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This series never disappoints. It's so rich in characters I care about, fantastic world building, and plotlines that never get old. That Kim Harrison decided to return to this world after the series "ended" is the gift that keeps on giving.

I love these books. And I love Rachel.

Alas, a lot of folks in the Hollows don't. Including the incoming new master vampire, Constance. She is even crazier and more brutal than Piscary, and that creates quite a problem for Rachel. Because more and more people are turning to her to fix things. And let's face it, Rachel wouldn't be Rachel if she didn't try.

The cast is a mix of familiar faces and new ones. Like the last book, Ivy is largely absent, but Jenks is as prominent as ever. Trent is still firmly in the HEA zone, but the lingering elf-take on their relationship and the existence of Ellsbeth keep it from being too easy. Al and Dali are around, but the estrangement set up by Hodin really bums me out. I like Hodin. But Al is... Al. Rachel needs him and I want him back, dammit.

Pike, scion to the big bad, is an interesting character. I think there is more good story with him on the horizon.

It was all just so good. I love all the shout outs to old characters and past events. They all helped shape Rachel and her reality and Kim Harrison never leaves the past in the past. It's like a living, breathing part of the story.

I'm going to stop gushing now... until next time.
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Love this series! I’m so happy that it was brought back. The new master vampire has it out for Rachel. This along with Rachel trying to manage the tension between Al and Hodin, and the demons and the elves, makes for a great story. There were more questions than answers so hopefully that means the series will continue.  Overall this book was a fun and exciting read. It was full of adventure and action. Can’t wait to read the next one!
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Some of the old mixed in with new and freaking hilarious! I don't think I've laughed so much because of one word, "Squeak!" I loved the remembrances of the past peppered throughout. I hate the Rachel and So are fighting (still), but that usually means a spectacular reunion with those two. I also live watching Trent really be an elf and all the mischief that may happen in the future. I admit I like some of "old" Teen's traits and it's good to see some of them resurface. Rachel is learning having a network of friends is a good thing. Was kinda sad there wasn't much Ivy in this one, but understand that I yes life is moving away from Rachel.
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I missed Rachel, Jinks, and the crew! This second installment in the new run of books did not disappoint. Rachel still can't catch a break, Jinks still has the most inventive curses, and a certain gargoyle is still breaking my heart. I am really happy Trent and Rachel are still together as well. Overall, Rachel is at her best when she's facing down vamps, and saving her city.
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I have loved the Hollows series for year.  Another well done novel with an interesting new arc. Rachel is finding her own way. I like the potential here and seeing how the story will develeop.
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I honestly can't think of a time where I would ever be sick of reading about Rachel's adventures. I want this series to continue forever.
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I could not wait to get my hands on this book! I have been stalking NetGalley for months waiting for this one to hit, so I could request it! I adore Rachel Morgan, the Hollows, and all of the characters in this series, I cannot tell you how happy I was when I found out, last year, that we would be getting more of Rachel's story.

In Million Dollar Demon Rachel is facing off against another master vampire, and this one is crazier than the ones she has dealt with in the past. Some of our series favorites take a back seat for this story, but we get to know some new characters better. I am really liking Pike! I hate that Rachel is on the outs with Al, but I am enjoying her interactions with Hodin. We see a bit more of Zach (and the power he wields). 

The wrap up to this book felt like an ending, which I really hope isn't true! There are still a couple story lines that need to be finished, and I really don't want to be left without closure!
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Fifteen books in and I am still riveted by Rachel’s episodic life. In Million Dollar Demon Rachel just wants to find a home to live in but everyone expects her to step up and solve one of the biggest problems to hit Cincinnati in years. Candace, the new master vampire leads by making her followers fear her. When Rachel finally meets her she realizes the horrors that await her city of someone doesn’t step up to control the situation. Unfortunately for her she is the one who has to step up. She is dating the Sa’han of the elves, runs a pack of werewolves with the alpha David, and is scion to one of the most powerful living vampires in Cincinnati. Because of these relationships and her status as a demon born witch who helped save the demon realm in a previous novel, Rachel is the go-to to fix this problem.

