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We love a #girlboss moment!! I am a fan of Rebecca Minkoff's career which drew me to request an advance copy of this book, and boy am I glad I did. I really liked the "behind the curtains" look at the grind and hustle that it took to land her on top of the empire she has created for herself today. I loved this book! Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Leadership for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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I didn’t know much about Ms. Minkoff, other than what I perceived her to be before I read her story- a designer of handbags.  What I learned from reading her story was that she worked hard, made her future, had a vision, overcame challenges, and succeeded as a strong woman with a message.  “Fear isn’t as bad as you think”.  

Her book is filled with many truths and logical statements that are worth writing down for future pondering.  “Because creating a dynamic life isn’t simple and building lasting success doesn’t happen fast”.  This statement is one that was written early in the book and I find it so meaningful, especially for today’s youth.  A lot of today’s youth are looking for instantaneous results and don’t understand nor have the patience to develop and structure what is sometimes needed for complete results. 

Ms. Minkoff was lucky she had a creative mind and that early in her life; her mother gave her an old sewing kit and showed her the basics. Ms. Minkoff was tenacious and determined in her early years and she knew what she wanted. In her story, she recognizes an early teacher, who due to her kind personality helped Rebecca to find her love of fashion, art, and design.   

I also loved the rules and statements she outlines in the book.  Some of my favorites:
“Don’t ask for help-ask for what you need.”  “There’s a Mission for Everyone.”

Anyone that is thinking of starting his or her own business will find this story helpful.  She illustrates her approach to networking/social climbing, getting ahead, receiving and accepting constructive criticism, and social medial perusal for its benefits.

Rebecca not only tells the story of how she created her own business, but she also clearly demonstrates how she created her unique self.  Her recipes for success flow to her marriage by understanding what it takes to have a thriving partnership and family life.  “Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want.”  Read the story and be prepared to meet your fears head-on!
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Such an inspiring book! I love reading the stories of successful people, and this book really told you how Rebecca started off from the beginning as an intern. I enjoyed learning more about the fashion industry, the power of networking, and building a business. A great and enjoyable read!
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I love how this book was written and formatted. How she broke up each chapter was very organized and clever. She organizes each chapter into her "rules."  I loved the titles of each chapter. 

Memoirs are becoming a new genre for me and this is the third memoir I've read this year. I LOVE how much Rebecca Minkoff lets us into herself. How she started her business. The business and most importantly the life lessons she offers readers based off of her own experiences are priceless. 

One of my favorite lessons she writes about it is in lesson #1 where she titles it "If You Want To Go, Go." In this chapter she urges you to "sign your own permission slip.", because “When we ask someone else to validate our choice before we make it, it puts the responsibility on that person…. We still have to deal with the fallout. We’re still the face of the mistake.” pg 11

I received this copy from publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a review.
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Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success by Rebecca Minkoff was an absolutely fabulous read. Great book for any woman to read. #Fearless #NetGalley
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I have always been a fan of Rebecca and her handbags, and being a former Nordstrom employee I got to see her products daily on our shelves. Reading her story made me even more of a fan. It’s not just about selling bags, it was truly a passion project that she believed so much in. I loved her book and would recommend it to anyone!
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I love advice book and life stories of any kind. Especially when they are fashion themed as I have a degree in fashion. I love Rebecca Minkoffs no Nonsense real life take on her journey and how she stresses the importance of taking your own path not a set one to achieve your dreams. She shares what’s she’s learned but it is up to you to make your own interpretation and apply what works for you and leave out what doesn’t. Loved this one!
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Fearless is a fantastic book about Rebecca Minkoff's rise in the fashion world. As an outsider who had to carve her own path, Minkoff tells her side of the story and how she fought through the challenges she had to become the Rebecca Minkoff we know and love today.
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I love memoirs and this one was no different. I've definitely heard of Rebecca Minkoff before but did not know anything about her history or how she got started in the fashion industry. This novel gave me a glimpse of her life and backstory and I really enjoyed it.
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A leadership book aimed at young women who are trying their best to figure out the whole success thing and could use a fearless mentor. Rebecca Minkoff makes this book super personal, sharing her own stories, experiences, and a roller-coaster's worth of feelings and emotions. I look forward to recommending this title to readers who are looking for business advice from someone who's been there, done that.
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"There is no destination, so be present for the journey."
In this book, Rebecca shares her 21 Rules to achieve success, creativity and courage - rules that had to be broken, constantly reinvented, and written down. 
The focused and fearless strategies laid out in these pages can only come from the highly respected, incredibly successful, luxury fashion mogul and social activist Rebecca Minkoff.
Through relentless drive she built a fashion empire to live her dream. It wasn’t easy and took tremendous resolve to remain hungry and persevere. Through hard work, she has created a space for herself on the shelves of luxury department stores across the world.
"I have fear all the time," says Rebecca Minkoff. "But I am not letting it stop me!"
When COVID-19 hit last year, her company lost 70% of its business. She and her brother, who serves as her company's CEO, even discussed shutting the business down. But instead, they redefined themselves — growing their e-commerce channels so well that the company rebounded, and is now up over the year prior.

