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Block Print for Beginners

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This is a fantastic and well illustrated with very clear and easy instructions to follow! This will get you inspire your creativity and talents, I recommend.
Thank you NetGalley for a free copy in return of an honest review.
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Block print for beginners is a really accessible way for people new to printmaking to experiment with step-by-step techniques and skills. I found this was a fantastic companion during lockdown! Thank you very much for the ARC.
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I have been screen-printing for several years and have always been interested in the people in the studio block printing. When I saw Block Print for Beginners I decided to learn more about the art technique. Block Print for Beginners is a great beginners guide. It covers all of the tools and supplies you’ll need and gives some great information on the printing technique. I felt that it was definitely geared towards beginners, so anyone experienced with block printing will find this one a little redundant, but it also isn’t meant for experienced printers! I’m eager to try out some of the new techniques I’ve learned when I get back into the studio.
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Block Print for Beginners is a clearly written and well-illustrated guide for those who are new to the printing arts or, like myself, are looking to renew their engagement with the medium.
Elise Young begins with an exploration of the various tools and materials which are used in lino printing, then covers (with illustrations) the basic techniques used to create and print from a block design. The remainder of the book consists of a series of consecutively more complex projects, leading the reader through many of the techniques used by print artists. Each project is explained in an accessible step-by-step manner with accompanying photographs.
The designs used through the book are relatively simple, and hence achievable by a beginner, but also really attractive, effective and inspiring for those who feel short of inspiration as they embark on a new artistic endeavour. An emerging block-printing artist could achieve an awful lot, working purely from the content of this single title and their own imagination. I believe Block Print for Beginners would also prove a valuable reference title for art schools and working artists to consult when refreshing their understanding of particular techniques.
Reading Block Print for Beginners has inspired me to dig out my tools and inks and revive my own endeavours in printing, which I've sadly neglected over recent years. I'd thoroughly recommend it to any reader interested in trying printing, and also to art teachers and working artists who are seeking to introduce printing techniques into their pieces.
My thanks to the author, Elise Young, publisher Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this fresh and inspiring title.
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I am not an artistic person, but this book made block printing seem like an accessible way to create art.
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Hands down a fantastic book on block print art for beginners. This would be a wonderful tool for art exploration for children and has plenty to enjoy for adults.
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I have recently started to explore the medium of lino printing and this book couldn’t have come at a better time. A great source of information with clear step by step instructions and pictures showing the process of creating your own work.

A really handy book that guides you through the process. I really like the way it is set out and the pictures are truly helpful.
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This was such a nice surprise! First of all, it was fun and inspiring, and second of all, it really embraces the beginners.

It features a few step by step projects, but during each project you learn something new and do new experiments. Which is always nice, especially when the projects get more and more intricate or difficult.

Very helpful and inspiring!
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An approachable volume for anyone interested in trying block printing. Printmaker Elise Young demonstrates various techniques for carving your own blocks, applying color, and more. Many beautiful projects to try, with step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photography.
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If you've ever wondered about making your own stamps or blocks, want to put color on fabric or paper, or just want to explore a new craft, you'll enjoy this beginner manual. Young makes it simple with clear instructions, options to customize your work, and drawings. 

Have fun! This is definitely one for my artsy friends to try.
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Learn to create unique, contemporary works of art with traditional carving tools and printmaking techniques. Step-by-step projects and creative lino prints make it fun and easy.

I have a little sister whose incredibly artistic and right now her favourite form of art is linocut, and she inspired me to learn so much more about this technique so when I saw this book appear for review I took my chance to learn more and I am so glad I did, we have been now using these new techniques together.

Young has a really great way of showing and highlighting throughout this book what you need to do in a really simple and refined way that makes everything so much easier to do. We thought we’d make a mess with things such as the puzzle piece printing block but we followed the guide and nailed it, and really refined how we did the simpler things.

The book is also beautiful with examples of cuts in the book being stuff I wish I could do right now and clean and crisp displays of everything you need to know about this artform - it was such an easy guide and highly recommend it if you’re a beginner or someone who knows the basics and wants to build on their skills.

A superb book for a beginner, I highly recommend it.
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Lots of detailed instructions, step-by-step photos, gorgeous projects and everything you need to know to be successful at block printing. Some of the projects like wallpaper and dish towels are really nice, and there's a big variety of styles and projects. There are tons of gorgeous projects for inspiration with very detailed instructions. A great guide.

