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As a history teacher I love to get my hands on YA books that center on topics or situations in history. The Spartans are such a fun group to teach and I love that this book focused on the females. Usually we only get books about how the boys were trained and went to war, but the girls from a young age were also trained to fight!

I really enjoyed Daughter of Sparta. The characters were written nicely and I loved learning some new things that I can bring into my classroom.
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To me, this is a great readalike for older readers who loved the Rick Riordan stuff and want more mythology. I'll keep it in my back pocket,. It wasn't one for me, exactly, I just couldn't get drawn in to the story, but I'm not mad about it!
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I did not finish this book but what I did read was not for me. Thank you for the opportunity to read it anyway!
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Daughter of Sparta was a phenomenal book. I am so glad that I had the chance to read it. This book is perfect for any fans of Greek mythology or lovers of strong female main characters.

Daphne's only dream is to become a true Spartan warrior, but since she is an outsider and a women the chances of her goals coming true are slim to none. When Daphne's older brother gets caught by Artemis for spying on the Olympian gods, it is up to Daphne to go on Artemis' quest to find 9 missing items from Olympus to bring back complete power to the gods.

As a huge history nerd I absolutely loved every moment of this book. The author was able to stay close to the original Greek mythology but change it in a way that the story is female focused and manages to empower women. I loved all the main characters, especially Daphne. It is such a pleasure to read from her point of view and grow with her throughout the novel, she not only becomes an amazing warrior and learns to trust herself and not worry about where she comes from, but she also gets closer to her emotions and gains confidence, she is truly an amazing character.

While I loved the book and the storyline, I think the author could have worked on the pacing of the story a little more. There were definitely moments of the story that dragged on for a long time, and other moments that flew by way too fast.

Other than the pacing of the story I think it absolutely perfect and loved every moment of reading this story. I will be looking forward to reading more from Claire and following Daphne's story in the next book.
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I LOVE any story that gives a face to the Greek gods, and Daughter of Sparta by Claire Andrews more than fits that bill. Daphne is a fabulous heroine, determined to prove herself. Fierce, strong, intelligent, and headstrong, she's everything I love. Her adventures are a fantastic feminist reimagining of the Daphne and Apollo story. I can't wait to learn more about Daphne's past or what happens next!
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Absolutely could not put this down.
With the rise in popularity of Greek mythology retellings, and retellings in general, this Daphne and Apollo tale fits right in with Madeline Miller and Jennifer Saint.
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I went into this story totally expecting a female version of the movie The 300, full of action and battles and death, super exciting and tragic. Well, that was not what this was. Instead, Daughter of Sparta was an epic adventure full of Greek Gods and mythology, magic, tasks and trials and secrets. I enjoyed the story, but it was in no way what I expected- but keep in mind that it was on me and not the book's fault. Ps, based on the synopsis this is a retelling of the Daphne/Apollo myth which I know nothing about (and can't verify if this is close to the original or not), but if that is something you are interested in here you go.

This is the perfect series (and yes, this is just book one in a series so be aware) for fans of the classic Greek tales, mythology and retellings. The story was one dangerous misadventure after another and will keep you guessing as to what will happen next as well as what well known character from Greek mythology will pop up next. While at times I felt a little like the story was choppy and there were missing transitions that caused confusion while reading, overall this was an interesting read due to the worldbuilding.

Overall this was heavy on the action and minimal on the characters and relationship dynamics. I would recommend this for fans of adventure stories, Greek mythology, dangerous quests and fans of series. I am not sure that I will be continuing with this series in the future but I am sure that others will love it.
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The Greek gods are truly just one big happy pantheon family of D R A M A. 

From start to finish, this is an excellent adventure novel that takes us all over mythological Greece. Daphne is a Sparta in all ways but birth. Her and her two brothers were adopted by a Spartan family, but no matter how much they train and or prove themselves worthy warriors, they can never measure up in the eyes of their fellows. After her one brother is turned into a deer by the goddess of the hunt, Daphne is forced to enter into a deal with Artemis. Nine items have been stolen from Olympus, the powers of the gods are failing, and Daphne must go with Apollo to recover them. Suddenly, this girl deemed lesser by the Spartans she fights for is now their only chance to save the world, and they don't even know it. 

People say that Greek mythology is tired, but I am so wired for it. I fell in love with this and its adventure element almost immediately. It's actually more what I hoped Lore would be like. We face off against the Minotaur, a Sphinx and centaurs, rub shoulders with gods like Prometheus, Hermes and Ares, meet legends like Hippolyta and Theseus—and not once does it ever feel like it's too much to keep up with. In hindsight, this was a really clever book that takes so much already used to death and crafts something I found to be new and exciting. It's fast-paced and highly unpredictable as well. There were a few twists that were really well done, and there are threads of mystery that unravelled perfectly. 

