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There were so many twists to this story! Without giving anything away I will just say that I understood both Bree and the old woman’s sides. Both were mothers looking out for their children. I would definitely recommend this one!
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The very first chapter hooked me…but the further and further I got into the book the more I just wanted it to be over. The premise of this book is intriguing but the overall execution felt quite lackluster. I know I wasn’t supposed to be routing for The Mother, but I was. The whole time. The motivations of every single character just felt disjointed and unbelievable? Maybe I’m just a bad person who doesn’t want to read about a mother wanting to get her son back for 300+ pages and then have the “reveal” be so dull and uninteresting.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Harper audio for my copy of Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson Narrated by Joshilyn Jackson In exchange for an honest review. It published April 6, 2021.
First off I have to say that the narrator of this book was very talented and did such a good job with the multiple perspectives and different voices for the characters. Joshilyn Jackson really brought it for this book and I could not stop listening to it. I was so worried and so into the storyline that I found whatever I could to keep listening to it no matter what. This one will stay with me for a long time.
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Another great thriller from Jackson.  I was on the edge of my seat listening. 

Great story highlighted by a great reading.
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Mother May I is an intriguing, creepy mystery. I loved the writing style and was immediately drawn into the story. The story was a little long, but I wanted to know what would happen. Joshilyn Jackson narrated her own book really well. I felt like her voice fit the novel's narrator. This was my first Joshilyn Jackson book, but it will not be my last! 

Thank you Harper Audio for providing this audiobook ARC. All thoughts are my own.
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This was quite a story! 

I found the story-line interesting and original. 

This was another case where I had both the audiobook and e-book. It was nice being able to switch back and forth though I did find I liked the e-book better in this case. '

I do think the book could have been shorter. I was sure that I was nearing the end and was shocked to find that I was only at the halfway point. A few things may have pushed the boundaries of belief but I was still quite interested in the story so it didn't really bother me all that much. 

Overall, I found this book very entertaining. I racked my brain, trying to figure out what was going on and how things were going to end. 

Although this wasn't my favorite novel by Joshilyn Jackson, I'm still glad I read it and I look forward to her next release!
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Mother May I ~ Joshilyn Jackson - Domestic Suspense ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This was a Netgalley audio - release date April 6, 2021
A creepy old lady, a kidnapped baby, a deadly ransom. Well there's a trifecta for you. Set in the south with interconnected storylines, some stabby-stabby, and some crazy plot twists. A slow burn that becomes a wildfire at the end.
I enjoyed the twisted way these characters work their way under your skin. The choices a mother must make even though she's second guessing herself. It's a tale of power, privilege, lies, and revenge. 
Bree looked away only for a second and now her baby is missing. A note left that she's being watched. A mysterious woman and  a warning not to call the police. The deeper into the mystery you go the faster your pulse pounds.
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This was a great read. It was very suspenseful reading about a mother (Bree) whose son was stolen right from under her nose trying to get her son back. Bree will do whatever it takes to bring her boy home and I can understand that. Finding out why baby Robert was taken is definitely a trigger warning to some. Bree managed to be a nice and even empathetic character at times while still being hard enough to do what she needed to do for her child. I finished this book in nearly one sitting and definitely recommend to people who like books in the thriller/suspense category. Now on to the audio part. Sometimes I have a hard time getting through books without the help of audio and other times I just like to have multiple ways to read/listen to a book. The audiobook was a great listen!
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Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson is an original book.  I was intrigued by the premise of the book and thought it sounded really interesting. I was glad that I had requested it from #NetGalley and #Harper Audio, as it was more miss for me.  The author is the narrator on this book, and though the sound recording is excellent, her over-expressiveness drove me crazy.
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I enjoyed this book it was very fact paced and can't put down type of read. 
I found I really liked bree and was anxious or nervous or rooted for her and that doesn't always happen in books solid first half, the second was a little less than riveting but overall great read.
The narration at times seemed confusing.
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I always love a good psychological thriller and this was definitely one I loved. There were so many twists that blindsided me. This one had my attention from the start right down to the last second. This was my first time reading Joshilyn Jackson and I can honestly say it won't be my last.
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I was very excited to receive this because the reviews were so good. It was just ok for me. A twisty family drama thriller, but I kept getting bored. It dragged in places.
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Bree Cabbat is living the dream-a doting husband, talented teenaged daughters, and a baby boy rounding out the family. Her dream turns into a nightmare when her baby is kidnapped, a note with instructions left in his place. Frantic, Bree obeys the order to head home without alerting anyone, including her husband who is out of town. Bree soon learns that the person who has her baby is also a mother. Grasping at this small connection and desperate to get her child back, Bree has one task to complete. A task that could destroy the perfect life Bree has created. This version of Mother May I is not your harmless playground game. It's a game of revenge and Bree has no choice but to play. 
I have mixed feelings about the revenge trope, but I definitely enjoyed this one. The story gets off to a slow start, but stick with it, the layers are important. This is a twisty, satisfying, thriller with a fantastic audiobook narrator.
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I was captivated by this story and by the narration. I love hear the story of Bree and her family. Brees baby gets kidnapped and her world comes crashing down. 

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley and the publisher.
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Joshilyn Jackson is one of my go to authors.  She never disappoints me when I read one of her books.

In this book Bree's son is kidnapped and the decisions she needs to make in order to keep her son alive and save him while this nightmare is happening and the lies and deceit pile on top of it, moving us to wonderfully climatic ending.

5 stars
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For some reason, this book was not my cup of tea. I'm not sure if it was the dragging plot or the narrator that prevented me from really getting into this book. The hint that the husband has something to do with why the child is missing, the anxiety of trying to find the child in question, or creepy old lady that follows their every move just made me cringe.
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This was a phenomenal audiobook. I thought the narrator did such a good job at voicing the multiple characters. I've never read a book by this author before, but I loved her writing style. Although there were multiple points of view, it felt more like we were just peeking into the story as a whole and not getting different narrators. I also loved that the plot started right away. It definitely was not a slow burn, which was great! Overall, I thought the plot and the characters were well developed and that the book was well written. My only criticism is that I thought there was too much book left after the case was resolved.
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Mother May I grabbed my attention and never let me go!! 

What would you do if your baby boy was stolen from you??? Mother May I is a domestic thriller that will show you the lengths of what one mother will go through to get her son back. 

It’s gripping, and the narration will hold your attention to the very last line. 
Buckle up and enjoy the ride my friend!
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While I liked Never Have I Ever just a bit more this one was still really good. I'd definitely recommend.

Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Joshilyn Jackson is an auto-buy/read/listen author and everyone should be reading her works! I really enjoyed this thriller!
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