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This is the third book in Dylann Crush’s Tying the Knot Series but the first one I have read. 

Delilah's more than just a pretty beauty queen and Jasper's more than just a country cowboy.  When Jasper is appointed the role of showing Delilah - the reigning Ms. Lovin' Texas - around his small town of Ido in hopes of her awarding it the title of Most Romantic town in Texas... neither of them expect to fall in love along the way.  But it's not as easy as that as Jasper needs to figure out what's more important, for his town to win the title or for him the win the heart of Delilah.

The cover of this book was the first thing that attracted me to it - it's such a beautiful cover isn't it?!  The story was a pretty unique story for me too and overall I enjoyed the story.  The characters were appealing and the chemistry between the two main characters was definitely there - it's a love story with quite a bit of steam too.  I do however think there were moments when the story tried to make small events and actions of the characters more dramatic than they really were.  Small things were made into bigger deals than I think was realistic.  So for me there were a few plot flaws but there were also some really great moments in this story too (spoiler: the star gazing scene, the mud scene, the award show scene).   All in all - it was a sweet small town romance with some very memorable moments that made me glad I read it.
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This book had so much that held my heart. Small town, cowboys, rescue dogs, and romance!

Delilah is Miss Lovin' Texas and has been tasked with finding the "most romantic small town in Texas".

Jasper and his family pecan farm was devastated by a tornado that took out a bunch of their crop. To win the title of most romantic town would help them turn their barn into a wedding venue and bring them some more profit.

Jasper is reluctant to play host to this beauty queen until he lays eyes on her and decides it won't be so bad after all!

This story is really sweet. I love Jasper's family so much. I love that there is a pitbull rescue in town that helps poor dogs from dog fighting rings become gentle. I love the plans that Delilah has to help young girls- that first starts as how to be in pageants to become something so much more worthwhile!
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Crazy About a Cowboy by Dylann Crush is the 3rd book in her Tying the Knot in Texas series.  Crazy about a Cowboy was another fun read in this series, with a fabulous couple who were steamy together.  Delilah Stone, is the current ‘Miss Lovin Texas”, who is in the middle of judging various small towns to choose the most romantic town.  Delilah is on the last leg of this trip, planning to end her days as a pageant queen, moving on to a normal life, running her own business; but Delilah has to spend the last 30 days in the town of IDo. 

Jasper Taylor has spent his whole life in IDo, helping his family with their successful pecan farm.  But in the last storm, much of their crop was destroyed, which will take a couple of years to regrow. Jasper hopes to convince his father and brothers on his idea to change over the barn to have weddings, giving them enough money to help regenerate the farming.  

Lacey (a previous heroine) is the mayor, and she is determined to win the contest of most romantic small town, and pushes Jasper to be the town’s hospitality host and show Delilah everything about the town.  Jasper was a sweet, wonderful person, always looking out for his family and the town.  Delilah was the surprise, as she was not the usual snobbish queen, but ultra-nice and friendly to everyone, not to mention beautiful.   Jasper at first was somewhat shy, but soon their relationship went to fun friends, then to lovers.  They made such a great couple, enjoying each other’s company, and sizzling chemistry. Will Delilah allow herself to fall in love with Jasper, and stay in IDo?

Delilah got to spend time with Jasper’s family, which were also fun; especially with the bantering between them all.  There is an added element of a brother who left town awhile ago, due to doing something crooked, and Jasper has kept his secret, warning him to never come back; but to his dismay, that will change.

Crazy About a Cowboy was a fun, sweet, entertaining and charming small-town romance, with a great couple and wonderful secondary characters.  Dylann Crush once again gives us a wonderful enjoyable story, that was very well written.  The entire series of three book so far, reads very well as a standalone, but why miss the fun, start with the first book.
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This is the third book in the series, however I haven’t read the others and I didn’t have any issues reading this one not having read them. This was a quick and fun read with mild amount of steam. 
Delilah is a pageant queen who is on the road going from small town to small town trying to find the most romantic town in the country. She lands in a tiny little town called Ido and meets Jasper, who has been assigned by the town to be her host. They get off on the wrong foot but over the course of her time in town they fall in love. Their banter was really funny and there were some obstacles in their path for them to overcome of course. 
The supporting characters were great as well. I loved Abbey! She was fun and wise for her age and wanted Jasper and Delilah to get their happily ever after. 
Overall, cute and fast read. Will be perfect for summer reading with a cool glass of lemonade. 
Thanks to Penguin Random House and Netgalley for this Arc in exchange for my review.
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Dylann Crush’s third book, Crazy About a Cowboy, in the Tying the Knot in Texas series has what its predecessors had...the perfect mixture of romance, tension, anticipation, and a smattering of anxiety...all crafted together to keep the pages turning. With characters who are so well defined and believable that their individual personalities nearly jump off the pages. Jasper and Delilah are a couple who are relatable in how through the course of the journey towards a HEA they encounter a twisting and turning path...with its pitfalls, but even better with all the joys a new relationship has to offer. So far of the three books in the series, this is my favorite by far. 

