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Andi doesn't read well, at all. The setup is okay and the follow through was...okay as well, but I'm going to reiterate here: Andi is just not...very good.
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Honestly this book is just too frustrating for me. Andi makes dumb mistake after dumb mistake, and I can't bring myself to finish. I like the idea, but I just don't vibe with the sheer stupidity of the MC. There's a difference between a character being a teenager in a hard situation and therefore messing up, and making so many bad choices that it seems on purpose.
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I’ve really enjoyed Hannah Jayne books before, and this one was good, but it wasn’t great.  Parts of it felt very formulaic and predictable, and that made it less engrossing for me.  Overall, I’d still recommend it, just not my favorite or first choice from this author.
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3.5 stars
Trigger Warning: Mention of drug abuse, kidnapping, murder, betrayal, attempted sexual assault & media hysteria.

We begin this story confused with Andi as she discovers her whole line flipped upside down; her father is dead, her mother hanging on by a shred, her baby brother missing and her the prime suspect in all of this. Andi doesn't know who to trust, and we as readers begin to suspect we cannot trust her.

The unreliable narrator experience was handled well in my opinion that I was confused and frustrated with Andi as she tried to piece things together but lacked the knowledge. I will admit two things, though; I fell for the red herring & two Andi annoyed me as it felt repetitiveness with her struggle, and I know that it is realistic, and I know it was something I would do (saw a lot of my own reactions in her) but found it annoying still.

In the end, I enjoyed the story but not enough.
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I enjoyed the who-done-it type vibes of this book where the person(s) responsible are yet to be seem and you have to get all the clues that point to who is responsible. An enjoyable read that I would recommend.
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This book unfortunately didn't work for me. The twist was predictable, and the writing didn't book me.
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The Girl in the Headlines is the kind of book that makes you feel like you’re walking a tightrope, balancing tension, an unreliable narrator and a razor-sharp plot perfectly. 

Right from that opening hook, I instantly wanted to know everything. That first page is such a tantalizing and thrilling prospect that you just are pulled in and from there, Jayne never really lets you go. You are dropped in pretty much unaware of everything that’s happened, delving straight into the action. This was a really interesting way of telling the story, as it meant that you felt just as dazed and confused as Andrea. You have to piece together the story from little glimpses and details, along with some interwoven flashbacks and memories. 

Jayne keeps this unrelenting pace up throughout the book. Things move at lightening speed, but always within the realms of possibility. The plot is always driving forward and as a reader, you are speeding alongside it. You desperately want to uncover the truth of what happened, just like Andrea. There’s this underlying sense of dread looming over the events of the book and the tension is constantly ratcheted up higher and higher. This means that you will just speed through the pages. As a mystery, this is superb. Jayne has some really clever and shocking twists thrown into the story, which genuinely upend everything you thought you knew before. I love the kind of story that keeps you on your toes and The Girl in the Headlines definitely delivers on that front. 

I really enjoyed following Andrea’s narrative voice. This is an unreliable narrator that you can’t help but root for. All the way through, you can never be entirely sure that she is telling you the whole truth. Her voice is rather fragmented and I loved guessing whether this was her deliberately manipulating me, or if it was genuine memory loss. It adds this psychological dimension to the mystery, as you follow her along. Jayne cleverly misdirects and surprises you throughout, so keep your eyes peeled. 

The Girl in the Headlines is a solid YA mystery packed with ambiguity and tension.
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A compelling idea but with real plot issues. There are points that simply do not make sense. While the central characters are interesting, their interactions with others don't have the ring of truth.
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I've gotten books by Hannah Jayne before so I knew for sure that I couldn't pass this one up. So glad I didn't!
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I will admit to saying that I had very high hopes for this book. The description pulled me in from the first time I read it, and I knew it was going to be a book I devoured. Funnily enough, I read this entire book while working the night shift at my own hotel.  I'd say it provided a unique experience. 

