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I found this book to be solidly average. If you’ve never been introduced to systems thinking or methodologies like Six Sigma, you might enjoy this book. There are a few good concepts and stories that I enjoyed. However, overall, I found this book overly verbose.
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I’ve been running my own business for almost 30 years now and I can tell you, seeing things from another’s point of view is essential to keeping your business successful. You can’t only take your own advice and run things your own way without feedback from others.

Sam Carpenter’s “Work The System” has some interesting ideas. Not all of them are new, fresh or unheard of, but any business owner or self employed person will find some good ideas in here.

I first listened to this as an audiobook. I then realized I wanted to have the Kindle version to make some highlights and notes to go back to. You never know when you may want to incorporate something new.

Keep an open mind, especially in business. Try out other’s successful tools if you haven’t already and see how they work for you.

Special thanks to Greenleaf Book Group Press, Sam Carpenter and NetGalley for this ARC.

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interesting. good read. people can learn a lot from reading this book and applying it to their situations.
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Gave great insights and stories to support his points, would highly recommend others to give this a quick read.
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If there is anything I learned in 2020, it's the need to have different streams of income and with this in mind- Ii was reading this book looking for insights on how to run a business.
The author promises that in reading this book you'll learn how to: 
1. Make a simple perception adjustment that will change your life forever.
2. See your world as a logical collection of linear systems that you can control,
3. Manage the systems that produce results in your business and your life.
4. Maximize profit, create client loyalty, and develop enthusiastic employees.

And above all, "Design the life you want—and then, in the real world, create it!" and what he succeeds at the end of it, is simply unraveling what is and what is not when it comes to the process of getting things done- and I find this way better than most books I've read on this topic- because of the what he shares at the very beginning about systems- and this includes the personal life, social, business, spiritual and how to take care of all these to be able to fulfill our goals.

Thanks Netgalley for the eARC.
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The book is very constructive and walks you well through the process of creating a working strategy for a business. It really helps a lot with the understanding on how the world around operates and how creating or structuring a system can support businesses growth and own well-being.
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