Rachel has evolved so much through this series. She was just a young witch in the first novel and even though she still seems to stumble into trouble without a scratch despite not wanting the attention her status has totally changed. The one thing that hasn’t is that somehow she still seems slightly unsure of herself yet bullsh(t$ her way through most problems. I like sassy female protagonists and there is no one mouthier than Rachel Morgan.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about Million Dollar Demon’s plot. There was plenty of action, heroics, and edge of your seat awareness that things might just go wrong to keep me reading rapidly. When I was younger Rachel was one of my favorite characters and I still like her a lot. Every time I read one of these Hollows novels I’m transported to a familiar place and it’s a comfort. I can easily get wrapped up in a story and forget about the outside world. I just wish Rachel had learned some confidence. She’s great at faking it but she’s still the insecure young girl she was in the first book. Maybe that was the one thing keeping it from being a five star read. I want Rachel to finally stand up and say I am here and no one is going to do that in my city, and mean it!

If you like paranormal action books this series is a lot of fun. Start with book one because I think if you haven’t read the previous novels it would be really confusing to start with book fifteen. This is urban fantasy escapism and boy this one’s a wild ride.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!
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Million Dollar Demon has Rachel searching for a new place after the church is wrecked. However, Constance, the new master vampire is not going to let that happen. This master does not like Rachel’s reputation so she wants her out of Cincinnati and what better way to start by getting rid of her allies by evicting them from their homes. As a result, Rachel offers them a place to temporarily stay at her church. Many want Rachel to kill Constance who won’t stop her attacks until all leaders of the various groups pledge themselves to her. Rachel knows but she’s going to do things her way instead.

Once again, Kim Harrison has returned to the Hollows series and brought another wonderful installment to Rachel’s story. Yes, Million Dollar Demon had action, adventure, magic, and many familiar faces. I am looking forward to see what she has in store for Rachel and the gang. Also, knowing  Kim Harrison, she will definitely deliver with any future installments.
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How is it that we're fifteen novels into The Hollows series? It's hard to believe that there have been so many, and yet I'm already looking forward to whatever comes next! Million Dollar Demon, by Kim Harrison, is not a novel to miss for fans of Rachel Morgan and all of the chaos she brings with her.

The powers that be have decided that Cincinnati needs to new master vampire, and we all know how well that is going to go. Rachel Morgan has a habit of getting in the way of master vampires, and this time the new master is gunning for her.

That would be fine, except this master is willing to tear through the city to get to Rachel. Meaning it is officially time for Rachel to step up and protect the city. Again. She'll just have to find a way to win this fight without compromising her ideals.

“Tradition-entrenched, frightened old farts blind to reality.”

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we're getting new Hollows series? Every new announcement has successfully made my day, as I hadn't realized how much I would miss Rachel and her antics.

Moving onto the actual review now, Million Dollar Demon is absolute perfection. This is the sequel that fans and characters alike deserved. It's tense and thrilling and showcases some of the best (and worst) that Rachel has to offer.

Frankly, there is so much to enjoy about this novel. I think my favorite bits involved the politics (what a shock, I know) and the clever lengths that Rachel went to find a way out of her current predicament.

That being said, it is by no means the only exciting element in Million Dollar Demon. Trent, Jenks (I adore that little dude), and all the rest make an appearance, as well as a few surprises. Combined with all of the subplots surrounding them, it made for one very full novel – one that I couldn't get enough of.

It's fascinating to see how the previous novels and their plots still play a role in what is happening now. Rachel is still reeling from all of the demon and elf business, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how that all will ultimately play out (unfortunately, I do actually have to'll be worth it!).

I adored Million Dollar Demon and the thousands of details that worked their way into the plot. Honestly, reading the latest installment has made me crave all of the other books, so I think that a re-read is in order. And that is how you know the sequel is a success. Until next time!
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Million Dollar Demon is the Fifteenth installment in author Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. Witch-born demon Rachel Morgan and her friends; including humans, werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, elves, and pixies—fight to protect the inhabitants of the city of Cincinnati from the city's newest master vampire. Just when you thought you saw everything under the brutal leadership of Piscary, Constance comes along and says, "Hold my beer!"

With Trent off script with Ellasbeth, Quen, and the two girls proving that he's worthy of being the Elven Sa'han for part of this story, Rachel and Jenks are going to have their hands full until Trent returns. For weeks, Rachel and Jenks have looking for a new place to live since the Church they own has all but been condemned and nobody wants to put an time in refurbishing it. Constance is barely here one day, and her attempts at destroying Rachel grow even more deadlier by the day. From bogus evictions, trumped-up charges, intimidation, and just about everything else you can think of. 

