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In this outing of FBI Kate O'Hare and her partner, Nicholas Fox, ex-thief, were on loan in Italy to prevent a robbery at the Vatican Museum.  They were unable to catch the thief but Nick recognized him, it was his father.  When Nick and Kate were to go back to the States, Nick decided to go find his father and Kate then went to find Nick.  It seemed that Quentin Fox was after a map of hoarded Nazi gold, but a "Fourth Reich" organization, the Brotherhood wants it also. This map was only the first piece of the puzzle which leads cryptically to another piece and then another, across Europe. And with each step, they were being followed by the Brotherhood.
A fast paced, exciting spy adventure with a small group of family and friends, keeping ahead of the organization that would do anything to get their hands on the gold.
Thank you Simon & Schuster and NetGalley for this e-copy of "The Bounty".
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I actually didn't find this book as entertaining as the previous ones. I did enjoy it, but something seemed to be missing.
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Enjoyed this twisting novel and the search for the train was excellent, Throw in zealots and you have a page turning mystery worthy of this author,
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Kate is in the FBI.  Nate is a thief that now works with the FBI and Kate specifically.  They've solved many crimes but this one is the most dangerous venture of all.

Atria and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

They are after gold hid by the Nazi's during the war.  But they are not the only ones on the trail.  There are hidden maps that are a trial to recover, the Brotherhood wants the maps and the gold, and everyone helping them is in danger.

The maps are hidden high and almost not retrievable.  It takes them time to recover them all.  As the Brotherhood wants the same thing they somehow know where Kate and Nate and their friends are.  The phones have been abandoned but the professor still has his.  They remove that and give him a burner phone like they have.

They get closer all the time but haven't found the gold yet.  They've been shot at, had to run to get away, and they have to find the gold!

The professor makes a discovery that puts them on the right track.  Will they live to find the gold?
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I love the premise of this novel, but I have to admit I have not read any of the six previous titles in this series, but you know what?? It’s a great standalone nonetheless! I am super intrigued however, because there was a shift in co-authors a total of three times throughout this series and fans have been vocal. I’m definitely planning on starting from the beginning and take in all the different writing styles from the different authors. What an incredible thing though, you’ve got different perspectives on the characters from different amazing writers!

This novel written in third person read phenomenally as an action packed film, I can totally see this one coming to the big screen someday! I do think however, because we have two authors writing this novel, and we have two main characters, I would’ve loved to see the alternative POV first person writing style! With multiple main characters, in POV writing form we’d be able to really know more about each character, and understand them better. Excited to start the series from the start and get a wholistic point of view on what these characters are all about!
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I absolutely love @janetevanovich and her Fox and O’Hare series!! It’s like a nice refreshing palate cleanser of light hearted, quippy fun. #thebounty does just that! The story line is amazing and entertaining, where an FBI agent partners up with a notorious thief, who happens to be devastatingly irresistible, add their two dads, a quirky professor, a giant indestructible man, and 400 tons of Nazi gold, and you got yourself a hilarious adventure!! Not only should you definitely read this book, which came out on March 23, but you should start at the beginning of the series, so you will love Fox and O’Hare as much as I do!! Plus anything that includes #Paris and #theeiffeltower is an extra bonus!! So thankful to have received an #arc of this fantastic book from @atriabooks and @netgalley ... it’s just the distraction I needed from study for my grad school exit exams coming up this week! #francophile #bookstagram #gradlife #readingismyselfcare @nyusteinhardt @nyucounseling
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I have been a fan of Evanovich for happily decades. The Bounty is the first collaboration I have read. My verdict? Take me to the next one. I loved the twist of involving the two fathers in this caper. The old guys not only kept pace with their children,they offered expertise that children came to admire. The keep your assets close concept goes to extreme lengths here as everyone and their brother is out to recover a cache of gold hidden by the Nazi High Command at the end of the war. We travel all over deciphering clues and a map and it it a delight at every turn. A story that gives us a rogue thief,a dedicated agent, and villains who wil stop at nothing to recover the gold. A classic and yet just modern enough to keep you reading.
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I really liked the fast-paced adventure of this story! I haven't read the previous books but it was easy to roll right in to the story and hit the ground running. The author(s) did a great job of catching me up to speed in areas I need for the relationship with the two, while not info-dumping so I was overwhelmed or bored.

