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A Modern Guide to Textured Crochet

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I knew this book would be a sample but i was shocked its only 9 pages and had only a few photos with no finished projects. The pictures are of test swatches which look very nice so one would assume the book will be great. But since I can’t comment on any of the actual instructional content I can’t say for sure. Would have liked to see enough to judge the quality of instructions. The presentation in the first few pages is very nice.
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So many people deny themselves this wonderful craft because they are sure it is too difficult for them.  Not so.  This book may not be for first time crochet addicts but it definitely will add some new confidence to your skills.  Even an experienced crocheter like me can learn new stitches and patterns when they are written in a clear, concise manner.  Lee Sartori writes as if shes in the room with you, teaching step by step while showing us the secret to those beautiful creations we all wish we could make!
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As someone who has recently taken up crocheting as a hobby, I really enjoy learning people’s styles and what their favorite products are to use. After reading this brief excerpt I am very much intrigued and would like to purchase a finished copy for my collection. I love the layout of this and how the stitches are organized by seasons.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I only received a small excerpt of the full book but, as someone who picked up crochet during lockdown and gets overwhelmed way too quickly when trying anything that isn't one of the basic stitches, it sure looks promising.

The pictures shown are very clear and the text is easy to follow, which I assume is still the case when explaining how to work the stitches. Just from looking at the table of contents I can see that this has a wide variety of stitches to extend any crocheter's repertoire, and it even has some projects to do!

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out in my local bookstore to see if I can get a full copy and maybe crochet something more interesting with more varied stitches!
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i was given a brief preview of this book to come. the first few pages are a great resource for experienced "hookers" and for beginners alike. She breaks down tools, colors and yarns. I would be interested in this book on publication day as i am always looking to add to my craft books.
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I was only given the first 9 pages, so not a lot to go off really.  The swatches at the beginning of the book gave me the idea of making a blanket with squares made from all of the different swatches, so based on that idea and the pictures, I would have really loved to read more.
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A Modern Guide to Textured Crochet is a great all-around crochet book. I loved how clean and modern the book looked. I also really enjoyed that the book was broken down into basic stitches then further into seasons. The patterns were easy to follow and the visuals were a great addition. I can't wait to work up these textures into a new project! Highly recommended read!
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This book is beautifully illustrated with step by step instructions.  The textures are just gorgeous, and widely varied.  I cannot wait to try some of the projects in this book, as well as play with the stitches on my own! The instructions are clear, well written out, and illustrated as well.   Highly recommended!
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I got a very small sample of the book to review. The table of contents show the division of the book into the four seasons with about 7-8 different stitches and a project. 

There is instruction on what type of yarn works best for textured stitches. 

There were no actual stitches shown so I cannot really comment on that except to say there seem to a lot of stitches that will be in the book.
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Such an inspirational book! The author provides lots of ideas that can be mastered with a few key techniques and a limited number of yarn colors. The photos are beautiful and the layout is very pretty. This book will definitely go on my gift idea list for the crochet enthusiasts in my life.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to review a digital ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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The small excerpt I received of this book has peaked my interest. There is great detail of what yarn and hooks would be required depending on what you are making. I would love to have a good look and plan my next project when this comes out!
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This looks like it is probably a great book! Interweave is a well-regarded publisher and I own several of their books in all areas of fiber arts. Unfortunately only a short sample was provided for review, so all I can say is that it looks promising!  #NetGalley
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Thank you to the publisher for sending me the full copy of the book. If you love the look of textured stitches this book in an excellent source with not only well written pattern instructions, but every single pattern also has a chart available. As a visual learner this is tremendously helpful, especially when you get into these more specialized stitches. The book is also the perfect lap size, not to big or too small which makes it great to work the patterns from without needing to run copies to work from. Some stitches are more popular and easily found in other varations but there are quite a few unique stitches.
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I only received the first few pages of the digital ARC unfortunately, so I can't actually say anything about the total content or patterns, but based on what I was able to see, it's well-written and competent. She's clear and provides a lot of comparisons between yarns and hooks, talking about the pros and cons of each option. It looks like an excellent introduction for anyone who's interested in learning the art of crochet.
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A Modern Guide to Textured Crochet is a stitch pattern guide dedicated to textured crochet stitches by Lee Sartori. Due out 25th May 2021 from Penguin Random House on the Interweave imprint, it's 128 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats.

The author/designer is one of my favorites on ravelry and honestly got me interested in crochet again (I'm a fanatical knitter and embroiderer and crochet was always an also-ran for me personally). Although the advance materials sent for review are a very small portion of the book, I've been familiar with both the publisher and author designer for years. 

