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Twice Shy is a lovely story that has heavy cottagecore vibes and I love it!

It was a little rocky to begin. Maybelle's tendency to slip into her AU without warning was a little jarring at first and made certain scenes feel a little disjointed. Especially when just getting to know her character. Maybelle has a stall in the Hot Mess Express market, but the more you read about her, the more endearing this character trait becomes!

When she learns of the inheritance from her estranged aunt, it seems like life is finally looking up. Until it turns out that the house is a hoarder's fairytale castle and the inheritance is not solely hers. Wesley takes the Grumpy Hero label to a whole other level! He is less than thrilled by Maybelle's sudden appearance and lets her know it. 

Watching the layers peel back from Wesley was absolutely delicious. Maybelle is his perfect match in the way that most introverts will immediately recognize. His struggle with social anxiety broke my heart! And a virgin hero to boot *swoon*.

I wish that there was a little more blatant sexual tension between the two. Maybelle isn't able to read his interest until it almost smacks her in the face, and the sex scene was glossed over in a way that is almost psychedelic. A hazy dream sequence where nothing is really concrete until it's over.
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This was a sweet story of Maybell who inherits a property with a surprise co-inheritor! Enter brooding and handy Wesley. I liked their dynamic and fun to see how they navigate their new property together. Some of the pacing of this book felt a bit off to me, it started and ended really strong but the middle felt a bit long. I really warmed up to Wesley but didn't really connect with Maybell as much. If you enjoy renovations and enemies-to-lovers storylines, you might really enjoy this one!
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Really sweet, slow burn, opposites attract trope.  Maybell Parrish is at a dead end job and works with a horrible friend.  She get a chance for a new life when she inherits her Great Aunt Violet's 140 year old manor house.  It was a favorite memory from her childhood.  When she arrives she finds the house dilapidated and unlivable.  As an added twist her inheritance is to be shared with Wesley Koehler, the grumpy grounds keeper.  Although they have different plans for the property, they work together to clean out the house, and discover the treasures Violet left behind.  

Wesley is a wonderful character.  He suffers from social and anxiety and claustrophobia both accurately depicted.  Between his anxiety and her overactive imagination the characters seem younger than their almost 30 years.  I enjoyed the story but had a hard time with the imagination alternative universe cafe scenes.  They took me out of the story as I would have to slow my reading and wonder if the scene was real.

Overall a lovely story with lots of good feels.  Not explicit and mild language.  (3.5 stars).  Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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*emits a high pitched squeal*

This is the book equivalent of cotton candy. Just fluff, upon sugar, upon more fluff, on a bed of freshly made marshmallow, driven on a candy cane pallet on the back of a unicorn. There was just enough bite and sarcasm in this to keep me from gagging (though the romantic interest in this is not, nor ever can be, a real human being. He *just* fell short of being a washed out, Hallmark movie lead...But I'll take it).

But if you need a hug, or something to get you out of your mind during lockdown, or need a super fluffy Mc-fluffballs book, you can't go wrong with this ball of rainbow clouds and sugar-y sweetness floof.
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Goofy, sweet, a fun escape. What more could you ask for from contemporary romance?

The love interest has social anxiety and claustrophobia. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the portrayal as I don’t have personal experience.
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I LOVED this book! You Deserve Each Other was one of my favorite books last year, so I was super super excited when I got the arc for Twice Shy. I read You Deserve Each Other in the middle of quarantine and was sooooo desperate for anything good, so I was a little worried Hogle's second book wouldn't live up to her first book, which was an island in the middle of the shit storm that was April 2020. But I shouldn't have worried, because Twice Shy was seriously amazing! We've got a weird heroine (not just adorably quirky, actually kind of weird), a reclusive hero, a seemingly impossible task to work on together, a bit of an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers plot (just like You Deserve Each Other), and  some good old fashioned forced proximity. All that added up makes a swoon-worthy read that got me to stay up past my bedtime and push off my responsibilities in favor of finishing this book. I had some issues with it, of course. The end seemed to resolve too quickly, there's some behavior that I wouldn't have taken as easily as the main character did, and the side characters aren't explored as thoroughly as I would've liked, but I HAVE to give it five stars because I just loved the characters and their relationship so. much. Read it!!
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The character development in this title is phenomenal. The enemies-to-lovers trope is always popular on our library shelves, and this book will fly out of our library. A must-purchase for us.
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Such a cute storyline! Maybell Parrish was stuck in a job she disliked, surrounded by coworkers that didn’t see her value. That was until she inherited the home of her Great-Aunt Violet; however upon arriving at the grounds of her new inheritance she meets Wesley, the gruff groundskeeper and co-inheritor. Yikes! What starts out as an awkward acquaintance, turns into a slow burn romance as she learns more about what makes Wesley tick. I greatly appreciated the authors writing, humor, and most importantly her depiction of severe anxiety. Keep chipping away at the stigma. 

