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Your typical dystopian sci-fi for younger YA readers. The book was easy to get into, well-written and quick to read. But it was very similar to many other YA dystopian sci-fi novels, I couldn't find anything really unique in it.
 The story is about a 17 years old orphan girl who wants to find her parents and her place in this city, which is closed from the outside world and is under totalitarian regime, where is for example even thinking in not government-approved way is punishable by exile.
 The plot was predictable, the characters felt a bit flat. I strongly disliked the main character because she was so unbearably naive and reckless in situations she knew were dangerous. She made sooo many stupid decisions even though she was supposed to be this 'not-like-other-girls mathematical genius' who could magically hack into every program and crack or calculate every password using her mental power of algorithms or something...and she got out of any situation completely unhurt. Needless to say, I found stuff like that very unbelievable, even though it is a sci-fi novel after all. That probably wouldn't be the case if I was younger when reading that, when I too thought that programming and cracking passwords was half magic. I would have thought the main character very badass and brave, but she was just way too naive.
 Anyway, this was a fun read. It ended on a cliffhanger, but I don't know yet if I'm gonna continue the series - maybe if all the other books will be as short and quick to read as this one.
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This was an engaging book! This threw me back into the good days when Dystopian tales were fresh and new. Fun characters, interesting and engaging plot== well worth the read! 

*I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I actually enjoyed the parts of this book that I read and just wish I knew it was present tense going into it because it affected and slowed down my reading. Would rate 3.5 stars!

Would recommend if you don't mind present tense, like dystopias, fantasy, and just seeing lots of fun twists and turns!
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I really enjoyed this story! There were a few points during the book that fell flat for me but overall it was a very easy, fast paced read that was enjoyable. If you like dystopian style, twist turning, fast paced read then this is definitely the book for you! I can’t wait to see where this series goes!
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Thank you to the publisher, who provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

The premise of this book was really interesting, especially with how many dystopian novels have been introduced  since the success of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Arela is a relatable MC without being annoying. She has a very clearly defined set of values and motivations (mostly from her backstory of her parents, the government, and life at TemWel) that make her choices coherent and understandable for her character. 

However, the pacing of the book overall really threw me. The first 3/4 or so were mostly character-focused, with the major plot points really developing in the last quarter of the book. Individual chapters also had a pacing issue, with major coincidences and convenience overtaking the plot. It's worth reading for sure, but the unevenness of the pacing takes some effort to get through so it doesn't overtake the plot.
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The Killing Plot is the first book in a gripping YA trilogy about the fiercely independent Arela Harkess, a young woman whose relentless quest for answers leads her down a path filled with corruption and treachery. In the ruins of a dying world lies Osiris, a protected city of humanity’s last survivors, where breaking the law means exile and political factions struggle for domination. 

This is a dystopian book, so if you're a fan, you'll enjoy this! I like the characters and this book is easy to read! Full of interesting and twisty things!
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC!
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Arela knows what the rules of Osiris are, even if she struggles to decide which ones take priority over others. She's learned about the old world democracies and knows Osiris is a better world, even without the freedoms and choices her ancestors had. Despite all that, Arela can't help wondering what happened to her parents to leave her an orphan. When one of the other orphans goes missing, Arela and her friends embark on a journey that leaves them with more than they bargained for.

The Killing Plot is a good start for a dystopian series. There is a lot of background discussion of the two opposing political groups, which is definitely relevant for students. Even though I know this is a series starter, there were almost too many subplots that were introduced too late in the book.
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The Killing Plot by Tahnee Perry

📓Genre: Dystopian Fantasy | YA 
Star: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (3.7 stars rounded to 4 stars)

🔖 This book is the first installment of the YA fantasy trilogy by Tahnee Perry.
🔖The story introduces Arela Harkess – an intelligent, strong-willed young woman – as the protagonist of the tale.
🔖Having spent her whole childhood as an orphan, she sets out in search of the truth behind her own parentage and soon finds herself questioning the disappearance of other orphans from the seemingly 'protected city' of Osiris. 
🔖The story deals with dangerous and murky political deception, social hierarchy and underlying social problems. However, by also highlighting strong bonds of friendship, the importance of independence and the need to rise up against injustice – the story maintains a well-balanced plot.
🔖Osiris, the last abode of the surviving humanity of the dystopian world – serves as the primary backdrop of the story. In fact, I quite liked the world-building. Along with the core plot, the author has given enough focus on that.
🔖There were of course a few elements which felt a bit similar to other popular fantasy books. But since they all belong to the same genre, certain similarities I guess, are inevitable.
🔖In my opinion, this book is an impressive series starter, with an equally impressive female protagonist.
🔖Overall, it's a pretty good choice for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced fantasy novel.

