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Di Galena and DS Easter are on a new case that could go in so many ways. They have four young goth people dead and not a clue who did it. Then Micky Leonard is taken and they really have to work doubly hard to save his life so he does not wind up like the others. 
Eve and Wendy have a little mystery of their own going. Can they solve their puzzle and not have Nikki find out what they have been up to while she was so busy with her own problems?
In the end it was so different from where they started that it is hard to believe. That is what a good mystery is all about, isn't it?
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Being born and raised in the Fens and hearing nothing but good stuff about Joy Ellus on the UK crime book club on Facebook I decided to give this a try. Couldn't get into it so gave up.
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This is the 12th book in the series. It can be read as a stand alone or in order which is my preference. Having said that, this is my first book to read in the series. I liked this book and the interaction of the characters. I loved the relationship between Nikki Galena and her mother Eve. Looking forward to reading more of the series.
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A really good, solid murder mystery detective story. This was the first time I had read DI Nikki Galena, and although this book is 12 in a series, it wasn't necessary to have read the rest. That said, there were references to events and relationships in the past which would perhaps give more of the back story if you read the series from the beginning. If they are as good as this one, that should be a treasure trove! The main characters are well drawn and likeable and there is a good sense of place around the Lincolshire Fens. Teenagers are found dead and the detectives have to navigate family relationships, neighbourhood feuds and teenage landscapes to try and find out who took the lives of these young people. There were quite a lot of characters to keep tabs on and there was also a second, related, mystery running in parallel which Nikki's mother and friends have to solve. The two plots do cross over slightly and perhaps help Nikki to think around her case in a different way. I enjoyed this story, there were good twists and it was all solved and tied up neatly in the end. I would look into the rest of the series and would certainly recommend this one!
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A Nikki Galena & DS Joseph Easter her sidekick also lover practically living together and is supposedly a secret, yeah, everybody knows, and this time a couple found entwined together and the man clutching a rose aptly named by the force as Romeo & Juliet, how did the die or was it suicide/murder, and who are they.?  The usual police work follows as most people know who's who in the fens especially if you have been born there, but soon after another couple were found this time on a love boat again the same questions, this one Nikki's mother found as her and her friend were on a different trip when some kids needed help.  Nikki's mother appeared in a p; previous novel and is trying to be a Miss Marple and to my mind does not do these books justice more of a nuisance, and it fills the book up with rubbish. This one was not overly long would have been even shorter if the author had dropped the mother out of it.  I don't like giving negative reviews but feel this author is trying too hard and keeps pushing out novels that don't really have any substance.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for a review copy
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No 12 in the Nicki Galena/Joseph Easter series and getting better all the time. Young couples being murdered, goths, families at odds - nothing is ever as it seems. Add in Nikki's mother's little side jaunt to the Lake District and we have a rip roaring tale of murder and red herrings. Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Ooh wow this was a great page turner from page one, loved everything about this book and read it in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down and it kept me guessing, Highly recommend it x
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This was good detective story and series which is well told and engaging after 22 books . I really enjoyed this one and the characters are engaging and likeable.
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I read this not knowing that it was the latest in a series, but that didn’t matter as the book stood alone. The element of the back story were introduced as they were needed.

I really enjoyed how the different elements unfolded as the book progressed and were delicately drawn together without seeming contrived. Although there were a lot of characters they each had their own identities and it didn’t get too confusing. The link between Nicki’s and Eve’s plot lines was an imaginative way of managing the multiple storylines and keeping them entwined.  

