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A uniquely riveting m|m romance by Cat Sebastian. I, quite literally, couldn’t put The Queer Principles of Kit Webb down! The chemistry between Kit and Percy was earthy and real. The story had many surprising twists and turns that had me captivated until the very end. In short, given the chance, I will absolutely be reading another work by Cat Sebastian!
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Always enjoy reading Cat Sebastian, though this maybe wasn't my favorite of her plots. I feel like the history could have been built up a little more, instead of waiting until the very end to be filled in. Also...a prizefighting fencer who is afraid of blood, but also cannot fight seemed very strange to me.
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This was my first time ever finishing a historical romance, and my first Cat Sebastian. I really enjoyed it, more than the other historical romances I’ve tried and dropped. I understand why romance novels idealize the aesthetics of the past and perhaps romanticize the societal restrictions that were in place to heighten romantic conflict. But the fact that this is about a relationship between two men during a time when sodomy was a punishable offense, and also the fact that one of the main characters is a shopkeeper/former criminal, helped to show a different side of the period. It gave it some depth, the obstacles between the lovers were serious matters, but the book is still light-hearted, the banter delightful, and the ending as happy as you can ask for from a romance novel!
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I was so looking forward to this one after hearing Cat Sebastian talk about it on Twitter. Also, that synopsis! But then I started it and was just…bored. Nothing really happened, and there wasn’t enough tension and banter between Kit and Percy to really propel me through this book. They don’t even kiss until more than halfway! And then things eventually start to pick up some, but still not really. And then a whole bunch of things happen at the end, but we don’t get a lot of answers or the resolution to the blackmail-related plotline that I was really looking for. Of course, Kit and Percy are adorable together and I enjoy them a lot, but they just didn’t have the spark that I think a lot of Cat Sebastian couples do. I don’t know. She does some things with this story as a whole that I think are really interesting, and I can’t not enjoy a Cat Sebastian book. But ultimately, I was rather bored by this one and pretty let down considering how much I was anticipating it.

If this one is on your radar, I think it’s still worth giving a try! It IS Cat Sebastian after all, and I still enjoyed reading it! I just didn’t race through it and obsess over it the way I anticipated I would, and months later, it doesn’t really stand out to me as very memorable. If you decide to pick it up, I hope you enjoy it more than I did!
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Cat Sebastian nails it again! The Queer Principles of Kit Webb was such a joyous delight to read! It has alllll the feels and two men who have no idea how to handle feels or what to do with them! Kitt and Percy and so snippy and snarky and then sweet and tender, then back to snarky again and it had me grinning the whole time! It's not every day the heir to a dukedom decides to hire a retired highway man to rob his father... but here we are! What ensues is a battle of wits, a begrudgingly blossoming friendship, those pesky feelings and eventually honesty,trust and love. I absolutely adored reading their journey to their HEA and it makes me so happy we are getting more in this series. I have some many questions about Rob, Marie, Percy's new life responsibility and whether he ever truly becomes a prize winning fencer! If you are looking for something that will keep you entertained for hours I highly recommend this book!
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Crimes! Kisses! Swordplay!

Kit Webb is out of the highwayman business and is grouchily running his coffee house. Percy (Lord Holland) dresses to the height of fashion, knows how to use a sword, and wants hire Kit to steal his dead mother's book from his terrible father.

Yeah, it's pretty great. For one, I really enjoy the setting. Late 1700s, so it's a whole different flavor than Regency-ish books. Percy goes out dressed to the nines, powdered wig, face powder and all, so much so that he can hide just by dressing plainly. That dandy look was a delight to read. (although I am worried that his face powder contains lead, because that was a thing at the time). 

So much of the story is both men sitting in the coffee house, staring at each other. And then fighting in the back room - flirtation by fighting, what's not to like?  There's grumpy (but wouldn't hurt a spider) and there's sunshine (but can beat you in a swordfight).

Percy's father is the Worst - he's clearly so bad that he's not a character so much as a looming presence that ruins people's lives. When Percy's mother dies, his father quickly marries Percy's childhood friend, Marion, and has a child with her. There's an entire second book happening during this one (I ASSUME) in which Marion is up to something. Once I learned about this dynamic, I was pretty squicked out by the implied presence of what's likely to be, at best, coerced sex if not outright rape. It lingers in the background of the book. 

Overall, highly enjoyed. Plus the cover is great.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Absolutely loved this. Kit and Percy were so much fun to read. The banter and wit in this book was amazing- but more than that, the tenderness between them as their relationship grows and when it comes to the trauma they shared with each other. Also, the fact that Kit liked Percy being just a little bit mean was *chef’s kiss*

Highly recommend it!
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Period romance set in 1700's England? Yes, please! An aristocrat and a criminal? Sign me up! And make it queer? I'm here for it!

