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What do you do when your ex-husband is coming to the wedding venue you own/run (along with your family) AND his new wife is a total …well you know. And you are all in the wedding, and you don’t want to give the ex’s new wife the satisfaction of being able to “smirk” at you about not having a +1? You come up with a fake fiancée. Well, we know how that might work out! But surprise, surprise it’s not as it seems. Hmm. Who is this guy Brenna is faking it with, and why is she so attracted to him? And him to her? Is there a spark, will it work out?  Only way to find out is to read the always excellent story that Jaci Burton has shared with us known as The Engagement Arrangement. You won’t regret it.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for an honest opinion
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Note: I requested this without realizing it was a second book in a series (I need to read series in order). A kind friend who had read book one read my copy of this and is allowing me to use their review. These are her thoughts on The Engagement Arrangement:

The Engagement Arrangement is the second book in Jaci Burton's Boots and Bouquets series and while I haven't read the first one, I was able to read this one with no issue.

Brenna Bellini handles the wine and works with her father as a wine-maker at the family vineyard and wedding venue business. She loves her job and is good at it. When she learns that her ex-husband will be at a wedding she is going to be in, and his new wife, and her ex-friend, is going to be the matron of honor, the last thing she wants is to have them thinking she's single. She knows how that would go down, so she devises a plan.

Finn Nolan has lived with the Bellini family for many years following the death of his parents. His mother and Mrs. Bellini were very close, so she brought him over from Ireland. Now that he's grown, he's the handyman for the vineyard and pretty much can do anything. He's always thought of Brenna's sisters as siblings, but he's never once viewed Brenna that way. He's always been drawn to her.

When Brenna proposes to Finn that he act as her fake fiancé for the four days of her friend's wedding so she can avoid the catty comments by her ex-husband's new wife, he agrees, but he is hoping he can make her see that it should be anything but fake. Will he be able to make inroads with her?

Brenna and Finn's chemistry leaps off the pages. It's clear how much they care about one another and I enjoyed the way they were with one another. Finn was extremely patient and Brenna learned to say she was wrong and offer forgiveness when she needed to. This was a very entertaining read and I look forward to going back to read the first one and also any others that come in the series.
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The Engagement Arrangement by Jaci Burton is the 2nd book in her Boots and Bouquets series. Brenna Bellini, our heroine, loves making wine for her family’s winery, and working with her sisters on the family’s wedding planning business.  When one of the weddings is a friend, she is asked to be a bridesmaid using the Bellini vineyard; she is thrilled to be part of it until she learns her ex-husband and former friend (now married her ex) are also attending.  Brenna knows she will have to spend time with them, especially her ex-friend Allison would be giving her snide remarks the whole time; she decides to devise a plan.

Finn Nolan, moved from Ireland years ago (after the loss of his parents), and is considered a member of the Bellini family.  Brenna approaches him to help her at the upcoming wedding of her friend; she wants him to be her fake fiancée. Finn has secretly been in love with Brenna for a long time, and has watched from afar her bad marriage, and dating others.  He accepts to become her fake fiancée for the 4-day event, knowing he plans to pull out all the stops to get her attention. 

What follows is a wonderful fun story that has us rooting for Finn to show Brenna that he is the one perfect for her.  They made such a cute couple, and I adored them both together.  Brenna though despite her beginning to have feelings for Finn, has issues from her disaster divorce, that holds her back from ever marrying again.  Finn needs to escalate things to win Brenna over.  The chemistry between them was sizzling, and both will act on their lust for each other, but can Brenna allow herself to get past the fake fiancée Finn to the man who has stolen her heart?  Will she be able to get past her fears of being hurt again and walk away? 