I found this book really enjoyable and will look at some of the other books in this series. 5* from me
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Nikki Galena is called in to investigate a murdered couple and finds herself in the midst of a gang war. The scene reminds the police of Romeo and Juliet and the warring families adds to this impression. But then another couple are discovered...
Secrets on the Fens is the 12th book in Joy Ellis' Galena series. The books can be read as stand alone stories but there are threads from previous books that are continued in this one.
The main murder plot is strong and takes a long time to unpick due to the complicated family relationships. Nikki and her team need to persuade witnesses to reveal their secrets to understand the motive behind the killings which in turn leads to the culprit.
Nikki's mum Eve is hot on the trail of the missing artist that she has been searching for in previous books. She still manages to get involved in the murder case and also has medical concerns she is hiding from her friends and family.
I admit that I found the first part of the book quite confusing as there seemed to be a lot of characters. There are the police, the warring families and the victims have real names and aliases. Nikki's mum has her own subplot with yet more characters! Once again, the pathologist Rory steals every scene he is in. He continues to be my favourite character in this series.
Secrets on the Fens is a solid police procedural novel.
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Engaging detective crime drama which definitely kept me on my toes. Not only was I drawn to find the conclusion, with two parts unfolding in the story, but the introduction of so many characters had me re-reading parts to check who was who ( not so convenient on a kindle!). This is part of a series, so I expect reading others you’d already be familiar with many characters therefore easier to picture relationships.
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Secret On The Fens by Joy Ellis is instalment number twelve for DI Nikki Galena and DS Joseph Easter which is set in a fictional town called Greenborough. Joy Ellis has managed to create a series that even after 12 books it is a series everyone still wants to read. She has the skill to keep her stories fresh, intriguing and interesting for us readers. 
This time Nikki and the team are called out due to the discovery of intertwined bodies of a youngle couple found in a way that gives the impression they were lovers who committed suicide, which earns them the name 'Romeo and Juliet'.They can't identify them and they haven't been reported missing. The couple that look like they could have been Goths but without evidence it isn't going far although It doesn't take too long for the team to find evidence that points to murder.This investigation has the power to cause Nikki to lose her usual cool as it drags sad memories up for her personally. There is another girl missing who is connected to a criminal family with dealings on the Carborough Estate where it is beginning to look like a turf war is about to break out. On top of this they find another couple dead. Missing people, turf wars and murders will Nikki and the team manage to catch a killer, find the missing and control the violence as well?
Joy creates characters that are well rounded and wonderful that have grown in popularity as the series has gone on. Joy has created a team with such team spirit and warmth you can do nothing but enjoy them. As always her plot is brilliantly written and worked out and the descriptions of the settings make me feel like I am with them, it is so good. 
A series that gets better every book I read, very highly recommended from me! Start from book one though!! 
Thanks to Joffe Books and Joy Ellis for my copy of the book for my review today.
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Yet another great novel set on the fens and featuring DI Nicky Galena. I've read all the books in this series and Joy Ellis has not disappointed with this latest offering. Centering around the Goth community and a series of puzzling murders I was kept guessing about the identity of the perpetrator until the very end. An engrossing read which I can highly recommend
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A strong cast of characters with an intriguing mystery to be solved!  This one has a large cast of characters and a crime with many layers of intrigue.  Took me a while to get all the characters in line, but once everyone was established in the story it definitely added to the multi-layered crime to be solved.   If you like a good mystery with intertwined characters, then go for it.
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After loving all of the On the Fens titles, I'm really sad to only be giving Secrets on the Fens 3 stars.
The latest installment of Joy Ellis' Fens series has all of the twists and turns that you know from her books. However Secrets on the Fens had too many extra characters to keep up with and I felt that the sub story of Eve and Wendy was not needed and felt like filler for the book.
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Detective Nikki Galeno  and her crew are called to a murder scene deep within the woods in the middle of the night where the bodies of a young couple posed as lovers.   There are no clues to the victims identity and also no evidence that is left behind by the killer.   This case will have many complexities for the detectives than usual when Nikki's mother and her friend come across another set of bodies posed in the same manner as the first victims.   With an apparent serial killer with an agenda, the team will have to move very fast because this predator has only just got started and isn't going to let anything or anyone get in his (or her) way.

This book is well-written with a wonderful and mysterious cover and has a cast of many characters with the Goth style of living seeming to be the most prevalent factor for this story.   Unfortunately this book wasn't for me.   I had great difficulty keeping track of who was related to who and which friend of what relative knew which victim whose other friend knew of the other relative who may or may not have known the other victim.   For myself, there were just too many close knit characters who meant nothing to me and I found it very annoying and very slow without any suspense so even though there was a mystery in the background I found myself very bored with the whole story.   In all fairness to the author I did not realize this was the twelfth book in the series so the large cast of characters would be known to most readers who read some of the previous books and enjoyed the familiarity of so many people being involved.   This book has been given many good reviews by others but sadly it just wasn't my type of book since I just couldn't connect to any of the characters except Nikki and her team.

