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The seventh book in the Fox and O'Hare series is a good addition. I love Kate and her tough exterior. Adding Fox and O'Hare's fathers to the "team" was fun. I liked the way the story line progressed so that it was like working a puzzle. Following the clues and figuring out where the next step would be was entertaining and kept me intrigued.

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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I adore Janet Evanovich's writing. I can always count on it being a laugh out loud, fun, quirky read. The latest O’Hare and Fox novel does not disappoint. In fact, this book is probably my favorite of the series so far.  I love the chemistry between the main characters. Would definitely recommend this book and the series.
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This book is the seventh in the Fox and O’Hare series. Our protagonists are Kate O’Hare, who is an FBI agent, and Nick Fox, a conman. My thanks go to Atria Books and Net Galley for the invitation to read and review. While this book isn’t my cuppa, there will be readers that enjoy it. One way or the other, it goes up for sale on Tuesday, March 23.

The first six books of this series were cowritten by Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. There’s no explanation for why Goldberg is out and Hamilton is in, but the switch may account for some of the inconsistencies between the earlier books and this one. An example: Kate and Nick were tight in the earlier stories, and yet somehow, they can’t stand each other now. There’s no reason given for the change, so I have to assume it’s an authorial quirk; I have to say, not an original one.

The premise is that the pair are hot on the trail of a massive cache of Nazi gold; also pursuing this treasure is criminal organization known as The Brotherhood. Kate and Nick are charged with finding the gold and bringing The Brotherhood to its knees.

Before they are even off the plane, I have questions. For example, since when does the FBI have authority to do this sort of thing abroad? In cases of terrorist attacks on American citizens, sure. But treasure hunting on foreign soil? And since when does any law enforcement body send two officers to bring down an entire organization? You can see my point.

But this is the sort of story that one can only appreciate by suspending disbelief and buying the premise. The whole thing has something of a James Bondian flavor to it, consisting of large amounts of chasing, hiding, climbing, leaping, and in between, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. There’s a fair amount of derring- do; there’s a parachute, a grappling hook, lock picks; you name it. The element that distinguishes it from other such books is that both Fox’s and O’Hare’s fathers get involved.

For me to enjoy a novel from this genre, I need either a well-crafted story with literary merit, including character development, (i.e., James Lee Burke, Sue Grafton, John Connolly,) or else some form of well-executed humor. There are a fair number of wonderful satires out there, and of course, there’s the series that made Evanovich famous, the Stephanie Plum numbered series, which have hit more than they’ve missed and almost always make me laugh out loud more than once. In reading The Bounty, I don’t find these things.

However, not every reader has the same preferences that I do. This is a fast read with accessible vocabulary—my inner snark popped out at one point, and my galley has a note when the word “independence” is used: “Wow, four syllables!”—a linear story line, and an easily followed plot. I could see hauling something like this to the hospital when you’re going to have surgery and your attention span won’t be up to par. And then there’s the consideration of interest. Some want to read action, action, action, and if the story were more realistic, we’d probably be reading about paperwork, reports, and endless months cultivating a contact that proves to be useless. Not entertaining.

Even so, I can’t recommend this book for general audiences, or even for those that like the series.
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I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I’ve read some of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, but this book is quite different. It’s an action adventure, and all I could think was that it would make a good movie. It even has a lot of the unbelievability of current Hollywood action films. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. It was a quick and enjoyable read with a good ending.

This is the first book I have read in this series, but there was enough back story that I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.

Kate and Nick work together, and even though he’s an ex-thief, they get along when she’s not having to chase him down. Both of their fathers are in this book, and they have skills that come in handy on this case. The members of the Brotherhood are really bad but the group is lucky because they need their help…at least for a while. But even when the Brotherhood has no use for the group any longer, they’re able to escape (think Indiana Jones or the Expendables).

The Bounty is a quick read that is written well and full of adventure. I’m going to have to read more books in this series!
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Kate and Nick are on their next adventure. But instead of pulling a heist, they are hunting treasure with... their fathers! Humor, action, adventure, and treasure! 

I like this one, but it lacked the steam and movement of the other books in the series. Sadly, The conversations and quick wit were little to none. (Which is something I love about Janet Evanovich!) I missed it... Nick and Kate banter was.. meh. I was bored but liked the treasure hunt aspect. 