And the story was an adventure - high stakes and lots of travel and following trails and running everything down. I loved the history with thieving and how it connected to the story. This one was really different from everything else I've been reading and I really loved it!

<i>A huge thank you to the author and publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.</i>
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The Bounty by Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton is the 7th book in the Fox and O'Hare , and I loved it. I have read all the books in this series, and have enjoyed them all. Kate O’Hare, FBI agent who is working secretly with Nicholas Fox, master thief and con artist, to outsmart major criminals is great. While Kate and Nick are training at the Vatican Museum, they all witness a man stealing a map, and getting away. Turns out to be Nick's dad Quentin.  In order to find out what is going on Kate's father, Jake, joins the crew to help.  I loved Kate, Nick, and their dads come together to find the bad guy.   The chemistry between Nick and Kate is great, and the other characters are enjoyable too, especially Kate's dad. I found the end of this book very exciting, and can not wait for the next book. I highly recommended this book. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Th name to Netalley and the publisher for an eARC of this book. First I've read of this series but I jumped right in with no problem.
Love the characters. Plot moves right along leaving no time to get bored. Highly entertaining.
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I have loved this series since the beginning and Ill admit it I was nervous because this was the second book without Lee Goldberg's involvement but I shouldn't have been. The bounty is action packed and full of hidden societies and lost treasure and exotic European locations.
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While Stephanie Plum is still deciding between Morelli and Ranger, Janet Evanovich has created another great character in FBI agent Kate O’Hare … one who doesn’t keep her gun in the cookie jar. On this seventh book into the series, THE BOUNTY, Evanovich has paired up with Steve Hamilton for the collaborative book that pits O’Hare with professional con man Nick Fox to uncover a buried train filled with Nazi gold. It’s a little Ocean’s Twelve, a little Monuments Men, and a little romance. It’s fun, and was the perfect spring read. 

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Janet Evanovich brings us the latest in the Fox and O'Hare series.  We meet up with them at The Vatican as they chase their next thief.  As they approach him, he spreads out his arms and falls.  As the thief disappears into the night, we realize that Nick has just let his father escape.  We follow Kate and Nick as they work together with their fathers and various associates as they try to find the lost train loaded with Nazi gold while trying to stay one step ahead of a dangerous international group called the Brotherhood while making sure they keep the FBI happy at the same time.  Trying to balance everything while keeping her feelings for the international con man on the FBI's most wanted list keeps Kate busy.  Will their tensions rise where they take the next step in their relationship, or will they keep dancing?

Janet Evanovich brings us adventures, intrigue, humor, and romance in this series.  I was aware of the Stephanie Plum series and decided to try this out.  I enjoyed watching Kate fight her feelings for Nick as they work together to apprehend their marks.  The books do not need to be read in order since they do catch you up, although their story led me to start reading  the series from the beginning.  Luckily, there are currently seven books and 3 short stories in the series so I am almost caught up with Kate and Nick's story.  I look forward to finishing the three books I have left and am eagerly waiting on the next adventure with my newest addition to my list of series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Atria Books for this privilege.
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Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton did an outstanding job writing this book. I love the characters of Kate O’Hara and Nick Fox. It was an added bonus having their fathers involved in this book. The storyline is full of vibrant imagery and nonstop action. Thank you #NetGalley and #Simon & Schuster for the ebook before publication. I loved it so much that I purchased my own audiobook. Scott Brick is the perfect voice for bringing the characters to life. I could envision so many details. Both the audiobook and ebook are great.
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Everyone thinks Nick is a con man and thief and Kate, an FBI agent, is trying to catch him.  But in reality, Nick had been caught and is now secretly working with Kate and the FBI.  Only a handful of people are aware of this.