I want to thank the publisher "Joffe Books" and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this story and any thoughts and opinions expressed are unbiased and mine alone!

I have give a rating of 2 1/2 Disappointing 🌟🌟🌠 Stars!!
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I have been a fan of Joy’s work for a while now.  I haven’t quite caught up with everything that she has written but I am getting there.  I especially enjoy the series featuring Detective Inspector Nikki Galena and Detective Sergeant Joseph Easter.  ‘Secrets On The Fens’ is the twelfth book in the series and it is another corker from Joy Ellis.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Secrets On The Fens’ but more about that in a bit.
It took me no time at all to get into this story.  In fact the minute I saw Joy’s name on the cover, that was it.  As soon as I managed to get hold of a copy, I squirreled myself away and didn’t re-merge until I had finished reading the book.  To say that reading ‘Secrets On The Fens’ became addictive is a massive understatement.  I would pick the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters to fill in the odd half hour but I would become so wrapped up in the story that I would still be reading more than half a dozen chapters later.  I soon got to the end of the story and I had to bid farewell to Nikki and Joseph.
‘Secrets On The Fens’ is extremely well written but then I think that to be true of all of Joy’s work that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.  She certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and draw you into the story.  The story starts with a bang, hits the ground running and maintained a fairly fast pace throughout.  Reading this book was like being on a scaring and unpredictable rollercoaster with several twists and turns along the way.  I found ‘Secrets On The Fens’ to be a gripping read, which kept me guessing and which kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Secrets On The Fens’ and I would recommend it to other readers.  I will certainly be reading more of Joy’s work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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Joy Ellis just gets better and better and Nikki Galena is a series that just keeps giving so I was very excited to read this new addition to the series.

This book has a lot going on there are 2 stories running in tandem which makes it all the more gripping.  In addition there are stories around minor characters that bring added suspense to the stories.  Bent coppers, lies, mysteries and murder all add to the adrenaline pumping action and then a missing person, one very close to both Nikki and Joseph.  Can the team juggle all the goings on and find the clues that will lead to the cracking of the case?

I love all the characters in this series but most of all Nikki.  She comes accross as hard but inside is a heart of gold and there is nothing she wouldn't do for the people she cares about and that includes the team.

The case is a hard one there are few clues and the murders are 'arranged' to confuse and they do that brilliantly.  Before the team can start to move forward with finding the murderer they must find out what they can about the victims who all seem to be living secret lives.  Brilliant story just brilliant.

And then in the background we have the case of the missing artist which is being investigated by Eve and Wendy and you can be sure to smile where this dynamic duo is concerned.

Laughter, tears, intrigue, suspense, secrets, evil and of course murder this book has it all and it is all wrapped up in an ending that will leave you gobsmacked.  Absolutely brilliant read.
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‘Secrets on the Fens’ by Joy Ellis is the first of this series I’ve read, but it won’t be the last. I love finding a new series to get my teeth into, and I know I will have many hours of pleasure reading more of the Detective Nikki Galena stories. 
When the bodies of two teenagers are found in the woods, their positioning raises many questions. Someone had taken a lot of trouble to set the scene, but why? Links to the goth community and those interested in the study of gravestones further complicate matters. Meanwhile Nikki’s mum Eve and her friend Wendy have a mystery of their own as they look into the disappearance of a local artist many years before. 
Both stories had me gripped. There was excitement, tension and suspense throughout. The build up to the solution was so well done and I loved the twists and turns. I really like the two main characters, Nikki and Joseph. They came across as the kind of intelligent, caring police officers we hope exist in reality. An excellent mystery.

I was given this ARC to review.
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First read of a Joy Ellis book, and pleased that I have a few to catch up on.
What appears to be two young lovers found dead in a "strange setting"  leads Nikki Galena and her team on a mystery tour to identify who they are. Then another two young lovers are found in another strange setting which obviously links them both - but how?
Links to local criminal families and concerns that this is starting a turf war keeps you guessing through the book.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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