I’ll keep reading the series, but if you miss this book, you could probably pick up the next and be fine.
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Kate and Nick are at it again.  This time includes a quest across Europe looking for  a 70 year old treasure.  Add in Jake, Kate’s dad, and a newcomer and the adventure awaits.
I have yet to read a book by Ms. Evanovich that I didn’t love.  This one is a high speed adventure with some interesting historical references.  The messes that Kate and Nick find themselves in are interesting, to say the least.  
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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Loved this book - great interaction between Fox and O'Hare - quick read.  Felt as if I were a member of the 'crew' on this exciting journey to some of Europe's best destinations!  A mini vacation in a book - just what I needed during this pandemic!!
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I like this authors books because they are quick reads but to me the author is getting a little to close to the Plum character.  This doesn't mean I'll stop reading them I just wish the the laughs would be back it.  They are starting to sound the same not even chuckles and nothing like the first few books in the series.
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Every assignment of Kate and Nick's turns into an adventure and this one is no exception. I loved the family aspect to this book. We've always had Jake but it was nice to meet Nick's dad as well. The Nazi treasure made for a thrilling read and I enjoyed the history. The pop culture references were quite amusing as well. Overall another great adventure for Kate and Nick.
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Wonderful story development, rich characters, and a plot that hooks you and never lets you go. I love it when I can immerse myself within a book and just forget about real life for awhile and “become” a part of the story. This book totally delivered!
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*3.5 stars rounded up. FBI Agent Kate O'Hare and con-man consultant Nick Fox get involved in a modern-day treasure hunt to find hidden Nazi gold. This light, easy read is pure escapism, very reminiscent of Indiana Jones movies --in fact, both their dads get involved, along with a tweed-clad professor who helps them decipher the clues. Put aside your skepticism of the plot line and enjoy a thrill a minute! 

This book was available as a 'Read Now' from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It is the 7th book in the series but the first where Evanovich has teamed up with fellow mystery writer, Steve Hamilton. I made a point of reading two short story prequels since I was jumping into the series here and I notice a lot of the Stephanie Plum-type silliness of those earlier stories is gone in this one.
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Thank goodness! This book is more like the first five than the abomination of book six. Kate and Nick are off on a new adventure all over Europe searching for an alleged treasure of Nazi gold helping none other than Nick’s dad. They assemble quite a crew to solve the mystery including Kate’s dad, a British professor, and “former” British spy.

This was an entertaining read and while some of their adventures and antics seem super far fetched, it was a fun story. Definitely nice to see the chemistry and flirtation between Kate and Nick back.

If you read The Big Kahuna and said you were done with the series, I encourage you to give this book a try. Even better would be to call this book 6 and pretend the last one never happened.

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy via NetGalley.
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Kate and Nick have been paired up again to catch a thief.  They thought it was going to be a simple job until they discover a treasure that was hidden by the Nazis.  Now they are trying to find it before a shadowy international organization finds it first (or takes them down).  This treasure is rumored to be worth $30 billion in gold and this pair knows someone who can help them outsmart the Brotherhood.  This is the same man that taught Nick how to be a great con man … his father.  As they travel around Europe and other countries uncovering new clues, they have to get help from Kate’s father too.  Now there are four people who can’t agree on anything.  Will they be able to work together long enough to reach the gold before the Brotherhood?

The Bounty is the seventh book in the Fox and O’Hare series.  This duo has been a favorite of mine since the first book and I am always excited to find out what trouble they will get into this time.  This is not a spine-tingling mystery that must be unraveled, but it is a fun escape with some shenanigans along the way.  I love how Evanovich took us through unlikely European locations.  The Bounty is fun for all Fox and O’Hare fans.  If you haven’t read the other books, though, go back and start at the beginning.
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So...I don't know about this book. It's supposed to be the next in the Fox & O'Hare series, a romantic adventure thriller, but whoever wrote it apparently didn't read the previous six books?

Don't get me wrong, it's a good story premise...bouncing about the world solving clues to discover lost Nazi treasure. Very Indiana Jones or Sahara-like, but it's robotic in its form execution and utterly lacking the spark between the two main characters. Plus, although this may make a good easy summer blockbuster film it was highly predictable and over-the-top read.

Evanovich makes a lot of money from her books because they were all good once upon a time and readers are pretty loyal and always hope that the authors they enjoy will continue to deliver. This does not.

