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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Create a Poem is a book of creative prompts for writing your own poetry. 
Each page consists of a prompt and then key words to use in each poem. These books are very thought provoking and I love the way they are set out like a journal with the prompts but also love the key words to help you start and help get your imagination and creative juices going. 
These are great for people wanting to get into writing poetry, stick in a writing slump or wanting to get back into writing poetry.
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This is a create book for people who are trying to get back into the habit of daily poem writing and need a little nudge to get them going. The prompts are original and challenging, often inspiring more than one poem (so have a notebook ready!). Definitely a prompt book that I'll be returning to often.
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Definitely a book that would be better in print, but this is a great book on creating poetry with themes. It gives you words to use in your poem, which I thought was creative. I am not a poet, but am always looking to add creativity to my life. This is definitely a good book to do so.
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This book is a simple journal that does exactly what it says it will.  This book give you inspiration, easy prompts to follow with all that you could need to write each day. I encourage this prompt book for anyone who wants to start being creative. This is a great way to begin writing.
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"Create a Poem" is a great book/journal to inspire aspiring poets to push the limits of their minds. It is a lined book in journal style, containing a title on each page with ten related words at the bottom to be used in writing a poem.

It reminded me of my first year in my uni, when I took a class on Modern literature, in which we were told to write a poem by changing the words of famous poems. The first one was "The Red WheelBarrow" by William Carlos Williams and it took about maybe one to three minutes to write. It taught me if you have something to say and the right tools, you can write about anything without overthinking. That was how my journey with writing poetry started. This might be the perfect way to practice writing skills and discover your own style and poetic voice. It takes hours to find the right words if you are having a writer's block but with this book, you can get inspired.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.
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Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

At a moment in time where my writing is stagnating a little, this was a nice little jumpstart. Simple word inspirations, 'a poem on struggle', 'a poem on love', etc. There is also no set format for how you write, so it gave me some freedom to do what I wanted to do. However, after a while, I did find it a little repetitive in structure. It offers you words to use in your poem, but I began to crave more boundaries, or a question to provoke some thought in me and force me to really exercise some creative muscles.
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The prompts offered in this book weren't helpful for me. All prompts were the same type, it didn't vary throughout the book, and the prompts were too repetitive and simple to strike a chord with me. Perhaps if different types of prompts were included to shake things up a bit, I would've found this book useful.
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It is a very entertaining book where you can create poems, and create them according to what they tell you in each one, for example of the family, and it tells you what words should be in the poem, this helps us to develop our brain more to create poems, it helps us to create some poem with the specifications. My reason for not giving it a five-star rating was, there are more than two hundred poems to do, and one does not take less than five minutes to make a good poem, so it would take us a long time to finish that book, much longer than reading one. of those pages, although I did really enjoy being able to make poems, I made ten in three days and I loved being able to have the opportunity to improve my poetry, but I still say that it is a lot.
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Desire is red, 
Despair is blue, 
This collection of poetry prompts is just for you! 
The pages are lined and waiting, 
There's words to include: baiting. 
Each page has a focus word,
So you'll never be bored. 
Write what you want to become a poet, 
You can do it and you know it. 
Write down what's in your brain and heart, 
Now: There's no better time to start! 

I felt like this poetry journal warranted a poem as part of its review. There were some word associations that didn't jive for me, but overall, it could be a nice home for those who want to dabble into poetry.
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This is a fun little workbook with lined pages and writing prompts, just as the description states. Each page provides a word or topic to prompt the creation of a poem, followed by a list of words that must be included. The prompts are basic, and to me, a lot of the words were a bit predictable and uninspired. Some also rubbed me the wrong way; the page asking writers to create a poem about “women” required the inclusion of words such as “life,” “attraction,” and “sense,” while the page asking for a poem about “men” required words such as “power,” “alpha,” and “provision” to be used. Others were better, such as the pages listing “charm,” “pandemic,” or “education” as their topics. Overall, it’s not a bad book but would probably be most appropriate for younger writers or those who have very minimal experience with poetry in different forms.
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Every writer occasionally needs inspiration. With Create a Poem, you get just that--a notebook full of prompts that you can use to write your next great poetic masterpiece. 

