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Got this for my kiddo and they LOVED it!  Said it was a fun, quick read.  And of course, it had DOGS, so you couldn't go wrong.
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Gus is a terrier and the leader of a motley crew of secondhand dogs. Each of his pack members has been through struggles, but they have yet to face their most perilous trouble yet. When a new dog tries to worm his way into the top dog spot, not only Gus but his entire family is threatened. 
Although cozy at times, this book opens up the real struggle abused and abandoned dogs face as they try to find a place in their forever homes. Kids can pick up some helpful tips on healthy dog ownership and the strength of doing what's right. Warm illustrations and hopeful dialogue pepper this creative yet believable story. I'd recommend this book for middle grade readers who love dogs as well as people of any age who enjoy a realistic story about overcoming past trauma. 
Thanks to HarperCollins and the author for this ARC.
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I really loved this book.  I will definitely purchase this title for my elementary library.  The students are sure to love it.  I love how each of the dogs has it's own distinctive personality and students will be able to relate to each one of them.  I think this story can be related to people as well.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Secondhand Dogs is a delightful tale about family and love. Miss Lottie loves all the dogs she has rescued, although she is not terribly good at picking up on dog behavior. Gus is the leader of the pack, which is rounded out by Tank, Roo, and Moon Pie.

When Miss Lottie rescues a large shepherd mix, Gus gets a bad feeling. What happens in the book results in a search for Moon Pie by the dogs and Quinn, the neighbor boy who helps Miss Lottie with her dogs. There are some scary moments, but all works out well in the end for everyone.

This book is very suitable for middle school children and as an adult I enjoyed it very much myself! The illustrations depict all the characters well. Highly recommended for dog lovers!
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This story uses the experience of dogs in a rescued pack to teach about dealing with bullies. The behavior of the new dog - a previously abused German Shepherd named Decker - as well as the behavior of Quinn's bullies may be triggering to kids who have been victimized by bullies in the past. The resolution, however, is a healthy and encouraging response to standing up to bullies who turn out to be hurting in their own ways.
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Animal lovers will snuggle up with this one and wish they could play in the yard with Quinn and the entire pack of unique and lovable dogs! This story was full of its share of adorable and family love. It reminds readers of the power of a relationship between human and dog, and it gives all the feels about warmth and peace after sadness and/or struggles. This book will find its way into the hearts of many and may just result in a surge in dog rescuing.
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Reading this on a black and white kindle, I did not get to fully appreciate the fun illustrations.
This book is told both in alternating points of view and different references to time.
All was simple to follow and understand.
I say this book is appropriate from middle schoolers to adult readers who love dogs.

Miss Lottie loves her dogs. They are her family and her purpose for being.
Gus has been with her the longest and is the pack leader of the household. After Miss Lottie, of course.
This is not a house devoted to one breed or even one size of dog. If they need a home, Miss Lottie is willing to take a dog in.
She has help from a neighbor boy, Quinn.
Life has not been easy for him and he seems lonely.

This is a book about friendship and finding one's place and purpose.
It draws on the reader's emotions and relates to their own life experiences.
There are tense moments but all works out in the end.
I was very glad about the way sensitive topics were gently handled.
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Secondhand Dogs by Carolyn Crimi is a fun read.  Miss Lottie has adopted 4 dogs and a cat.  She receives help with her animals from Quinn, who is bullied by his older brother.  One day, Miss Lottie adopts a fifth dog, Decker.  Decker was abused by his previous owner and begins to bully the other dogs in his new home.  When Decker convinces one of the dogs to take off, the other three dogs run off to try and find their friend. Adorable illustrations created by Melissa Manwell are included throughout the book. Children who enjoyed The Incredible Journey or The Dog’s Purpose series will love this book.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.
The cover of this book immediately drew me in and I knew it would be a good book. Yes, I judged it by the cover. I'm a sucker for rescue dogs. This story is cute and each of the dogs have their own characteristics. The adventures are somewhat suspenseful as the pack tries to work out its problems.
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I loved this book! I am a huge dog lover (ask my four dogs they'll tell you) so anytime I see a cute book with dogs involved I have to have it. This book was of course no exception.
  I loved all of the characters in this book both human and dog. I felt like they all had very distinct personalities and voices which can be rare in a book with so many characters. I especially loved how the dogs personalities seemed to match with their breeds. I also loved the little back stories about the dogs and their "dog gifts". 
  I also really enjoyed one specific bit at the end. I don't want to spoil anything but it was such a sweet addition to this book and fixed the only thing I thought might be a problem. 
  I also wanted to gush about how adorable the illustration are! The dogs look so cute and so perfectly match their personalities! I wanted to just kiss and cuddle every dog in this book.
  This is just a wonderful book for dog lovers. I give it two thumbs up and all the tail wags. My dogs and I all adored it and can't wait to get a copy to add to our ever growing shelf of dog books.
  Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Collins for the early copy.
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