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An art-deco necklace in the shape of a butterfly with a large moonstone is at the center of this story, and Jess will be the Taylor to unravel the mystery, find the necklace and learn about her own history all in one.  Now a jewelry dealer herself, Jess has always been of the mind that a good piece (or more) of jewelry will enhance your outfit and your mood, and she often chooses her outfits of the day after picking the piece she will wear.  Remembering the necklace in her late mother’s jewelry box when she was a child, she’s been obsessively hunting for it for years: knowing only that an ancestor designed it, that four generations before her had worn it, and now, in the last stage of her life, her grandmother Nancy wants it once again.  

Enter Guy at the auction house, the one person who gave her a ‘zing’, only to find that replaced with anger as he bought the necklace right out from under her at an auction.  Hampered by both her physical injuries suffered in a failed sky diving accident with an ex-boyfriend and being subject to her elder sister’s rather ‘narrowed’ view of her wandering, she’s now trying to be ‘more responsible and less spontaneous”, and that includes the man her sister and brother-in-law set her up with – a man who, quite frankly, is wonderfully kind but permanently dull.  

Guy is different and more ‘outré’, even as Jess is fighting their connection: and without the necklace even if she has some vague promise to ‘borrow it’ to bring it to her grandmother: Jess sets off on a series of adventures / fact seeking missions to learn about the necklace and her own history. She discovers stories about Minnie who designed the piece, Anna her daughter who moved to Hollywood, Nancy her grandmother who always claimed to be born in Hollywood but would say no more, and her daughter and Jess’s mother, Carmen.   

This twisty tale is full of self-awareness exercises and challenges mental, physical and emotional for Jess, and the necklace (and bits about different sparkles and styles) was interesting and engaging, even as we could see Jess was struggling with who she was and who she thought she needed to become – two very different people.  A wonderful story full of emotion, heart and plenty of conflict (most of it from Jess herself) the story is easy to enjoy and escape into.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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This was such a good story. I loved the plot and the stories that surround the lost necklace. My only gripe would be that I wanted to hear more about the different stories. It would have been cool to hear it from each of the individual Taylor women. I don’t want to spoil the story by talking about Jess and her choices but I really loved her character and how resilient she was.
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Jess is determined to get back a family heirloom necklace for her grandmother. Her grandmother has been pining for this beautiful butterfly necklace since it disappeared. Jess has discovered it up for auction. Being outbid does not stop Jess! She hounds the owner, Guy, until there are fireworks!

The only issue I had with this book is Jess. Jess really never yearned to be adventurous after her accident. To me, you don’t change that part of you. I just felt like she didn’t fit the mold the author put her in. But that did not really affect my outlook on this tale. I adored the history and the mystery surrounding the necklace.

Then there is Guy! Oh boy Guy! He is magnetic from the get go! Basically because of his interactions with Jess. Their connection is irresistible!

Need a cute, romance with a side of old Hollywood…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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I've been branching out a bit this summer, trying new authors and books that typically wouldn't have been at the top of my queue in the past, such as this British rom-com by Louisa Leaman. I have to say, I'm so glad I gave it a chance. 

At the center of The Lost and Found Necklace is an art nouveau necklace, it's journey through the years, and the profound impact it has had on multiple generations of women (and a few men) in Jess's family. The story is a bit mystery, a bit family saga, a bit romance, and a journey of self-discovery which I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked how the author interwove the threads of the stories of Jess's ancestors with the current family relationships and how the lessons of the past impacted the decisions facing Jess in present day. 

All of the characters are so well depicted; I felt as if I knew each of them, understanding their motivations, accepting their flaws. The story is well-paced, filled with humor, poignant emotion, forgiveness, understanding, self-acceptance, and an overall hopeful vibe. I enjoyed the evolution of the relationship between Jess and her sister (yes, I may have cheered at the end), was surprised by the revelations from their estranged father, and knew which man my heart wanted Jess to choose while still wanting love and happiness for the man left behind. There are no bad guys here, just right ones and wrong ones for the woman in question. Kudos to the author for keeping me guessing as to which was which right up until the end. 

If you're looking for a sweet, charming, and realistic story that will take you from England to Wales to old Hollywood (not time travel - stories of past generations unveiled), introduce you to engaging characters, reinforce your belief in the "magic" of soulmates, and deliver a hopeful, happy ending, add The Lost and Found Necklace to your summer reading list. It has my enthusiastic recommendation.

*ARC received for fair and unbiased review
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"The Lost and Found Necklace"
by Louise Leaman
July 13, 2021
336 pages
Contemporary Fiction

Jess Taylor, nearing age thirty, and always one to walk on the wild side, is recovering from a horrendous accident that laid her up for almost a year. Now able to maneuver easily with a cane, she's determined to start taking things easy and stop taking risks.

