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What a lovely thoughtful and timely book this is.   The death of Becker's friend led her to examine everything she'd known and assumed about the end of life.  Her volunteer work at a hospice was illuminating for her and for me as well.  This isn't suffused with grief but rather about how grief is part of life. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.   I'm not going a good job of describing this slim volume and I never thought I'd recommend a book about dying but this is about more than dying- it's about living- and I highly recommend it.
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This book was interesting.  I especially liked the story behind the title.  The central core of a tree is the heartwood.  It is no longer alive and it never changes, but it is supported by all of the years/rings that follow it.  I thought this was a beautiful analogy.  Death is coming to all of us someday, and I love how she has learned from the people who came before her.  The theme of this book is that while we need to grieve our losses, we also need to take these experiences and use them to build upon our lives, just like the rings in a tree.
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