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This beautiful, life-changing book helps you learn how to build a home for yourself. I love it, and the tools Najwa gives to facilitate a transformation in our lives are so useful! This book can help you discover who you really are, and come home to that untethered version of yourself. So great!
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Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian


313 Pages
Publisher: Rodale / Harmony Books
Release Date: June 1, 2021

Nonfiction, Self-Help, Mind, Body & Spirit, Health, Motivational

The book is divided into nine sections. This book talks about the importance of self-awareness, self-love, self-worthiness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-forgiveness.

Introduction: The Road to Home
One: Building a Foundation
Two: Self-Love
Three: Forgiveness
Four: Compassion
Five: Clarity
Six: Surrender
Seven: The Dream Garden
Eight: The Art of Listening to Yourself
Nine: Adapting to Your New Reality

The author discusses events in her life: moving from Lebanon, living in Canada, becoming a teacher. She delves into the emotions she experienced along the way. She searched for love and acceptance but realized she had to find it within before she could find it without. She weaves these experiences along with tips for the reader to improve their lives. 

Using the questions (anchors, pillars, and gems) in the book, I can evaluate the feelings I have been holding through the years. I have begun to look at my life and giving advice to my younger self. This was the first book I read by the author, and I loved it. This book should be read by everyone willing to look at and make changes to improve their lives.
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Loved this book. I try not to compare but definitely gives Cleo Wade & Alex Elle vibes. This Semi-autobiographical self-help book is beautiful and poetic. She is vulnerable and honest about finding her voice while still respecting her culture. A must for finding self love.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley
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An interesting book about finding your home within yourself with different rooms that are comprised of things such as self-compassion, self-love, surrender and more. She shares her journey which is great to read. I loved the journal prompts. Thank you to NetGalley and Rodale Inc.for an ARC.
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This will resonate (potentially deeply) with some readers. It's personal and contains some very good tidbits of wisdom and advice. While this will resonate with those that like self-help, even those not interested in the genre may like this, since it has a bit of a different flavor than most.

Thanks very much for the review copy!!
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In Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul, celebrated speaker, author, and educator Najwa Zebian gets more vulnerable than ever before. In this self-help book, she provides a powerful blueprint for healing by building a home within yourself.  This book includes true-life instances that inspired the author, techniques, and actions that can be easily got to follow (while emotionally hard to do), and poetry. Sections are divided by rooms in your “house” and look at Self-love, Clarity, Compassion, and more. In the end, she guides you into creating your own room-a a room that will serve only you.

Each chapter breaks down a room in your soul's house starting with the Foundation. Each area has pillars or themes and rules of what you want that room to be. Each pillar has questions to help you sort through your own emotions. But Zebian doesn't leave you to do it on your own: she leads by example sharing her life and how she made these rooms in her home.

I was supposed to read this as a reviewer but I found that I was called to this book I needed to create my own home so I became engrossed in this book. I was more than reviewing, I was growing. So is there some bias in this review? Sure. But it did honestly help me on a personal level.

I think this is a great self-help book. I'd say it's more geared towards women but I wouldn't say those of any gender range wouldn't be able to connect to the principles. As a society, we need to start with ourselves and create our own homes. Only then can we change as a society for the better,
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In WELCOME HOME, Najwa Zebian shares stories from her life and experience, offering hard-won wisdom and ideas that we can use to make our own homes within ourselves and out in the world. Throughout, there are wondrous gems of insight shining from long passages that did not do much for me other than keep me moving quickly on to the next keen observation. Possibly my experience shapes my reaction to the book because I was not familiar with her or her work and presentations, so I came to this book expecting a book and parts felt like a hastily assembled summary of a powerful, memorable presentation. All in all, however, I enjoyed spending time with a unique, compelling person through her stories. I received an early reader copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.
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DNF @ 11%

This has a lovely central concept and a flexible structure that invites the reader to customize their own journey. Personally I found the writing style more suited to a TED talk than a book — it's a bit corny, with flowery analogies; it's not bad by any means but not really my cup of tea.
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I enjoy self help and often find a few nuggets in the well-worn genre. Zebian’s book was a delight. With journaling exercises as well as a clear and novel outline of ideas and wonderful “gems”, I will take away many ideas from this book.
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I went into this book unfamiliar with the author or the story and it surprised me. Zebian's story is one of struggle and heartbreak and finding herself - and being stronger because of it all. I thought this would be a memoir of sorts but instead I found it woven with very helpful practical tools for unpacking and rebuilding myself for MYSELF. I feel like I need a side of therapy with this book just to fully grasp all that she explains and leads you through. The prompts for journaling and meditation are some that I feel like I need to work into a daily practice of reminding myself of who I am so as not to let anyone else take over.

I was especially smitten with her house building analogy since this is the way I have imagined my own life and growth over the last few years. This is not a light read by any means but it is definitely worth the effort - to hear her story and to learn your own.
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