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Want to read a cute, like super, cute romance (read this one). One flaw Maybell is a pushover to the point the reader want to punch someone for her (a frustrating situation when all characters are imaginary). Both leads are awkward but like in a sweet way, it gave me the feeling that I was her older sister rooting in the sideline for them to be happy together. Perfect book if your looking for a cute quick romance.
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This was definitely one of the cutest romance novels that I've ever read! While I didn't enjoy it as much as Hogle's previous romance novel which featured an enemies-to-lovers trope, it really is a testament to the author's writing ability that I, a reader who doesn't usually enjoy friends-to-lovers romances, was really able to have fun with this book. Overall, this is definitely a book that I'd recommend to other romance fans!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

Maybell Parish is not living her best life in Tennessee, she's pretty miserable and has a frenemy she'd rather get away from.  When she inherits her aunt's house she is excited.  Until she gets to the house and sees how run down it is, and that someone else also inherited the house.

So I read this at the same time as Shortcake, which had a similar plot so I got a little bit confused.  

This was overall a fun read and I enjoyed it.
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Twice Shy stands out with it's appealing cover and promising premise, but what made me want to read it as soon as possible were all the glowing reviews it received since it was published.

I am so glad that I gave this book a chance, because it is, in my humble opinion, one of the best romances published this year, and it is also very fun.
Plus, it has great anxiety representation.

Going into Twice Shy my stakes were high, and still I was pleasantly surprised.

I enjoyed spending my time with the characters. It was so easy for me to connect with them.
With Maybell as I am also, just like her, daydreaming a lot and often lose myself in my imaginary world, and with Wesley who talked about his anxiety stopping him so often in his life, which was so familiar to me.

The writing style was great. So enjoyable, with good sense of humour and easy to fly through.
The novel is written in first person, following Maybell's POV.

I haven't read Hogle's debut You Deserve Each Other, because the premise didn't something I would enjoy, but now I think I will give it a chance anyway. I am also looking forward to see what else Hogle delivers in the future.

My favourite part, except the characters, were the atmosphere of the old house that was captured so well, and I enjoyed reading all about bringing it back to life, but also the slow paced love development was just perfect.

I feel like I can't recommend this book enough!
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This was a cute contemporary romance with an unusual, but charming setting. The two main characters start out hating each other as they are forced to work together on Maybell's great aunt's house, which she gave to both Maybell and the groundskeeper, Wesley, in her will. As they get to know each other, they let their walls down and find more in each other than they expected.
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Superrrr adorable romance. Characters melted before your eyes and then developed together. So stinking cute I read it in one sitting!
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Super cute!! I loved this book. The main characters were really great and their story was so sweet. I read this in one sitting because I liked it so much. I will pruchase this for my library and think it should be at the top of selectors' lists for contemporary romance.
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Thank you Penguin Random House International for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I am in a puddle of goo. Twice Shy is TWICE better than You Deserve Each Other and I am beyond happy with this.

You heard that right. Sarah Hogle officially redeemed herself and it’s a good decision to give her book a second chance. All the tropes I like are present here –slowburn, enemies-to-lovers, crush-to-lovers, opposites attract, grumpy/sunshine and forced proximity– and I can’t help swooning over it.

The characters are lovable and I love their chemistry. It started when Maybell Parrish inherits her Great-Aunt’s manor and she meets her longtime landscaper, Wesley Koehler, who happens to be a co-inheritor too. These two have different personalities — Maybell is free-spirited, hopeless romantic and purely a sunshine heroine and Wesley is an introvert, grumpy, and timid. They have disagreements at first for a lot of things especially on plans to rebuild the property and Wesley isn’t used to have a company. Some people might think Maybell is immature but I love her for being so friendly and approachable. Wesley somewhat develop a fondness towards her.

At first, the writing is somewhat confusing because I am figuring out if the scene is real or Maybell’s daydreams. However, the pace starts to pick-up halfway and I FELT SO GIDDY. I WILL MARRY WESLEY KOEHLER IN A HEARTBEAT. He’s a shy guy but slowly breaks out of his shell and reality he’s a grumpy-cinnamon-roll. Such a sweetheart.

I love it.
I love it.
I love them.
I love this book so much.

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This book was very cute! 
I love the Sunshine/Grump trope.  

Maybell - definitely reminds me of myself. Being an introvert, a dreamer with her head in the clouds, and a hopeless romantic. She finds out that her Great-Aunt Violet left her a "charming" home, where she can make a fresh start for herself. But turns out, she's not the only inheritor.

Wesley - the groundskeeper. Grumpy and gorgeous, has a different idea for the property. He may be a quiet grump, but he's really a marshmallow. I can't imagine having the social anxiety he has, but he's precious for trying his best for Maybell. 

Wesley and Maybell were so relatable in their awkwardness and their shyness. Adorable romance that is definitely recommended. 