I really liked Daphne. There are a lot of characters—literal legends—in this book that could have easily drowned her out, but she held her own phenomenally well. The girl is a beast when it matters, and I am obsessed with that. Her Spartan training came in handy often, letting her show off to the reader without being cocky or overbearing. She's quick on her feet and terribly clever. Some of the moves she pulled had me smiling because damn girl! Her character was wholly believable and relatable, and I loved that for her. Almost from the start it's clear that there are questions about her parentage, namely who is her father because she is definitely not fully mortal.

From what I googled about the myth of Daphne and Apollo, this book is a very very loose retelling. There is absolutely a romance that stirs up between the two characters. I'm always unsure of where to land with god-mortal romances in YA. Like, Daphne, I know Apollo looks like he's 18 but he's actually 1001 and probably f*cked some questionable people and things. But also ... get your man, girl! Thankfully it didn't feel icky here, and was somewhat of a slow burn. I ship it **shrugs* I have to admit though, the cock-blocking wolf between the two of them was way funnier than it should have been. 

This is the first in what looks to be a duology, but it wraps up really well and could almost be a standalone. There are still promises of what are to come, with a few mysteries still floating about, such as who is Daphne's father. You can bet I'll definitely be snagging the sequel first chance I can.
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I love when I read a new retelling about a story/character I new absolutely nothing about. I really liked the premise of this book and getting to see the feats Daphne ended up surpassing. I'd like to take a moment to talk about Theseus in this book. I adored him he was such a good side character even though I was super bias against him because I'd just finished reading Ariadne in which he was not a good guy. I'm super intrigued by this premise and can't wait to read the next one.
Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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Daughter of Sparta is perfect for those who enjoy Greek mythology retellings. This is a reimagining of the classic myth of Daphne and Apollo, but with a female lead! Daphne must fulfill the quest of finding the nine missing items stolen from Mount Olympus. The book has incredible world-building and strong characters brought to life by Andrews' writing. The plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats! Highly recommended especially to fans of Greek mythology!!
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Thank you NetGalley and Jimmy Patterson Books for this eARC in exchange for an honest review. This book is for you if you love Greek mythology, quests, strong female characters, and quick pacing. There have been a couple of Greek mythology-based books that have been released so far this year and each brings their own spin to a popular genre. This book was just fantastic. The main character Daphne was such a powerful character whose growth was thrilling to watch. The storyline was well thought out and left the reader wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!
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This is a story about gods who find out they’ve been men all along.

Do you enjoy quests?  How about Greek mythology?  Brave heroines who rescue themselves… and their heroes?  I’ve got a book for you!  I really enjoyed this adventure- it integrated a wide variety of Greek myths & the pacing was quick without feeling rushed. 

Thank you so much Netgalley & Jimmy Patterson Bookd  for this eArc!
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*I received a free arc of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

At the beginning of the year, I received a different YA arc by a more widely known author that was also a fun YA twist on Greek myths and legends. I had nothing but good things to say about Lore by Alexandra Bracken, and that holds true.

It's hard for me, having read both within months of each other, not to compare them. Honestly, there's not competition. Lore was a fantastic book but it doesn't hold a light to Daughter of Sparta.

Greek myths lend themselves well to YA novels to begin with. Daughter of Sparta is better researched, the writing and the story are more accessible (especially if you don't know or remember the original myths), and overall I just enjoyed my time with it more which is saying something as Lore did not disappoint.

I will say Lore lends itself better to younger YA audiences who have finished Percy Jackson, Daughter of Sparta is better for older YA audiences, the characters are more fleshed out, the romance is better. What I'm trying to say if that if you liked Lore, or you're trying to decide between the two, PLEASE DON'T SLEEP ON THIS BOOK.

The subject matter of course aligns it with Alexandra Braken's stand alone. The writing style and research reminded me of the Daevabod trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty. It was so good I could cry and I can't wait for the next installment. Please excuse me as I nip off to the bookstore to claim my own copy. What a gorgeous debut !
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I’m an absolute sucker for anything Greek mythology, and this was no exception. I loved every moment, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next!! Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good mythology retelling, including those who loved Percy Jackson as kids!
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Enjoyed this mythically based novel! 3.5 stars 