The Queer Principles of Kit Webb is the romance of reformed highwayman, Kit Webb, and a duke to be, Lord Holland (or Edward Percy as he prefers). Kit left his life of crime after a gunshot wound left him permanently injured. Or, he thought he did. That is until Percy waltzed into his coffeehouse looking to hire him to rob his father, the Duke of Clare. Kit tries to say no, but the allure of the life he once led... and an every growing attraction to Percy... pulls him into the scheme.

This story was a lot of fun. Kit and Percy were truly adorable; one trying to deny his feelings and the other a consummate flirt. And I loved how both of the have an ultimate desire to do good on behalf of others just through very different means. Even with a brewing robbery and blackmail, the book was lighthearted and a quick read. Some of the side characters were great additions, like Betty and Collins, but others were either not fleshed out well or felt a bit shoehorned into the story.

Overall, I think that sums up the book. There were parts of it that were really good and other parts that felt forced or, like Rob and Marian, underdeveloped. But, as in any good romance, the highlight was definitely Kit and Percy's relationship, so that left me able to forgive other areas that may have felt a bit lacking. In truth, I think this is more of a 3.5/5, but rounded up for the main characters.

Thank you to NetGalley and Avon for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Cat Sebastian is an extremely reliable romance author and this book was no exception! I thought the plot was fun--the idea of giving someone "lessons" so they can do the crime you don't want to do yourself--which gives lots of opportunity for interaction and growing feelings. I found the heist intriguing, the romance very tender, This is a great pick for those in the mood for something sparkly and historical and who are interested in turning a critical eye on the idea of aristocracy.
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I *almost* didn't pick this book up because of the illustrated cover... But I've never been let down by a Cat Sebastian book before, and I'm so glad I decided to pick this one up! Weird illustrated cover notwithstanding, it's full of all the wonderful, glorious Cat Sebastian insides I've come to know and love.

Most of the historicals I read are set in the Regency period, so this was a fun adventure with Georgian era fashion. I also really loved reading all the descriptions of the training and swordplay and just general skullduggery. This book felt a bit darker and more angsty than some of Cat's other work, while still also (somehow) retaining the softness I love about her books. There's also plenty of wit, snarky side characters, and themes of class and privilege throughout.

I sort of adore Percy and Kit. Percy is a lordling who wields his pomposity like a shield to hide how vulnerable he really is underneath all the wigs and powder and beauty patches. And then there's Kit, who is trying to piece together how to live his life after it's shattered completely for a second time. It's not spelled out (because these terms didn't exist in the 18th century, but the people sure did) but Kit is demi and pan, and Percy is gay. I love seeing more demi-sexual rep in romances!!

I loved this book, and can't wait to see what Marian and [redacted] get up to in the next book in the series, which I cannot find a title for but had BETTER be coming at some point because I NEED it. ;)
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Erica – ☆☆☆☆
THE QUEER PRINCIPLES OF KIT WEBB  is a standalone. However, I would do just about anything to get a book from the blackmailer's perspective. Hint. Hint. Especially if it features a renegade dowager duchess, Marian. I mean, we need to know what actually happens to the dukedom, right?

Kit Webb is a retired highwayman, currently running a coffee house while nursing his permanently injured leg, surrounding himself with a wide array of intriguing characters, all of them mourning the passing of Rob. Kit and his band of merry men and women, their antics have been turned into heroic songs sang about stealing from the rich to benefit the poor.

Popinjay Lord Holland, aka Percy, he and his stepmother are dealing with a blackmailer who wishes to expose a life-changing secret about their father and husband, the duke. Refusing to pay the blackmailer, unhappy to be the next duke, Percy is more than happy to stick it to his evil father by hiring the infamous highwayman.

Kit and Percy are put into close proximity, sparks flying along with training fists. Amid the scent of coffee, scattered books, and the eyes of curious patrons, Kit and Percy get closer and closer together by planning a heist.

To be quite honest, the premise itself, the characters as well, all of it should have been a major hit for me. I loved it all with the exception of the pacing and redundant inner monologue that slowed the progress to a molasses crawl.

Told vs Shown.

What was fun and light, intriguing and exciting, suddenly was bogged down in a wordy regurgitation as Kit and Percy told the reader the same thing over and over again, as if trying to convince themselves. The novel slowed to a crawl, my interest waning, to the point where I fought the desire to skim.

