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Fabulous story. Was interesting from the beginning. Believe it or not, I haven’t read anything by this author now I want to read many more.
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Kate, an FBI agent, and her partner Nick have been asked to help find a treasure of gold, hidden near the end of WW2. Nick's father, Quentin, is caught stealing a map, thought to be the treasure map. Quentin brings in a German interpreter to help decipher the map, and finds that this is just the first map of many that they must find and put together to find the treasure. Kate enlists the help of her father Jake to get supplies they need for their treks to find the other maps. Along the way, however, they must fight members of the evil group also looking for the treasure.
I received a digital ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I have read a few of the books in this series and enjoyed them. I could hear Ms. Evanovichs' 'voice' with no problems. With this book, I lost her 'voice' completely and didn't enjoy it as much as I had the past ones.

This is a fast read, and if this is the first book you've picked up in this series, you will have no problems because the authors do put in enough back-story so that you can keep up. We also get to meet Nicholas's father.  And Kate's father is along for the whole ride again! 

As a matter of fact, the stunts in this book just got to be a bit over-blown and a tad ridiculous in some parts. I found no humor in this book and any sort of romance seems to have been missing.

I hate to say this, but this seems to be more of a 'man's' book than one that all sexes will truly enjoy. A TON of action---for instance, mountain climbing! And, of course, the bad guys can't be stopped!

Although this s a rather short book, at times, the pressures of what this team has to face make it seem slow going.

I  liked it quite a bit-I didn't love it.

*ARC supplied by the publisher, the author, and NetGalley.
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Kate and Nick are on a case again, this time to discover lost gold the Nazi’s have hidden away for years. They come up against an unending number of assassins who belong to a brotherhood protecting the secret location of the gold. This is another great fast paced action detective story. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Atria Books for my honest review.
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First book I’ve read in this series, but I’m anxious to read more. Non-stop action in this treasure hunt to find Nazi gold by following clues which lead to parts of a treasure map. Time after time, Kate and Nick, along with their dads, find a part of the puzzle only to be confronted by the Brotherhood. Clue after clue, battle after battle, and cliffhanger after cliffhanger lead to thoroughly enjoyable tale.
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I haven't read the prior books in the series, so I was concerned about coming to the series so late in the game. However, there was enough backstory that I didn't feel totally lost.

I had high hope based on the summary, which sounded quite action-packed. The latter half of the story fit the bill, but the book, overall, did not. Some parts felt a bit over the top. I could see this working a bit better as a movie than as a book.
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Janet Evanovich does it again! I love the Stephanie Plum series and this one is no different. Can't get enough of her books!!
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Fantastic, fun reading, this 7 book in the Fox and O'hare series will not disappoint. Kate O'hare, FBI agent and handler for Nick Fox , master thief working for the FBI to avoid a jail sentence are on what seems a routine assignment assisting the Vatican police in the capture of a thief they believe is planning to steal the Papal ring. As they watch the thief outsmart every security system in place they see that he is not interested in the ring but something else. Kate and Nick chase him as he makes his escape to the roof of the Sistine Chapel where just before he plunges off the roof with a parachute Nick recognizes his father. Interpol tells Nick some interesting facts about his father but Nick disappears to find his father and get the truth. Kate who is never supposed to let Nick out of her sight must track them down. So begins an adventurous chase  across countries in search of the hidden Nazi Gold but they are not the only ones searching and the others are more ruthless and deadly.
This was a wonderful plot and really hard to put down!!!!
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An enjoyable read for a snowy afternoon, "The Bounty" had everything except the kitchen sink.  Having never read a book in this series, I had no preconceived expectations and was delightfully surprised.  The Vatican, a treasure map with clues, a variety of interesting locations, Nazi gold, spies, the FBI, this book was a fast-paced journey with a satisfyingly conclusion. I look forward to reading the next title in the series when it comes out.
Thanks #NetGalley
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When Kate and Nick are brought into work with European Allies to stop a potential heist, little did they know it would lead them on a far wilder chase that would include both of their fathers. 

Searching for the long lost rumored Nazi gold, worth $30 billion, they travel across Europe and Africa.  Trying to stay one step ahead of the Brotherhood that is also searching for the gold while not becoming collateral damage if they do cross paths, Nick and Kate have their hands full.  Can the Foxes and the O’Hares pull it off or will they be down a team member or two before it’s all over?

A fabulously fun series with action and adventure that keeps me coming back for more with each and every entry.  The sexual tension between Nick and Kate is off the charts, but they always manage to get their job done without giving in and allowing it to deter them from the task at hand. The exotic locations are always a great setting, especially during the pandemic, when it is the only way to get away.  Can’t wait for the next case!
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The Bounty was the palate cleanser I needed after reading two disappointing books in a row. One of the best things about a Janet Evanovich novel is that you know what you’re going to get. A fun mystery, some banter and jokes, and a little bit of romantic tension. 

The Bounty is book seven in the Fox and O’Hare series. FBI agent Kate O’Hare is tasked with catching another thief with the help of the mischievous Nick Fox, a former thief himself. O’Hare has to juggle keeping an eye on Fox while utilizing his skills to find their target. This time, there is more at stake when they discover that their target is Fox’s father. He has stolen a map from the Vatican in order to find lost Nazi gold. 

This instalment in the series stands out from the rest with the addition of Nick’s father Quentin. With Kate’s father Jake in the mix as well, it’s a family affair. The group goes on an adventure through Europe finding more clues along the way while being chased by a group called the Brotherhood. Strangely, the Brotherhood seems to know where they are going next before they do!

