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How Dreams Speak

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I am always in search of an amazing dream book, one with a unique and fresh perspective, one that goes beyond a traditional encyclopedia type interpretations. So each time I see a new dream book that looks promising, I get excited, as I did with this book.  I rarely leave one star reviews, to say this book was a disappointment is an understatement.  

It feels like this book was written for the sake of writing something.  Usually books will tell you the symbolism and meaning of what you're dreaming of. If you have a dream of riding a dolphin it can mean "represents your optimism and social altruism. If you ride through huge waves, it suggests that you can navigate freely under adverse situations." 

In this book here is the interpretation goes into where dolphins live, oceans and some rivers around the globe. That they are air breathing mammals, the ways that they communicate, the greek mythology, that they are air breathing mammals and so on. Most things a 5th grader would know. None of this is relevant to helping you understand the meaning of your dream.  Then the author goes on to ask you a series of questions like where were the the dolphins? Did you interact with the dolphins? and so on. It stops short and offers absolutely no further guidance or information.  This would be like going to a mechanic and them asking you what do you think is wrong with your car or a psychic reading and to be told that the answers are within you.  This is exactly how this book reads for me.  

I am still looking forward to the day that someone releases a dream book beyond the traditional dictionary type flip book and creates something uniquely different more spiritually based than psychologically.  Until then one is better off "googling" the meaning of their dreams and saving themselves not only a few dollars, but an exercise in frustration.
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We all have those dreams that trouble us, linger around, and make us think “what in the world was that all about?” We may share our dream with family or friends in a soft quest to obtaining clarity, or hold it close and simmer with it. 

This is a great book full of information about the symbolism of your dreams and what may have sparked that particular dream train to pull in to your dreaming station. There are ideas and suggestions given for things to do to help steer or change how you’re dreaming. The information presented, I feel, is a perfect introduction for anyone starting their journey into dream analysis and for getting in touch with the subconscious side of yourself through dreams. The information is presented in clear and precise manner, not overly technical or “garbled.” I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to find, through symbolism, what their dreams are saying to them. 

My dream filled thank you to NetGalley, Workman Publishing Company, and the author Nicole Chilton for an ARC of this fascinating novel in exchange for my honest review and opinions.
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A good introduction to a number of common symbols in dreams and helps with trying to understand why it might have shown up. Some other dream introductions.
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This is a pretty good beginners books for understanding dreams. It is very informative on the science and symbols in dreams.
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How Dreams Speak: An Interactive Journey into Your Subconscious (150+ Symbols, Illustrated and Fully Explained) by Nicole Chilton 
How Dreams Speak is an informative guide to help in the understanding of dreams that perplex us at times. The book begins with giving the philosophy and the science of understanding some dreams. Keeping a journal of dreams is a helpful activity for reference. This author suggests writing every dream in a book or journal. I am happy there is a recipe for a dream pillow!  You can also place a small bag of crystals under your pillow. 
How Dreams Speak helps the reader to understand that not all dreams will be of great consequence, but others may be a visitation or a recurring dream. The guide also has explanations for some symbols, numbers, and colors.
If you have questions about some of your dreams, this book would be a good beginner's book to get you started. 
Publication Date: July 20, 2021
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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