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Fate Accompli

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What an odd book! I actually went in without fully reading the summary. This felt like a Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaimam/Tim Robbins story. Overall, I liked it and was glad I went in not fully knowing what I was getting into.
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I had to think about the four-star rating; the downbeat-but-somehow-vaguely-hopeful ending wasn't what I'd hoped for (though it was adequately foreshadowed by earlier events that things might not go well). The humour is definitely on the dark side, which isn't usually to my taste. Think Terry Pratchett's (or maybe Tom Holt's) hapless and somewhat nebbish characters, but in a less kind and generous universe. It was well enough done, though, to keep the fourth star. 

Some interesting play with Greek mythology here. Quite a bit of anachronism (probably intentional, for purposes of humour). 

I read a pre-publication version via Netgalley, and there were some shockingly basic homonym errors, but hopefully those will be fixed by the time of publication. The prose was otherwise decent, so I have to wonder if the book was written using dictation software.
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