This book took a different turn than I was expecting but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I really hope my girl Andrea gets some better friends and sues the s*** out of that news station for defamation of character. And Nate truly deserves ALL the respect and love in the world. The only OG in this place. My only wish is that there would have been more to this book (hint hint romance between Andrea and Nate) and I would seriously have loved for this to be sooooo much longer.
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Very good strory, perfect for my high school students.  Andi asked the way a normal high school girl would act given that she couldn't remember what had happened, the reactions of her "friends" and the questions about her background.  Nate was a believable character who was trying to help her.  Her story was well enough told that I didn't not immediately figure it out.  The only problem I had was with the ending that was too abrupt.
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I have read four other Hannah Jayne books before. Some I loved and some I thought were okay. This led me to have high hopes for The Girl in the Headlines and Hannah Jayne did not disappoint. The Girl in the Headlines brought mystery, suspense, drama, and started out instantly with a bang.

Right from the beginning the story was intense. This wasn’t a book that started slow or built up to the intense stuff. The first sentence had me hooked and Jayne kept you in her grips the entire story. We follow Andi as she wakes up covered in blood and finding the news playing on repeat that her parents have been murdered, her brother is missing and she is the prime suspect… with no memory of anything that happened. With the help of some unsuspecting strangers, Andi journeys to find what really happen.

I really enjoyed Andi as the main character. She comes from a very upper class home, but isn’t afraid to get dirty and do what is necessary. She’s not afraid of hard work. I also really like Nate. He balanced Andi out a lot during the story and I grew to love him. I’d be friends with someone like him. I also liked that I had no idea how the story was going to end. I had suspicions, but Jayne kept me guessing. Each time I thought I might know, she threw me a curveball that had me second guess my thoughts. The story flowed really well, even when Andi had flashbacks of memory. I liked how Jayne wrote in little things from Andi’s background so we understood who she was more and more as the story went along.

The Girl in the Headlines is my favorite Hannah Jayne book to date, and remember, I have read four other books by her. It was gritty, dark, twisty, and gorged full of suspense. I loved this book from cover to cover and cannot wait to see what story Jayne writes up next. Definitely read it. You will not be disappointed.
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DNF. I love a smart, resourceful character put in an impossible situation. If you’re looking for that - I highly recommend The Hiding Girl by Dorian Box. Because unfortunately this isn’t that at all. 

Andie is 18 - she wakes up the day after her 18th birthday covered in blood. She sees on the news that her parents are dead and her brother is missing and she’s being sought as a suspect. And then she makes terrible decision after terrible decision. And I’m not willing to stick with her to see how it all ends. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the free advance reading copy.
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I want to thank the publisher and author for the opportunity to read and review The Girl in the Headlines. I absolutely love this YA Thriller and it kept me guessing on what exactly was going to happen next. I don't know what it is about thrillers where the main character forgets about what happened to them but I absolutely love them. Throughout the entire story, I was pretty curious if the main character actually did anything. A lot of things were leaning towards her killing her family, but would she really do something like that? She knew they loved her and she loved them. Kind of a scary thing if you end up forgetting some of the things that you did and I enjoyed every minute of it. 
I do kind of hate the main character's friend though. They are supposed to be best friends... Almost like sisters. So, it kind of made me a bit mad when she threw her under the bush. I really can't wait to read more books by Hannah Jayne!
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Book was archived before I was able to read and review.

*Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity.
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Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the chance to read The girl in the headlines by Hannah Jayne. While I have read and enjoyed Hannah’s adult urban fantasy books, this was my first contemporary YA book of hers and I was eager to check it out. The beginning grabbed me right away, and while I enjoyed the story, it just didn’t have the total OOMPH I am used to – ok I will admit I was expecting some teenage romance, which was not there.  I think overall it is a good summer teen book.
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I did enjoy the mystery to the story and it kept me reading. There were some issues I had with some of the events that didn’t seem to really add to the story but just added drama to it. But the accuracy of the what the news headlines were was pretty spot on.
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trigger warning- addition, death, gun violence, blood, medical content, kidnapping, death of a parent, murder 

honestly, the writing of this book was not good. like, it was just very childish and that it was just so boring and dull writing. and i mean, i feel like there are moments in this book were i honestly didn't even what to read this book anymore cause the writing was just so so bad. and i mean, i feel like some books where the writing isn't everything, were i feel like mystery books need to have great writing. so, i the writing was just so annoying. 