Conflicted, I loved it all but the pacing, where if a good portion of the novel had been cut from the final product, it would have transformed this into an exciting page-turner. All of the characters, both the mains and the side characters, were a major hook, where I was invested in their lives, wishing to know more. Fingers crossed we may get more from this cast in the future.
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This was such a fun book! It was very fast paced, a bit of a slow burn (maybe medium burn) with insta attraction, though.
The two men kept staring at each other unashamed and they were really sweet even when things weren't going exactly the way they were supposed to.
A bit of misunderstandings aside, the two men were very communicative, which I always appreciate, and that meant there really wasn't much drama nor angst. There was, it's not a fluff book, but it was contained and bearable.
The writing style just transports you into the story and the dual point of view worked perfectly.
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I have the softest feels for this book! Kit and Percy are total opposites: highwayman and aristocrat; terse and talkative; rough around the edges and ever so refined. They both know they don't belong together - especially when Percy embodies so much about the upper class that Kit despises - yet they can't deny their chemistry and growing fondness. Every time I picked up the book I got lost in the story, enjoying Kit and Percy's conversations over coffee or their flirtatious sparring, both verbal and physical. Each admission of trust and affection had me practically swooning. While the story does touch on some heavy topics, particularly Kit's past, it never loses its light tone or delves too deep into angst. As with Cat Sebastian's other wonderfully queer historical novels, I love the supporting cast of characters, particularly this assortment of thieves, women of the night, and poachers. 

The Queer Principles of Kit Webb is a dashing tale of romance and resistance not be be missed!
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*3.5 stars*

I enjoyed The Queer Principles of Kit Webb, at times a lot, but overall I felt slightly underwhelmed.

When I review a book in the 3/3.5 star range, it's often very hard to describe my perspective without overly focusing on the negative. In truth, The Queer Principles of Kit Webb had a lot going for it. I really enjoyed the whole cast of characters, especially the two MCs, who felt very distinct and well-developed, which is important and sometimes overlooked in romance. There was also a meaty, interesting plot, though I had a few inklings as to what was going to happen from fairly early on.

However, my struggles with the book were with the romance and the ending action sequences of the plotline, both of which felt underdeveloped. The romance was a hard one because there was a lot of flirting and coffee drinking and staring at one another. However, I still had a hard time picturing these two together and had a hard time with the softer, squishier parts of the story. It just needed more time to marinate so all of the elements of the romance could come together. The sexual chemistry and banter was there, but there was just a little something missing that I have a hard time putting my finger on.

My far bigger issue, though, was with the way the mystery/action went down. Parts seemed incredibly anti-climactic and irritatingly unfulfilling, parts seemed wholly convoluted, and still we get a sort of cliffhanger ending. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy the ending of the story like I wanted to, and I kept staring at my Kindle thinking, "this can't be the end."

I always enjoy Cat Sebastian's writing, and I'm extremely curious where this series will take me (if it does become a series or spawn spin-offs), but I think this book was *just* a little ways away from being an unforgettable read.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
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This time period is definitely not for me. I’m…hair obsessed, this is not news… so the powdered wigs and faces are a giant blargh. I just imagine how much powder gets in eyes and noses and mouths and ewwwww. So I spent a lot of time pretending that they weren’t wearing the wigs and doing their faces and plopping on moles. It’s a hard no and one I didn’t know is react this strongly to. 

Kit and Percy were likable. I enjoyed their scenes together, but it also felt very…very tell and not show? Maybe? Unsure. Basically when they were thinking or when something was being described I got a little bored (never happened with this author before). 

Marian and Rob (lol love it) tho….I hope to read that!
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I loved The Queer Principles of Kit Webb. It was everything I expect from Cat Sebastian. The characters were intriguing and well-formed. The plot put them in impossibly difficult situations and yet resolved in a heart-warming way. 

Kit is a rogue with a heart of gold, and it's lovely the way he has a cast of characters around him who care about him and protect him (or try to protect him from his impulses toward Percy.)

Percy is wonderful because he discovers so much hidden depth in himself, and because circumstances cause him to reconsider everything he's ever thought about who he is.

I loved this book! However, I fear for it because it is so much more expensive than comparable books. Despite my love for Sebastian's book I doubt I would have spent $11.99 for it.
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An absolutely delightful read, even for those who may be ambivalent about historical fiction!

I've read other Cat Sebastian novels, and enjoyed them well enough, but was absolutely taken with THE QUEER PRINCIPLES OF KIT WEBB. Strangers/Antagonists-to-lovers and a good heist? Lovely! I'm usually ambivalent at best about historical fiction, even the queer stuff, but there were a number of things I really enjoyed about this one that make me excited to recommend it to friends. There's a decent plotline about disability/a character (re)learning his capacity after an injury, and I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of discussion surrounding class differences.