I read a temporary ARC of this book via Net Galley.
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Written by Elise Young, a Toronto-based artist and creator of Bloomingprint Studio, Block Print For Beginners is a brilliant new guide to printmaking techniques. Starting with the basics of tools/materials and sharing tips on how to find inspiration before moving onto different techniques and project ideas to try, the book is informative and flows really well. There are lots of pictures of finished prints/designs throughout, as well as step by step images and links to download templates which makes it really easy to follow along with the projects.

One of my favourite techniques showcased in the book is the Multicolor Interlocking Block Print. The design idea shown features a cute stack of four tea cups printed in shades of blue, perfectly demonstrating this technique where cutting the block into sections allows you to use a range of different colours and reassemble before printing. Another project I loved was the Mosaic-effect Block Print that shows how you can create an outline stamp design which can be filled with origami papers to add beautiful patterns and colours. Whilst I have created stamps similar to this before I’ve never tried adding in papers so this is definitely an idea I’ve added to my own ‘to try’ list! The final project that really stood out to me was Printing Abstract Forms, where simple geometric shapes are carved as individual stamps and can be used to create a variety of designs. I really love these types of patterns and as the shapes are simple this is a great project idea for beginners.

In addition to those focusing on a variety of techniques, there are also further suggested projects including customised tea towels, wallpaper, wrapping paper and cards, showing readers how the possibilities for using their newly created blocks/stamps are endless! The wrapping paper in particular I thought looked really pretty and would be perfect for unique birthday and Christmas gift wrap.

Near the end of the book there is a handy glossary page as well as resource links to help readers expand their knowledge beyond the ‘beginner’ projects included.

The author’s love of printmaking and creating art using these techniques shines through in Block Printing For Beginners and I would recommend it as a great starter guide for those new to the world of block printing. I would also recommend the book to those who, like myself, have some printmaking experience but might just find a few new ideas to try too.

You can find more about the book and see some of Elise’s beautiful prints over on her Instagram page @bloomingprint
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Block Print for Beginners by Elise Young is an exceptional resource for anyone wanting to learn the art of block printing. I was smitten with the author’s approachable style and easy-to-follow instructions from the first pages of this book. Breaking the book into four sections, allows the reader to be introduced to the materials and fundamentals then progress to basic and more advanced techniques with options for artistic exploration rounding out the offering.

The photographs were crisp and clear, even illustrating the correct and incorrect positions of the hand when using certain tools.  Each photograph was captioned with a straightforward explanation.

Having absolutely no experience with block printing, this book gave me the confidence and the resources to begin my exploration of block printing. I will definitely look for future books by this author and highly recommend that anyone interested in learning the art of block printing purchase this book immediately. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy and all opinions are my own.)
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Very cute! Although I've done some experimenting with block printing a couple of years ago, I definitely haven't invested a ton of time in the art form yet. The beautiful artworks in this book is definitely making me want to get carving again, and the tutorials go through projects of many different kinds (including even wallpapers and tea towels). I thought that this would be a great book for anyone interested in trying out a new art form or craft!
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC.
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If you want to learn about making beautiful and gorgeous block prints, this is the book for you. The author shows a step by step with pictures on how to make block prints. It even shows you how to use more than one color and how to make your own block in any variety that you would like. The illustrations are very helpful and make you feel like you are at a friends house, working on a project together. I really liked how if went step by step and showed you what it would look like while making it and through till the end.
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I remember doing a block print project in my high school mixed media art class. I believe we used rubber block and basic lino cutters — I remember the block felt like an eraser, and maybe even was an eraser? I don't recall whether we used brayers and ink or stamp pads. 

With that distant and rudimentary foundation, I found this book very attractive and inspiring. I appreciated the overviews in techniques and supplies, and the way this book was organized in projects was helpful. It felt like I was watching the author's block printing practice, and this seemed like an effective way to learn, at least before trying it myself. I'm toying with the idea of designing and block printing wedding invitations, and I feel that after reading this book, it wouldn't be crazy to try it.
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I have done printmaking for many years now and found this book to be excellent. It covers a lot of aspects of printmaking for beginners, and I felt that it actually covers some areas that were advanced. There are lot of photos and good explanation. The designs are modern and  I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start block printing.
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A lovely introduction to block printing. The book contains all the information a beginner (like myself) needs to start, along with a number of different project ideas.
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Elise Young presents a thorough, beautiful, and engaging tutorial style book for people interested in block printing. This art form has been given quite a bit of attention recently with it featured on popular TV shows and the rise of social media artists. Anyone who loves the graphic look of block printing but does not know where to start, this is the perfect book for them. Young takes the readers step by step through the process of researching, designing, and bringing an idea to fruition. Another key aspect of this title is the varied methods presented on how to do block printing. Truly a must add to any crafting collection!
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