This is fine if you want to up your numbers, try a new genre without having to go through the previous books, or are just looking to kill time, but if you're looking for the next installment in this series, this seems like a decent second draft and nowhere near the finished product should be. Disappointing would my best overall descriptor.
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Confession: I had not read this series until I saw that Steve Hamilton was joining forces with Evanovich. So, I binged the earlier books just to get a feel of the characters. Who knew I would fall head over heels for Nick and Kate’s strained love/hate relationship? Not to mention the cast of characters that came along with them. 

The Bounty had such a different feel. I was VERY disappointed! Yes, we got to meet Nick’s dad, but to the detriment of the other supporting characters. Not to mention all the descriptions of places and the trek they took to get there was a beating to slog through. 

This will be the last Fox and O’Hare novel I read. Well, I’m thinking about revisiting my favorites just to cleanse my palate from this sour note.
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Easy read, somewhat predictable and I will admit, I am sad that she no longer writes her own novels.  Yeah ok, they had become predictable and formulaic but at least she wrote them.
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I much prefer Stephanie Plum, but these are quick easy reads. Some of the this story line was a little far fetched, I've liked the other ones in the series better
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OMG, I adore this book! It’s Indiana Jones meets The DaVinci Code! I can’t recommend The Bounty highly enough.

Kate and Nick have a new assignment—searching for a long-hidden trove of Nazi gold. They will not only need their own varied skills but also the skills of their fathers. The four, plus a German antiquities professor, must follow a treasure map around the world to locate the gold. Good thing they know how to BASE jump, climb mountains, and scuba dive. They will have to avoid the neo-Nazi group, The Brotherhood, and Red Star, a terrorist group, who are also looking for the billions of dollars of gold.

If you just want good old-fashioned escapism, look no further. The Bounty delivers a high-octane thrill ride coupled with a challenging mystery. Plus it allows you to view some familiar tourist sites from a new perspective (some while dangling hundreds of feet in the air). I have read a couple of other books in this series, and they don’t compare. This is definitely the best one yet! 5 stars and a favorite!

Thanks to Atria Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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The Bounty, like most Evanovich books, was lots of fun.  It had great characters and a quickly moving plot.  Since it is part of a series, it helps to have read earlier books, although it wouldn't be necessary to grasp the story.  This adventure took the reader all over the world and threw in some history as well.  Adding Kate's and Nick's  fathers to the story was a good way to keep the story moving as all four main characters had different skills to contribute.  It was a great adventure. Although not very believable. it was an enjoyable read.  I must say, however, I really missed the elaborate cons and quirky characters of the earlier books in this series.
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Title:  The Bounty
Author:  Janet Evanovich; Steve Hamilton
Genre:  Mystery/thriller
Rating:  3.5 out of 5

Straight as an arrow special agent Kate O’Hare and international con man Nick Fox have brought down some of the biggest criminals out there. But now they face their most dangerous foe yet—a vast, shadowy international organization known only as the Brotherhood.

Directly descended from the Vatican Bank priests who served Hitler during World War II, the Brotherhood is on a frantic search for a lost train loaded with $30 billion in Nazi gold, untouched for over seventy-five years somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Europe.

Kate and Nick know that there is only one man who can find the fortune and bring down the Brotherhood—the same man who taught Nick everything he knows—his father, Quentin. As the stakes get higher, they must also rely on Kate’s own father, Jake, who shares his daughter’s grit and stubbornness. Too bad they can never agree on anything.

From a remote monastery in the Swiss Alps to the lawless desert of the Western Sahara, Kate, Nick, and the two men who made them who they are today must crisscross the world in a desperate scramble to stop their deadliest foe in the biggest adventure of their lives.

I’m a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum series (well, a huge fan of the first 10 books, then a slightly lesser fan of the rest of them—and I haven’t read the last two.) and I think I read the first book in this series as well. 

I enjoyed this read, but it seemed pretty cliched and predictable, like an over-the-top action movie that ends just as you expect it to. I never felt any of the characters were truly in danger, and no matter how seemingly impossible whatever obstacle the characters faced was, it always seemed to have a simple solution—one based more on luck and chance with a bit of deus ex machina thrown in for good measure (I’m looking at you, big guy).

Janet Evanovich is a bestselling author. Steve Hamilton is an award-winning author. Their newest book is The Bounty.

(Galley courtesy of Atria Books in exchange for an honest review.)

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