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This is a story about a couple will are both figuring out their post divorce identities.
Layla was in a band when she was younger, and she loved performing in front of people. She would have kept on doing it somehow, but her boyfriend then spouse wasn’t excited about the idea of her continuing.  He undermines her confidence and chips away at her self esteem.

Layla is now divorced and teaching music in an elementary school where she meets Josh, the father of one of her students.  He’s sharing custody with his soon to be ex-wife.  While Layla and Josh are “friends with potential”, they slowly recognize their growing feelings for each other as they move away from their exes. 

I enjoyed it even though it was slow in places, 4 stars. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed as in this review are completely my own.
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Heard It in a Love Song is a beautifully written ode to second chances; particularly second chances at finding yourself. 

This was my first Tracey Garvis Graves book and I'm sure I'll be back for more. The prose is gorgeous and flows with ease, making this an enjoyable and quick read.
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Tracey Garvis Graves has an easiness about her.  Her books are so powerful in how simple they are.  This one features Layla and Josh.  Both are divorcees hesitant to get back out there again into the world of romantic love but also feeling the loneliness of being alone.  Layla is the music teacher at the preschool where Josh's daughter attends.  They meet nearly daily at the drop off line.  These simple, sweet interactions slowly lead into something more as the two become friends and wonder whether they can become more.  Layla is cautious after a difficult divorce where she and her husband separated under tumultuous circumstances.  Josh's divorce is the fact he isn't even fully divorced from the high school sweetheart he married and had a child with.  The two share custody and maintain amicable contact.  I loved the slower pace of the book and the ways in which the two become increasingly close through simple conversations.  Layla has a musical past and the ways in which this part of her is woven through the book is great.  Overall, I really enjoyed this one.   It did not take me long to read it.  If you are looking for a closed door romance with older characters who have already been some things in their past, this would be a great one to pick up.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I requested this book because I really liked the cover but I never read the synopsis or anything before I started reading it. Turns out I really enjoyed it. :) I immediately got into the storyline and got to know the characters and was able to stay with it the entire way through...there was a part where the main character kind of escaped from her life and THAT part keeps coming back to me...I could so easily picture what she was doing and where she was, even though I had never been there. Turns out I want to go visit that place and do the exact same thing lol...
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Thank you, St. Martin's Press, for the gifted copy of Heard it in a Love Song. {partner}

Genre: Romance
Trope: Friends to Lovers
Format: 🎧
Pub Date: 11.9.2021
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

"As women, when we start hiding our truth from other people, especially the people who should be aware of it the most, that's when we give them the power to diminish it."

For some reason, it's taken me almost a year to read this book, and I'm so glad I did! Heard it in a Love Song might be listed as a 'romance', but in my opinion, it's more about learning to let go. While there is a focus on the relationship between Layla and Josh, there is a focus on their previous marriages and the ways they went wrong. Oddly, it made me appreciate the story even more.

Speaking of, I chose to listen to this book over reading it, and I did enjoy the audiobook, but I struggled with the transitions from past to present. For some reason, it wasn't made abundantly clear to me. Several times, I had to rewind the audio because I was confused about whether we were in the past or present. However, when the characters reminisce in the book, it is indicated through italicized front. When listening to an audiobook, do you need a clear indicator of when the storyline is flipping from past to present, or is that just me?

Heard it in a Love Song is a slow-burn story. By the 40% mark, I didn't feel like much had happened besides a retelling of their pasts. Again, maybe that was the point of the book. I saw that the song Landslide inspired this book, and I can see that.

✌🏼 Told in third person with alternating perspectives
⏳ Past & Present
🫶🏼 More about learning to let go
🎶 Musical references
🐌 Slowww burn
🥰 Both characters are lovable

Overall, I did enjoy reading Heard it in a Love Song. I especially loved the references to some of my favorite music - it helped to bring the story to life.
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I really enjoyed this story and the writing. However, I would have liked to feel a little more connection to the characters. I didn't feel a lot of emotion reading this story. That is just me though, I like to be pulled a little more into the story. It is a beautiful story and I love Tracey's writing style. I would definitely read more from this author.
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absolutely loved The Girl He Used to Know so was eager to read another book by the author, and let me say, Heard It in a Love Song did not disappoint! It was such an excellent read! 