While it may be a bit slow-paced at the beginning, there is plenty of action once our MCs start their quest.
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Daughter of Sparta by Claire Andrews
“You found pleasure in my pain! You enjoyed watching me fall!” I roar, darkness flooding my vision. “Now watch me rise!”
This is Claire’s first book and I was so stoked for it. I became a big fan of hers and she couldn’t get rid of me. I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Daughter of Sparta and then received a final copy of the book. 
   This book was absolutely amazing, I love Greek mythology and anything that has to deal with Spartan culture! So this was a dream book; and all the action was thrilling. I bookmarked so many things, and great quotes. The characters were great, really loved the way the main female character, Daphne, was portrayed. Incredible strength, healing, character growth, and overall just so much badass all in one person. Then for Apollo, the characteristics of this god were absolutely spot on! The way he interacted with the other gods, the way he interacted with mortals, the way he interacted with Daphne. 
      The storyline as a whole was astonishing, I loved how detailed Claire was with staying with what the Greek mythology has told us. From the way Claire wrote, in talking to her, and in watching her interviews for Daughter of Sparta; a reader can really see the commitment she had to this story and how she really wanted to stay true to it. But yet, she wanted to add some of her own little twists and turns and made it spectacular. 
  So if you love Greek mythology with a little bit of a fictional twist, Daughter of Sparta is absolutely an incredible new choice in the new book world! And thank you so much Claire for all the hookups with this book! I can’t wait for book two!
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Daphne, a warrior from Sparta, has sought to be accepted her entire life; however, Daphne was brought to Sparta with her brothers by their caretaker when she was a baby, which makes her a Mothakes, or one who is allowed many liberties but not full rights as a Spartan citizen. When Daphne’s brother Pyrrhus doesn’t show up to run the Chase during the festival of Carneia, she opts to take his place, hoping that this will earn her the respect her family deserves. Daphne’s trek into the Taygetus forest earns her an unexpected audience with Artemis, who tasks Daphne with a quest to assist the gods. Roping her in with threats and promises, Daphne picks up Apollo, Artemis’s twin, as a traveling companion and sets out across Greece. During her adventures, she tackles the Minotaur and the Sphinx while running across allies like Theseus and Hippolyta. But when the gods are in play, Daphne finds herself interwoven into a plot that could see the downfall of Olympus as well as all of Greece, including Daphne’s beloved Sparta, and as the conspiracy begin to unravel, Daphne also discovers that her origins may be more complicated than she originally thought.

Utilizing the format of the quest narrative, Claire M. Andrews produces an epic tale that doesn’t waste much time jumping right into the action. Andrews immediately sets up the premise of Daphne’s journey and the novel sees her moving throughout Ancient Greece taking on one task after another. The author’s note that Andrews provides helps deal with the discrepancies that her reenvisioned telling might cause for classicists, noting that myths are ever changing and that history is written by the victors who are usually men. By offering Daphne agency to create her own story, Andrews provides a character worth rooting for.

When examining the myth of Daphne and Apollo, it is worth noting that Daphne is a relatively helpless character who is reliant on her father’s assistance to rebuke Apollo’s advances. By revising this myth and offering Daphne her own power, the reader can see that Daphne is not a damsel and she can save herself. In fact, she often saves many of her companions on their journey. As a reader, this provides a strong, independent character to which the reader can be attached.

It would be remiss to discuss the myth of Daphne and Apollo without tackling the love story. As a young adult novel, I suspected that Daughter of Sparta would be an enemies to lovers trope, and for the most part, I was correct; however, I appreciated that throughout the novel, Andrews didn’t cheapen Daphne, and she chooses herself more than she chose any growing feelings for Apollo.

As a second book has been announced, some readers may wonder how severe the cliffhanger is in this installment. I was pleasantly surprised that minus one or two answers Daughter of Sparta could stand on its own. I found the ending to be satisfying as it closed this chapter in Daphne’s saga. That’s not to say that I don’t want more. Andrews provided a need for those answers that weren’t supplied and a desire to see Daphne continue to face more challenges. I know I will certainly be tuning in for the second installment.

Final note, there is a glossary and I would recommend referencing it for some of the Greek terms throughout the novel. I will say that I initially missed the glossary, and though it would have been helpful, much can also be gleaned from context clues.
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What an adventure! I absolutely loved this story! It had a strong Spartan female protagonist, lots of adventure, greek mythology, and a touch of romance. Everything I could want in a story! I am looking forward to continuing this series, and I highly recommend reading it!
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A feminist take on Greek mythology with a rarefied diverse group of female characters. I loved the twist of Artemis being an anti hero and so mysterious, This novel avoided the overdone trope of Zeus being the villain of Greek mythology. Perfect for those of us who were raised on the "Percy Jackson" books and now want to read something similar,
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This had a really solid start to me but then fell short through to the ending. I enjoyed the characters and the nods to mythology but with how saturated the book world is right now with these types of books I didn't think it stood out. as much as I wanted it to.
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