The layout is light and bright with high contrast text and modern feeling colors. The chapters are arranged thematically: a tutorial introduces the basic stitches and concepts and is followed by the stitch patterns (there are 32 total) grouped seasonally: spring (tulip, lilac, butterfly stitches), summer (ice cream, lemon peel, summer shell stitch), fall (acorn, loose leaves, fall cable), and winter (embossed holly, winter cable, snowflake stitch). Each season also has a project tutorial included which incorporates some of the stitches from the relevant season. The photography in the sample pages is excellent, clear and full of color.

This is a must have for fans of the designer, as well as lovers of textural crochet which often gets passed by for more open crochet grounds. Seeing these stitches really got my imagination engaged. I could definitely see using the bobble stitch to make designs or letters to spell out the recipient's name on a blanket for example. 

Four and a half stars (because the partial copy received for review was incomplete and didn't include any excerpts from the pattern tutorials - I strongly suspect the final product will be 5 stars). 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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My thanks to Netgalley and the author for a sample of this volume.  Although only 9 pages of the complete book, which was the body of the introduction,  I could see the Table of Contents.  After the intro, the next chapter is devoted to particular crochet stitches.  Then the remainder is organized by the seasons of the year.  Regrettably, I could not view any of the patterns that were included so it is difficult to assign a rating to a mere sample.  There was a photo of four sample swatches of textured stitches.  .I look forward to seeing the entire work at some point.
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I’d like to thank NetGalley, Lee Sartori, Penguin Randomhouse, and Andrea Cordova for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.

I’ve been crocheting on and off for 15 years, ever since it was taught in a home economics class in school. Most of my crochet projects have been completed with flat stitches— hats,  coasters, and cozies made with single, double, half double, and treble crochet stitches, with occasional use of “puff stitch” and “crunch stitch” for some texture.

This book greatly helps in expanding my stitch repertoire to include stitches such as the popcorn stitch, cluster stitch (using multiples of more basic stitches), and more unusual stitches for decorative purposes like the strawberry stitch and acorn stitch.

Chapters are divided into seasonal themes (spring, summer, fall, and winter). Each chapter introduces several textured stitches, which can be practiced using a unique project (one project per chapter, which includes the introductory chapter, for a total of five unique projects). Personally, I’m about to start making the Aurora Frosted Beanie in the Winter chapter; it features the 2x2 rib stitch and frosted bobble stitch.

Instructions for each new stitch are clearly given, with enough photos for reference. Projects are also well-written and include several sizes (the hat I’m about to make has instructions for small, medium, large, and extra large).

The book itself is soft bound and large enough to prop up on a bookstand while working on a project (just clip together the pages with a binder clip) or flat on a table. The font is large enough for me to read comfortably as well.

I’ll be keeping this book as a reference for textured crochet for many years and projects to come. 5 stars.

#AModernGuidetoTexturedCrochet #NetGalley
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This looks like an interesting book, but it only has the getting started chapter and none of the patterns to try. Disappointed that you don't actually see the majority of the book.
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I am new to crochet, like most people I have taken it up due to lockdowns and not wanting to go crazy. While I have managed to get started with the basic stitches, I feel proficient enough now to give some more complex stitches a try.

Split into and introduction and 5 different sections, A Modern Guide To Textured Crochet aims to introduce different stitch pattern to you in a very easy to understand and broken down way.

The first section ‘An Introduction To Textured Crochet’, introduces the more standard and well-known textured stitches. Including the bobble stitch, the puff stitch and the shell stitch; you are guided into how these are made, and a project that utilises some of the stitches introduced to you in this section.

The second section is ‘Spring’. Every stitch in this section is inspired by spring, including stitch such as the embossed stitch, the crab stitch and the spring cable. Again with this section, you have a project that includes the stitches that you were introduced too.

The third section is ‘Summer’. With stitches like the lemon peel stitch and the diamond waffle stitch being taught in this section, you can definitely get the summery feel from these stitch and the accompanying project.

The fourth section is ‘Fall’, have you noticed the pattern here yet? The stitches taught in this section include the basket weave stitch, the jasmine stitch and the acorn stitch. The Fall project is extremely suitable to the season, and the stitch pattern makes for a beautiful piece.

The fifth and final section is ‘Winter’. This section has to be my favourite section of the book by far. With stitches such as the rib stitch and the winter cable, this section is what most people would typically associate with homemade crochet items.

All of the stitches comes with a stitch chart and key for you to be able to easily make these in the future. The stitch charts are explained as to how to read them (as other patterns in the future do use these so it is handy to know how to read them). I cannot wait to sit down and give all of these a try, I am already thinking of things that Could make with these!

This would be a great place to expand your crocheting skills, but you should have a solid foundation of basic crochet stitches before picking this up.
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I'm afraid the sample I was allowed to download doesn't provide enough to make a fair assessment of the book.  From what I saw, it appears to be a well documented manual that contains the usual information at the beginning.  I especially like that there is a section on the hooks that she likes to use.  Beyond that, I really can't determine so I'm giving it three stars.
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