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Bravo!!! My first introduction to Susan Elizabeth Phillips was a Chicago Stars Book. This has now become my favorite of that series. Loved Thad and Liv’s relationship as well as their personal style.
5 ⭐️!!
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5 long years! Wow, I never thought we would be seeing another SEP/STARS book, but here we go! And the wait was worth it. Then again, the series was supposed to have ended with This Heart of Mine, and I am so glad it did not.

This book was a tad darker than in the past. There were fewer giggles for sure. At least that was what I thought until I started re-reading the books this weekend! All of the books have a bit of a dark, angsty side to them. For some odd reason, a relationship between an opera singer and a football player just seemed to be more 'out there' than the past pairings. But it worked. For me, it worked quite well.

On an interesting side note, I had, as I had said, thought that an opera singer as the female protagonist was unusual until I re-read First Star I See Tonight I am sure as I keep re-reading the series find more things that delight me as much as this book did.

There were so many mysteries to be solved, and I had to admit that I thought I had the mystery solved, but I didn't, and I love that!
This book was dark but captivating, romantic, and sexy. The characters, Thad and Olivia, were the perfect foils for each other.

For long-time fans of SEP, this is a beautiful read. If you are new to the series, this can be read as a stand-alone, but I think you will read the earlier works to see how SEP has grown as an author and read each character's books.

I certainly hope that there will be some more books in the Stars collection, but I can understand why there may not be.
This book is defiantly going into my re-read/comfort read book folder

*ARC supplied by the publisher, author Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and NetGalley. Thank you.
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This novel is like part women's fiction, part romance, and part mystery/thriller, and odd combination in theory, yet it works here. Here, Thad Owens is the backup quarterback for the Chicago Stars team who has a low tolerance for divas, and especially Divas with a capital letter D. Olivia is an international opera star and a hugely driven Diva. The two are paired for a national tour to promote a luxury watch brand, but obviously, they aren't fans of one another. Along the journey, the trash talk, soul search, and deal with all sorts of dramatic, behind-the-scenes drama and threatening fans. Told in dual perspectives, it's set up to be a fun, light forced-proximity and enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist. There's a major mystery element that takes this book out of just a romance novel category and into something else. However, there's actually like three mystery going on, which seems like a lot. Then, of course, you get that sweeping, grandiose, romantic ending to make this a read I could hardly put down.
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I really enjoyed this, even if it only felt peripherally connected to the series as a whole (lots of very brief cameos from past characters, but otherwise it’s a new generation of Stars players). I liked the dynamic of having two “divas” — really just two extremely accomplished people at the top of their respective fields. The power dynamic was equal here, which is a refreshing change of pace. I’m a big opera fan so it was nice getting to see a bit of the behind the scenes details of productions, though I could see the opera trivia being a bit over the top for a reader who isn’t interested. 

Thad and Olivia have a rough start to their romance, with her mistakenly believing that he had assaulted her former roommate and him thinking she’s a snob. Once they start getting to know each other and respecting each other’s personal and professional qualities, the story really starts to take off. The ending may have had a few too many villains and diabolical plots (though I will say that I didn’t suspect any of the actual culprits) but it made for an entertaining read. 

Thank you to William Morrow/Avon and Netgalley for providing an ARC for review!
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It's a decent addition to the Chicago Stars series. Often it felt disorganized, and there were just too many things happening on the page and to the protagonist- and a lot of it didn't have anything to do with the actual plot except for the sake of unnecessary stress. But I appreciate that she tried to tackle mental health in a way that reminds us that it can effect anyone. It's definitely not my favorite, but not my LEAST favorite either.
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Being a longtime fan of her Chicago Stars series, I was SO excited to learn that she was putting out another in the series. I enjoyed the story though I found it took some time to get into it. For me, I think I enjoyed her earlier work just a bit more but this was a good solid read with likable characters.
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I did not know I needed a new Chicago Stars book in 2021 but SEP (and God, I guess) knew what I needed. I loved this  book. I loved that this couple were totally their own people, with their own self-assurance, goals, careers, and that they fell in love with their equal. I loved learning more about the opera world and the mystery was wacky and page-turning and suspenseful.  A great summer read.
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Olivia, an opera singer and Thad a football player are on a marketing tour to promote expensive watches.   They are very different people with nothing in common. They slowly learn to trust each other and become friends.  Olivia has been receiving threats and Thad goes into protection mode.  This book has a mystery along with a romance.  I enjoyed the banter between Olivia and Thad.  Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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These books are so fun and I love them.  The chemistry is sizzling and I was feeling this relationship.  I love her storytelling and once again she delivers a fantastic romcom!
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What a beautiful book.  The story is funny and interesting and has a secondary suspense plot that kept me guessing until the end.  However, the connection and respect between Thad and Olivia. is what made this such a satisfying and delightful read. I loved it!
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I received an ARC of this from the publisher in return for an honest review. 
I have read The First Star I See Tonight last year and it was nice to see those characters again. When Stars Collide was an absolute delight to read. I loved both of the characters, they had depth, they had spunk and they were incredibly wonderful in their interactions. It was refreshing to have a heroine who is amazing without being incredibly beautiful or sexy opposite a hero who is just too pretty for his own good. As it general is with the 'old school' authors, I wish bedroom intimacy happened sooner and there was more of it but I can't say the book was lacking. 
Really nice and engaging, I recommend this to anybody wanting to read high quality romance that has both sports and culture
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I love this author. If you enjoy this book, do yourself a favor and read her other books. They all have a quirky twist to standard romance novel storylines .This author has strong female characters that are relatable and real.
I enjoyed learning about opera and the behind the scenes reality of it. The suspense in this novel kept me guessing till the end. And My guess wasn’t even close to what was really going on. 
The romance was fun to watch develop with both main characters having strong personalities.
Happy reading!
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I love the Chicago Stars books, and this one did not disappoint. The characters were quirky, which made a very enjoyable read ! The storyline was quite unique and a page turner !
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Staci has read this whole series multiple times and LOVES SEP so was super excited to share reading this newest installment of the Chicago Stars series with her co-host Angie who had never read any SEP! Have no fear Angie is a converted SEP lover now! 