She settles into everyday life, living with her sister Aggie, Aggie’s husband, and their children. She is content with her boyfriend Tim, an upright guy and someone dependable. After the heartaches she's been through, she decides she doesn’t need fireworks and sparks in a relationship. What matters now is considering marriage to Tim, maybe having a baby, and becoming closer with her family. Aggie tries her patience at times, reminding her of the losers she once dated. Loving her older sister and the closeness she shares with her niece, Steph, she decides to follow a more conventional lifestyle.

Jess's beloved grandmother, Nancy, lives in a care facility as her health and mind are failing. She enjoys talking about her past and the family history, ruminating about the vintage necklace her great-grandmother Minnie designed but went missing years ago.

This necklace contains a moonstone pendant with a butterfly and is branded with the superstition that it will bring the wearer their soulmate. Thinking about the soulmate prophecy, Jess likes that theory, but she believes Tim is the one. 

Through a catalog, Jess discovers the item is being auctioned at a London auction house. She grabs her sensible older sister, Abbie, and heads to the there, determined to buy it and return it to Nancy before she passes away.

Though Jess sets a top price she will pay, she keeps getting outbid by a handsome young man, so she keeps upping the amount. She is determined not to let the precious item slip from her reach, and Aggie storms off in a huff when Jess surpasses her spending limit. Unfortunately, she loses the bid to the young man, so she follows him out the door and jumps into the taxi he hails.

Begging him to sell the piece to her, she states it belongs to her family after being lost many years ago. He offers it to her only if she agrees to have dinner with him. She adamantly refuses. Though she finds him charming, she will not betray or hurt Tim, who his first wife deceived. She must attain this for Nancy, and she will not disappoint her grandmother’s dying wish.

Jess flirts with the man who introduces himself as Guy van der Meer, hoping to gain his favor. He informs her his family owns a jewelry business, and his position is to locate and purchase particular items they can sell for profit. In his mind, he believes this is the perfect solution for his client, Stella Weston, a beautiful supermodel. Though . . . .

"A thought strikes his soul. The woman who accosted him in his taxi—Jess—she’d laid claim to this butterfly with such fire. Maybe it would look different on her? All that stuff about it being her family's heirloom . . . At first, he's shrugged it off, fixated on how much profit he could make selling the necklace to Stella, but what if the necklace knew better? Like Cinderella's slipper, what if it's only meant for one person? What, then, would that make him . . . Prince Charming?"
Guy, besotted with Jess, brushes off her claims of having a boyfriend. Does she genuinely love this man, or is she only saying this?

As Jess digs deep into her family history, she tries to learn all she can about Nancy, Anna, Nancy's mother, and Minnie, her great-great-grandmother. Though Jess trained as a teacher, she now earns her income refashioning vintage jewelry, which Aggie considers her "hobby business." Jess customizes unique pieces on order, and her items are not typical costume jewels or something mass produced. She realizes designing jewelry and not teaching is her passion.

Jess visits Nancy often, asking about her past and that of her great- and great-great-grandmothers. The information she receives cements her mission to retrieve the necklace from Guy.

Meanwhile, Aggie keeps reminding Jess of Nancy's imminent demise:

"'It's the natural and orderly way of things. She's had a long life, Jess. Eighty-two. That's really something. I know how much she means to you, but . . . it has to happen.'

"Jess can barely hear her sister's platitudes. All she can think of is the sadness on Nancy's face when she told her she'd failed to reclaim the necklace. Through her tears, staring over her sister's shoulder, she catches her reflection in the mirror and thinks of Nancy's words: We called it the True Love Necklace."

Jess's determination strengthens her to accomplish her goal and bring the treasured heirloom (a Taylor talisman) to Nancy as her last loving act toward her grandmother. On a trip to Los Angeles, she discovers more mysteries about her ancestors and circumstances that once were considered folly are fact. Though this expedition sets up enmity between her and Tim, nothing will stand in her way.

What matters most is Nancy, and as a last-ditch effort, she rings Guy insisting her get her the necklace if only to borrow for a short time until Nancy passes.

But what will this do to the future she and Tim are planning? Will Jess be true to herself and her desires, or will she disappoint her sister and fall back on her old ways? A chance at self-discovery for Jess is brought forth by the magic of an heirloom necklace in which she makes hurtful decisions, but is true to herself.
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A charming second chance story! 

THE LOST AND FOUND NECKLACE, written by new-to-me author Louisa Leaman is a refreshing summer read! I enjoyed reading this sweet and charming story!
After a terrible accident, Jess is ready for a quieter life. Nancy, her grandmother wants her to retrieve a lost vintage necklace that has been in their family for generations. Starts a journey of discovery for Jess. She needs to get the necklace before her grandmother dies. Lots of twists and turns revolving around the necklace! 

