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And It Will Be a Beautiful Life

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A tale full of beauty and hope which is exactly what I'd expect to find from the author. 

Max Wendt is a flawed character, or so his (soon to be ex) wife and daughter are quick to point out. Working away from home for a large amount of the time has put a strain on all his personal relationships but that doesn't mean he is incapable of realising this or changing. A chance meeting with a stranger leads Max to begin dissecting his life and emotions helping him to move on and grow.

I hope it's a compliment when I say I was reminded of Lionel Shriver's writing at points in this book. That skill to really hone in on someone's character be they likeable or not!

You'll definitely be full of all the feels once you've finished reading this book.
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Someone once asked me why I read so much fiction. "It's not real," they said. I couldn't disagree more. In the hands of a talented author, a novel can make you laugh, make you cry, make you see the world from another’s eyes. A good novel makes you feel, and that is very real. And in the hands of Craig Lancaster, And It Will Be a Beautiful Life does just that. I don’t have much in common with pipeline man Max, or struggling mom Alicia, or flamboyant traveler Charles—but that doesn’t matter. Lancaster brings their stories to life, deftly weaving their thoughts and feelings and actions into a narrative that will sit with you long after you’ve finished reading. And that is very real indeed.
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