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Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and Tom McCaffrey for the eARC, in exchange for an honest review.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Wise Ass.
It’s completely different to anything I’ve read before, or would usually read, but it’s a total gem.

I would highly recommend!

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How does a Mob lawyer take to country life and owning a mule? Jimmy Moran has new secrets and old secrets that he is wondering if he is crazy! The mob is after him and he finds that his new group of friends are willingly going to help him and he can’t be more grateful. 
The secrets his new friends have are beyond this world and he is truly amazed at what they are about to undertake for him in the name of just friendship. 

The author has written a humorous, but a learning story about who you should be and watch what you are wishing for because it could backfire on you in a very bad way. 
The author has developed very deep characters to include the animals. What they are representing and their growth throughout the book is shown. 

I definitely would recommend this book to a friend.

I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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The title of the book should be enough to draw one in.  “The Wise Ass” by Tom McCaffrey does not disappoint.  The story begins with a little biography in a prologue but quickly switches to the “country mouse” attorney, named Jimmy McCarthy, being plopped in the big city of New York and being successful because of what and who he knows.  This success catches the eye of a local mobster who makes him a deal he cannot refuse.

This is just the beginning as he is really a smart guy who gets caught up in some nefarious dealings but is good at investing his money and hiding his own stash in offshore accounts along with his boss’s ill-gotten loot.  He learns how to launder money with aplomb. 

All goes well until the Feds make some discovery and in the machinations of cops and robbers, his three brothers are killed by the gangsters.  This leads him to testify and then go into WITSEC (witness protection).
In WITSEC the fun part of the book begins.  There are characters and characters in his new life in Colorado sort of near Denver. He is introduced to a US Marshall that hears a different drummer, a couple of small business owners where in addition to being lesbian one is a medium who receives message from the beyond.  There is an ex-Army Ranger working as a cook in their restaurant.

Of course, WITSEC locations are supposed to be very confidential but the convicted gangsters are released on bond because of prejudicial statements at their first trial.  A second trial is to happen but if the lawyer turned stool pigeon cannot testify, then likely they will walk. Obviously, the lawyer must be killed.

Enter the weird cast of characters including a now confident lawyer who can shoot very well and many others who are determined that he will not be killed.  It is definitely the Wise Ass meets the Wise Guys and then hold on to your hats as you struggle to turn the pages fast enough to see who wins and what happens.

A great little book with much action and adventure.  Definitely a good read.
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The Wise Ass
by Tom McCaffrey
Black Rose Writing
This book started out as a thriller. A lawyer ends up working for a mob boss then there is a bust. Our guy of the story takes care of the financial side for the mob so he pleads a deal for witness protection. Him and his wife are moved from NY to Colorado. City boy to country boy.
This is where the book goes to thriller plus fantasy! It's such a fun wild ride too! This town he moves to is small and the neighbors are not at all what they seem! That becomes obvious when a mule starts talking to him!
It's a great book with heartwarming feelings at the core but enough suspense to keep the reader on edge! Thrills, fun, suspense, friendships, and second chances. I really enjoyed it!
This is a wonderful story that made me feel good! Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this Wise book!
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This is quite good. The author has created an interesting character (and a number of fun characters), and kept the story moving and engaging. It covers a lot of ground/topics and had an enjoyable ending. Recommended.
Some credit goes to Black Rose Writing for publishing this one.

I really appreciate the review copy!!
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I was excited to read this one as I knew it would be different—but I didn’t know just how different it would be. 

The protagonist, Jimmy McCarthy, is so well developed the reader will become engaged almost immediately. He has a wacky, deprecating sense of humor, family, and philosophy that pulls you in. His wife, Gina, is perfect, also well drawn and together with Jimmy create a strong, invested bond with the reader.

Jimmy, however, makes a questionable decision against his former Mafia family boss which lands him in the WITSEC program as Jimmy Moran in rural northern Colorado. In his own private Twilight Zone, he begins to meet his neighbors, both human and otherwise. I loved all the support characters—each very special--and the author’s frequent references to Celtic lore and common Latin phrases, easily melding educational references with sci-fi nuances. The novel is peppered with wise cracks and quotables.

This tale covers all the bases: humor, family, love, suspense, thriller, and the supernatural—somehow interwoven in a natural, almost believable way. Well-plotted, well-paced, and highly entertaining.

The storyline progresses gently into a conclusion that suddenly goes all crazy intense to THE STORM and switches POVs from each of the support characters to Jimmy—and the wind. Masterful way of building tension—such a dynamic way to hit, and hit hard, the climax. It’s a pulse-pounding conclusion. 
FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. I can’t WAIT for the next installment!
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