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What have Nick and Kate been up to?  It was time for me to stop by and hear about their latest adventures.  Wow was it exciting!!  Lots of action, chases and near death experiences.  I was on the edge of my seat reading about all the details.  So many countries, historic sites and even their fathers were involved.  This was a heart pounding adventure for sure.  Reading a Janet Evanovich book is always entertaining.  Can't wait to see what wonderful story she will come up with next!
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me via NetGalley. Wow what can I say about this title it was just an awesome read. This book was just something so wonderfully different I’ve never quite read anything like this. You should read to find out you won’t be disappointed. I’m definitely going to read more by this author.
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Really enjoyed this new adventure with Kate and Nick. Enjoyed having their 3 fathers along for this adventure. Recommend this fun read. Thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy. #thebounty
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Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.
This book really held no interest for me. I only finished 23% of the book.
The characters' descriptions are so redundant. The conversations are very rote, very simple, very stereotypical. I am just surprised that this story could not go anywhere. 
So, life's too short, I'm on to the next book in my TBR pile.
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it's a shame when work interferes with your reading schedule!!!!  I have been dying to read this book and work just got in the way but finally found time... in the middle of the night.

Janet Evanovich has another hit on her hands and O'Hare and Fox have another adventure.

This time they are chasing lost gold that went missing during WWII... you know what means; FIELD TRIP!

This time both their fathers come along for the ride and a bumpy ride it is... they face the usual obstacle's - running for their lives, escaping danger at ever turn and of course... there are plenty of laughs and gasps along the way, and a bit of romance. 

This is another great addition to the series and fans of Janet Evanovich's other books won't be disappointed in reading this series. 


Can't wait for their next adventure... after they get a bit of rest.

 I was given an advanced copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Such a good read! I’m a huge fan of JE and there are always new titles being released! It’s an enjoyable book that I can sit in bed and read, stop, and pick up where I left off with it without feeling like I have to reread the entire chapter. It makes me laugh out loud and I look forward to what Nick Fox and Kate O’Hare will be getting themselves into next!
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This book is part of the Fox and O'Hare series, however can be read as a standalone if needed.  This book follows the typically FBI uses criminal to catch other criminal storyline.

Kate and Nick are bought in to help stop an artifact from being stolen in Europe.  The only problem, the person who comes to steal it is no other than Nick's father.  And he stole a map that can potentially lead to billions of dollars to gold.  Now Kate and Nick are tasked with stopping all who are investing in finding the treasure.

While I enjoyed this book, the new co-author did not bring the same aspects that I loved in the previous stories.
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THE BOUNTY is filled with twists, turns and treasure, as Fox and O’Hare continue their partnership, this time in Europe.  O’Hare has been placed with Interpol and she and Fox watch a brazen thief walk right by a trap meant to lure him. The thief has more connections to our pair than they realize at first.  So begins the tale that moves quickly through a series of surprises, none more so than the identity of the thief.  This is a quick read and the story is captivating.  I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
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With fond memories of a very early Stephanie Plum novel I read back in the 90s, I jumped at the chance to reconnect with the publishing juggernaut Janet Evanovich has since become. So, I was diving into this Fox and O’Hare Series at Book #7 with no background or pre-conceived ideas apart from the attention-grabbing synopsis. That said, it is not unusual for me to join a series partway through; it rarely phases me. And, I have been known to enjoy some wildly escapist action-adventure fiction in my time, e.g. Matthew Reilly’s back catalogue. The Bounty ticks off all the ingredients in the action-adventure thriller recipe book. Evanovich & Hamilton’s narrative pacing is fast, unrelentingly so. Continue reading my 3.5 Star review at
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I think people who have not read anything in this series might enjoy this book, but I wouldn't guarantee it.  The plot moves quick enough, but there isn't enough drama to satisfy those armchair thrill seekers who read heist books.  There wasn't enough information given to the reader about the grand puzzle that the characters are trying to figure out so we readers can't follow along and try to figure it out alongside our companions on the page.

For those of us who have read the series and were waiting patiently for the next installment, what did we just read?  Everything that we have come to enjoy about the characters was missing.  There was zero witty, flirty banter between the two MC (that was even said within the story).  Kate's father was flat, which I didn't think was possible.  The meeting of Kate and Nick's fathers would have been explosive with Goldberg at the helm.

Such a disappointment.

Reader advisory: Nope.  Maybe try the newest in the Stephanie Plum series.