There's a certain common denominator among many of these targets—they're tied in some way to Rachel. In more than a few cases, Rachel herself is clearly the target as is Trent, David, and Landon. With the IS and FIB standing by and doing nothing to help, except for Captain Edden who finally admits he's been an ass to Rachel, she makes a hard decision to allow people like Stephanie, a witch who was forced out of her home, as well as werewolves and vampires and others to stay at her Church. Jenks once again stands tall with Rachel time and time again and even makes new friends.

David proves that he is a really good friend and ally to Rachel, especially when Constance starts going after Rachel's friends. Ivy is being held as hostage in D.C. along with her lover Nina and it this point, it doesn't really matter. Meanwhile, Rachel's relationship with Al has gone cold as ice and he's acting like a child because of Hodin. Can Rachel fix her relationship with Al? Can Rachel really trust Hodin who came around at the moment when Rachel lost Bis? Can Hodin fix Bis, or is he gone forever? Can she trust Pike, who is Constance's scion? Pike's vampire pheromone's always seem to have an affect on Rachel. 

Yet, he has his own crosses to bear which rise up time and time again in this story and it makes Rachel's choice to stand up and be something she doesn't want to be, that much more important. This might be a slight spoiler. One of Rachel's demon friends mentions an idea—it hasn't been used recently but there is an old demon office called the subrosa—essentially the demon equivalent of the Master Vampire (there are nuances that I need to let you read for yourselves). All she has to do is prove that she can defeat Constance and keep the allies that she makes in this story. Easy Peasy right? Yeah, suuurree!

Conclusion: Million Dollar Demon shows that Rachel is capable of rising to the challenge and being a major power in the city while not getting down to her enemies level. She proves that she can put together an alliance of the willing to save the people of Cincinnati, even though who may hate her because she's a demon.
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Why can’t we all just get along? Poor Rachel. She just wants to find a home, save Bis and snuggle with Trent. Constance, the new master vampire of Cincinnati has arrived early, evicted large parts of the city and is demanding all paranormal submit to her control. As for Rachel, Constance wants her out of the city and the Hollows. The IS is refusing to help displaced folks, and the city is divided. Oddly enough, that divide can be grouped into those who like Rachel and those who want her dead. Can an agreement be made or are things about to get ugly?

It’s no secret that I love The Hollows series from the characters to the city. I am so glad that Harrison is revisiting this series and loved Million Dollar Demon.

Harrison hooked me from the very first pages. Rachel and Jenks are looking for a new home and soon find themselves caught up as Constance’s thugs take over the city. Rachel tries to help and grows frustrated when the IS and FIB aren’t any help.

It was a blast seeing beloved characters and Rachel’s allies. Ms. Morgan has come along way and has really come into her own as a Demon-Witch. While she still places herself in danger, she isn’t as impulsive and is more trusting of those around her. Sure, she’ll die protecting them, but she’s let them in.

The threat to Cincinnati has everyone from the Elves to the free vampires in an uproar as Constance rules by fear and it proved to be an interesting storyline. Constance makes Piscary look like a veritable saint. Yikes.

We had some adventures to as Rachel and Pike go on an unexpected trip and find some common ground. Trent has really changed and has helped to anchor Rachel. It was perfect from the burgers to the hiccups.

The tension between Al, Hodin and Rachel continues. Poor Rachel finds herself in the middle and it hurts her. The tensions between the Elves and Demons, particularly with magic, but Rachel has other ideas. We get to spend a little time in the Ever-After, which is always fun!

Clever plans, alliances, loss, spells and deals made for an addictive read. The banter, camaraderie, and moments between lovers and friends balanced out the action and made me feel right at home in the Hollows.

A well-balanced tale with all the elements readers expect from Ms. Harrison. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed. I am hoping we get to visit again soon.
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Back to the Hollow we go, and Rachel is in for the fight of her life. Or well, her city.  The little nuisances and throw backs to Kisten really pulled at my heart strings.
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This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.
It hasn't been all that long for Rachel Morgan, but for her readers, it's been ten books (and 14 years) since Cincinnati's Master Vampire was killed. When this book opens, Constance, the new Master Vampire is days away from arriving to take over.

