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What looks from the synopsis a great police procedural with heart stopping action is not what happens when read.

I could only get as far as chapter 10.  The slow and very over descriptive writing prolongs the story and doesn’t captivate you from the onset.

Police procedurals are fast and engaging. This is not.

The main suspect is shocking and you feel like you just want to shout and say “get over yourself and move on”.  Having the story in reverse does not do it just. I rather work out who is responsible than know from the onset.

Chapters at times are long and laborious with hints of old fashion style.

I had and felt great expectations but this fell way short.  I don’t think I would read the previous ones either.

Overall not for me.
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Awesome! I was pulled in to this twisty tail from the first page. Rich characters drive a tale of love and loss, revenge and mental illness. A compelling, heartbreaking thriller.
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DS Jenna Morgan is called to an dispute at the home of a couple and their young son. She finds the pregnant wife in a pool of blood and her husband claims he found her when he came downstairs from working. DS Morgan doesn’t know if the young mother fell and hurt herself or was attacked, then the husband realizes their eleven month child is missing. This was a quick read and kept me wanting to read to find out what happened. Thanks Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The Ex by Diane Saxon was quite a varied experience as I wasn't aware it was the fourth in the series until I read her bio : "With a four-book deal through Boldwood Books, her first in series Find Her Alive was published October 2019 followed by Someone's There in February 2020 and What She Saw is due in September 2020."
This explains plenty as there seemed to be several instances in which I felt lost not having a back story to go from or a past history with these characters.
With this noted if you've read the previous books you shall have no difficulty with this newest edition.
The story revolves around two central characters Zak and Inelda Cheetham-Epstein. Emily is also one to watch.
Detective Jenna Morgan is active on the case of the missing child after being called out for Inelda whose pregnant with serious head injuries (possible fractured skull). Their 11 month old son Joshua is now missing.
Everyone is suspect but it's a sick twist of faith in the end.
This race against time results in plenty of suspense, mystery, and weird as heck situations.
An interesting one from start to finish.
I hope you enjoy.
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I knew I was in for a good read after having read 2 other books by this author, I didn't think that i was going to be blown away by it! 
It was one of those books that you are desperate to race through as you want to see how it goes, but you don't want to finish. 
I was gripped, as usual by this author's writing, by the first few pages, intrigued to know where it was headed. 

The author highlighted mental health in this book,and it was done so well! 
The police procedurals were described brilliantly and I love DS Morgan's team, they're a family who look out for each other.

Strongly recommended if you like a edge of your seat police procedural/ thriller. 
Loved it!
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DS Jenna Morgan answers a call out to what appears to be a domestic at a house in Ironbridge.  When she arrives she makes a preliminary assumption that it could be a falling out between the the couple, Zac and Imelda, and that Imelda fell down the stairs.  It’s not until they realise that the couple’s baby, Joshua, is missing that events take an even sinister turn.
When I started reading this book I wasn’t aware that it was part of a series of Jenna Morgan stories, so the harping back to a previous case and the way in which Domino was idolised was a little confusing.  However, this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book and it quickly became a page turner.  The characters were well written, the setting perfect (though I am probably biased as I love Ironbridge!), and the story moved along quickly.  Whilst I am not a fan of series type books, this  could encourage readers to catch up with others in the series.  This is not an whodunnit, as the reader knows this from very early on, so anyone wanting a denouement will be disappointed, but nevertheless it is a good read and I would recommend. Thank you NetGalley.
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Zak and his pregnant wife were attacked and their 11 month old baby kidnapped. Jenna Morgan is called to the home to investigate what happened. This was a nail bitter from start to the finish.
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When I read this book I was unaware that this was part of a series so I was confused at times which is the reason for 3 stars.
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Emily is furious. She has just learnt that her ex has recently got married. She feels that if he only could see her again he would change his mind and be with her. She tracks him down and comes face to face with his wife. Jenna is on duty as a detective Sergeant when a call comes in of a sudden death. She arrives at the scene to find the paramedics doing all they can for the victim who is still alive. This brings back memories of when her police partner was shot right next to her. She also has a trauma of the disappearance of her sister a few years ago. She pulls herself together and speaks to the husband and he suddenly yells about their little boy of eighteen months Joshua. Jenna searches the house and the husband is the only one there- the little boy is either missing or has wandered off. I enjoyed this. I like Jenna and her tenacity and the fast pace of the read. We know whom the protagonist is but there are twists and turns along the way.
I didn't know that this was part of a series and although it stands alone I did feel I was missing out on what had previously happened with Jennas partner and her sister and most importantly the dog. Other than that, yes it stands on its own, maybe just my curiosity. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
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The Ex by Diane Saxon is a crime thriller with DS Jenna Morgan at its centre.  I read this novel as a standalone, unaware that it is part of a series, and my enjoyment was not at all diminished by this fact.  I am left wanting more, scrambling to find other books in this series.