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Landmark via NetGalley and this is my honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book! 
I did find it took me a little while to get into the story at first but I’m so glad I kept reading! 
It was such a lovely, well told story with relatable characters with great relationships. It particularly spoke to me as the women in my family for generations have always been very close and are frighteningly similar to the characters in the book. I could see ourselves clear as day in the Taylor ladies. 
I loved reading Jess’ journey, the effort she put into finding her family heirloom necklace, the power it had on everyone and also the realisation she had along the way that an injury doesn’t have to clip your wings and change who you really are.
I would love to read more about Jess and her life after the book.
After reading this book I will certainly check out more of this author’s work. 
Thanks again Netgally for the opportunity to have a sneak peak at this new release!
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Predictable, but extremely enjoyable. I liked the journey the dragonfly necklace took through the generations of Jess’s family.
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Jess has had a tough year after an accident left her with serious injuries; she can't even live in her own  flat. What she can do, she thinks, is return a family heirloom- a necklace- to her grandmother.  Turns out that's not so easy as Guy, a jewelry dealer, wins it at auction.  While she's been getting closer to Tim, Guy is somehow, well, you know.  This is less about their romantic back and forth than it is about Jess's quest to know more about her family, a quest which takes her to Los Angeles and into the days of "old" Hollywood.  This is best, I think, when it sticks to Jess's story. There are too many generations involved to fully understand or appreciate any of them except Jess and her sister, who is, btw, a hoot.  That said, the writing is good.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A good read.
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The Journey of a Necklace Through Generations
What a good story this is. In general, it is the story about generations of women in a family that is told around the history of a necklace. While this is a women's fiction novel, it carries quite a bit of history with it. The history of jewelry making, early Hollywood, and post-war Britain. All of the characters in the story came to life and played their roles well. Our heroine is faced with many difficult decisions and she handles them in a realistic manner. The time flew by as I read this novel. It is totaling engrossing. I will be looking to read more of this author's work. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
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THE LOST AND FOUND NECKLACE follows Jess. After a life altering accident, Jess has decided that it’s time to slow down and settle down with her perfectly sensible and dependable boyfriend, Tim. That was the plan, anyway, until Jess was given the task of tracking down the families lost heirloom for her grandmother. She meets Guy at an auction where he wins her families precious necklace, and he agrees to lend it to her as long as Jess goes on a date with him. 
I don’t know how I feel about this story. I started off really enjoying it, but the longer I read the more weary I got. I loved the writing, but I felt like I couldn’t root for any of the characters. I didn’t really love any of them. I liked Jess, but I didn’t like what she was doing to Tim, so I couldn’t get fully invested into her or her romance. No one stood out to me except for maybe Steph, Jess’ niece— I liked their relationship. Learning about the necklaces history was cool. I liked that part of the story, but I didn’t like the main romance, and that’s a little disappointing considering I went into this expecting a good romance, but I’m not sorry I read this. 
3/5 stars, THE LOST AND FOUND NECKLACE by Louisa Leaman is available July 13, 2021.
Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca and Netgalley for sending me an eARC to review!
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Awww another quirky romance. People may think I have a black heart, because of all the thrillers I read, but I love cartoony covers and a touch of romance. This book is a little heavier than most romances as it deals with some mighty big issues. Jess is recovering from an accident, she is trying to find her (dying) grandmother's necklace and she has to decide if she wants to be with Tim...or is Guy her happily ever after? Well you'll have to read the book to find out!

These characters were very relatable on every level. Complex and interesting and fully alive. I loved that the author included their personal felt entirely natural and authentic. Everything about this rom-com felt as natural as breathing, effortlessly executed, and I enjoyed it so much I stayed up half the night to finish reading it.
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This was such a cute book. I loved the characters and the family lore behind the necklace. Such an interesting read.
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The family heirloom necklace that connects the women in Jess’s family to their true loves has been missing for years. She is on a mission to get the necklace back before her grandma passes away. The necklace slips through her grasp when a handsome and charming stranger (Guy) out bids her at an auction. Jess sets out to get the necklace back but did the necklace allow her to find true love and learn her family’s history along the way? 