but, i also feel like the writing did get to be way to poetic. like, i feel like there is a time and a place for the writing to be poetic and to have that style of writing. and i honestly don't think a mystery / thriller book is the type of book were you can get it. instead, i feel like if you want the poetic writing, that works so much better in a romance. and the whole type of being poetic just was so annoying and really took away from the story. 

also, andi's character was just so terrible. like, for one, she just got on my actual nerves about the way she talked or what she said and acted in some ways. i honestly did not like it and i mean, like i think she was about 18 years old, or she was late 17. and i mean, she was just so naive it got to be so so annoying. like there was multiple moments were she would say anything and it was almost like she didn't even know how the world worked. and like this girl didn't even know how the bank gives a loan, and like other things i thought were jut common knowledge that she just didn't know about or understand, so it just annoyed me so much. 

but, i honestly liked nate so much more than i liked andi. like, i feel like he knew the real world and that he knew how the world worked and he was honestly the realist in the relationship, which i honestly really liked. and i thought it was honestly so cool to see him help andi even though he just met andi and he still wants to help her and to help her find her brother and to see who actually killed her father and than tried to kill her mother. so, i honestly really liked it and that we got to see this part of it all. and i honestly really liked that they were so different, that i thought it was honestly so cool.

i also think that the whole plot that andi could kill her parents were just so stupid. like, she was way to naive that she probably couldn't figure out how to use a gun cause she was so dumb. but, i also think that yeah it added to the plot, to a degree, but it was still so freaking stupid and i don't think she could actually do it. but, also it just didn't add up with her timeline of events, so i think it was just so annoying. 

and i also think that the book honestly was such a mess with answers. like, in the start of the book they kept bringing up the whole plot with her friend and ex boyfriend, and i honestly wish they wrapped them up, since i feel like for the friend it was don't talk to each other and than the plot with the ex boyfriend that he is an insane cheater. and they never had a wrap up too their plot and i feel like it was just so stupid that they never said, oh yeah they all made up or she never talked to the ex boyfriend again or something along the lines. and i think it was just so stupid and really just pissed me off. 

but, also the end of this book was way to quick. like we had the action plot point, the resolve, the happy moment, and than it wrapped up. and i honestly didn't like it and i thought it could have been done so much better or at least give it an epilogue, so they could do five months in the past or something, but it honestly was just so annoying that it didn't have one and the end was just yay happy ever after. and honestly this book just wrapped up way to quickly, which was just so so annoying and i honestly hated it so much. 

i also think that the relationship between nate and andi was rushed and just odd.  like, for one, i don't think i would just become besties with this girl that allegedly killed her father, put her mother in the ICU, and kidnapped her baby brother. like, he met her and they were already doing petty crimes and just becoming best friends. and like i think it just moved so so quick and that was honestly something that i didn't really like that much, and i wish they become besties slower than from right when they met. 

but, i also think that jayne just needed to do more thinking when it came to this book. like nate and andi would suggest these things like 'oh maybe you did these crimes than you went to the gas station,' yet she was covered in blood and any worker would call the cops. and that they really just didn't making sense and that she probably should have just thought that threw more when they were writing this book. 

and also i feel like this book was a big circle. like, something would happen and than we would move forward with it, and than we would back track, talk about the other event first, and than move forward just to do this all again. and it honestly just pissed me off, since it could have just been written so much more better and that it wasn't so much more of a spinning in circles. 

but, i also feel like the who did it was so obvious. like, i feel like it was just so easy to tell who did it and that they were kind of the bad guy through the book, so it was like oh yeah of course they did it. and i honestly hated it and that i think they should have done it by someone else. so, i feel like that was just kind of boring and i wish it was someone else, but it still made it a quick read.
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I didn’t like the short chapters of this novel. I liked the description and plot line but I had higher hopes for the execution.
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