🔸Final Verdict: Good
🔸Book Cover: Goes perfectly with the genre.
🔸Writing Style: Engaging
🔸Character Development: As the first in the series, it would be rather unfair to comment on character arcs.

✨Many thanks to Tahnee Perry (Author) and Netgalley for sending me the ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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Thank you to Tahnee Perry for providing me with an eARC of her debut novel “The Killing Plot” through NetGalley for me to read and review honestly!

Real rating: 3.5/5 stars.

“The Killing Plot” provides all the necessary requirements of a dystopian novel which was something I really loved and have found it hard to find recently. It was marketed to fans of both “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” and I felt that was correctly done, and I even felt some similarities to Marie Lu’s “Legend” series. Though the start felt a bit slow, the main character Arela Harkess is strong-willed, though reckless most of the time and therefore incredibly intriguing. She was a refreshing perspective to read from as I feel that she was transparent in her mostly selfish aims to find out about her mysteriously disappeared parents. I felt that her group of friends from TemWel faded into the background and did not gain my deeper interest and that Arela’s relationship with Cenric 100% kept me going when the plot slowed down. I absolutely loved the path their relationship went from strangers to a budding romance. In the end, the plot really got exciting and fast-paced as Arela found herself constantly falling into danger in her now colliding search for her parents and her now disappearing friends and fellow orphans. You will for sure find me reading the sequel when it comes out!
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I usually try to read a new / debut author novel with an open mind... I didn't succeed after I read the description of this book... I've watched some of The Hunger Games and Divergent movies and I didn't quite relate, though I do enjoy dystopian fiction...

Arela, the main protagonist is unusually bold and reckless from the beginning of the story... Yet as I read the story, she got under my skin... With that attitude it's not surprising that she walks right into trouble as the narrative picks up pace...

The dystopian world that the author created is quite relatable, because it is so possible that some day this might come to pass...

So despite my initial reserve, I enjoyed reading this book... And I loved it! I did expect it to end on a cliff hanger, and it did... I can't wait to read the rest of this series, so hurry up author...
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It took me a while to get into this but I was then hooked and flew through it. The isolated city gave very similar Divergent vibes which I really enjoyed. There was good characterisation and I connected with the protagonist which I often struggle with. 

Admittedly, the story did feel disjointed at times but overall I really liked the concept. My only criticism which I struggled to look past was towards the end. Arela had a lot of near misses and lucky escapes so it felt unrealistic and a bit annoying.

Despite that, I’m invested and intrigued to read the rest of the trilogy.
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(Actual rating: 3.5/5 stars) 

It has been ages since i have read a dystopian so I was so excited to read The Killing Plot and re-live my hunger games phase. For a dystopian, it ticks all the boxes: abandoned outside world, a controlling dictatorship, a revolutionary group causing riots and a stubborn protagonist. I loved Arela (our main character) as she was strong and once she put her mind to something, she did it. As for the main love interest, I really liked Cenric as a character and loved how hes a painter but I found their relationship to be a bit insta-love-y which I personally am not a huge fan off. Despite this though, I do like how they cared for each other and think that as the series continues, their relationship will be really good. 

One thing i really appreciated was how there was no massive info dumping at the beginning. I feel like all dystopian tell you a lot of the backstory at the start which can be very overwhelming but in The Killing Plot, the background information is woven through the beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing how the series continues as I was left with so many questions after the cliffhanger at the end.
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dnf at 18 % im sorry i was so confused. i didn't follow what was happending and the plot seemed messy to me? it seemed really cool! and im sure that the story really is that but I simply was very confused by the storyline, characters and the environment.
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The killing plot.
~warnings:Child trafficking and drug abuse~


<p>Osiris is a dystopian - post apocalyptic society where modern technology has been removed in a sense that there's no private network everything any citizens browse are monitored by the government. Moreover, world now is unfit to sustain human life, so  everyone is confined to this place where the Ministry/ Conservationists maintain an eco balance.</p>

<p>That all well but the ethics and laws of the current system has  blatant disparity between Ministry members and rest of the society members. So, as a result we have Revolutionalists that riot for liberty but Osiris is a tough crowd to please, since they believe that freedom and democracy of the ancestors brought upon ruin.</p>