In short, we have Olivia, an opera singer, and Thad a football player. They are on a marketing tour for fancy watches and slowly become friends and then love interests in the course of a month. Olivia has lost her voice due to psychologic trauma of her ex-fiancé committing suicide.  During the tour, Olivia gets many threatening messages and photographs and gets attached 3 times! Thad vows to keep her safe and slowly realizes he loves her as he helps Olivia find her voice and her attackers.

We love the peak into opera and that the mains were very similar but attracted to each other (something not seen often). The way their romance progresses was wonderful: starting to like each other, being friends, being more. The romance in this book is super cute and sweet. The best part might have been the mystery we get. We are both very good at sniffing out the culprit early in most books but were wrong and caught off guard! We did not guess who it was at all!  Bravo SEP for keeping us on our toes!!!

A big thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.  

Staci McIntyre and Angie Millar
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Another great Chicago Stars books! This one has both some mystery as well as the usual rom-com; a real opposites attract story.  Olivia is a star mezzo-soprano, and Thad an aging quarterback for the Stars. They've been hired for a promotional tour for luxury watches.  From the start there doesn't seem to be any way they could work together, but then  Olivia starts receiving hate mail , prompting all sorts of protective instincts from Thad. The repartee between the two of them is fantastic, very realistic, and eventually they realize they are the same type of people: driven, successful, and professional. Both were afraid of being tied down by the other, but eventually realized they could work together very well by just supporting one another.  Their slow-burning romance is lots of fun to watch!

I received an advance copy for an honest review.
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips does it again! I loved the opposites attract relationship! Such an enjoyable read!
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I think I must have read my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips book 20 years ago. IT HAD TO BE YOU, was one of my very first sports romances. And ever since her light hearted and funny rom-coms have been part of my tbr.

Her latest book, WHEN STARS COLLIDE is a bit more mystery and romantic supsense than rom-com. But the writing, humor and characters all have SEP’s signature style. The book is a great summer/beach novel. Fun, engaging and entertaining. I especially loved the opposites attract trope, although the further I got into the book the more I AND the characters realised how similar they actually were. It was ridiculous how much Olivia and Thad had in common. Both were successful, driven, and professionals athletes. One a football player, the other an opera singer.

I absolutely adored the novel’s focus on opera. It’s such an interesting topic and world, that I have no experience in which made that side of the story so much more fascinating to me. There was this one scene when I found myself googling Brunnhilde’s battle cry, just to get a feel of the Ho-jo-to-ho! Getting a glimpse into the world of opera was refreshingly different.

Olivia and Thad had fantastic rapport. Banter, dialogues, and chemistry, it all worked. Honestly, they had such a great connection that they became fast friends and in the end they matched perfectly. The couple really understood each other. Supported each other’s ambition and drive. They just had to realise themselves that they were perfect for each other.

As I mentioned above, WHEN STARS COLLIDE was more a mystery romantic suspense novel than a rom-com. And I thought the author did a great job keeping the suspense high. Also I had no idea who the villain was until the last minute.

Overall, the novel was a nice addition to a beloved series.
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips is brilliant, she writes dialogue and banter like no one else, and her characters are smart, witty, and strong.  Thad and Olivia are all those things and more.  What could a quarterback and an opera singer possibly have in common?  They think they have it all under control, but this slow-burning relationship soon becomes bigger than the both of them.
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I have loved Susan Elizabeth Phillips since I first read Fancy Pants. This book continues that love.  

When Stars Collide is a love story between two characters that couldn't be more different on the outside.  Watching them grow to understand, like and love each other was a joy.  The mystery woven into the storyline was well thought out and added to the overall story. 

It is always fun to get a peek into the "where are they now" of characters from her past book and this was no different.  There is one character in this story that was left with a story line that I certainly hope Mrs. Phillips follows .  But regardless of what she writes next, I will read it.  Thank you for another enjoyable story!
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Phillips is just getting better and better with each book she's written recently.  She was always a good read, but now her books seem to have even more meat than previously.  A great discussion book.  I'm looking forward to recommending this wholeheartedly.
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