But she's already exerting her influence to make things difficult for non-Vampire Interlanders in the city. From bogus evictions, trumped-up charges, intimidation, and just about everything else you can think of. There's a certain common denominator among many of these targets—they're tied in some way to Rachel. In more than a few cases, Rachel herself is clearly the target.

The message delivered is very clear—it's time for Rachel to get out of town. Otherwise, Constance is going to make Rachel's life miserable—and she'll also target Rachel's friends and families, their friends and families, and anyone that looks like might be sympathetic.

One of Rachel's demon friends mentions an idea—it hasn't been used recently but there is an old demon office called the subrosa—essentially the demon equivalent of the Master Vampire (there are nuances that I need to let you read for yourselves). Rachel initially blows off the suggestion to take up that mantle and from that position she can take on Constance, save some innocents and perhaps the city. But she keeps circling back to that idea, and her allies keep trying to talk her into it.

As a quick aside—Jane Yellowrock has a tendency to do things like this, too (I just finished revisiting Raven Cursed and the two reminded me of each other). It might not be a bad idea when someone mentions you taking up a title/position that you've never heard of to ask a few questions before you think about assuming the title.

Add in the ongoing drama with Trent and the Elves, the Elves fluctuating power structure, the changing relations between Elves and Demons, the Demons internal problems, Rachel's problems with the Demons (and Al in particular), and...well, all the stuff that we all thought were pretty well settled until last year's American Demon showed us we were wrong. Basically, there's a lot going on.

The idea that the ruling Vampires named Constance as the City's Master is pretty troubling. She is, to put it simply, bat guano crazy. I don't remember a lot about her predecessor, Piscary, but I remember he was nasty and cruel. But Constance is a monster. She's the kind of character that UF heroes are supposed to be focused on taking down, I wish Rachel had been quicker to step up (although I do understand her reasoning). I've been reading Urban Fantasy for about sixteen years, and I've seen a lot of nasty vampires (and other creatures), and Constance has got to be in the running for the worst.

But I've got to tell you, by the end of this book, I was convinced that her #2, Pike, is likely the vampire that's the real threat. I'm wondering what you think.

I liked it. I had a lot of fun in these pages. And for a series as long-in-the-tooth as this one is, that's saying something.

I didn't get as thorough in this post as usually do and/or intended to. I had a few more notes that I wanted to cover, and I actually deleted 5 paragraphs from this because it just ended up being too vague to be of use—or all that interesting. Almost everything that I really wanted to chew on falls under what I'd call a spoiler.

Because there is a lot going on here—after shaking up the status quo in American Demon Harrison establishes—or at least starts to—a new status quo. She's ignored Vampires for quite a while, and that's over (and we shouldn't expect that werewolves won't stay out of the spotlight, either). I'm not convinced she's pushing Elves or Demons to the back burner any time soon, but they're going to have company on the front. How she's going to keep all these balls in the air at the same time? I have no idea, but it's going to be fun to watch.

Million Dollar Demon was exciting, there was plenty of drama, a lot of good action, and some important character growth—and as I said, it was fun. At the end of the day, that's all I ask for.

Disclaimer: I received this eARC from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for this post—thanks to both for this.
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Myth: 4.5/5

The Hollows was the first urban fantasy series that I loved and 15+ years later I still love each new installment. I guess it’s only been about 4 years in Rachel’s world, but she continues to kick ass and Million Dollar Demon was no different. 

Rachel always has a lot going on, this story focused on the incoming master vampire and her continued feud with her demon mentor, Al. I love that she’s getting pressure to take on the master vampire to claim Cincinnati as her own. I totally get and stand by why this journey had to be hers, but I definitely miss more of the demon intervention (don’t worry, there’s still a handfull of scenes with your faves). You can also expect familiar faces outside of the ever-after. Jenks is on Rachel’s shoulder through all of the mischief and of course swoon-worthy Trent Kalamack loving and supporting Rachel in just the right ways. The core team is strong and on display as they face off against the new threat.

Magic: 4/5

Rachel is always bending the rules, in this case, playing with both demon and elf magic. Those are some of my favorite new scenes, along with her tower spell lair.

Overall: 4.5/5

I loved it. I can’t wait to see where this story arc takes the series. And I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the book, a little snippet of conov between Dali and Rachel:

“Do you know how hard it is to find something that says ultimate power without looking like a dime-store comic book villain?” he muttered. 

“Only every day of my life”
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I love this series by Kim Harrison and was looking forward to reading this fifteenth volume.

