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Decoding Jung's Metaphysics

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I have absolutely loved this book, I feel I have learnt so much. It’s not a particular area I heave explored in huge detail. Informative was spot on
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I wanted to read this book because Jung's name comes up so often in conferences from Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. I had hoped this would be written in a style that would enable to see how his ideas correlated with Cayce's. 

While the author attempted, and even succeeded, in making this relatively easy to understand, the book does come across as rather dry, and at times I had trouble focusing on the idea's he tried to get across. All in all, while very well written, it's not one when you want to read while getting ready for bed because it requires concentration and paying close attention to the details.

For the way in which Bernardo Kastrup worked to make this plain enough for most people to grasp, I give it 4 stars.
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This was a fine enough book and it was really well written; however it just wasn't for me.....................
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