Sincere thanks to NetGalley and G.P. Putnam's Sons for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After loving Hogle’s debut, “You Deserve Each Other”, I couldn’t wait to read her second book – and it did not disappoint! The story uses one of my favorite romance book tropes aka “old relative dies, young woman inherits house and starts a new life” – but this one comes with a twist! Rather than having the house all to herself, Maybell discovers (upon arrival, of course), that she is in fact a co-inheritor. The other half of the deed? Wesley, the handsome, grouchy groundskeeper who wants nothing to do with her. 

Overall, I loved the enemies to lovers execution in this story – Wesley had a Mr. Darcy vibe and the misunderstandings between them stemmed more from lack of communication and his anxiety than any real antagonistic feelings. I also love Hogle’s writing style – it’s funny and so easy to get sucked into the worlds that she creates. That being said, it was such a cozy summer read! I could practically hear the cicadas buzzing and feel a cool summer breeze accompanying the words on the page (despite the fact that I read it in February). If you want a romance that will draw you in and leave you feeling full of warm love, look no further than this book!
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There's something very special about Sarah Hogle. Reading her books puts me at such ease. Her stories are sweet and enchanting. I was so excited to receive a copy because I absolutely devoured and adored You Deserve Each Other. I only expected wonderful things for Twice Shy.

Wesley was the highlight of this book. I love love loved him with all his grumpiness, shyness, and charm. Maybelle was kind-hearted and cute in every way. The interactions between these two were so fun and humorous. There were so many scenes that filled my heart with joy. I was laughing and crying. I was enwrapped in this story from the very beginning.

Sarah has such vivid storytelling. She has a talent for totally capturing this world in the most beautiful way. I couldn't put this one down. Immediately after finishing, my heart was pounding and I could not stop smiling for the life of me. Another incredible read. Sarah Hogle is going places!
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(4.5 stars)

I adored Hogle's debut novel, You Deserve Each Other, and was so thrilled to have a chance to read an advanced copy of Twice Shy! I need to start this review by saying, this was a surprisingly emotional read for me. I was very close with my late Great Aunt and Violet's story and relationship with Maybell hit me square in the chest. For a character that wasn't physically present, I was so incredibly fond of her but I might... well, I am absolutely biased toward great aunts. 

Maybell is delightful! Life has knocked down time and time again but she keeps getting up with a sort of determination that is awe-inspiring.
Working a dead end job, with no real friends, Maybell needs more than a hug and her daydream life. Windfall mansion anyone? Wesley is a secret cinnamon roll hero that does so many sweet under-the-radar things that I just can't help but swoon a bit. 

Not all butterflies, rainbows, comedic frogs, and kisses, Twice Shy also delves into complicated topics ranging from family dynamics (estrangement) to mental health. Anxiety plays such a large role in story that it is almost a character in it's own right. That said, Hogle handles the topic perfectly, weaving in just enough comedy to break up the discomfort and angst.

Their enemies-to-lovers path is a delight to follow along and root for. I do wish we had a bit more of the relationship to enjoy. What was there was delightful and I'm greedy and want all that sweetness and more.

Verdict? I laughed (a lot), cried (a lot), and swooned enough that Mr. B was raising his eyebrows. Now I desperately want my own fixer-upper mansion to stick my cinnamon-roll hero (pack your bags Mr. B!) in but then I remember being a bed and breakfast requires interacting with hotel guests and... I'm on Wesley's side with the animal sanctuary. Sorry, Maybell! I highly recommend if you are looking for a lower steam contemporary crammed to bursting with chuckles, heart, and a romance so very sweet.

CW: Anxiety

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Sarah Hogle has done it again! I loved this dreamy story and its adorable, quirky characters. Sarah is an incredible writer, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next!
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I loved this book! I was so excited to read another book by Sarah Hogle because I really loved her first one. This one was so fun and I didn't want it to end. I really liked the slow burn romance between Maybell and Wesley. The characters felt pretty realistic to me. I would have read 200 more of this story if I'd had the chance! Highly recommended.
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Twice Shy is the first book I've read by Sarah Hogle and it certainly won't be the last.

