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This is a very steamy book with more sex than substance. It's a nice story with lots of heat but that's about it. There was more focus on the relationship (meaning sex) between Jess, Elena and Eric than actual plot and the end feels very abrupt. There were a few plot points that we're just abandoned without resolution, like the tension with Jess's boss. It was very sex positive and clear about depicting safer practices and explicit consent which I loved.
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3.5/5, Read a free copy thanks to NetGalley. 

I liked this book in that it explored poly relationships in a good and healthy way.

I liked the relationship and liked how you could see it growing - this was about the people less than it was about the sex. 

However. This book and all its (many) sex scenes (yes, I know it's erotica) read like this book wasn't very well edited or was self published because of a lack of consistency in many things. Safe sex was only discussed sometimes, condoms used inconsistently, the use of come/cum was also inconsistent. 

The ending of the book was incredibly jarring, but I'm glad with the direction it took. I like this trio and the fact that they very clearly are all in love with each other. I hope they have a happy life together. The supporting characters (ok, just Gus) were also great, but only one of them had any dimension. 

Also I hate the cover, but that's because I strongly dislike feet... But overall I did like the story, but a lot of the inconsistencies took me out of it.
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Relatively short and could have used more storyline. Not exactly what I expected and it seemed a little too formulaic and choppy. Characters needed some more development.
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Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a hot, sexy and exciting read. The author was descriptive and imaginative with their story and not just steamy sex scene after scene.  

The story followed Jess and a married couple and the intricacies of a married swingers lifestyle looking for that one correct missing link; and how the right match can ignite passion and elicit fantasies to come true.

The book had a decent plot and a seductive and sexy erotic storyline.
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We Three is a hot bisexual menage erotic romance by Lara Zielinsky. 

Again - this is erotica, so you get what you expect. 

A club, swingers, and instant attraction, married couple Eric and Elena can't resist Jess. 

The heat can be felt throughout, with a good storyline accompanying all the sex scenes. Of which there are many!

These three have amazing chemistry and are amazingly hot together. As well, there's some good character growth involved, as Jess ends up being just what Eric and Elena needed. 

We Three is a great read for anyone in the mood for a steamy bisexual and poly read.
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I wanted to enjoy this book but I felt like the author referred to "The Blond" and "the Brunette" way to much.  Not only that but transitions between scenes jumped so much and didn't always make sense.    I think with some editing and corrections this book could be a very hot and sexy read.
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This book is intended for persons over the age of 18 years. Be advise that there is material that is not appropriate for younger audiences. 

This book was hot! Very sex driven, with the underlying buddying romance side plot. 

The actual premise of the story was that Jess comes in Eric’s and Elena’s life and she becomes the third addition to their relationship that they didn’t know they needed. 

The writing was ‘very’ descriptive but also not too easy. Sometimes I feel like in this genre of writing there is a lack of skill that is demanded, and because of that, a lot of good books are often swamped by some terrible examples. I simply just enjoyed this book. 

Thank you to Lara Zielinksky, the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of ‘We Three’ for free in exchange for my honest review
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We Three is the sexy story of swinger couple Eric and Elena who meet the sexy new bartender at their favorite club, Caliente. Jess, who has never had a stable home or relationship is weary when Eric and Elena proposition her but soon falls in love with more than the sex,
We Three was my first menage romance. I enjoyed the polyamory way more than expected. This book is definitely high on the steam scale which is always enjoyable. The book had no discernable plot and had a some typos. I was also not a fan of the way the pages were set up.
2.5 stars rounded up. If you're looking for a quick, super sexy read then this is your book.
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This book followsJess, a 20 something, as she explores her sexual desires with an established swinger couple, Elena and Eric. This book is erotic fiction and it delivers on this promise with detailed sex scenes between various combinations of the characters whether f/f, m/f, or f/m/f.  Jess is new at exploring her desires but feels a strong pull toward Elena and also her husband Eric. Jess has lived a transitory life, never really settling down. Eric and Elena are an established swinging couple who provide her with not only a place to explore her desires, but also relationships and connections that she has been missing in the past. The author goes into detail in each of these scenes delivering on what the audience is looking for in this genre. Though the book focuses on their sexual relationship there is story involved as well to help the plot along.  Anyone new to swinging culture would also receive explanations of the lifestyle that add further explanation of the relationship and dynamic between Jess and the married couple.
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