This book is Rebecca' Minkoff's personal story, but the 21 rules are gold! 
They can be applied to any entrepreneur's journey, of any gender.
I loved it.
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Confession: I requested Minkoff’s Fearless book off NetGalley on a whim.

I am not a fashionista. The Devil Wears Prada movie might be a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I likely would have done similar to Andy Sachs: “Can you please spell Gabbana for me?” “What makes you think I’m not interested in fashion?”

And yet, I read the book in about 3 hours. And found it excellent. Minkoff has such a unique story, and has been through so many ups and downs in her journey to success! She writes well, and pairs common sense with a gentle challenge to the reader on what it means to truly live fearlessly.

Minkoff’s voice is a refreshing addition to the leadership genre, and Fearless is one I’d happily read again and refer to down the line. I loved how she included and expounded on 21 different “rules”–it broke up the book’s cadence (in a good way) and held my interest. Further, her passion for empowering women and giving back is truly inspiring.


I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Going into this book i thought it was going to be like every self-help book but i was blown away by how real and true Rebecca Minkoff's story on being fearless was. This book isn't just a read and drop it's one that should be picked up to glean some of it's treasures through and through. I loved it and would recommend this to everyone
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Fabulous book. Writtten perfectly. So interesting. Would be a great gift for a younger girl. Absolutely great.
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I am a huge Rebecca Minkoff fan, she not only creates amazing fashionable finds, but she is a wonderful role model to young woman around the world. Fearless is a book I could not wait to dive into, and when I started reading I loved the woman who is Rebecca Minkoff even more. 
She had a dream and she went for it, it was never easy for her, but she overcame so much and made a fashion empire. I loved the bit sand pieces of her personality that showed thru this book it made it so unique. I highly recommend this book especially to empower other woman!
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Some women mean business. They are clear on what they want, ready to give what it takes to create global brands, do it fearlessly, open to share what they have learned and care to support other women who are on the way to building their own empires. Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff, being a memoir is also a book on Fashion, Business and Entrepreneurship. 
Filled with vivid narration of her story, crisp insights on what she learned at each stage, this book is definitely a page turner and full of insights. I especially enjoyed the sections on communication, risk taking and asking for help and I want to thank Rebecca for being open and share the lay of land to all business enthusiasts on how to learn the ropes in business, overcome hurdles, reading the customer minds and creating your own definition of balance.
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Rebecca Minkoff goes no-holds barred in this story of her life while offering inspiring solutions to building and maintaining not only a business, but a dream. I especially love her story of burnout, which is something not many people speak of but I yearn to hear more about as I have suffered through this. No matter your age or where you are in life, her story can encourage you. It resonated with me in ways I hadn’t expected. Also, a great look into the fashion world told by a woman with a huge history in that field, and the struggles she faced while paving her own path. One of the most inspiring real-life stories about building a dream that I’ve read in a long time. Awesome read.
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Fearless is a remarkable read about how drive and perseverance will help you achieve your goals even when they may feel like a goal that will never be attainable. Rebecca Minkoff discusses her trials and tribulations in her life and career that shaped her into the boss she is today!

Rebecca Minkoff has been one of my favorite designers for some time now. I still have my very first M.A.C. crossbody bag and it reminds me of the journey I have been through over the years. It was so exciting and encouraging to read about Rebecca's journey as a designer and entrepreneur. She shares her life from the time she realized that she wanted to design clothes to the now. She had a dream to make it in NYC and she did that and now she is sharing some of her wisdom and tips to lead a life in which we pursue our dreams without letting our fears hold us back.

She gives some sound advice with her lessons. Her experiences made her stronger as a person and businesswoman and her willingness to share her ups and downs are simply amazing. So, when a boss like Rebecca Minkoff shares lessons, you better pay attention. Communicate your heart out, skip the shortcuts, and get friendly with failure are just some examples of her 21 lessons in the book. The book left me feeling inspired to follow my passion and hopeful that I can actually accomplish my goals.

I give Fearless 5 stars. Rebecca shares her lessons and they are so important in making it in the business world, following your dreams, and learning to move past your fears. The best part of the book is that she is honest and genuine. She knows that fears exist and will most likely always be there but you can learn to shut them off for a while and move past them to greatness.
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First and foremost, this was one of the most amazing fashion books I have read in quite some time. I wanted to start off the review by stating how much better this read is than the recent "influencer fashion novel". This is not only a fashion, story but a life story. If you are a young girl, this is a book to help remind you that your dreams are never too big. I loved learning about Rebecca Minkoff's journey of her career. She truly started from nothing, living on a relatives floor, to living with elderly to save money, and just try to make it. I think it is safe to say that most 20 year olds are more worried about partying, tiktok, the next big thing, and would rather be broke, and miserable than to live with a 65+ woman in NYC, but that is what is so special about this book and this woman. She was so dedicated to her brand from day one, and knew she had so much to offer if she was just given the chance. She asked for what she wanted, and never let anything get in the way, and if it did she figured a way to overcome it. Whether you are a young woman in a business career, fashion career or finance career, we can all learn something from Rebecca, about life, about love and about tenacity. I will forever look at her brand in such a different light, and when I have the chance to choose, I will choose her brand over others, because I know I am supporting much more than a label. 

I just reviewed Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff. #Fearless #NetGalley
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