This story was so incredibly sweet and adorable. I wanted to hug the main characters, Maybell and Wesley, throughout most of the story; both have allowed their perceived flaws and personal insecurities to stand in the way of their growing attraction. Together, they slowly, figure out that they are meant to be. 

Maybell, eternally optimist and kind, and Wesley, full of anxiety and awkwardness, made Twice Shy a delightful, slow-burn romance that was worth the wait.
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Maybell Parrish has made the best out of the life she has. She and her mom frequently couch-surfed while growing up. She is currently under-appreciated at her job as an event planner at a resort where she’s worked for years. So she is nothing but excited to learn that her Great Aunt Violet left her an inheritance. Some of her happiest memories are of the summer she spent with Violet. Maybell packs her car and heads to the home she inherited without a backwards glance. 

Imagine her surprise when she learns to hat not only is the home not as charming as she remembered, but she’s also sharing the inheritance with Wesley, the groundskeeper. He doesn’t talk much and is kind of grumpy (even if he is gorgeous). 

I was thoroughly charmed by this book. It was whimsical and quirky. Maybell has great energy, enthusiasm, and imagination. She perseveres. And while Wesley doesn’t talk so much at first, he slowly opens up and it was lovely to watch their relationship progress. I recommend you read this!! 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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To simply say that I loved this book would be a huge understatement. I want to roll around in the pages of this book imprinting its magic on my skin. That's a totally normal feeling to have in relation to a book... right?

I took a bit to get immersed in the plot in all honesty. The heroine goes DEEP into daydream land and I was thrown. Once I got my head around what seemed like a medical condition to me, haha, I was in love with world. 

The biggest grump hero. The most lovable heroine. A ramshackle (forced proximity!!) estate. A meddlesome beyond the grave matchmaker. Glorious, glorious, glorious. 

On a serious note, if you have ever wondered what it may feel/look like to live with social anxiety disorder, the author portrayed this in such a respectful and very real world way. I deeply related to our hero. Hogle did a phenomenal job.
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Twice Shy is ADORABLE!!!! I’m so glad I gave Sarah Hogle another chance because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this! I had such a great time reading this and the love interest is such a cinnamon roll 🥺 The only things I found a bit confusing were the Alternative Universes Maybell escapes into because at times it seemed like it was really happening when it wasn’t, and the other way around 🙈 Still though that was a minor thing and I would highly recommend to anyone to pick this up bc it’s so wholesome!
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4 Unique and Sweet Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free-A Quick Review
There sometimes will be a book that causes an overwhelming feeling one cannot hide from. Sarah Hogle has the talent to cause that experience. The feeling I came away with was this feeling of how sweet this was...not diabetics sickling sweet but just lovely sweet. 

She has put together characters who are fully formed and we are there to experience their personal issues with anxiety, something that has become more commonplace with all the chaos happening in the world. She takes us on a journey of two people coming together out of necessity and both end up being perfect for each other. Quite a journey and well worth experiencing.
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This is my first Sarah Hogle book and although I read that it was sweet, I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I ADORED this book. I loved the author's writing style and how complex her characters were. I can't stop smiling after reading Twice Shy.

Maybell doesn't feel like the main character of her life. She's working a job she hates and her heart is hurt by someone she considered a friend. She unexpectedly gets an inheritance after her great-aunt dies and she leaves her life to start new, not knowing that it would be harder than she originally thought.

Wesley is a very quiet, socially anxious groundskeeper. He cared for Maybell's great-aunt for the last few years of her life. He also doesn't realize that the home he inherited upon her death is to be shared with Maybell. He's shocked and puts up his grumpy mask to hide his anxiety and starts out on a bad foot with Maybell.

This is a romance with a happy ending (so freaking happy) but it's also a book about self discovery and learning to be okay with who you are. Both Wesley and Maybell grew and cared for each other in practical, romantic ways.

I completely recommend this book and I can't wait to read more of this author's work.
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This was a cute opposites attract romance between hopelessly romantic Maybell and grumpy Wes. I think the author did a good job including the challenges of living with anxiety and panic attacks. This is a slow burn romance so it takes awhile for the couple to open up to each other but their chemistry is great and the ending is really sweet.
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