<p>Adela Harkins is an orphan, whose on a quest to find her parents, when safer means don't yeild results she discovers old technology that leads her down a Rocky path that not only unveils her past but also discover a criminal conspiracy that puts the life of her friends at Temwel at risk. On the way, she befriends the leaders son,  meets the revolutionists and confronts one of the most powerful man of Osiris......and now with all eyes she's no longer invisible but hunted from both sides.</p>


The story gripped my attention from the start, no info Dumping or arduous description. It was a quick read for me, and kept me interested till the end.
Arelas friendship, the trio were given enough page time, especially Jacabo who is adorable, the comic relief of the group  with high ambitions.
The Art aspect and almost  every scene involving it, really cute.
The villain and his  plan involving  her. That was unexpected. 


The story felt rushed; Cenric and Arelas relationship kinda developed too abruptly

I agree given that she B/E into his place its not surprising he did.
And in next few chapters they fight - makeup - fight again and now they're a couple?  I didn't root for them because I felt like her getting into his life was forced like why would you pursue then go soft all of a sudden when you are normally stubborn and savage around her peers?
I found that a bit conflicting

<p>The plot unfortunately had nothing new to offer. It's perfect if you are looking a dystopian story with a a strict government and a rebel faction and one strong willed person is valiant enough to face and narrowly escape dangers.... Then sure it perfect.
But I was looking for something a little different but... Sadly it wasn't this book </p>.

<b> In a nutshell </b>
The killing plot is a fast paced and compelling story that was fun to read but I found it to be predictable and hurried.
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Wow I enjoyed this book. This is exactly what I look for in a YA fantasy. I’m disappointed that no book boxes (to my knowledge) picked this up as their monthly choice.
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Arela lives in Osiris, a very controlling and restrictive place closed off from the rest of the world due to "toxins." The government is totalitarian and if you don't abide by their rules then you are exiled, thrown outside the gates and left to die. Arela is an orphan obsessed with finding out what happened to her parents. She searches relentlessly for answers and finds more than she bargained for.

The characters were very strong and distinct. I loved the interactions and banter. Arela's closest friends at the orphanage were diverse and extremely likeable. Arela herself had a strong voice and passion and quite a temper and was overall a really fun character.

The writing and plot was okay. The focus at the beginning of the book (Arela's search for her parents) kinda gets derailed and shifted. There is nothing wrong with switching up the MC's motivation, but it could have been executed better. A lot of the writing felt choppy... scenes didn't really flow or transition well, and often times I was confused as to how it got to a certain point and go back and reread.

Overall, it was an enjoyable book with a interesting and new twist on dystopia.
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- a big thank you to netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book!- 

3 stars
Seventeen year old Arela is on a mission to find her parents. Who were they? And how did she end up an orphan?
The book starts off with a shocking scene, and it keeps an intense atmosphere for the whole book. I enjoyed reading it! 
(see end of review for trigger/content warnings)

Characters: Character work was the strongest point of the book, I liked the MC and surrounding characters. Most of the villains lacked some description in my opinion. 

Plot/Writing: The main focus for this book is clear: find parents. But around the 85% mark Arela's focus gets skewed a little- and while I didn't mind her change in direction, I felt I was missing something as to why it was happening.

There were also some grammatical errors I noticed, as well as some choppy writing that pulled me out of the book a bit. But ultimately it was a good book!

trigger/content warnings (I would say the average 16 year old would be fine with this)
death, corpses, kidnapping, illusion to sexual assault and abuse, mention of nudity.
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The killing plot
By Tahnee Perry
Debuted novel of the next dystopian teen novel. The book looks into the resistance of the human spirit. Learning to over come our weaknesses.
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This is quite an interesting book I suppose, but a bit boring at the beginning, and not so captivating, I liked it, but isn't a lot appealing, though if you are a fan of dystopian genre the go for it!
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It's been awhile since I have read a dystopian novel, and even longer since I've read a good one. I was very impressed with debut author Tahnee Perry's The Killing Plot. Sometimes I protagonists in dystopian novels to be annoying or fall into that "I'm not like other girls" syndrome. I didn't feel that way with Arela, she has enough cynicism and devil may care attitude to keep me interested in her story. Set in the domed city of Osiris, Arela has been searching for the truth behind her parents disappearance, but during her investigation she begins to uncover a plot that reaches to the highest levels of the government. There is also a blossoming enemies to lovers plot that I am here for - so I can't wait to read book 2 because I have some questions that need answered.
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