There is going to be a robbery at the Vatican and Kate and Nick are dispatched to roam to be part of the team to stop it.  Imagine their surprise when the robber doesn't seem what they thought he was going to steal AND it turns out to be Nick's father, Quentin.  Nick protects his father and in turn, Kate protects Nick.  It seems that Quentin was stealing part of a map that would lead to $30 million dollars in old Nazi gold.  There are different pieces of the map which takes Kate, Nick, Quentin, Jake (Kate's father) and a professor all over Europe to find them because they land in the wrong hands, a group called the Brotherhood.

This is the seventh in the Fox and O'Hare series ... I've them read all and liked them but I didn't like this one.  It was very far-fetched and had Nick climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Kate climbing to the top of a castle, Nick and Quentin searching a polar bear exhibit, the team climbing a rugged mountain and more ... with hardly a scratch.  All the while fighting off the bad guys.  I've liked Kate and Nick and their interactions and banters in the past but in this book there weren't many.  It was more action-packed and cold, perhaps due to the change in the second writer.  I hope the next one in the series is better.
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I found this to be predictable. It was not my favorite. Maybe because I have read so many other books by this author. Readers who are fans will probably buy the book but I don't see it becoming a best-seller in our area.
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Authors Janet Evanovich ( and Steve Hamilton ( published the novel The Bounty: A Novel. It was just released last week on March 23, 2021. Ms. Evanovich has published more than 30 novels. This is the 7th in her 'Fox and O'Hare' series. Mr. Hamilton has published 16 novels on his own. 

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of violence. The story is set across Europe and North Africa. The main characters are FBI agent Kate O’Hare and criminal Nick Fox. 

Earlier O'Hare had tracked down the charming international criminal Fox and arrested him. After negotiating a deal he now works with the FBI to close other cases. O'Hare has reluctantly become his handler. While their relationship began as adversaries, a bit of romance has emerged. 

The two find themselves pitted against The Brotherhood. They are a clandestine group with ties back to the Vatican Bank priests who helped the Nazis during WWII. They are now searching for a lost train carrying $30 billion in gold. O'Hare and Fox find themselves in a race to follow the clues and find the treasure before The Brotherhood. With Interpol penetrated by the Brotherhood, they find themselves on their own. They reach out to their only reliable potential allies, their fathers.

Clues lead them from one tight spot to another. The Brotherhood always seems to be just half a step behind them. Every encounter exposes them to more danger. 

I enjoyed the 6+ hours I spent reading this 316-page mystery novel. The pursuit of clues reminds me a little of Robert Langdon's The DaVinci Code. While not the most exciting mystery, it was enjoyable. I do like the chosen cover art. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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I would like to start this review with saying I LOVE the Fox & O’Hare series. I always bought them on publishing day and cleared my schedule just to read them. The banter between Nick and Kate is gold, the side characters are hilarious in their own ways, and they were always happy reads for me. Now book 6, The Big Kahuna was okay but didn’t have as much of the same spark. I wanted to give this series one more chance.

The Bounty is book 7 in the series and does a 180 with a lot of the characters, no fun banter, and just overall it made me more angry than I enjoyed the book. I would be generous to give it ⭐️⭐️. I loved these characters and they are not the same ones have read over these years.

If you are looking to read this book I would rent it from the library. Just know a lot has changed within the characters.
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This book was a compelling story full of action and some twists. I liked Kate and Nick, they were well-developed characters and very likable, and their adventure was interesting. I recommend this book to other people who like action books.
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What an action packed thrill ride. This book is none stop from the word go. If you like action movies than pick this book up because that is exactly what you are getting with it. I have not read any of the other books in this series and I found that was okay and not a hindrance at all to read this book. Is the book quite far fetched and unrealistic yes but it's still a great read. The best way to describe this book is like an action movie as it's unrealistic but a lot of fun to watch. I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent a free book.
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