, but useful, ingredients guide and vegan swap suggestions. The list of seasonal fruit and veg is helpful to see, at a glance, what is freshest at that time of year and therefore probably more flavourful. With mostly very simple substitutes and tempting photos the author manages to create some very inviting recipes. I'm looking forward to testing out the Lemon Drizzle Loaf, as well as the coconut ice and fudge recipes. I was unaware until now that Coconut condensed milk existed!
There is great range of recipes and there is a chapter specifically for the festive season. Thank you to Aimee Ryan, Net galley and White Lion Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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With contents such as Sunday Roast and Pub Grub, Aimee Ryan's book contains a wealth of occasionally easy recipes for the novice cooks out there providing a vegan alternative to traditional British food.
There are numerous sections such as the previously mentioned pub grub as well as breakfast, weeknight dinners and British bakes amongst many others.
Each recipe is easily explained and accompanied by numerous pictures and one thing that I always welcome in books such as this is that the vast majority of the ingredients are simple and easily obtainable.
A fantastic cookbook for those looking to replace meat or have already done so.
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This cookbook is accessible for beginner to advanced cooks.  The recipes are easy to follow and don’t require strange ingredients that a lot of vegan cookbooks ask of there audience. 
The replacements of famous British dishes are creative and well thought out. Its a complete cookbook from breakfast to pub  grub. It has a lot of alternatives to the meat version. And the pictures are beautiful. 
I would recommend this book for people wo are starting there vegan journey or like to bring more plant base recipes in their menus.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
#netgally #GreatBritishVegan
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My son is currently a vegetarian who has been thinking for a while about completely converting to a vegan diet.

After looking through and seeing delicious recipes one after the other, I quite fancied trying numerous recipes myself!

There is a handy store cupboards staples section and also a seasonal guide. I found this particularly useful to see exactly what fruit and vegetables are in season at various times of the year.

The photos throughout the book are colourful, vivid and make you want to try every meal. What I particularly like is that a colour photo is include for every recipe. For me personally this is super important as I am a very visually person and seeing what I should be aiming for with the end result really motivates me!

The recipes- Well as someone who currently follows a non vegan and non vegetarian diet, I must say that reading through this book has really encouraged me to consider having several non meat based meals each week.

Meanwhile my vegetarian adult son has already marked numerous recipes up to try as he begins his new vegan diet.

There is also a section with step by step instructions for how to make mayonnaise, pastry, icing etc.

The recipes are set out in a easy to follow, clear and concise way and I know this book will be well used in our home especially the mouth watering dessert section!

Thank you to the publisher Quarto Publishing Group-White Lion for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A fantastic cookbook wiht some delicious recipes. I've tried two so far (the Shepherd's Pie and the Millionaire's Shortbread) and loved both. 

Great whether you're looking to cut down on meat and dairy, or already follow a vegan diet. 

Love the ease with which I can alter some of my favourites to suit many different dietary needs.
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When it came to British cuisine all I knew were English Breakfast, the infamous Haggis and maybe a handful of other dishes, so I was really curious to learn more about the typical British cuisine and as a vegan, I was glad to get a cookbook full of vegan recipes.

The recipes variate from easy day-to-day recipes (using mostly simple ingredients) to  festive meals for holidays — and yes, the book also includes recipes for English Breakfast and a plant-based version of Haggis and of course a vide rage of recipes for a typical Afternoon Tea.
I totally loved the variation of dishes, from Breakfast to ‘Pub Grub’ and sweets. 

I also appreciate that the index is not only listed by names but also by ingredients. 
A wonderful cookbook for new and old vegans  and everybody who wants to learn more about what British people eat.
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4☆ Delicious, Wholesome, Vegan Cookbook 

Wow this book literally has something for everyone. I'm not vegetarian or vegan so this is a review based on my love for cooking and trying new things. 
I was very pleasantly surprised at just how much was in here that I would actually eat. 

I'm a keen Baker and always looking for new healthier recipes and never really find any vegan / vegetarian recipes that appeal to me. However I think this book has nailed it.
Exciting wholesale bakes that everyone loves such as Millionaire Shortbread,  Hot Cross Buns, Carrot Cake, Viennese Whirls, Jaffa Cakes, Victoria Sponge, it even includes Home Made Pastry Recipes!
Oh and the other recipes are just as Mouthwatering....British Veggie Burger, Vegan Sausage Rolls, Yorkshire Puddings, Easy Lentil Loaf,
Beefy Mushroom Stew with Cauliflower Mash, Spag Bol, Lancashire Hotpot,  Shepherd's Pie with Champ Mash.... just to give you an example of some of the hearty and comforting recipes included. 

There is even a handy stockist guide at the back and a list of some of the ingredients to look out for if you have never heard of them before. Ie, Aquafaba which is the liquid from a can of beans or legumes as a substitute for egg whites. 

All the recipes ingredients are written with several metric options including Spoons, Grams, Oz, & occasionally cup measurements. The methods are pretty easy to follow. 

In regards to the recipes being cost effective, I'm afraid I can't comment as I've never purchased substitute ingredients before so don't know how expensive they are or how long they last once opened. 

Overall I'm very excited about this book.
It's everything I love in a cookbook, Mouthwatering Photography, Easy and Recognisable Recipes none are overly complex or particularly fancy.
Just wholesome, hearty, food that is a great alternative to cooking/ baking.
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