Janet Evanovich is a prolific and consistent writer. This addition to the Fox and O’Hare series is no different. In fact, it stands out as one of the best in the series so far. Even with a new co-author in Steve Hamilton, it fits right in with the rest and improves upon them. If you’ve enjoyed any of the books in this series or the Stephanie Plum series, you’ll likely enjoy this one. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria for providing this ebook for review.
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Not having read the previous books in this series, I was hesitant, but the authors provide enough background to get caught up with the relationships. The latter half of the story is entertaining and overall the book was an okay read. It’s not a page turner that you can’t put down and the plot is sort of James Bondish, but even more over the top. I can envision it being a better movie script than a best selling book. 

It was decent enough to make me want to go back to the earlier books in the series.
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I really enjoy this series so was excited to have the opportunity to review an ARC of The Bounty! Kate O'Hare is an FBI agent, and Nick Fox is a con man she's been secretly partnered with. In this book, they have to work together (and with their fathers) to find a hidden stash of gold before "The Brotherhood", a criminal organization descended from Nazis. 

This was a good story, and I enjoyed the addition of Nick's dad. And I always like Kate, she's such a badass. I did miss some of the other regular supporting characters though, and I hope they come back in the next book. Overall, a good read!
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I've been reading the Stephanie Plum series from Janet Evanovich since I was a teenager so I was SUPER excited to read an ARC from the Kate O’hare series. Although this is #7 technically in the series, I've read enough of the Plum novels to know you can pick up any one and it's not going to be a big deal. Evanovitch has a way of catching you up easy enough on the characters and jumping into the action.

Kate O’hare is an FBI agent and she's paired with Nick Fox (former criminal turned asset) on a case. While they are only supposed to observe, things naturally go off track. This had some streaks of the Stephanie Plum humor, but with generous helping of The Davinci Code mixed in. I liked it and was interested to see what would happen next. Nick Fox with all his swagger and smarts is a pretty likable guy. I think it was cool that these characters travelled all over Europe - The Eiffel Tower, Castles, climbed mountains! But, I feel like they could have been described in better detail to give the reader more of the experience. Watching them uncover clues and figure out everyone's motives was pretty entertaining. Overall I liked it, I would read another from the series.
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ARC received by NetGalley

The Bounty is the newest novel in the Fox and O’Hare series featuring the return characters of Kate and Nick, as well as some familiar relatives.  The Fox and O’Hare series are some lovely romps between an FBI agent and a master thief.  This book continues the series with a search for Nazi gold through former Axis countries.

A great adventure, light caper and fun read.
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A fun romp will be had by all who reads this book! Another wonderful novel in the Fox and O'Hare series. Thankful to NetGalley for allowing me a copy to read.
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I want to thank the publishers and Netgallery for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of The Bounty.
This was the first time I had read either of the authors so I was not sure what to expect. After reading the description, I thought it had promise and I was looking forward to delving into it.  To be quite honest, it was a difficult book to get through. It was not a book a couldn't put down but in the end I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure how to explain it. The Bounty reminded me of the National Treasure movies with Bond-like villains roaming around. Despite jumping in at the 7th book in the series, the authors did a good job of adding enough backstory on the characters where I wasn't lost. 

In the end, I enjoyed the book so much I bought the first book in this series.
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Fbi agent Kate O'Hara is given the job of working with Nick who 8s a reformed thief. They are given intel that a group known only as the brotherhood would be committing a crime. This book kept me on edge from the beginning
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I can easily see the books in this series brought to Netflix. It’s an age old dynamic, love you hate you, total opposites relationship that works well between Kate and Nick, FBI agent and somewhat reformed con man. I enjoyed the setting of this latest booked well as the unique storyline.
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From the first page to the last, I kept thinking that this would make a terrific action-packed motion picture. As for the book? Well, it would make a terrific action-packed movie.

Mind you, I haven't read any of the six preceding books in this series that feature FBI Special Agent Kate O'Hare and professional con man Nick Fox. But I'm intimately acquainted with virtually all of author Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books and am a big fan of author Lee Goldberg, who co-wrote the first five in this series. And, I've read and enjoyed two books by the co-author of this one. So when I got the chance to read and review a pre-release copy, I was delighted. 

Now that I've finished, though, I'm a little less enthused; the whole thing struck me as a bit shallow. To be sure, the action never stops (think Indiana Jones on steroids) which, generally speaking, is a good thing - certainly in a movie. In written form, though, it just seemed to be too much, too fast. Beyond that, the limited conversation among the various characters - especially between O'Hare and Fox, despite a few humorous and sexually suggestive one-liners - failed to give me any real insights into their characters or entice me to develop anything close to camaradarie with any of them. 

The plot itself is intriguing; it begins at the Vatican Museum, as Kate and Nick try to thwart a robbery in progress. They're told the target is a priceless diamond-encrusted ring; but turns out it was a very old map which, rumor has it, leads to $30 billion in gold supposedly hidden after World War II by a group of Nazis called the Brotherhood. As it also turns out, the thief - who gets away in fine James Bond fettle - is someone very familiar to Nick.

The resulting chase takes Nick and Kate - who also gets help from a familiar figure - to historic locations in several countries, each adventure fraught with almost unimaginable danger. In fact, what impressed me most about the book is the attention to detail with regard to their surroundings at each new venue; clearly, effort was put into research and making those parts very interesting (at least to me). At each spot, the goal is to find the next piece of the map - hopefully leading to the final piece and, of course, the gold.

Was anyone harmed in the process? Several (but my lips are sealed). Did the gold really exist and did they find it? Still not talking. Overall, it's a thrill-a-minute adventure that most likely will be enjoyed most by those who read the previous books. Thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for this one.

Now when can we expect that movie? I've got a few ideas for casting (hint: call me).
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