Although I thoroughly read the description of this title before I started reading it, I did think it would go beyond lined pages with a simple prompt at the top of each page. However, that said, it is a useful tool when you are dealing with a little bit of writer's block. My advice to poets and aspiring poets utilizing this prompt book is to ignore the list of words at the bottom that it says to include in your writing. These words are at best cliché given the topic and at worst completely unrelated (though you could use that to write a poem in spite of the suggested words). I think it would work well for some writers, but not for everyone.
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As someone  who used to write simple rhyming poetry, I found this book to be really helpful to get the wheels rolling again. I loved that there were words you needed to use to write the poem, it made it so much easier for me
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This was really helpful and I definitely recommend it if you don’t know what to write about!
I’m glad I found this, it helped me a lot!
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When I first downloaded this I thought it was about writing, not a blank notebook. My bad, really, because it clearly says writing prompts for poets. After giving it some thought I decided I am not mad at this, because I have wanted to write poetry for some time now, and maybe this is the last push that I needed to start doing it. Also I think this would make a very good gift for my writer friends. That said, maybe this could have been a mixture of writing theory and then putting it into practice? Great journal, ok book. 

One thing I really liked was the words suggested with the prompts, and the fact that the prompts were many and varied. It is a nice guideline to follow while still leaving a lot of room for creativity.
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Create a Poem
Writing Prompts for Poets
by Editors of Chartwell Books
Quarto Publishing Group – Chartwell Books 
Chartwell Books
Pub Date 09 Mar 2021

I am reviewing a copy of Create a Poem: Writing Prompts for Poets through Chartwell books and Netgalley:

Poetry has been a record of history long before we had technology or even had cities.  This journal helps you to dive into writing poetry, and taking part in that history, no matter your level of history.  

This journal will allow you to start your writing exercise by selecting a topic that will help spark an idea.

This journal will help you connect through the legacy of poetry, using senses and everyday aspects of life, as well as allowing you to answer the bigger questions about life, including faith, family, love, and who we are.  

There are many prompts divided into subjects that will help you get your creative juices flowing.

If you are looking for a book to help you with ideas for creating powerful poetry, I highly recommend Create A Poem: Writing Prompts for Poets.

I give Create A Poem five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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As many teachers may do, Create-a-Poem offers up a list of poetry-writing prompts, although in this case, the prompts are spare: single words only, no questions asked or scenarios given. This is nice on the one hand, because it allows a great deal of freedom to take that prompt in any direction. On the other hand, reader-writers who need more direction may find this aspect frustrating. “Give us more direction!” they may cry. “We need you to spell it out for us!” 

Because this is a perfectly valid learning style, I understand the inconvenience that might arise for some. But the authors have anticipated this, as well, though perhaps not in the explicit way a few reader-writers may find sufficient. On the same page as every prompt word, at the bottom (below the space for writing a draft), there is a word bank: suggestions for more specific topics you might address in your poems, or if not that, vocabulary to choose from if you can’t find the right word.

The strength of this feature is that it shares words/concepts for an array of reader-writers—not only the erudite, not only the experienced, but also the beginner, the teenager who has yet to have SAT vocabulary cram sessions, or someone who isn’t as confident in their word choices.

Likewise, the prompts themselves have a wide range. We have the classic topics of poetic discussion: friendship, nature, love, death, and so on. But we also have such prompts as furniture, transportation, mutation, edge, go, folk, and pattern—things that aren’t likely to come up in a beginners’ workshop. 

Variety is still the spice of life, no matter how long that cliché goes on, and the authors seem to grasp that instinctively. For that reason, Create-a-Poem is a good resource both for those who are looking to write poetry on their own as well as people who lead creative writing or English classes, including the newly-initiated homeschoolers of the pandemic. It would serve especially well as a source of writing warm-ups prior to digging into the day’s tasks, such as editing and drafting. Happy writing!
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As a published write/poet, I think this just wasn't for me.  This book would be perfect for people who want to start journaling or a beginner looking to try writing or someone writing purely for a cathartic purpose.
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This is a gorgeous poetry journal with supportive prompts that offer something for everyone. I am considering buying myself a paper copy.
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I did not enjoy it. I expected this book to be something completely else. So this book was a disappointing for me.
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I enjoyed working through Create a Poem. The set up was nice, with a good amount of space for working through the prompts. I also thought the topics were varied and creative. I did not like some of the word choices available, such as tribe and clan in the first poem. Those words relate to a certain culture and I wasn't a huge fan of them being thrown into a word bank to be used lightly by people with no connection to them. Overall I would recommend this Prompt style book to others if asked, but I'm still unsure if it set itself apart from the crowd enough to be the number one.
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