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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Crazy About a Cowboy is the third book in Dylann Crush's Tying the Knot in Texas series. I read this as a stand alone.

I appreciated that "Miss Lovin Texas", Delilah Stone, was kind-hearted and genuinely a nice person. I thought the idea of having Delilah travel from town to town to determine what small Texan town is the most romantic was cute. Jasper Taylor was a pecan farmer that ended up showing Delilah around the third small town in the running. I loved that Jasper was close to his family and was trying his best to help them keep their livelihood. I appreciated how Jasper seemed to bring out the best in Delilah and she did the same for him. 

I enjoyed having dual POV but I did feel as though the chapters jumped forward a little bit. One scene in particular stands out to me where Delilah ran into the woods while at Jaspers house and it was just never mentioned again. 

I loved Jasper's family so much, I want all of his siblings to have their own stories. I also liked seeing some of the couples from the first two books.

This was a quick, small-town romance, that is full of banter and falling in love.
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This was an unrequested arc sent to me by a publicist. Thank you for the opportunity to read this. However, I am not the right audience for this subgenre of romance and I feel that a review from me will be both unfair and unhelpful.

(Rating does not reflect an opinion of the book.)
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3.5-4/5 I needed a good romance to pull me out of a reading slump and this book surely did the trick. Cliches abound from page to page but let's be honest, that is exactly why we are reading this in the first place. Jasper and Delilah make me happy on the inside. From the mishap at their first meeting to watching them fall in love, I enjoyed their banter. 

The dual POV is always a plus because mutual pining gets me going every time. Give me a book where he wants her just as much as she wants him and not just physically. I will say the cliches did get a little heavy handed as we headed into the fourth quarter miscommunication you know every romance must have. I found myself exasperated with Delilah and her thought process especially knowing what she did nor know. Situational irony can be rough. 

In the end, this book had all the things I look for in a romance even if it got a little heavy handed at parts. I would pick up more books from this author.

Thank you #PenguinRandomHouse for the e-ARC. I Fanny wait to celebrate release day on May 25, 2021. #NetGalley #CrazyAboutACowboy
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Crazy About a Cowboy puts together two dreams come true in an action packed romantic comedy featuring Delilah, the reigning "Miss Lovin Texas" who gets to visit a few select towns in Texas to judge which town is the most romantic. 

Enter in our cowboy, from stage left... that would be Mr. Jasper Taylor who agrees sort of to host Delilah and show her how romantic their little town really is. So what happens when you put the two of these delightful people together? Sparks right after a whole lot of water straight from a firehouse and all over the lovely Delilah.  Love the chemistry!!! Also really love the fact that both Jasper and Delilah have journeys, growth to do as they get to know each other...and they are good influences on each other as well!

Fun and spicy characters: We need a book for Delilah's mom and Jasper's Hemit the guy who owns the burger stand. So many fun characters all with stories of their own. I definitely want to dive into the other books by Dylann Crush!!!

Thank you to NetGalley, author Dylann Crush, and Berkley Publishing Group for this temporary advance review copy for me to read and enjoy. 
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Crazy About a Cowboy is the first book I have read by Dylann Crush. I was a little worried going in about it being written in third person since that's not my favorite, but it didn't bother me at all. Dylann Crush is a talented writer whose words flow well and story captures you.

I truly enjoyed Crazy About a Cowboy. If I am going to read about a debutant, Delilah Stone is the kind I want. She wasn't a snobby person. Underneath all her poise was a nice woman who wanted to do good. I loved how she was starting to deal with her momager. Pecan farmer Jasper Taylor being thrown in as her town hospitality host was was so fun and perfect. He was such a great person and family member. They had so much fun together and the way their relationship progressed felt natural. I simply loved them together.

One of the fun things about this book were the side characters. And I do mean characters. Jasper's aunt was a favorite as was the burger joint owner. I also really liked the characters I've learned are from the first two books in this series. Reading about them made me want to go back and read those first two books.

There were a couple of things that sat at the back of my mind while reading this book and kept me from giving it five stars.  One was that some times I felt confused after finishing a chapter and starting a new one. A chapter would end with me being curious what would happen next, but then there would be a tiny time jump and I wouldn't find out what happened after the last scene. There was a particularly memorable one surrounding Delilah almost getting caught in Jasper's house that I desperately wanted to know about. The second thing that bugged me a bit was that there was the lack of drama regarding who won the contest and how it related to the couple. It wasn't a huge deal, just surprised me because I thought things were headed a certain way. 

Overall, Crazy About a Cowboy was a great read and introduction to Dylann Crush's books. It was an entertaining story that made me laugh, smile, and fall in love with the characters and town of Ido.
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Great book! I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this book! I thought ugh another cowboy book! But this book was filled with intrigue, it was funny, it had drama, action, heartache and heartbreak! And it had some steam to it! The storyline kept my attention from the beginning! I definitely recommend reading this book and series! Its well worth the read! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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