What I loved about this series is the three sisters, and the whole Bellini family and winery business.  Jaci Burton has created a wonderful group of characters that are so much fun and enjoyable; such a wonderful couple and family.  The Engagement Arrangement is a wonderful pure romance that was fun, entertaining, witty banter, and sexy.  If you enjoy wonderful romances, then look no further than Jaci Burton.
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Brenna Bellini handles the wine and wine-making aspect of her family’s vineyard and wedding venue business. She agrees to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s upcoming wedding. However, the event requires her to be around her ex-husband and her nemesis for four days. She persuades Finn to pretend to be her fiancé for the occasion. Will their fake engagement turn into a real one? Or will Brenna’s uncertainty ruin a good thing with Finn?
Finn Nolan works as a jack-of-all-trades handyman for Red Moss Vineyards. He has always loved Brenna since coming to live at her family’s vineyard in Oklahoma. Finn agrees to play her fiancé at her friend’s wedding. He hopes to convince the feisty redhead they belong together. But first, Finn needs to prove he is nothing like Brenna’s ex-husband. Will Finn’s plan backfire? Or will his love continue to be one-sided?
Brenna took me a while to warm up to. I empathize with Brenna’s reluctance to enter a new relationship, especially after experiencing her ex-husband’s aloofness. However, her hot-and-cold dealings with Finn got repetitious and a bit annoying. What I admire the most about Brenna is how she dealt with her nemesis throughout the story.  She behaved civilly, and she purposely ignored the woman’s insults, especially when they were around others.
Finn has the patience of a saint! I love that he never once rushed Brenna into anything. He understood that her previous relationship bruised her emotionally. I adore how Finn readily adopted the stray he found. He never second-guessed his decision. What I love the most about Finn is how he refuses to sugarcoat the truth. He gives Brenna the unvarnished truth about a situation, no matter how much it might hurt, him or her.
THE ENGAGEMENT ARRANGEMENT is book two in Jaci Burton’s contemporary-romance series, BOOTS AND BOUQUESTS. The story can easily standalone. However, the first book hints at the brewing chemistry between Brenna and Finn. I like how the couples from the prior novel and novella appear throughout the story.
THE ENGAGEMENT ARRANGEMENT is a wonderful tale of one person’s determination to help his love reconcile her past, so they can be together. I am curious to see who the author plans to pair the last Bellini with.
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The Engagement Arrangement is the second book in the Boots and Bouquets series by Jaci Burton. A sweet contemporary romance that is sure to sweep you off your feet! The characters are well-written and relatable. The Engagement Arrangement is a charming romance featuring the friends-to-lovers trope with heated chemistry that is off the charts. What a beautiful story that is perfect for the wedding season.
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This was an entertaining story with some humor and some heat.  I found myself frustrated by the heroine's complete denial of her feelings, however, a devoted hero, a cute dog and some fun family dynamics make this an overall satisfying read.
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This is my first book by Jaci Burton and her twist on a cowboy romance definitely worked for me.  I loved the winery setting and the wedding business.  It gave me big nostalgia for Nora Roberts wedding trilogy from several years ago.  I like a series with connecting characters, so the sisters and friends of these books is right up my alley.  Brenna and Finn's fake engagement provided all of the tension and steam and fun that a good fake relationship story is known for and placing that in a situation with loveable characters, cute dogs and lots of outdoor fun created a story that definitely kept me reading after a run of just ok books.  I am definitely keeping my eyes out for Honor's book!
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For Finn, Brenna is the one who got away. I found the characters hard to like and root for. As a result I was not able to finish it.
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In typical Jaci Burton style, this book is awesome!  

This is the 2nd book in this series, and this is about Brenna and Finn.  Brenna's family owns the winery and Finn works there.  

Finn has always been in love with Brenna on some level since he started working there.  The winery is hosting a wedding where her ex-husband and his wife will be in the wedding.  His wife was also Brenna's former friend,  and takes pleasure in letting Brenna know that she thinks she is better than  Brenna.  Because Brenna doesn't want to have to deal with her snide comments all weekend, she enlists Finn's help to pretend that they are engaged..  

It turns out that Brenna, whose self-confidence in the relationship area is not up to par yet, doesn't realize that she actually is in love with Finn.  After some soul-searching when telling Finn that their relationship is over, she realizes that she does love him and wants their relationship work and sets off to find him when she realizes where he went to.  