DS Morgan is called to a home in response to a report of a domestic incident.  What she finds is a pregnant Imelda Cheetham-Epstein unconscious with serious head injuries.  Further adding to the traumatic scene, Imelda and husband Zak's eleven month old son has gone missing.  Clearly, something about the scene in Ironbridge is not right, and it falls to Jenna to find out exactly how foul the state of play.

While I very much enjoyed this novel, I was slightly disappointed that I was blindly entering an already established series.  That being said, the book does hold up as a standalone, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC.
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I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as it kept me guessing until the end, read it one sitting as couldn’t leave it down x
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This crime series has a fresh feel to it with engaging characters and a good dose of humour despite the dark nature of the cases.
The author deals with complex mental health issues with sensitivity too
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. 

Now that I come to post my review on Librarything, I see that this is the fourth instalment of a series. This was not apparent from either the NetGalley or the Goodreads listing, although it was obvious when reading the novel. There was a lot of harping back to traumatic things that had happened before, and a big focus on a dalmation and who could be trusted to dog walk such a precious animal etc, which must make more sense to returning readers than they did to me.

I found this curiously lacking in suspense. We knew who had committed the crimes and why from the very beginning and the police quickly worked this out too. Without being too spoiler-y, it was all a bit anticlimacitc; everything turned out not to be as bad as it might have been.
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i a big fan of this author and she never disappoints . and  set  not far from me .Emily Shenton is at the company summer ball. and she not really want to be there ,she had one true love who worked with her but when they broke up he left the company , then her boss announces Zak has got married it causes a chain of events that is lethal and upsetting for some of the characters . Jenna and her team are on the case and i so love some of the funniness in this book and is nice to catch up with the other characters in the book i love the Dalmatian Domino  as always gripping and addictive cant wait for the next book in series
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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy. I always get sucked into Diane's books by their covers and descriptions, but then get let down. This one didn't do it for me for the simple fact she said right up front who the perpetrator was. I understand that secrets came out about Emily, but it really lost my interest right away.
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A missing child an unconscious pregnant woman with head injuries in Coalbrookdale. D S Jenna Morgan is at Malinsgate Police Station Ironbridge and becomes involved with the case is this an accident for the woman or something more, The husband and father Zak Cheetham-Eptein is frantic is his wife
Imelda going to survive and where is Joshua his son who has taking him. Emily Shenton is The Ex and Zak is the love of her life she will never forgive him for leaving her and now the voice has spoken it was back and knew where her heart lay what was she going to do. Jenna and her sister Fliss and trusty dog Domino still lived together Fliss a teacher at Coalbrookdale Ironbridge school were both in relationships dating. Fliss and DC Mason Ellis Jennas partner at work and Jenna with Adrian Hall a crown prosecutor and relationships are hitting off but they still both enjoyed girlie times alone together, Getting back to the story its in the middle of a heat wave and Eleven months old Joshua is out there somewhere and needs to be found they have no idea if he just wandered off or was taking from the house. Oh what can I say this book is gripping and gave me shivers I found myself feeling very emotional in parts I love this authors style and this book is brilliant to read from start to finish they just get better and better and I am loving the whole series. I give this so the worthy stars but deserve more.
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#TheEx #NetGalley 
A good read. 
DS Jenna Morgan is called to a domestic incident at the home of a young family in Ironbridge.
Pregnant Imelda Cheetham-Epstein has been found unconscious by her husband, Zak with serious head injuries.
When Jenna arrives on the scene, she discovers something even more disturbing – the couple's eleven-month-old son, Joshua, is missing and the race against time begins to find him.
Is this an accident or something more sinister?
Are the two incidents linked?
Or has something in the Cheetham-Epstein's past caught up with them? 
Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for giving me an advanced copy.
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