Tropes Included: Forced proximity, Sunshine-grumpy, soft cinnamon roll Hero, slow-burn

 **I received a copy of this book, per my request, from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.**

3.5/5 Stars
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Thanks Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book. I really enjoyed the will they/won’t they story line in this book. Maybell and Westly’s relationship was fun to read.
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I wasn’t immediately sold on the writing style of this book, but ultimately I couldn’t put it down and I ended up loving it! The slow burn sneaks up on you, and makes the story too addictive to stop. The main characters were complex and unique, in a way you don’t always expect for leads in a romance novel. The author illustrates social anxiety and the roadblock it presents to meaningful relationships, and creates a realistic narrative of self-acceptance. Can’t wait to read more from Hogle.
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Sarah Hogle is so fun! She really captures the essence of her characters. I loved every part of this book. I can't wait for more.
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Thanks to NetGalley & G.P. Putnam's Sons for an eARC. Where do I even begin. I thought this would be a good read but its not. I got confused a lot of the time while reading this book. Wesley's character is adorable while Maybell just got on my nerves some of the time. I will admit their relationship was cute but I just couldn't get into it like I wanted. I give it a 2 out of 5 stars. I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I was gifted an ARC of this book by PRH International publicity in exchange of an honest review.

Book rating: 5/5⭐️( I would give it more, if I can)

Okay, this book is everything. After reading fantasy books for a while, I wanted a break from it so I picked this book and I am glad that I did. 

I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll first say that I absolutely loved this book. It was a well-written, light read with two precious characters who are perfect for each other.🙌

I can relate to both Maybell’s tendency to get lost in her dreamland and Wesley’s anxiety. Both hit home and both were beautifully written.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes swoon-worthy characters. You won’t regret it.🥀
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Down on her luck Maybell just about hates life. Her job, her lack of love life, her so called friend. When finding out she has inherited her great aunt's estate she jumps on the opportunity without a single glimpse in her rearview mirror. Finally thinking her luck has turned around for the better, she gets to her aunt's home, only to learn of a teeny, tiny catch. 

She isn't the only inheritor. A gorgeous, grumpy man who she thought was only found in her alternative universe world is also the new owner of the estate. 

I really enjoyed the book. It was a quick, light hearted read that makes me wonder if there are more books in this world to come. 

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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5 rising stars ⭐️ 
This novel was a contemporary romance, rom-com. It had a a little bit of mystery. Some adventure and a lot of laughs. It would make a great summer read for anyone who loves a sweet, fluffy romance. But it’s not to sweet if you catch my meaning   I loved Wesley and Maybell. They had a unique relationship and I just ate it up like candy. 
The writing and story was good and I’ll definitely read another by this author. 
Thanks GP Putnam’s Sons via Netgalley.
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Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle is a sweet story of a dreamer, Maybell Parish and a grumpy realist, Wesley Koehler as they battle over everything relating to their shared inheritance. When Maybell Parish learns that her great-aunt Violet had passed away and left the inheritance of her home—she had no idea that she would be sharing that house with the caretaker, Wesley Koehler. As the two live and work together on the house—they realize that they might have more in common than they originally thought. This is a book that makes you just want to hug it after you finish reading. Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle is an adorable and sweet story that shows readers that reality can actually sometimes be better than all of your best day dreams.
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The stakes were high after reading her debut, You Deserve Each Other. While initially I wasn't sold and thought it was 'just' okay, I started to enjoy it more the further I got into it. Right until the end, where I sobbed like a child. A book that I can highly recommend!
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Twice Shy was a very cute and easy read! The romance was on a low simmer, which I appreciated, and the characters were quite endearing throughout. I also appreciated the discussion of anxiety and mental health, and seeing romance novels tackle these topics is encouraging. This book reminded me a bit of Xeni by Rebekah Witherspoon, in a positive way.
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Unfortunately, Hogle’s second novel did not live up to the first! I laughed out loud, cried real tears, and devoured You Deserve Each Other in a single night (see my review here – it was actually my first on this very blog!). I’m starting to suspect every romance author’s first book bleeds authentic feelings because it’s based somewhere in truth. That novel is probably one of the best I’ve read in the genre because it was hilarious, but also terribly real.

Maybell Parish hates her job, and daydreams her way out of it hour by hour. She dreams of a man that doesn’t exist, a cafe in the sky that plays Fleetwood Mac, and the perfect escape to a manor of her childhood. Then, she inherits that very manor.

Unfortunately, she’s not the only one. The groundskeeper, Wesley, has also inherited the manor, and has very different ideas about what the old run down home should become. It’s an endless battle for both as they make some Frankenstein version of bed and breakfast/farm, while the sparks are flying and the anger brews.

Twice Shy doesn’t hit home quite the same way Hogle’s first work did. I loved the premise: it’s one of my favorite tropes, and the little details were very well done. I still cried, don’t get me wrong. But I just don’t think the arc of this romance made for as good of storytelling as the traditional arc…let me explain.

One of my biggest issues with this book was the lack of the falling apart. Every romance reader knows, when the pages in the right hand start to dwindle, when your kindle says somewhere around 83%, when things start to feel too good…it’s going to hit the fan. It’s about to go down. Hogle…skipped this part? I got to my 83%, 87%, 93%… and I was still waiting. Not to be accused of dishing spoilers, but problems are minor, and the response even less underwhelming. The part of the book that usually brings me gut-wrenching anxiety was missing, and I was surprised to find myself craving it anyways. This story just didn’t sit as well with me without the challenge.

I will, of course, still pick up Hogle’s books in the future! I think she’s got a lot of wit and creativity, and I want to see more like You Deserve Each Other. This was still a cute, quick, light read full of dreamy scenes and imagination. It’s the perfect escape. It just didn’t live up to the full potential I hoped it would have.

A copy of Twice Shy was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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