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I’m not sure exactly what this book is about. It seems like it’s about sick kids getting better but I can’t be positive. There’s a formatting problem with this galley none of the words are on the pages and then it feels like words are missing. There’s a note at the end about being a parent with a kid with an ostomy but that’s nowhere in the story it’s nowhere in the introduction.The artwork is dull and maybe that’s a formatting problem.  I don’t see this being a book I would want to hand a kid in the hospital.
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This book is inspired by the true story of the author’s real life experiences. “She felt compelled to inspire and encourage children through their personal ostomy journey.” (My Silly Illy, 2021, About Campbell Dwyer section.)

“My Silly Illy” words by Campbell Dwyer @mysillyilly (on Instagram) and illustrations by Ana-Maria Cosma @ana_mariacosma (on Instagram). 

Publishing date: March 15, 2021
Publisher: GenZ Publishing @genz_publishing (on Instagram) 

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Thanks to @netgalley for this early review copy. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Congratulations to everyone involved. 

I just reviewed My Silly Illy by Campbell Dwyer. #MySillyIlly #NetGalley
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Very simple book that helps young children living with ostomy and/or illiostomy bags after surgeries. Written by an author who had several by the age of 4 and a total of 10, she wanted to help other children accept theirs like she learned to accept hers. Will be an easy read, but will require discussion. Good for the specialist, parents, counselor.
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I read this book last night and thought that it was great.

My friend has recently had both her bowel and bladder removed so this book was quite apt in its timing.

It explains to children that need to have an ostomy bag that they are special and unique in their own ways.

I liked the positive messages about living their lives and being fighters too - quite uplifting.

It won't be a book that all kids will need but it is 5 stars from me, explained really well and with some gentle illustrations.
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This is the best book!! I am a special ed one on one para pro that works with a child with an ostomy bag. It is wonderful for a book to be around for a child just like him!! I would recommend this book for every classroom as a read aloud or used individually for children who don't realize that children are different in many ways. 
Back to the book, it shows different children and where they live and how they interact with having a bag. There is also a wonderful note at the end of the book to the parents of said children, for them to receive a pick me up that they don't often get when having a child with different needs.
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This book explains ostomy to a child in a fun way. I especially liked that the author understands it as she has experienced it herself. To me, this makes her connect it to the reader.
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This is a children's book, but I do not think it is for every kid. This book is all about having an ileostomy bag. I read this book to my twin boys that as special needs. They do not have an ileostomy, but there is different things in their EC classroom. Some kids has feeding tubes and other types of bags. I feel that sharing anything different with kids helps them understand what is going on with other kids. I think the book help to open up talks about how all kids are different, and they are different. I also thinks this book lets the kids that are different sees that not all people can sees their difference as a super power, and that is ok. I think this was a well written story, and I think this book can help so many kids. This book can also help open minds of people that never seen ileostomy bags. This is a much needed book. Thank you for writing this book. Great book. I receive an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.
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