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The ABCs of Being Mom

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As a mother of a toddler I loved Bongiorno's helpful tips and charts the most! The references and charts listed throughout each chapter and for each age range would be key for any parent. From my personal experience I found everything Bongiorno wrote to ring true and it all made me feel like a more 'normal' parent. Parenting can be a lot of peaks and valleys and sometimes the most comforting thing is to know you are not alone in the wild ride! 

I think any mother (whether it is your first child or not) can benefit from reading this book. I found a lot of the checklists and charts to be things I already knew but hadn't had the time to write it down in a list I could tackle. Just having things laid out for you saves you the time of creating the list yourself and can help you check off items as you go. 

Really a great read! Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this one, I will definitely be sharing with my mom friends!
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The ABCs of Being Mom differs from other "new parenting" books as it combines basic "how-to's" with more meaningful insights into the moments that make motherhood— beyond (but including) the diaper changes and health records.

With gentle reminders that pre-pregnancy clothes probably won't fit (and that's okay!) and helpful advice for moms who'll be returning to work soon, The ABCs of Being Mom provides a much more holistic. (and applicable) look at what it's like to be a new mom *today*. I also appreciate Karen's approach of this book being an approachable collection of her reflections as well as a resource of resources, rather than the end-all-be-all of new parent books. Many if the included suggestions are annotated with info about the source material or further reading.

Of note: the vast majority of the anecdotes in this story are of the author's own experience. Thus, lots of it reads more like a hybrid memoir/personal advice book than a "parenting manual". All in all, I think this is a worthy addition to a new parent library and would make a great addition to a baby shower present.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC of this book!
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The ABC'S of Being Mom is unlike any parenting book I've read before, in that it focuses on life AFTER the hospital inexplicably lets you drive away with the newborn you've known for like, a day. This is not a book you will need to study and refer to constantly- it's not going to identify that rash or let you know if it is necessary to take baby in for that cough. This is more of a quick reference for what life may look like at each of your child's stages. Chapters are broken down by age (first three months, four months to a year, age one, two to three, three to five, four to six, kindergarten) with additional sections on family organization, finances, and resources. So mom doesn't need to commit to reading an entire book in one sitting. Read about your current stage, glance ahead to see what's coming, then get back to your insanely busy life. 

Great things about this book: lots of tips, suggestions and hey, don't forget to do this! types of information,  it's a quick and easy refresher for mom when she's expecting again and may have blacked out some of the details, the author works hard to reassure mom that EVERYONE feels tired, inadequate, frustrated, etc. at times, she encourages you to breathe in the sweet, happy moments, she sets the reader up to know that there are many realistic hardships with parenting but the compensation is well worth it, and many times over she posts resources for mothers experiencing post partem depression and anxiety. She speaks to single mothers as well as partnered households. 

This is a very nice resource for moms without being an overwhelming info dump. It's like sitting with a family member or friend and getting the realistic nitty gritty while also being reminded that motherhood is an honor, has countless rewards, and there is a community of resources to help you along the way.
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Special thanks to NetGalley and She Writes Press for providing me with ARC.

This book is so good, i loved the information that the author provide. My Grandma always said * No one can know the kid as his mom, not even the Pediatrician *.

When i was pregnant, i felt scared because i am not planning and how can i raise a baby, that i don't know anything about her. When my daughter born, she suffered from reflux, she can't take my breast and also take a special formal milk.

After giving birth, i suffered from a horrible back pain that take from me almost a year to recover but when i huge or kiss my daughter, i forget any pain.

Every New mom should read this book because it's very helpful.
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I was really hopeful for this book, as it was more focused on aspects of parenthood instead of all of the milestones of children. But it fell flat in so many ways. I wish the focus wasn't so much on the concept of "mom" and "motherhood", as not all birthing parents are cis gendered. I also thought some of the topics were glossed over really quickly that are a large impact for parents and caregivers.

I think the book is close to something good, but I wish there would've been a bit more substance.
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I loved this book. It had some really meaningful information that I will continue to take with me through life to  live as a healthier mom and person.
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