Thank you to NetGalley for a ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Many moons ago, an ex-boyfriend’s mom gave me One For The Money by Janet Evanovich ( to put the timeline in perspective- that summer To The Nines was published). And thus began my journey for reads by Janet Evanovich. Oh sure we had some stumbles over the years- the In-Between Plum books were really not that great- but I could count on every summer having a new Plum to read- to stay up for most of the night and basically finish the day I got the book.

Until I couldn’t.

I quit reading the Plum’s in the early 20’s. They just weren’t holding my interest. The triangle was just going on and on. And the capers were not even that original anymore.

Then enter Fox and O’Hare. Goodness, they were like a breath of fresh air- with some of that old Joe and Stephanie chemistry, some fun capers and an Ocean’s 11 meets White Collar setting.

I LOVED books 1-5.

And then… book 6. The Big Kahuna. The book that needlessly killed so many trees. Because it,my reader friends,- was to put it mildly… trash.

It took EVERYTHING I loved about Nick and Kate and ruined it. It went back through all the previously published Plum novels and found the gags and characters that bothered the most and recycled them, attempted (but failed) to shine them up.

I wondered after I finished reading it 2 things: 1. What would it take to get Lee Goldberg back (give him EVERYTHING he wants, people!) and 2. Was 2 Evanovich writers too much on one story? Because Peter (Janet’s son, I believe) had taken on the role as co-writer.

The ONLY saving redemption to The Big Kahuna was an excellent A-Team reference.

When looking around on Amazon one day and seeing The Bounty was the new Fox & O’Hare book- but Peter was still attached as co-writer, I was all “Nope. Not falling for that again.”

Then a few weeks later- an Atria publicist emailed me a widget. And it has a new co-writer (Steve Hamilton) and ya’ll- I’m not saying that Steve can completely fix the wrongs that The Big Kahuna did to this series- but The Bounty is a step in the right direction.

What I liked:

This cover. It’s different from the 1-5 Fox & O’Hare, but I like the change.

While I missed the crazy capers of books 1-5, Janet has proven with the Plum series that eventually she cannot be trusted with crazy capers and ventures into way too much fart type humor. So I was pleasantly pleased to see that this book relied way less on crazy capers and more on skills of career criminals, an FBI agent, and army intelligence (along with some patented Nick Fox charm).

The chemistry between Nick and Kate. It’s not back up to book 5 standards- but it’s closer to where it should be.

Bottom line: I’m going to be honest- Steven Hamilton has some big shoes to fill with Lee Goldberg’s 1-5 books being so good and to right the wrongs of Peter Evanovich in The Big Kahuna. But I am (cautiously ) optimistic about where the series is headed and would love to see this series get an ending it deserves in a couple or 3 more books.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*
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So, I am new to this series and was not sure what to expect.  I loved it!  You get a little bit of all the good stuff.  The action, characters, suspense, and humor are all entwined into an amazing story you do not want to put down.  Nick Fox & his father are a hoot!  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!
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I'm of two minds about The Bounty. I give it 4 stars as a stand alone - forget that it is the 7th of the series. Only the first five are standouts with the chemistry between Kate and Nick. The writing team of Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg did a bang up job of writing a fun adventure series with two well developed characters that had a spark between them. Now that spark isn't there. As a stand alone it is a fun treasure hunt adventure and a good escape read. I'm okay with that plus I have hope that the next Fox and O'Hare book will have found its way back to those earlier books.
Kate and Nick have to deal with their fathers while dodging the bad guys as they all try to follow the clues of a WWII treasure map and find the hidden gold. Jumping from one location to another in the quest kept me engaged, enjoying the armchair travel and the suspense. So, if you want a fun read so you can escape year two of the pandemic, give The Bounty a try.
My thanks to the publisher Atria Books and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Written by Janet Evanovich, I expected the book to be humorous. I did enjoy a few chuckles, but felt this was more a James Bond type novel. I was engaged in the treasure hunt, and father/child relationship. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good adventure.
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Y’all know I love Stephanie Plum. She’s my girl and Ranger is my man.. but I also love The Fox and O’Hare series! Nick Fox was an international thief who got caught by FBI agent Kate O’Hare. Instead of prison, Fox works with Kate to bring down other criminals. Who better to catch a thief than a thief? 

In this book we are dealing with much more than someone stealing jewels from the Vatican... we are dealing with a secret organization called the Brotherhood. There is 30 billion dollars of lost gold at stake. Can Fox and O’Hare find the missing treasure map pieces before the Brotherhood does?