An awesome book!
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Thank you to Net Galley for an advanced copy of this book. I read the first book in this Boots and Bouquet series so I was very interested to read the second book. It did not disappoint. The Bellini Family seems like a wonderful family who are close but do not hesitate to call one another out if they are doing something they believe is not in the best interest of another family member. I liked both the main characters, Brenna and Finn. Finn was extremely patient and I liked that he had such a strong tie to the Bellini family. Brenna was a feisty young woman who couldn't seem to gain her confidence back after making a very large mistake in judgement regarding her first marriage. The attraction these two feel for each other is palpable and you find yourself really routing for them. The protagonist in this book, Alison, is quite the witch but I liked how things turned around and in the end come to like her and actually feel a little bit sorry for her. This is a great second book in this series. There is one more sister so I am looking forward to a possible third book!!!  A great summer read which has humour, love, and a happy ending!!!
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DNF @ 4%. I usually try to give books a little more of a chance before I decide to DNF it, but this is the second time I've tried to read this one and I still can't make myself get past the first chapter. I thought the main character was kind of creepy and found myself saying, "that escalated quickly" several times - and it was only the first chapter! I think it's safe to say that this book won't be for me.
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A love me a good steamy fake romance turned love story! I loved Finn, so sure of himself that he comes off as cocky. Brenna was a bit annoying but relatable. Honor and Owen next?! *wink*
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This Jaci Burton’s second book in the Boots & Bouquet series.  I read this as a standalone but I will be going back to read book one.  
The Engagement Arrangement, is centered around love and forgiveness. I really enjoyed the ease of the story and the low angst and drama in it.  
For Brenna to save face in front of her ex-husband and his new wife, she devises a plan. Use Finn as her fake fiancé. For Brenna it seems like an easy lie, but when push comes to shove it is so much harder than she ever imagined. The problem is Finn has been in love with her since he first saw her and although he has watched her fall in and out of love once he has his head in the game there is no holding back.  
Was not expecting this book to be so comical. The dialogue and it’s dry and witty humor, and the wordplay between friends and family made me laugh out loud.  The way the story is put together it makes for an enjoyable read.  This is a well-done fake relationship trope. I am such a fan of the author I really enjoyed this story.
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In order to save face in front of her ex-husband and his new wife, Brenna devises a plan.  Using Finn as her fake fiancé in her mind seems like an easy lie, but when push comes to shove it is so much harder than she ever imagined.  You see, Finn has been in love with her since he first saw her and although he has watched her fall in and out of love once he has his head in the game there is no holding back.  But will Brenna allow herself to have a HEA?  Or will she figure out a way to walk away from the one man who give her the love and support she needs?  With adorable characters and a storyline that just sweeps the reader away this was a wonderful read.  The chemistry just leapt of the pages and you will not be able to wipe the smile off your face.
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Jaci Burton's second book in the series follows Brenna and Finn! Was not expecting this book to be so funny. The dialogue in particular sometimes made me laugh out loud. Very easy two hour lazy Saturday read!

Thanks for the ARC Netgalley and publisher for my honest opinion.
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A lovely story where the female protagonist, Brenna, keeps evaluating every male she goes out with, based on her ex.   It does not bode well to create a new relationship.   Finn is a family friend; he has had a crush on Brenna since the first day he met her.  He wants to be more, so he accepts her offer of being his fake fiancé to a friend’s wedding because she cannot bear being single in front of her ex and his new wife who is an old friend with a grudge who will also attend the wedding.  Brenna and Finn spend more time together as life brings more events to keep them together and continue their fake relationship.  Eventually, Brenna must make a decision if she wants a relationship for real or not.

I really enjoyed the discussions between the sisters and also between the guys in their lives.  Very real. A great group of friends.

Can be read as a stand-alone but it is nice to read them in order as you get to know the different characters and you see glimpses of their lives as they develop after they have had their own story.

Thanks to the publisher Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley for an Advanced Reader Copy.
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Although The Engagement Arrangement is the second book in the Boots and Bouquets series, I believe it can be read as a standalone. I didn't read the first book in the series and I didn't feel confused or lost.

This story was centered around love, reconciliation, and forgiveness. This book was a light, quick read with little to no drama. I enjoyed it.

I look forward to more from this author.
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I'm usually a fan of this author but I struggled with The Engagement Trap.  The storyline isn't anything new and could have worked but I had a hard time liking Brenna,  one of the main characters.  I felt that she constantly toyed with Finn's , her fake fiance and friends emotions.  I felt she was a bit spoiled brat and down right rude.   She took no interest in Finn.  I was a bit annoyed with her and all the times Finn took her back.
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Jaci Burton’s second book in the Boots & Bouquet series, The Engagement Arrangement, is centered around love, reconciliation, and forgiveness. I especially enjoyed that there were no long drawn out games played (other than the Allison fiasco)...when Brenna misconstrued a situation she owned up to it right away and asked for forgiveness. When forgiveness was asked of her, she gave it without hesitation...this is one of the plethora of reasons she and Finn worked. I loved how the arrangement that brought them together and how they eventually found their HEA...through love, reconciliation, and forgiveness. 

I also enjoyed the drama free (except again...Allison, LOL), wry and witty humor, and the repartee and banter between friends and was all cleverly crafted together to make for an enjoyable read that ended much too quickly. Though there are other authors who’ve written similar plots of a fake fiancé, this author’s characters made this story endearing, making it stand out from the others. 

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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This book was good, kind if like your typical romance book! Its definitely worth reading, it had romance, drama, heartache and heartbreak! And it had some steam to it! Lol but nothing out of the ordinary to make it one of my top favorites! Like I said still worth reading just ok! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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