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This was a fun cookbook! I am always a fan of cookbooks that incorporate watercolor style artwork throughout and have a laid back vibe. The recipes are easy to follow and sounds absolutely scrumptious! Enjoy flipping through this cookbook and exploring recipes designed for summer fun.
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So far I've only made the Zucchini-Chickpea Waffles with Crispy Eggs from this cookbook but let me share a few more I can't wait to try:
-charred scallion dip
-summer cherry gazpacho
-sungold tomato and lemon thyme focaccia
-fantastic focaccia sandwiches
-carrot, fennel, kale, and snap pea slaw
-easy being green salad
-mermaid soba noodles with miso dressing
-grilled shrimp louie with avocado-buttermilk dressing
-blueberry-lavender buckwheat galette
-sparkling yuzu meyer lemonade
-watermelon limeade

Etc etc - basically all of it. My new summer companion! Every recipe takes fresh summer ingredients and actually does something new with it, which is rare. I love the diagrams for ideas like fruit boards too.
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Completely besotted by this one! Thanks Netgalley!
Adorable illustrations on every page, cute and amusing text, simple yet mouth-watering seasonal recipes and so many fun non-foodie tips to help you have the perfect summer. There’s everything from menu planning for themed parties, to what to do when it rains, how to not lose your keys or how to build the perfect sandcastle! I’m going to purchase a hard copy of this one (and as its basically summer all year round in South Florida so I’ll get tons of use from it!)
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Just as the weather is starting to turn sunny with the promise of warm days ahead comes Summer: A Cookbook. In addition to easy, fresh recipes like spicy pineapple spears and seaside lobster bake, there are tips for making the most of your beach day. I live on the Oregon coast, where a day at the beach often involves blowing sand and parkas in July, so this is more aspirational than actual. (There is a recipe for Oregon Coast shrimp roll that looks delicious, though.) But readers in other parts of the country where beaches are warm in the summer will find helpful advice for staking your spot, packing your bag, and more. Accompanied by adorable hand-drawn illustrations in candy colors.
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In the coldness of winter I requested a copy of Summer: A Cookbook from NetGalley. I decided that I would share my thoughts on this book with everyone, if not just to clarify what this book is about. It was my impression from the description that I was going to be learning a lot of great recipes that I could make in the summer without heating up the entire house with my oven. While this book does recipes of this nature they are not the every-day recipes that I was hoping for. Recipes for whole gilled branzino and spare ribs aren't going to be on the menu at my house this summer. The desserts were, by far, the recipes of most interest to me, especially the key lime pie with saltine crust.

However, I do think that if you have a beach house and do a lot of entertaining during the warmer months then definitely peruse this title. If you can pull off the recipes in this books your friends will be very impressed.
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"Cookbook' sells this book short. It's so much more! Entertaining ideas. Life ideas. The approach is casual - for the every-day person ... not stuffy like a Martha Stewart book can be. Very practical. Useful, new ideas. And good food! I would love to see Fall, Winter, and Spring!
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It's hard not to love Marnie Hanel and Jan Stevenson's new book, "Summer: A Cookbook." The book transports you to the beach to enjoy a crab boil.  

I must admit that autumn is my favorite season, but Hanel and Stevenson's book has inspired me to make the most out of my summers. 

The recipes are pretty easy to understand, so it's the perfect book for even the most novice cook. Another plus is how there are sections about Beach Reads (love the shoutout to "Valley of the Dolls"), picnic checklists, and helpful tips too. The illustrations are pretty adorable too, I don't miss the usual food photographs. 

So if you're looking for a whimsy cookbook all about summer, you can't go wrong with "Summer: A Cookbook." It delivers everything it promises and even more.
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This was a cute book with way more than just recipes in it. I liked the little illustrations but part of me wished for some real photographs in it as well but that might just be a personal preference.
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What a gorgeous and unique book! From the beautiful illustrations to the helpful tips and suggestions, this book is so much more than "just" a cookbook. What I love most about this book is that these ideas are applicable to those lucky enough to live near a shore as well as those in land-locked areas (we can play pretend in our backyard). 

The authors' voices come straight off the pages and opening this book is like spending time with friends.  I can't wait to add this to not only my library's collection, but also to my personal collection where it will travel between my backyard and my beach bag.
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I liked this cookbook a lot! The recipes were light and felt summery and the book lists and other activities suited it so well.! I do wish there had been actual pictures of the recipes instead of the cartoon version because as much as I appreciate the aesthetic I would like to see what my recipe is going to look like.

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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I really love how this book is laid out and clean with not too much stuff thrown in all at once. There's way more in this book than just beach recipes, so don't be fooled! It's full of fun and helpful tips for all beach and summer adventures!
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I feel bad saying it, but I really hated this book. I'm giving it 2 stars for okay, since others are likely to enjoy it and there are fun elements to it. The book is very peppy and written like a team of influencers who were once sorority sisters wrote it. The chapters are dedicated to different summer activities like crab boils. There's a very bougie feel to it. There are no photos of any of the dishes. Instead, there are cheerful little drawings peppering the book. There are long entries about various aspects of summer and written tutorials for various things like keeping sand out of baby things and how to go crabbing. It is endlessly chatty but in a sort of forced, artificially friendly way. There are many recipes for cocktails. Some of the recipes sounded tasty but they are very much the standard American diet kind of foods and the sort of recipes you'd find in Good Housekeeping (no shade, just giving comparison). No nutritional information is provided and no recipes are given for folks on special diets or with allergies.

My summers are all about lazy days and magical nights, but I don't think I'm the target audience for this one.

I read a temporary ARC of this book via Net Galley.
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