I really enjoyed this story. I love when there are multi-generational ties and family history. One thing I thought was lacking was how they tied up Guy’s backstory. I feel like I needed more information on him. Overall a fun read. Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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England - Present Day

Jess Taylor and her older sister, Aggie, are at an important jewelry auction. For years, Jess has been searching auction catalogs for her grandmother, trying to find a family heirloom necklace. An art nouveau piece with a butterfly pendant and a moonstone, it was designed and made by Jess and Aggi's great-great-grandmother, Minnie, in the early nineteen hundreds. Nancy, their grandmother, is in a nursing home, and during her lucid times, she begs for the necklace. Finally, Jess finds it, and it all falls on her to buy it back for Nancy. But as soon as the bidding begins, Jess is stunned to have the man she'd bumped into earlier, working hard to outbid her. At the bitter end, he is successful, and Jess is distraught. 

Jess has had a difficult year after being badly injured in a sky diving incident in Mexico where she'd traveled with her latest boyfriend. In chronic pain, and walking with a cane, she has had to move in with her sister and her family because her own flat is up too many flights of stairs. She has a small mail-order business obtaining and selling antique jewelry, and she has a boyfriend that Aggie approves of, reliable Tim. For someone who has spent most of her adult life running off to exciting places with men Aggie considers wild, Jess has learned that with her injuries, it may be time to slow down and get serious about life. Still, after the auction, she confronts the man who bought the necklace, offering to buy it from him. Amused, the man, Guy, lets her go on and on about it, but in the end, refuses her request. He does offer to take her to dinner some time, but she assures him that she is almost engaged. 

It is difficult to visit Nancy and explain to her that she couldn't get the necklace back. Jess manages, however, to get Nancy to reveal more about her past. Curious after learning that the necklace has brought together soul mates throughout its existence, Jess sets off to find more of her family's mysterious history. From Minnie, who made the necklace, to her daughter, Anna, who fled an unhappy marriage, then Nancy, wild and carefree, and her daughter, Jess's mother, Carmen, who died of a stroke in her early thirties, the necklace has been passed on, and each woman met the love of her life. Jess yearns to verify if any of this is true. Her searches take her to Nancy's rustic cabin in Wales, to Hollywood, and back to London.  With Nancy declining rapidly, Jess scrambles to somehow get the vintage necklace into her grandmother's hands. But obstacles, and Guy, may keep that from happening.

THE LOST AND FOUND NECKLACE is a coming of age tale as Jess not only learns of her family history, but learns about her wants and needs too. All the time, she is torn between the need for peace and security with Tim, or the cheeky, unpredictable Guy, who tantalizes her with his access to the necklace.

A great summer read, THE LOST AND FOUND NECKLACE will entertain readers from the first page.
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A magical and dramatic story of a lost necklace and those that do all in their power to return it to the rightful owners. There was a lot of hidden tension combined with a dollop of romance.
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This was a neat blend of a couple of genres, a contemporary romance but also a story of family and soul searching. Jess has an especially close relationship with her 82-year-old grandmother. After Jess's life changed dramatically in an accident in which she was severely injured, Jess feels she has matured. And her sister cheers that growth on. But her grandmother is sad to think Jess has lost her spirit.  

The story uses a love triangle trope, in which Jess's choice of love is a metaphor for her choice of life goal and identity. But more than the romance, this is a story of art nouveau jewelry, of history, and of treasure hunting. My favorite part was reading the tales of previous times across many countries, and I really enjoyed learning about old costume jewelry. I also liked the author interview at the end. 

Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for this advanced reader copy. These opinions are my own. 

TW: accident, prescription pain pills, dementia, end of life
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Free-spirited Jess is a jewelry designer who adores her grandmother, Nancy, a bohemian icon whose dying wish is for Jess to find her most treasured missing possession: a necklace designed and fashioned by her own grandmother, which she calls her "truelove necklace." Jess tracks down the necklace but loses it in an auction to Guy, a charming poseur who buys it on behalf of a rich socialite. The story of how Jess pursues not only the necklace but her mysterious matriarchal heritage in which it plays a crucial role makes for an enchanting tale of mothers, daughters, and sisters in pursuit of their life purpose and their soulmates through four generations.  The conflict between Jess and her sister Aggie, who thinks Jess should settle down with her sensible boyfriend Tim and stop chasing rainbows, is believably developed, as is Jess's on and off almost-romance with the mercurial Guy, who isn't what he seems. The writing flows well at a gentle pace and the eras of the various generations of women are evoked in authentic detail. The hint of magic attached to the mysterious butterfly necklace is done with a light touch. This is an entertaining, feel-good novel with a lot of heart.
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This was my first title by Louisa Leaman and I fell in love with the story and her writing style. My favorite kinds of books are the ones that make us hope and believe and I was not disappointed. I've already got a list of people to recommend this title to and cannot wait for it to be released!
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I received an advance copy of, The Lost and Found Necklace, by Louise Leaman.  This is a great book, with great characters, I loved Jess.  Secrets, families, love, and promises.
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