I hope this isn't too spoilery, but one of my favorite things about this book was a moment of miscommunication– I won't go into too much details, but those familiar with the genre can expect some sort of miscommunication that separates the love interests. I usually find these overblown and honestly, too drawn out. Sebastian, though, has the character who misspoke apologize, swiftly and explicitly. It seems small, but it made me care for the characters that much more.

I'd strongly recommend this to folks who love a good historical romance, and even for readers who are ambivalent about the historical emphasis, but enjoy good chemistry and a hilarious supporting cast.

I really hope this book is kicking off a series, because I have questions about how things ended (or didn't end!!) for certain characters... I have suspicions and want to read more of this universe!
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“I do adore you,” Kit said, gazing up at him with an expression that caused Percy to become intensely interested in the buttons of his coat.

    “You really shouldn’t,” Percy said.

    “You can’t stop me, you know,” Kit said. “I’ll care about you as much as I please.”

Isn’t that swoony?

Truthfully, Kit really shouldn’t care for Percy at all. To all appearances, Percy is a fussy fop whose manner is archly sardonic and often snide. He’s a rich man, and Kit has no use for those. Even worse, Percy’s father, the Duke of Clare, is the author of the misfortunes that set Kit on the road to becoming a highwayman. At first, the only thing that interests Kit about Percy is that he might offer a way to strike back at the duke if Kit is willing to risk himself after being crippled during his last theft.

Kit can’t help but fall for Percy, though, and luckily Percy returns the favor. Kit sees past Percy’s cold exterior, which is a shell Percy has been taught he must maintain to avoid others taking advantage of him. Percy is “mocking and impatient and a little mean,” and Kit loves him for that as well as the heart he hides. Having grown up with an unfeeling father and mother, Percy desperately needs someone to show him he deserves to be loved for who he is, and Kit gives him that. Meanwhile, Percy falls in love with Kit’s caring nature, which extends beyond Percy himself; Kit’s the kind of person who won’t even destroy a spider’s web if he can avoid it. His highwayman past aside, Kit is a genuinely good, kind man, a novelty in Percy’s life.

The pace felt like it dragged a bit at the beginning, because Kit and Percy’s relationship is somewhat slow to build. However, as their story unfolded, I got pulled into their romance, and by the end of the book, I was fully invested in Kit and Percy finding their happily ever after.

I’m betting that another story is in the works, because Kit’s friend Rob and Percy’s friend and stepmother Marion clearly have both been up to shenanigans of some kind. The only question is whether they will indulge in them together. I’m looking forward to finding out!

A copy of this book was provided through NetGalley for review; all opinions expressed are my own.
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The BANTER. The MIND GAMES. The SLOW BURN. The HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Be still, my heart. This is what I live for.

This book. Honestly, The Queer Principles of Kit Webb completely readjusted my standards for historical romance. It's the story of a nobleman, Edward Percy, who wants to rob his father of a book that once belonged to his mother. The contents are unknown, but it never leaves his father's side and is constantly guarded. He enlists the help of a highway robber who now runs a radical coffeeshop. Kit got out of his old profession a year ago when his literal partner-in-crime, Rob, died, and a leg injury left him in need of a walking stick to help with lost mobility. It will take a lot of convincing to pull Kit from his new routine, but the two may share a common enemy. An opportunity for revenge is hard to turn down.

The author's incisive remarks on 18th century social and economic systems were welcome and flowed well with the plot. I love that she didn't treat the time period as mere background or ignore its many failings. Also, I can't speak as an ownvoices reviewer on this front, but I appreciated that the author included awareness of the dangers the two men faced in finding love together, while spending most of the story focused on their joy, laughter, and happily ever after.

Basically, this book got it right on the feels, the steam, and the social criticism. The non-romantic plot was just as interesting, and I didn't see all the plot twists coming for once. It was witty as hell, and I fell in love with the characters with alarming ease. I would reread it, I would recommend it to anyone, and I would shout about it from the rooftops. Thanks to NetGalley, Avon, and Cat Sebastian for the opportunity to read and review this showstopper. It's out today (go go go)!
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The Queer Principles of Kit Weeb is a historical M/M romance by Cat Sebastion. A sweet, heartfelt romance with a side of revenge and mystery. This was my first time reading Sebastian and what a great writer! I was drawn into this loving story full of revenge, healing, class clashes, passion and a dash of adventure. The characters and settings are so rich in this story that the plot flows so nicely around and at our lead characters. There is fashion, friendship, networks and deception.  It’s really a masterpiece when a book can such gentleness and highway robbery.

The ending really left me wanting more in terms of how the mystery was resolved… so hoping there is a next in series with Marian’s story. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #netgalley #Cat Sebastian #TheQueerPrinciplesofKitWebb
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