I appreciated the writing here so much and the dual POV’s the story is told in. Tracy sure knows how to write a strong story! It was perfect getting to experience the story through both Layla and Josh’s lenses (both past and present) and the way that their connection grew uniquely out of both perspectives. These characters were genuinely likeable and relatable, and I found myself rooting so hard for our main characters and their second chance at love and really just life in general. 

This was the perfect, easy read. The story was straightforward (please don’t translate as boring), meaningful, and heartfelt. I truly enjoyed all the elements to it (with all of the music mods being a fun bonus) and was sad to part with these characters and their story by the end. 

I will continue picking up any and all things Tracy Garvis Graves writes and I highly recommend you do the same if you haven’t already! 

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the gifted e-copy.
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If you’re looking for a solid book about divorce, this is it.

Gosh, what a bummer. Where’s the romance? This book was depressing and uninteresting. I loved The Girl He Used to Know, which now I’m realizing was a bit sad throughout, however there was a real love story there. And even though this one literally had love song in the title, it’s about divorce? 

There was no sense of a happy ending here. I did not find that any of the characters reached a level of renewal—which is what I was beginning to hope the book’s focus was…. And then it ended? 

Sadly, I would not recommend this book to others. However, I would read future books from this author.

Thank you to @stmartinspress and #netgalley for my advanced e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
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I love all of Tracey Garvis Graves' books and Heard It in a Love Song was no different! While this one leans a bit more Women's Fiction than her past books (more traditional romance), the writing and the story was every bit as amazing as I've come to expect from this author and I can't wait to keep reading more from her.
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This was a solid love story with two likable people. My biggest pet peeve is the amount of times when we'd flashback to the past during random points throughout the story, like in the middle of conversation. It felt like the author had a lot to say about these characters but wasn't really sure where it all fit. 

I received an advanced copy. All thoughts are my own.
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This was such an interesting read.  I love musical historical fiction and knowing this one was based on a real life love story made it even more compelling.
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I read The Girl He Used To Know was one of my favorite books ever, so I was Uber excited when I received a copy of this. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read more from this author!
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✨Book Review✨
Heard it in a Love Song by Tracey Garvis Graves
This book was a high three or a very low four for me. It was light, and enjoyable and I did want to keep reading. It felt weirdly familiar and I'm not sure why. I did appreciate that there was not a lot of drama in the main relationship, and the characters handled the "conflict" in a very mature way. I don't think I would recommend this book to anyone, unless they are looking for a very light and sort of forgettable romance. 
 I think my expectations were high after I fell in love with The Girl He Used to Know, so maybe this was a case of my expectations being set too high.
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Was it OMG amazing, can't put it down, best book of the year?  No.  But it was perfectly pleasant and a good read between commitment books.
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I liked this book soo much I had to own it on my physical bookshelf in hardcover.

Author Tracey Garvis Graves delivers a soul grabbing, emotional story written well.
Great characters, intriguing story, had me tearing up and left with a stack of happy tissues.
Grab this must read book!
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Heard it in a Love Song is a slow burn romance between two people trying to heal from their pasts. Layla is a former musician turned kindergarten music teacher who is trying to build her life back after a divorce and a controlling relationship. She is happy with her small life and playing music just for herself in her basement. Then she meets Josh, the father of one of her young students. Josh is also trying to rebuild after divorcing his high school sweetheart. They start a "friendship with potential" and the book gives us each person's perspective, jumping back in time to give us their stories.

While it was an enjoyable story, and I appreciated that it wasn't love at first sight, I do think the plot lacked some excitement. The book opens with a scene and then flashes back. When we get to that opening scene again, it is really quite anticlimactic. I did prefer The Girl He Used to Know.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I did however find myself yelling at both Layla and Josh though.  Ugh! I would love a soundtrack to go with this book, so I can hear the songs while reading the lyrics.

Highly recommend this book.  

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loved this book and all it was for.  I am fan of her stories and will read more of them.  This hit all of my buttons and didn't want it to end.  Thanks Netgalley for letting me read this.
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My only experience with Tracey Garvis Graves has been "On the Island," so I think I expected a less traditional setup going in to another of her books. This is a fine romance, if a little slow. Layla and Josh offer each other a sweet second chance at happiness after their respective divorces. The focus on their pasts and their growth is important to their character development, but don't expect the format of most contemporary romances.
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I loved this book and I love the author. What a great story. All her books are well written and meaningful. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.
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