Rachel is looking for a new home for her and Jenks, but it’s not that easy. Ever since the new vampire mistress, Constance, arrived, the vampire has been doing everything she can to get in the way of our young witch. Besides, Constance would love to kill Rachel! But Rachel has other things to worry about, and when Constance makes enemies, they take refuge in our heroine’s church.

In spite of herself, our heroine will have to do everything possible to save her town and her friends. But in addition to that, she will have to manage Al’s and Hodin’s moods, which will be far from easy.

I had a great time with this novel. Rachel will have to make some very important choices that will change her life forever. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
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Rachel Morgan is every bit as enjoyable now as she was 10 years ago. Only now there’s an element of nostalgia that makes any new Hollows book that much more special. The quality has not diminished one iota and the plot is, if anything, only getting more interesting.

There are a few UF series on the market that might be continuing well past their prime (ahem), but Harrison’s work is definitely not among them. I’ve said this before, but my favorite thing about this author is how well she slows down the happenings in the story to really focus on nuances of character and internal development. There’s plenty of action to spice it up, but for the most part she allows you to feel truly connected to the characters and involved in the scenes. Her writing is quite differentiated from the rest of urban fantasy, having more of that high fantasy quality and writing style (she also writes fantasy under the name “Dawn Cook.” I love her Truth series). She carried a lot of that slow burn development over to this series, making it one of the strongest in the genre. While it’s not quite my all-time favorite, she immerses you so well into the story that it’s responsible for my single favorite moments in an UF work (Black Magic Sanction wrecked me).

I love how the demon’s story progressed in this book. There are a lot of things building and developing that I’m betting are going to have a great payoff later. I also appreciated the nice balance of old beloved characters and new additions to keep it spicy. One thing I liked in particular is how Harrison used situations and other characters to solidify what a likable character Rachel is. It’s a cool writing technique that really captured my interest the whole way through. And at this point in the series Rachel is still experiencing growth, which is awesome. The only thing that might have made it better is a more momentous ending. But other than that, it satisfied on every account and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

Recommendations: I consider the Hollows a staple in the urban fantasy genre. It’s a slow-burn, character-focused series with gradually snowballing plots that eventually knock your socks off. Even after ending the series at book 13 then revamping (pun), it hasn’t lost any of the amazing quality. If you like any of my recs below [blog/GR version] but haven’t given this a try, you’re in for a treat!

Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Erica – ☆☆☆☆☆
MILLION DOLLAR DEMON is the 15th installment in the Hollows series. No, it most certainly cannot be read as a standalone, nor do I recommend reading out of series order.

Opening a Hollows novel is always a homecoming for me. Rachel and company feel like family, experiencing a warm and fuzzy vibe to visit them again, reading slowly as to harness that feeling.

When Harrison announced she was ending the series, I felt satisfied with the open-ending she provided. When she came back and announced we were getting more itchy witch action, I was ecstatic. MILLION DOLLAR DEMON is the second installment since the "finale," the overall vibe exactly as its predecessors.

Our Cookie Maker is taking the littles on vacation to their elven family, Ellspeth always lurking about to keep the reader on our toes, never quite sure if Rachel and Trent are living their happily ever after as a couple. The constant threat of elven politics, the fact that Trent could have more babies with Ellspeth, and the worry that Rachel being his partner destroys his political position. Yummy angst, but Trent is nothing if not willing to stand up for himself and what he wants.

The previous installment set up the events in this one. Rachel is searching for a "home," learning what it means to be a demon while on the outs with Big Al, while dealing with the new master of Cincinnati. To be honest, I'm sad about the church because it was such a staple in the series, but all things must come to an end and change, right? Then there is Kist's boat. I'll never let Kist go – that pain just never ebbs for me.

There is more vampire action than usual, as that is a major plot point this go around, with the changing of the guard. Vampires are most certainly political animals with control issues, never missing a chance to use their pheromones as a seduction technique. Classic vampires, where even when dealing with the new head in charge, you must always be leery of their second, because they too might be posturing for the top position, wielding all those same vampire advantages against you.

