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I chose this title to read and review based on the cover and then the blurb on the back. It is always a coin toss what kinds of details are included or left out with books in this genre. I felt the author balanced the sex and real-life scenes pretty well. I also felt the language was accurate, and it did not deter away from the story itself. It is not a book filled with naughty scenes throughout, which I appreciated. I felt We Three was well written, and I felt the author did an amazing job sharing the different points of view throughout the book. I will look for more books by this author.
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Hmmm... I'm not sure where to put this one, in my "liked it" or "not so much" category... Granted, the book has some seriously hot scenes, but the ending was so rushed, and the all along the way I couldn't really feel the chemistry between Eric and Jess...
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Eric and Elena Tanner are happily married and also indulge in a free swinging relationship.  The new bartender, Jess, catches Elena's eye so Eric invites her to join them. Their meetings continue amongst their party lifestyle and they start to feel that they want more. This is certainly a hot story with many scenes and I got the impression their story was only just starting when we got to the end. There were definitely a few loose ends but I found it enjoyable especially the FF scenes which I often find tedious in previous books I've read.
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I originally wasn't going to review this book, I guess I requested it by mistake.

But I read most of it.  I'm not sure how books of this type are rated, but in my opinion, it needed a bit more story.  I understand it's erotica, but there are things hinted at in the story line that are not expanded on.  So why bring them up?
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Copy obtained via “read now” section on NetGalley 

When I randomly came across this on NetGalley, I went into this with such low expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how great this was. 

What I loved most about this was, of course, the sex scenes. They were well-written and I thought the three main characters had such amazing chemistry with one another. Though Jess and Elena had slightly more chemistry; I was LIVING for their encounters. 

I also liked how this wasn’t just a typical erotica novel. But there was substance and a plot. I enjoyed reading about each of their backstories as it made me sympathize more with the main characters. 

One thing I was turned off by however, was the abrupt ending. There seemed to have been a time jump from one chapter to the next and I found that quite jarring. 

All in all, I loved this book so freaking much. I want to read more books like this one in the future.
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This book was ok. It seemed more of a romance between the two women. I found the book a bit tiring and meh.
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3.5 stars

I grabbed this book when I saw it was FFM, something there are too few books of. Most menage stories are MMF. I was further drawn to it due to the swinging aspect. Another thing I don't often see in fiction. 

The author did a good job on both fronts. I loved the dynamics between the couple and was happy they found their elusive unicorn. (A person happy to join a couple). The sex scenes were plentiful, an even though I figured they would be considering this is an erotic novel, they bordered on being too much. 

What lowered my rating was the overwhelming use of terms like - the brunette, the blonde, the other woman, blue eyes, etc. I find them jarring and distancing. To start with, I was adamant I wouldn't mention such in my review, as I guess that could be a style preferences. But by the mid point they irritated me so much, I had to set the book aside...never a good thing.

If you're looking for an erotic romance with plenty of FF, FFM & FMF scenes, and a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle, this could be just the ticket.

Copy obtain via the 'read now' section of NetGalley.
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So I need to pay. more attention when I choose books because this one was published in 2019.  Oops.  Anyway, this book is about a swingers couple who find their unicorn. While the book certainly has some hot parts, overall the book feels forced. This is a FF book that is trying to be FFM or FMF... but it is really a FF.  I never felt the connection between the three of them, or even the husband and wife.  Even the story behind their marriage feeds the feeling they're good friends but not really a couple.  It left me wishing that this was only an FF book as that was the storyline focused on.
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I liked the way polyamorous relationship and swinging couples were worked here, but at the end I miss some kind of story among the three of them besides sex. The sex scenes were really hot and well written, but that's it. It was just a book with a lot of well written sex scene and safe sex.
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What can I say about this book? It was ok. Honestly, I only read half of the book & gave up. I have to write at least a 100 characters but it's difficult to know what to say.
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This book was too long. The story wasn't developed enough to sustain that length. There really wasn't much character growth and the ending was way too abrupt
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Eric and Elena enjoy swinging and meeting others at Club Caliente, when they meet Jess, sparks fly.  One night wasn’t enough with Jess they like just hanging out together.  Can they have a relationship between the three?  Fast-paced read with sizzling chemistry, lots of emotion and steam.   I liked it.
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I thought this one was really brilliantly done. It’s definitely salacious but managed to be extremely descriptive without seeming vulgar and taboo without being unbelievable. I don’t read a lot of this genre anymore because it always seems like the plot is ridiculous and the writing seems crude, but this book avoids that. Only the weight bench seemed clunky and a little awkward. But still, this is definitely a quick and entertaining read, even if it’s not your particular thing.
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We Three by Lara Zielinsky was a steamy read. The characters were realistically developed and likeable. While not my type of relationship style, the three people grew from casual to loving and it was nice to read about. I will be reading more books by this author.

***** I received an ARC from NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my honest review. *****
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This is a very steamy book with more sex than substance. It's a nice story with lots of heat but that's about it. There was more focus on the relationship (meaning sex) between Jess, Elena and Eric than actual plot and the end feels very abrupt. There were a few plot points that we're just abandoned without resolution, like the tension with Jess's boss. It was very sex positive and clear about depicting safer practices and explicit consent which I loved.
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3.5/5, Read a free copy thanks to NetGalley. 

I liked this book in that it explored poly relationships in a good and healthy way.

I liked the relationship and liked how you could see it growing - this was about the people less than it was about the sex. 

However. This book and all its (many) sex scenes (yes, I know it's erotica) read like this book wasn't very well edited or was self published because of a lack of consistency in many things. Safe sex was only discussed sometimes, condoms used inconsistently, the use of come/cum was also inconsistent. 

The ending of the book was incredibly jarring, but I'm glad with the direction it took. I like this trio and the fact that they very clearly are all in love with each other. I hope they have a happy life together. The supporting characters (ok, just Gus) were also great, but only one of them had any dimension. 

Also I hate the cover, but that's because I strongly dislike feet... But overall I did like the story, but a lot of the inconsistencies took me out of it.
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Relatively short and could have used more storyline. Not exactly what I expected and it seemed a little too formulaic and choppy. Characters needed some more development.
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Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a hot, sexy and exciting read. The author was descriptive and imaginative with their story and not just steamy sex scene after scene.  

The story followed Jess and a married couple and the intricacies of a married swingers lifestyle looking for that one correct missing link; and how the right match can ignite passion and elicit fantasies to come true.

The book had a decent plot and a seductive and sexy erotic storyline.
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We Three is a hot bisexual menage erotic romance by Lara Zielinsky. 

Again - this is erotica, so you get what you expect. 

A club, swingers, and instant attraction, married couple Eric and Elena can't resist Jess. 

The heat can be felt throughout, with a good storyline accompanying all the sex scenes. Of which there are many!

These three have amazing chemistry and are amazingly hot together. As well, there's some good character growth involved, as Jess ends up being just what Eric and Elena needed. 

We Three is a great read for anyone in the mood for a steamy bisexual and poly read.
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I wanted to enjoy this book but I felt like the author referred to "The Blond" and "the Brunette" way to much.  Not only that but transitions between scenes jumped so much and didn't always make sense.    I think with some editing and corrections this book could be a very hot and sexy read.
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