Ok listen, I’ll be honest, this story is kind of out there but I still loved it. It was such a fun addition to the series. I love Nick and Kate and their dynamic so much. I think they work so well together and their banter is perfection! I also really love all the side characters. Everyone that helps with their elaborate plans are all so much fun. 

If you enjoy heist books with quirky characters, then pick this series up! 

Thank you @netgalley, @atriabooks and @janetevanovich for my early copy!
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Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I am an unabashed Janet Evanovich fan. I love everything she has written, everything. In recent years she has . . . branched out, I guess you would call it. These books, written with co-authors, have taken a slightly different route than the highly humorous and sometimes silly Stephanie Plum Series books. The all have Janet's trademark humor and the bent to insane situations, but they lean a lot more to the suspense/adventure area. The Bounty is a non-stop adventure from beginning to end and it is a rollercoaster of a read which I thoroughly enjoyed. I definitely see the influence of her co-author, Steve Hamilton, in the continuous action that is a constant part of the plot. Having been to many of the places where the action takes place was just another reason why I loved this book.

When FBI Agent Kate O'Hare and con man thief turned FBI Consultant Nick Fox are tasked with advising Interpol regarding an impending thief at the Vatican, it starts a non-stop chase across the globe to recover 30 billion in gold looted by the Nazis and lost in the seas of time. They have some very nasty baddies, the Brotherhood, dogging their every step, but with the help of their fathers, Jake O'Hare and Quentin Fox, they make a formidable team.

If you life the puzzles and maps of Dan Brown, but without the political and religious overtones of those books, you should really enjoy "The Bounty".
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Kate O'Hare and Nick Fox hit the ground running (rolling and shooting as well!) in The Bounty. When Nick's father is busted trying to make off with a map from the Vatican, the pair get sucked into a seventy-year-old mystery involving a mythical gold horde. Unfortunately for their health, the treasure was accrued by the Nazis, and a new Nazi-based group is after it as well. To keep the stolen gold out of those dread hands, Kate and Nick, accompanied by their fathers and one British professor of German literature, hop around Europe chasing clues with danger constantly on their tails and hope snuffing out of their hearts.
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Who doesn't love a good treasure hunt across Europe with a full cast of characters thrown in with historical locations. This fast paced read is heavily plot driven. We are introduced to Nick's dad and of course Kate's comes along for the ride. Definitely a solid entertaining read as well. The 'clues' along the way are pretty easily answered, so the mystery is focused more on finding the treasure rather than the actual decoding the riddles along the way. I think this is why the plot progresses so quickly.

Along with the story comes some changes behind the scenes with a change in coauthors. I think this might account for some changes in the feel of the book. This might  also account for the need to suspend belief on some of the situations and escapes. 

Overall, I think this is a good read and one I would recommend.
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While this is the 7th book in the Fox and OHare series, all the books can be read without being caught up in the series. I am not sure if I’ve read the entire series, but this is definitely my favorite of the bunch.  

This reminded me of a book version of the movie National Treasure.  Kate and Nick go on a search for long lost hidden gold from the Germans of the WWII era.  It all begins with a heist at the Vatican museum and then takes you on a wild ride through Paris, England, Austria, Switzerland and Europe.  Having visited some of these places, it was fun to read about their events as they search for the gold.  And with some European history along the way, I enjoyed the ride.  

While not all of the plot seems 100% believable, it was fun to live in their world.  While Kate’s father always makes an appearance in the books, it was a nice addition to meet Nick’s father. 

If you’re a fan of Evanovich and her suspense and humor, you will definitely enjoy this book.
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The Bounty by Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton is the 7th book in the Fox and O’Hare series. Nazi’s, treasure, and fathers oh my. This book has Kate and Nick teaming up with their fathers in a high pace action story to find Nazi treasure before the Nazi descendant Brotherhood does. 

This story was a fast pace, read. If you like Indiana Jones do not be surprised by the similarities. I mean both Kate and Nick’s fathers show up, there is a coveted treasure that has been sought after by many, and Nazis. I did not hate this book but once I felt like this was following Indiana Jones, the more I disconnected from the book. Overall I did actually enjoy this book. I have read a couple of the books in the series and this was easy to follow without a huge background of the series.

3 Stars for a solid fun read. Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for the ARC. This is an honest review.
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