Poor Rachel, but she has the help of her trusty friends. In this installment, the friends and allies take a step back, as they can sometimes be overpowering scene-stealers in the best possible way. Not much Ivy, which is understandable, but this allows Rachel to shine in the spotlight as she comes into her own. She does what she has to do, entertaining the reader as the pages fly by. All too soon the book is over, I had to say goodbye until the next installment. Forever making me hunger for another series reread.
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This review was originally posted on <a href="" target="_blank"> Books of My Heart</a>

<i>Review copy was received from NetGalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.</i>

So,  <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong><em>The Hollows</em></strong></a> series was the very first Read-along I hosted in my early days of blogging at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Yummy Men & KickAss Chicks</strong></a>.  I  chose it because I had heard so many great things about it but had never read the series. It was also 2014 and the year the "final" book was released, <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Witch with No Name.</a>  </strong>I wrote longer and a bit more spoilery reviews then.

I'm really enjoying getting more in this world.  In some ways, I like it better than the original series. In others, I have some of the same issues.   So it is Rachel and Jenks who form the team these days.  Ivy is off with Nina and has some limited choices.  Al is mad at Rachel because of Hodin.  Trent takes off with Ellasbeth and the girls to go to Seattle to plead his case in the elven world.  Why couldn't Ellasbeth drop dead?  *Grumbles*

I want Trent to do more with her, be with her more and for them to work as a team. Rachel has some good reasons for why <em>she</em> doesn't want that in a fight but<strong> I</strong> still want it.  Their relationship has progressed but Rachel feels, somewhat accurately, that she brings Trent down in the elven world.  I do love how Trent supports her and does everything she will let him.  He is certain about his love for her.

<strong>Million Dollar Demon</strong> is about the arrival of the new vampire master to town.  The master who is batshit crazy and wants to take down Rachel because she has heard too much about her.  The master wants all the attention for herself, as well as all the power.   Luckily, Rachel does have her friends and allies.  But it is a horrible situation.

Rachel is smart.  Her strategies are well considered.  I was happy to see her ask for help this time, although she didn't get it.  I am sort of surprised how much she has to learn as a demon / witch. I thought she knew a lot more.  As usual though, she puts herself at great risk to save everyone.

Jenks is his true snarky self and I'll never get enough of him.  He is right there to help in every way.  He even works with a new group of displaced pixies and fairies.  David is there to help along with his werewolves. Even some of Piscary's vampires are on board.  Honestly, I don't miss Ivy but I would be devastated without Jenks. I do miss Bis so much.

I hope as the series continues, somehow Rachel and Trent breach the long held feud between between elves and demons. That probably is going to take time.  I'll be here to read it.
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A new master vampire for Cincinnati is already causing Rachel Morgan a heap of trouble before she even arrives. This particular master seems bent on causing as much destruction and chaos as possible to the supernatural citizens, many of whom are Rachel’s people or under her care. Rachel’s friends and allies are suffering, pushing her into some dirty tricks in order to get the upper hand on Constance the Crazy. With Trent in Seattle with his Elf family including the very challenging Elspeth for much of the story, Rachel has to find help among new and old friends. She is on the outs with Al because of Rachel’s relationship with his brother, Hodin. Al and his kind are being extremely stubborn regarding Hodin’s prior allegiance to the elves; Al refuses to help or even see his former student despite their prior relationship. Rachel’s damaged church has become the land of misfit toys after Constance evicts numerous supes and humans including Rachel herself from Piscary’s and Kisten’s boat.

Constance’s scion, Pike, spends quite a bit of time with Rachel while she tries to convince him to reign in the crazy or take Constance out himself. Pike has his own agenda because… vampire! He wants to bring Rachel to heel which is so not happening. Constance kidnaps someone important to the elves holding the person hostage to force Rachel’s compliance. Rachel, Jenks, and their allies work to free the captive as well as push Constance out of Cincinnati in any way possible short of killing her themselves. Being around Pike reminds Rachel physically and emotionally of her feelings for her lost love Kisten. She has to constantly fight the pheromone attraction to keep the upper hand with Pike and Constance.

Rachel has a lot of conflicting feelings and issues: selling the church once it is repaired, her relationship with Trent because of all those against them as a couple, and the demands of her allies that she takes a more active role in running the city. Rachel does not want to rule; however, she is not about to let a nefarious, whacked out vampire use and abuse those under she feels responsible for in her town. Rachel and Trent’s enemies to lovers liaison is still getting worked out with all the various challenges it presents. Book #15 in the Hollows series, there some unresolved issues that continue and lots of drama still to unfold for inhabitants in stories to come.
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